N`importe_quiNa3iL: i'm coming today, wanna meet ?01:43
Na3iLHey, sure01:48
Na3iLN`importe_qui, hédha kén fo9t :D01:48
Na3iLwa9téch tabda 8adi?01:48
N`importe_quiNa3iL: around 10h-11h01:50
N`importe_quiI did reset my sleep cycle and now i sleep early and yet wake up early01:50
N`importe_quitrying to sleep for more 2 or 3houors now01:51
N`importe_quiNa3iL: you'll be there as usual ?01:51
N`importe_quiwhat clothes will you wear01:52
Na3iLAs usual :D01:52
Na3iLMatrix style01:53
N`importe_quiah ok01:53
N`importe_quiyou've got blue eyes of i remember right ?01:54
N`importe_qui*if i *01:54
Na3iLGreen eyes :p01:55
N`importe_quithere you ahre02:01
Na3iLhaha N`importe_qui :D03:25
N`importe_quiNa3iL: d'oh imma go out around 10h, i want to set up the devdocs offline version to use it in the bus in my way to tunis08:45
N`importe_quithat makes reach you around 12h08:46
N`importe_quisicne i don't have internet access for documentation when coding08:46
N`importe_qui*makes me reach *08:48
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Na3iLN`importe_qui, you still here?12:16
hassooonNa3iL: hey you're there ?14:19
N`importe_quisalam aleikoum mes frères :>14:33
N`importe_quiNa3iL: tu es ici ?14:34
N`importe_quij'ai besoin de toi14:34

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