jabawokmorning/arvo/evening all01:47
jabawokanyone know how to stop the terminal app from stopping the foreground process when you lock the phone or switch tasks?01:47
jabawokwhen i switch back to the terminal, i see "[1]+ Stopped", which i can resume with fg01:48
jabawokbut that breaks ssh tunnels etc01:49
jabawoki'll be idling...01:51
duflujabawok: Yeah Ubuntu Phone will SIGSTOP background apps for absolute confidence of no power impact01:51
dufluYou might have some success with changing process group IDs so your background task isn't stopped by the shell01:52
jabawokhmm ok01:52
dufluSomeone asked the same a while back. I don't remember there being a reliable workaround at the time01:52
dufluBut theoretically we could allow one01:53
jabawokthere kinda needs to be, for console apps01:53
jabawoklike a checkbox option in the terminal settings01:53
duflujabawok: Absolutely. I'm not sure if or where a convenient solution has been implemented for it yet01:54
jabawokcheers duflu01:54
jabawoki'll have a play with process group IDs01:54
duflujabawok: If you start your long-lived daemon from an ssh or adb login and with 'nohup' it should stay forever and stay awake01:55
jabawokah good to know01:55
dufluOf course, just don't complain the phone uses more battery then01:56
jabawoki'm a N900 user, so well aware of power management issues with spinning processes01:57
talonzwhat i wouldnt give for a octocore powered n900 with 4 gigs of ram and ubuntu touch01:59
jabawoktalonz: i'd be over the moon with original maemo n900 but 1G ram02:01
jabawokthat would seriously tide me over a few more years02:01
talonzi love maemo too but my new love is ubuntu touch02:03
jabawoki'm learning to love it02:03
jabawokdefinitely the future02:03
talonzi still have my n900 but its a desk ornament now i charge it up every now and then and have a play02:04
jabawokyeah still use n900 as production device for vncviewer and xmpp chat - at least till I can find workable solutions on the ubuntu phone02:05
talonzthis year should be good for utouch02:05
jabawoklooking forward to it02:05
duflukgunn: Would you know where the latest/official version of the design is for https://launchpadlibrarian.net/185489285/design.jpg ?02:39
dufluIn case it has changed?02:39
dufluOr 'buttons' in general02:39
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kgunnduflu: this should be it03:35
kgunni know there's a lot of work ongoing in oobe right now03:36
duflukgunn: I got more of a kick out of seeing future designs than expected :)03:55
duflukgunn: Also interesting to see at least one of my complaints about our colour scheme is just a bug in the QML and not from design04:13
_SpongeGood MorrowMorning !05:51
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Guest98022how to port ubuntu touch to arm cortex a8 devices06:26
Guest98022does anyone know?06:29
Guest98022to port ubuntu touch xenial to arm a806:30
Stanley00Guest98022: there's a url for porting in the topic of this channel. Did you look at it?06:34
Guest98022i am looking at various threads on this topic06:35
Guest98022i am a noob in this06:35
Guest98022will it install a bootloader by itself?06:36
Stanley00Guest98022: well, you may need compile the kernel, make yourself new boot image, and build ubuntu code for your a8... it's a lot of thind to do06:38
Guest98022i read that xenial works on arm devices.06:40
Guest98022cortex a8 too.06:40
Guest98022so if i port ubuntu for arm a8 on a sd card and insert in a supported device, it should boot and work06:41
Stanley00Guest98022: you must put it in internal flash, just as other rom image. Or are you talking about some kind of multiboot rom?06:43
Guest98022i have a arm cortex a8 board06:44
Guest98022i am going to try to boot ubuntu in it. thats the goal.06:44
Guest98022it doesnt have its own bootloader or anything06:45
Guest98022so i ll try to boot from microsd06:45
Stanley00ah, I see, in this case, putting it in sdcard is fine06:49
Guest98022ok i try06:53
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kiviHey my friend sent me an audio attachment via sms, and it says "Audio Attachment not supported." How can I get this audio attachment off my phone and view it?07:02
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Beckuwhen ota 9.5!!!???07:37
talonzBecku: not yet!!!!????07:39
talonz9.1 has been delayed for 2 weeks so my guess would be 9.5 would be delayed as well07:41
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amazoniantoadI am trying to use my SD card I put in my phone...but I get an error saying it cannot be formatted09:08
MCMicamazoniantoad: yes itโ€™s quite buggy, it might have mounted and used the SD card and therefore is not able to unmount it, something like this09:18
RahulANHi all09:18
amazoniantoadMCMic, I got it.09:18
amazoniantoadYou have to boot with the SD card in the slot...09:18
RahulANIs it possible to dump ubuntu-touch on any smart phone?09:18
lotuspsychjeRahulAN: not yet09:19
amazoniantoadA good idea? No.09:19
lotuspsychje!devices | RahulAN09:19
ubot5`RahulAN: You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices09:19
amazoniantoadlotuspsychje, I thought you could...but it doesn't mean that it will really work09:19
lotuspsychjeamazoniantoad: some devices wont work at all09:19
amazoniantoadlotuspsychje, Oh. Didn't know that.09:19
lotuspsychjeamazoniantoad: check the porting guide in topic09:20
amazoniantoadlotuspsychje, how goes development on the touch? I bought the E5 but I want to put it on my s4 active09:20
RahulANlotuspsychje: what are the requirements ??09:21
lotuspsychjeRahulAN: a device needs to be ported, to fully run ubuntu-touch09:21
RahulANI have micromax canvas A1109:21
lotuspsychjeRahulAN, amazoniantoad check the XDA forums for more existing projects09:21
RahulANlotuspsychje: ported means?09:22
lotuspsychjeRahulAN: porting means, creating a specific hardware based ubuntu touch version for a specific device09:22
RahulANlotuspsychje: Ok.. It needs many change in OS at firmware level?09:23
RahulANis it?09:23
lotuspsychjeRahulAN: check the porting guide mate, its all explained09:23
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lotuspsychjeamazoniantoad: developers working hard, but its not real easy to port a new device, i hear the fairphone 2 is getting a port also09:26
RahulANlotuspsychje: Thats impressive .. :)09:27
RahulANI am waiting when i will get rid of this android09:27
lotuspsychjeRahulAN: you can already install touch on nexus devices like a charm09:28
lotuspsychjeRahulAN: got it running on my nexus7 phablet09:28
lotuspsychjeand bought a BQ 4.5 with touch09:29
RahulANBut i don;t have nexus09:29
lotuspsychjeRahulAN: buy one 2nd hand :p09:29
RahulANYes i am also planning to buy aquaris .09:29
lotuspsychjeRahulAN: got mine for 169 euro09:30
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RahulANYes i will also find one09:31
RahulANwell i am much intrested to make an experiment on my phone09:31
lotuspsychjeexperiment of what09:31
RahulANto make it work on my micromax smartphone09:32
lotuspsychjeRahulAN: like i said, the porting to a new device isnt very easy..09:32
RahulANYes  i understand ..09:32
RahulANlotuspsychje: well how is ubuntu-touch experience09:33
Stanley00talking about BQ phones, do you know how long these phone'll get update from BQ/Canonical?09:33
RahulANi mean is it same what we feel in unity09:33
lotuspsychjeStanley00: what you mean how long?.09:34
lotuspsychjeRahulAN: very great! smooth, fast and secure09:35
RahulANWe have terminal in there?09:35
Stanley00lotuspsychje: well, just as in Android phones, mostly will not get any update after 1/2 years09:35
lotuspsychjeRahulAN: yes, but you cant install packages like ubuntu desktop from terminal09:35
lotuspsychjeStanley00: ubuntu doesnt work that way, manufacturers have a deal with canonical and will get you update support forever09:36
lotuspsychjeyou cant just leave users in the cold right09:36
Stanley00wow, it's great! super, super great09:36
svijlotuspsychje: it wont be "forever"09:37
lotuspsychjesvij: until when then?09:37
svijI often heard that it will be supported as long bq supports it.09:37
svijI doubt that we will have updates in 5 years ;)09:37
lotuspsychjesvij: so what you saying is, customers buy a device and they will drop updates on one day?09:38
svijlotuspsychje: on one day, yes. Even though it will be probably longer than most of the android phones, i guess.09:39
lotuspsychjesvij: so whats the phylosophy of opensource in this story?09:39
svijlotuspsychje: I don't know?09:40
Stanley00It's just that not all part in BQ phones are opensource.09:40
svijlike in any other phone09:40
lotuspsychjesvij: i mean ubuntu desktop will let you update forever right,09:40
lotuspsychjewhy not ubuntu touch?09:40
svijlotuspsychje: yes, but ARM and x86 is a little difference regarding hardware support09:41
davmor2Stanley00: the commitment from canonical is to support all devices for as long as possible, if we have to move everything to arm64 for example then we lose anything that doesn't support arm64 and so on. On the whole it should be a nicer ride, but products will end support at some point but there will be notices for when that happens.09:41
svijthat's a clearer answer. :)09:41
lotuspsychjedavmor2: so that would make a device useless at one day?09:42
lotuspsychjethats cold...09:42
Stanley00and it's better than many other providers :309:42
davmor2lotuspsychje: In theory it could be passed over to the community to work on but for example Linux is Still called i386 good luck running it on an i38609:43
lotuspsychjedavmor2: so lets say canonical comes with a new phone on their own, would that change it to updates forever?09:44
davmor2lotuspsychje: no because canonical doesn't make hardware, and at some point the hardware would cease to be viable for new features at which point it would be retired,  Hardware is a limit and unlike pc's where you can switch out bits to make it better you can't do that with phones09:47
lotuspsychjedavmor2: ok i understand09:48
JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Wednesday, and happy World Human Spirit Day! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ09:51
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PHroGmanCan you put Ubuntu touch on 5th gen Kindke fire?13:30
k1ldoes it have a unlocked bootloader? then you just need to make a port and see if you can get the drivers.13:31
PHroGmanNot sure if the bootloader is unlocked13:35
jgdxpete-woods, hey, around? Could you help me explain why I can't change multiple properties rapidly? Check out the dbus monitor http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/15100164/13:58
jgdxpete-woods, the only thing that changed was compLzo. protoTcp and certPass are left unchanged13:59
pete-woodsjgdx: I can only think it must be a bug in the server?14:00
jgdxpete-woods, hm, I'll file it then. And work around it.14:01
pete-woodsjgdx: could you file a bug on indicator-network for it14:01
pete-woodsyes, thanks14:01
pete-woodsit's supposed to cache up the changes, there must be a stupid bug in there..14:01
pete-woodsI'm pretty swamped with stuff at the minute, but will try and get the fix to you as soon as I can14:02
jgdxpete-woods, pre ota10 you reckon? :)14:02
pete-woodsjgdx: there's no rush for ota10 IMO, the password storage doesn't work at the moment14:03
pete-woodsso while you can connect the the canonical VPN (as it doesn't need a password), you can't connect to any VPN that needs passwords14:03
pete-woodsI have a fix going in for some dodgy assembler in libgcrypt2014:04
jgdxpete-woods, certPass you mean? Is there a bug I can refer to?14:04
pete-woodsjgdx: no, sorry there isn't14:04
jgdxpete-woods, I filed bug154656014:05
jgdxbug 154656014:05
ubot5bug 1546560 in indicator-network (Ubuntu) "Cannot connect to openvpn that requires certPass" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154656014:05
pete-woodsjgdx: will link the relevant branches, the code is all done and working, but I need to get gnome-keyring and a couple of other packages seeded14:08
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jgdxpete-woods, okay, great. And this [1] is known or am I doing something wrong? [1] https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/154658915:10
ubot5Launchpad bug 1546589 in indicator-network (Ubuntu) "VPN Connections are returned in random order" [Undecided,New]15:10
pete-woodsjgdx: yeah, that's known. I guess I kinda expected the UI to use a sort filter model or something like that15:11
pete-woodsto sort by name15:11
mterrypitti, the latest touch langpack update doesn't have the pam module (Linux-PAM.mo) in it  :-/15:12
pete-woodsum, k, it seems like there's no sortable listview type thing in QML15:13
pete-woodsthat surprises me15:13
jgdxpete-woods, that's also not great because then we'd have to agree on something to make it consistent between USS and the indicator15:14
pete-woodsjgdx: fair point, will make sure the model is sorted by ID then15:15
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jgdxpete-woods, great15:18
jgdxpete-woods, sorry to hit you with all of these issues, but is this also known? I'm unable to set the port of a openvpn connection, like so http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/15100587/15:33
pete-woodsjgdx: no, that one I'm not familiar with15:34
pete-woodsjgdx: are you making sure to convert the textfield, text to int in the QML?15:34
pete-woodsas I *think* that works in the prototype UI15:34
jgdxpete-woods, yeah, using parseInt. Maybe I need portSet?15:35
pete-woodsjgdx: I strongly recommend you closely read the prototype code15:35
pete-woodsthe xSet properties determine if an optional property is/should be set15:36
pete-woodsand you should also bind it to the 'enabled' status of the text field15:36
jgdxpete-woods, sure.15:37
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mhall119good morning mariogrip16:20
mariogripmhall119: morning :)16:21
mhall119mariogrip: we're preparing tasks for the upcoming Google Summer of Code, and one of the ideas was to help a student work on a phone port, would you have the time to mentor somebody for a couple hours a week if we do that?16:21
mariogripmhall119: Yeah, that would be awesome!16:22
mhall119\o/ I'll put you down for that then16:22
mhall119mariogrip: second thing, can you email tvoss any errors or logs you have on the screen issue so he can look at them ahead of our call in ~30 minutes?16:24
mariogripmhall119: Sure16:25
mhall119tvoss: are you still available for that call?16:25
tvossmhall119, yup16:26
tvossmhall119, I have had little time to prepare, though16:26
tvossmhall119, mariogrip if okay with you, having it tomorrow would help me a lot16:26
mhall119understood, any help you can give is appreciated16:26
mhall119mariogrip: does that work for you?16:26
mariogripmhall119: tvoss Yeah, sure16:27
mhall119I'd need to move it to 1600 UTC tomorrow if we do16:27
mariogripThat's fine for me16:27
mhall119tvoss: ?16:27
tvossmhall119, works for me16:28
mhall119alright, I'll move the invite16:29
mhall119tvoss: mariogrip is going to email you what information he has on the issue today, so you can look over it whenever you have idle time16:29
tvossmhall119, mariogrip thanks16:30
jgdxcharles_, hey, silo 12 looks good to me.16:36
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P_E_T_Ohi, after OTA9 on BQ E9 I cant boot into phone, see only "bq powered by ubuntu" can you please help me?16:54
P_E_T_Osorry bq E516:55
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jamie1anyone know if https://github.com/cyanogenmod/android_device_sony_z3c includes all the stuff required to port a touch to a device17:44
adfad666don't touch that z3c repo, it's nasty17:51
adfad666go with the Sony repo17:51
jamie1adfad666: where can i find that17:52
jamie1adfad666: any advice on porting? im trying to port to the z3c and have not really ported anything before17:53
adfad666actually most of the owrk should be done, I believe there are already some Sony repos hosted by ubuntu17:54
adfad666I haven't been able to build them myself, been too busy, but I heard Canonical wants to show Ubuntu running on Sony devices pretty soon17:55
jamie1adfad666: other than adding that stuff to device/sony/aries what else do i need to do17:55
adfad666no idea, I'm not an Ubuntu dev :)17:56
adfad666I work on AOSP17:56
jamie1im new to the project... just came over from firefox os17:56
adfad666then you probably already used my work...17:57
jamie1which devices?17:57
adfad666I ported all Sony devices to Firefox OS17:57
adfad666Lollipop builds, not the Foxfooding Kitkat builds17:58
jamie1thats actually why im trying to port to the z3c17:58
jamie1firefox os is dying as of may17:58
adfad666well, right now there's been a big response from FxOS community17:59
adfad666who want to fork FxOS to continue it17:59
jamie1yes i know... im part of the core team17:59
adfad666so maybe it won't die17:59
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adfad666but yea, Ubuntu is my fallback plan too18:00
jamie1right now they want to strip it to bare and give it to community... which leaves us with nothing but a device that boots with no core apps18:00
jamie1lol so i was not the only one XD18:01
adfad666well actualy I REALLY want to get ubuntu touch on my Z4 tab18:01
adfad666I even got the special bluetooth keyboard for it18:01
jamie1well porting to the z3c is a step in the right direction18:01
adfad666just, damn, no time to do it18:01
jamie1right now i just dont have much of an idea what im doing XD18:01
jamie1I'm mainly QA18:02
adfad666probably you should try to follow Sony's instructions on how to build pure AOSP18:02
adfad666so you kow how to use the tools for porting18:02
jamie1got some links?18:02
jamie1right now all i have is that aosp stuff put in the devce/sony/aries folder18:02
jamie1adfad666: how long do you think it will take a person to port that is not knowlegable in porting?18:04
adfad666if you follow those instructions you should get a nice clean AOSP port18:04
adfad666possibly months :D18:04
adfad666it depends how analytical you are and how willing to solve errors youself by reading the error messages18:04
jamie1like i said... im QA XD18:05
adfad666most people who get stuck at a build error don't read the error messages properly, usually it's something they can solve themselves18:05
adfad666too many give up too easily18:05
jamie1i have done QA for firefox os for the last year and a half... was kinda my role to read the error messages18:06
jamie1i just need to make use of this z3c i have... right now it has firefox os on it... and its not gonna be very useful for much longer18:06
adfad666great, so you should be prepared to read a lot of error messages :P18:07
jamie1adfad666: should i be on 12.04?18:07
adfad666for building?18:08
jamie1im currently on wily18:08
adfad666I don't know about the Ubuntu side, but building AOSP and Firefox OS is fine in wiley18:09
dobeyno you shouldn't be on 12.0418:09
adfad666This manifest is probably a great place to start https://code-review.phablet.ubuntu.com/gitweb?p=aosp/platform/manifest.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/personal/w-ondra/xperia_5.1.1_r518:09
jamie1some of the stuff required they need for build is only avaible for utopic18:10
dobeylike what?18:10
dobey(12.04 isn't utopic anyway)18:11
jamie1whoops lol18:11
jamie1well its asking for utopic unicorn18:11
jamie1sory 13.1018:11
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dobeyutopic is 14.1018:11
jamie1i thought 14 was trusty18:12
dobey14.04 is trusty18:12
jamie1ah... the constantly changing numbers catch me up18:12
dobeythe releases are every 6 months, not 12 :)18:12
jamie1well i use ubuntu gnome... so they are a little different18:13
adfad666it's easy to remember it's always Ubuntu year.month18:13
jamie1i get them about 4 after you18:13
dobeythe release numbers are the same, but ubuntu gnome is a relatively new derivative18:13
jamie1i never put the two and two together18:13
jamie1they are the same numbers but usually not done until several months after the core ubuntu is done18:14
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dobeythat doesn't sound right. but anyway, doesn't matter18:14
jamie1 times18:15
jamie1thats how i have seen it... or when i have seen it... might just be me behind the times18:15
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dobeyjamie1: anyway, you don't need utopic. if you're on 15.10, it should be fine.18:21
jamie1okay... ouch not sure how i did this https://pastebin.mozilla.org/886007418:21
dobeyyou probably did something that mucked up $PATH :)18:22
dobeyopen a new terminal and try again?18:22
mcphailjamie1: suspect yu've added Android ttols to your PATH, but didn't remember to append your old PATH to your new PATH ;)18:22
jamie1how do i fix this... i cant get into nano now18:23
mcphailjamie1: use the full path for a binary. It'll probably be /usr/bin/nano18:23
mcphailactually, /bin/nano18:24
mcphailthen edit ~/.bashrc (or wherever you messed up the PATH variable)18:25
jamie1i removed what I added and now im not sure how to update the source.... when i do i get nother error of the same18:26
mcphailjamie1: "source ~.bashrc"18:26
mcphailjamie1: "source ~/.bashrc"18:26
jamie1and this is why you dont let qa touch tings XD18:27
mcphail"export PATH=/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin"18:29
mcphailthen your shell should work again18:29
jamie1it does thanks18:30
jamie1now to trying again, at least when i mess up i know how to fix it now18:31
mcphailMy $PATH environment variable has gained _years_ of cruft as I just copy my .bashrc from one install to the next18:32
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jamie1lol, worked this time, i messed up the path to the /.bin got it right this time18:33
jamie1sorry for all the crap... once i get the hang of this ill be fine18:34
mcphailjamie1: I suspect we've all done the same thing. Good luck with the porting18:34
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_Spongequiet evening :)21:41
lpotteryay. soundcloud scope finally works again22:48
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tonyp /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER tonyp xaopxmclbkts23:50
lpotterdamn spaces23:55

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