Garheademorning yo14:33
Garheademhall119: personal thought but when I was helping with Bodhi Linux documentation, dokuwiki became so overrun with spam that we just completely wrote it off and started fresh.15:54
Garheademhall119: there was no way to cut it down either... Or at least, the leads couldn't make it happen.15:56
mhall119Garheade: couldn't it be prevented by requiring U1 logins?16:22
Garheademhall119: probably.16:41
GarheadeI was trying to reach out to the admin and see what he tried to do to lock it down so I could make an informed response... 16:42
Garheademhall119: ^16:42
mhall119ok, anything you can add to the mailinglist conversation about that would be appreciated17:10
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