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dmfreyon mythbuntu, does mysql have a root password set?16:16
tgm4883dmfrey: it's set during install16:34
tgm4883you can reset it if necessary16:34
dmfreywhat is the default? i have either forgotten it, or changed it and then forgot it :)16:40
tgm4883dmfrey: no default17:25
tgm4883zinn isn't here, but there is some reconfiguration you can you do fix it17:26
tgm4883dpkg-reconfigure mysql-server-5.<whatever version you have here>17:26
dmfreydoes that destroy any of the databases?17:28
dmfreyi would hope not17:28
tgm4883no it doesn't17:30
tgm4883just resets the root password17:30
dmfreygotcha, thanks17:31

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