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cmaloneyGood morning14:54
rick_h_party part14:55
rick_h_err y14:55
cmaloneypart part14:59
cmaloneyWe don't need to know y. ;)15:00
rick_h_crazy talk15:00
rick_h_it got a reaction, that's a winner15:00
rick_h_cmaloney: goes on the road with his bag of awesome one-liners15:00
rick_h_cmaloney: the G+ post from jodee on the game thing was awesome btw15:01
cmaloneyrick_h_: Yeah, she's had to endure some of my designs15:05
cmaloneySome that were more brilliant in the planning than in the playing15:05
cmaloneyShe also would like to have a game that doesn't require a large rulebook15:06
cmaloneybut that's crazy-talk15:06
cmaloneyit's not a game unless we have to consult the rulebook at least 5 times in the first round15:06

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