daxnot in #ubuntu-offtopic00:00
daxsorry. meant from -ot00:00
wxlcan't imagine so00:00
daxhrm, i see some ZNCs running off it00:00
daxguess i'll leave it for now00:00
Unit193I've seen people using it, right.00:00
Jordan_UHow many bots have we allowed in any Ubuntu channels? Surely it's a short list (hopefully kept somewhere).00:00
h00ksounds like they're query-bombing regular users now (non ops)00:00
hggdhactually, I run weechat from the cloud00:02
Unit193DO, though.00:03
hggdhwell, yes. I thnk I ran it for a while on AWS, but it is far more expensive00:04
hggdhbut the point is I think running off a cloud "common"00:08
blahdeblahHi all.  We've had another spam flood on the main wiki and I've set it to read-only for a while.  Is there someone around who can update #ubuntu topic (and any other relevant channels) with this info?00:08
wxlis it someone with a random nick using semicolons?00:13
wxls/random nick/nick of random characters/00:14
wxlhelp ignore00:14
Unit193blahdeblah: FWIW, I don't think many people in #ubuntu edit the wiki, but poking dax for fun and games.00:14
blahdeblahUnit193: thanks00:14
Unit193Annnnd, meet wxl.  Good at missing / and what channel he's in. ;)00:14
wxlanyways if that IS the problem i have a good idea who it is00:15
blahdeblahUnit193: Feel free to send people to #canonical-sysadmin if they have specific technical questions (i.e. not just "are we there yet?"s)00:16
Unit193wxl: And yeah, does look like his style.00:16
wxlUnit193: then i think you know who it is, too.00:16
wxli'll escalate this with contact :/00:16
blahdeblahI haven't got as far as looking at login ids, but it's coming from multiple IPs in various countries.00:16
Unit193wxl: FWIW, not using kiwi this time, which is different.00:16
wxlUnit193: but they're all google cloud, right?00:17
Unit193wxl: Aye.00:17
Unit193He's stopped now though.00:17
daxI don't think enough people on #ubuntu care to put it in the /topic, personally.00:20
daxThanks for the heads up so we can let people know if they ask though :)00:20
blahdeblahOK - thanks dax00:21
wxlwhoever has all the IPs should file a report00:37
daxthanks, i'll do that00:37
daxThanks for your request. We'll only follow up with you if we need additional information; please ensure your mail/spam filters accept mail from @google.com addresses. Requests are typically handled within a week.00:44
wxlwell at least it will deal with the future00:45
* dax nods00:46
daxonly took a few minutes, not really bothered even if it goes to /dev/null00:46
Unit193If only Comcast were so easy.00:47
daxbut then we'd lose the pleasure of HFSPLUS's company00:48
chuI think there's some trouble user in #ubuntu currently04:17
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ubottulotuspsychje called the ops in #ubuntu (simon3 known spammer from this week)10:47
k1l_talking about what freenode is for: netsplit :)11:40
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Myrttiafrokarlsson on his usual act15:48
geniiYep. Gave a warn15:49
Myrttiand then we wait15:56
geniiMyrtti: Beat me to it by like 2 seconds15:56
MyrttiI is helpful!15:57
geniiMyrtti:  ...and now he won't stop PM-ing me ... nothing nasty, just links to accordion music.16:08
Myrttibetter you than me *runs*16:09
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Picixampp :(20:56
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valorieaccordian music!22:06
valoriethat is some serious trolling there, old-style22:06
geniivalorie: Hah!22:18
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