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davmor2infinity, cyphermox: hmmm we might have the standard wifi doesn't install on mac issue will confirm momentarily13:56
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davmor2infinity, cyphermox: indeed it looks like it is bulking out somewhere again, I've run ubuntu-drivers list on the installed system and it show the bcmwl-kernel-source but hasn't installed it will check on the live cd now14:36
davmor2infinity, cyphermox: right so live cd ubuntu-drivers list shows bcmwl-kernel-source too but just isn't installing it when 3rd party drivers is selected, let me try and install it from additional drivers and be sure it actually installs14:56
davmor2infinity, cyphermox: okay so the driver is installed but doesn't seem to be working I assume it is the newer kernel maybe?  is there any way to see what is going on?15:28
davmor2gaaahhhh I hate Macs16:07
infinitydavmor2: It's the kernel team's fault, I've got Leann on it.16:56
ogasawaraI've just nudged my doods16:56
* xnox kindly asks for a binary-deNEW for golang-github-azure-azure-sdk-for-go-dev_1.2~git20150611.0.97d9593-2ubuntu1_all.deb (a botched up update to a sync from debian to get it building)16:58
davmor2ogasawara, infinity: thanks guys16:58
xnoxshould get us docker-registry building, and maybe merged/updated docker.io from there.16:59
davmor2infinity: it still doesn't make me like macs anymore though17:07
apwinfinity, ok that bug appears to be fixed in the version of bcmwl in trusty-proposed (to my eye)17:09
apwinfinity, do your images include -proposed ?17:09
davmor2apw: doubtful should only be landed stuff in there17:10
apwand i bet in early testing it was all in -proposed only, so it worked, so i guess that needs promoting17:10
davmor2apw, infinity: anything needed to get that proposed package promoted at all?17:27
smbarges, Not sure whther time allows you but if you pull the current source of Xen from lp and try to build it in a Xenial chroot. Does this work? This seems to have stopped working for me about 1 or 2 hours ago (time starts fleeting when one turns mad)18:27
argessmb: i'll give this a shot18:28
argessmb: will be after lunch for me18:29
smbarges, no worries. I'll hang around a bit longer.18:30
infinitydavmor2: Yeah, I need to know it works.  No one verified it.19:35
infinitydavmor2: Can you fire up a live session, add proposed to sources.list and install it... Assuming you have a USB ethernet dongle to get internet. :P19:36
infinitydavmor2: or just copy the deb and dpkg -i it.19:36
bjfdavmor2, infinity is the correct one you want tested? if so it works for me19:43
infinitybjf: Ta.19:46
infinitybjf: Wait, with lts-wily?19:47
infinitybjf: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bcmwl/+bug/1529945 claims it doesn't work with lts-vivid, which was why it was verification-failed.19:48
ubot5Launchpad bug 1481662 in bcmwl (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1529945 bcmwl-kernel-source bcmwl kernel module failed to build [FATAL: modpost: GPL-incompatible module wl.ko uses GPL-only symbol 'flush_workqueue']" [High,Confirmed]19:48
infinitybjf: Can you test that it builds with both?19:49
bjfinfinity, will try20:17
wxli just got word there are some bug fixes happening in lxde packages in upstream/debian this weekend that would be nice to get into LTS. since this is beyond DebianImportFreeze, what's the next step for us to make this happen?20:21
infinitywxl: Bug fixes don't break feature freeze.20:22
infinitywxl: And debian import freeze is when we stop *auto* importing.20:22
infinitywxl: You can still manually sync.20:22
infinity(Assuming the manual sync doesn't break feature freeze)20:22
wxlinfinity: okie dokie then. :)20:22
wxlinfinity: trying to get myself familiar with the entire process, though it's likely others that will do this. do you have a link to a page discussing manual sync?20:23
wxloh there's this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SyncRequestProcess?highlight=%28CategoryProcess%2920:26
wxlinfinity: it says "After FeatureFreeze, syncs of a newer upstream version require a freeze exception." this is what you mean by manual sync?20:26
bjfinfinity, verified20:56
infinitywxl: Manual syncs just mean running "syncpackage foo", but for new upstreams and new features, you need to file for a feature freeze exception before just syncing or uploading willy-nilly.21:00
infinitybjf: You're my hero.21:00
tewardinfinity: is there a specific time UTC at which FeatureFreeze comes into effect?  I'm trying to get in nginx 1.9.11 before FeatureFreeze, but I don't want to hit any issues, hence needing to know in UTC what the last-minute time for me being able to upload is. (unless it's already in effect?)21:01
infinityteward: Vaguely 2100ish, but I'd rather it was correct than rushed.  We're pretty lax on FFes in the week or two following feature freeze, and get more strict as time runs out.21:02
tewardinfinity: ack.  The FFe in this case would be super minor, given that the package isn't utilizing the other feature implemented yet, but the big delay in 1.9.11 getting uploaded direct is (1) Debian being slow, and (2) FTBFS in the nginx-extras (Universe) portions.21:04
* infinity nods.21:04
tewardi'm probably going to get this in by, oh, 2100 on 17 February 2016 (UTC-5), but feel free to stab me if I miss the timepoint and upload21:05
* teward probably deserves it at that point :)21:05
flocculantinfinity: do you happen to be a moderator on the -devel list? if you are could you moderate my mail to it please :)21:06
infinityteward: I have to break feature freeze much more spectacularly than you will, don't worry too much about it in the first week or so, just be mindful that we *could* say no if you're being crazy.21:06
infinityflocculant: I am not.21:06
tewardinfinity: i highly doubt there'll be craziness, unless Debian decides to implement nginx dynamic modules, in which case we have a flurry of main/universe pocket changes, and additional corresponding headaches to deal with21:06
tewardnot to mention Security Team overviews needed >.<21:07
* teward shivers21:07
tewardi think the likelihood of that is very low21:07
tewardbut... *shrugs*21:07
tewardlikely going to have two uploads for 1.9.11, though, one for the "get it in before FeatureFreeze" part, another for a merge from Debian getting any additional fixes/changes unless they try and implement dynamic modules21:08
tewardbut it shouldn't be insane21:08
tewardthanks, infinity21:08
infinitydavmor2: I'll be spinning new images in an hour or so with the bcmwl fix.21:08
rbasakinfinity: while you're about, what's the situation with the PHP move? nacc needs some AA help and I know you're busy. So do you want an FFe filed or can we assume that we have one?21:08
infinityrbasak: You can assume you have one, and I'll be helping when I'm done with the point release and this snappy sprint.21:08
rbasakOK. Thank you!21:09
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xnoxinfinity, "fixed" docker-registry now ^23:26
* xnox guesses i only have a chain of gazzilion packages left to get to building updated docker.23:27

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