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flocculantballoons: closer \o/ http://i.imgur.com/XuG3sbg.png07:58
flocculantseems like it falls over in 12.0407:58
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gQuigswhat's a good way to simulate a crash for testing apport/whoopsie?14:58
pittigQuigs: my standard incandation is: sh -c 'kill -SEGV $$'14:58
gQuigspitti: awesome, thanks!14:59
balloonsflocculant, ohh good you got it running15:12
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flocculantballoons: almost - no idea what "Setup a site to match your domain, admin/config/services/qatracker/sites" is about :)16:30
flocculantI was going to edit the wiki - but read only currently16:30
balloonsflocculant, ohh.. just go to the sites tab and make a 'site'16:39
balloonsi guess you've never seen the 'full' admin panel16:39
flocculantnope - so it doesn't actually have to point to anything with anything like a ip address16:40
davmor2balloons: is it that ugly :)16:40
flocculantI'll look shortly - just got a couple of smoke tests to do for trusty16:41
* balloons fires up his copy to look16:41
balloonsdavmor2, no.. it's worse16:41
flocculantluckily I hate macs so much I don't have one to test on16:41
davmor2balloons: hahaha16:42
* flocculant giggles at davmor2 hating them 16:42
davmor2flocculant: without fail wifi breaks on every new set of installs normally it just fails to install the driver at all, this time it is installing it and ignoring it completely, I'm try the amd64 cd over the amd64+mac now to see if there is any difference I doubt it though16:44
flocculantyea - read -release16:45
davmor2flocculant: hence why I hate macs I only have this one because someone has to test it16:45
davmor2flocculant: upgrade went okay16:45
davmor2left them running in vm while I went to bed :)  easiest way to do upgrade tests :D16:47
flocculantindeed it is :)16:48
flocculantI didn't get a 14.04 to 16.04 to upgrade16:48
flocculantbut as infinity said something about hwe I didn't look further16:48
flocculantand Xubuntu doesn't have a 12.04 to upgrade from anymore - not going there :)16:49
balloonsflocculant, yea, just click sites and http://imgur.com/NWBeD0r17:03
flocculantballoons: thanks :)17:04
jamie1balloons: sorry to annoy you but can i bug you about aosp stuff for a second?17:31
balloonsjamie1, I'm not sure I have any answers, heh :-)17:31
jamie1balloons: well you are 1 of 3 people i have met so far on here... lol but i think i have found the stuff required for the z3c build, https://github.com/cyanogenmod/android_device_sony_z3c does that inclued the aosp stuff i need?17:32
flocculantballoons: ok - that all appears to be in order \o/17:35
jamie1so i should be able to add that to the devices section and then just modify the device specifics for build then?17:36
balloonsflocculant, brillant. So you can test changes now?17:37
flocculantI suppose so :)17:37
flocculantthough I'd not know how the first time ofc17:39
flocculantballoons: is it not possible to import production data? or is that enormous ...17:40
balloonsflocculant, it is possible17:41
flocculantis it worth it though :)17:43
balloonsall these little things would be nice rolled up into the script17:49
balloonsbut.. I think it's fairly easy. You can't do a big import though. so maybe not worth?17:50
balloonsjamie1, I really don't know the answer to that I'm sorry17:52
jamie1balloons: thanks anywys17:52
balloonsjamie1, however, it's certainly worth trying and seeing what happens17:52
balloonsjamie1, did you talk to some of the other porters?17:52
balloonsor does the guide mention anything?17:52
jamie1no... and no17:52
flocculantballoons: seems like some sort of really quietly getting someone trained to deal with tracker merges ...17:58
flocculants/going on here17:58
balloonsflocculant, and you can do the same now :-)17:58
flocculantthat's what I was intimating :p17:59
balloonsperhaps simon wants to make the tweaks needed to the script?18:05
balloonstsimonq2, hacking on a script sound like fun? Could be your first commit18:05
flocculantwhich tweaks?18:05
flocculantnothing it failed with couldn't be dealt with by editing the wiki page18:06
flocculanteg - Use Trusty as a minimum and what to use to set up http://imgur.com/NWBeD0r18:07
balloonsflocculant, aye, but the script could avoid asking you questions about host for example; it could also load some prod data, or other things18:08
balloonswho knows. At the least, it should be committed to the same repo18:08
flocculantballoons: so logically it would want to be in ubuntu-qa-website/scripts/ I assume18:17
flocculantmight play with that and the script myself actually - could even learn something18:18
gQuigscan I get this nominated for wily - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager/+bug/151544618:31
ubot5Launchpad bug 1515446 in network-manager (Debian) "network file systems in FSTAB no longer mount at boot with NetworkManager" [Unknown,New]18:31
gQuigsI already have the fix there18:31
balloonsflocculant, yea I guess that is the logical place19:25
balloonsflocculant, perhaps a readme too19:25
balloonssimple one, but something to point new people to the script19:25
flocculantballoons: and have the script in launchapd rather than git was what I assumed20:48
balloonsyes, in the bzr repo with the rest of the code20:49
flocculantright - just checking :)20:50
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