chesedomorning all05:03
Kilosmorning superfly inetpro thatgraemeguy dlPhreak chesedo and others05:54
dlPhreakMorning Kilos, et al.06:15
chesedohi oom Kilos06:30
LangjanHey Kilos you still in SA?06:47
dlPhreakHow to spot an engineer?06:52
dlPhreakDon't worry they will themselves tell you without asking.06:52
dlPhreakBTW I'm an engineer.06:52
Kiloshi Langjan 06:54
Kilosyes applied for new clearance certificate yesterday06:54
Kiloshopefully it will be done in 2 weeks06:55
dlPhreakWhere are you going, Kilos 06:55
Kiloswanted to go there in summer, but seems it might end up winter06:56
Kilosto visit my daughter and her mom in OZ dlPhreak 06:56
LangjanGood, looks like the sloth has awaken 06:57
Kilosi was doing dishes man06:57
Kilosoh you mean them06:57
LangjanHandyman! I do ours at night before bed06:58
Kiloshaha my sister makes a point of always having dishes for me in the morning06:58
LangjanMy wife makes the same point in the evenings, lmga06:59
Kiloswomen are so skelm07:00
Langjanbut so irresistible07:00
LangjanKilos,  who's the Libre Office Writer fundi?07:01
dlPhreakThats cool Kilos 07:03
Kilosthe fly i think bot lotsa you peeps here i dont know the expertise of07:03
Kilosso say what you need help with and see07:04
Kilosbut lotsa young peeps07:11
LangjanI have been editing loads of docs, suddenly libre office freezes at a  specific spot and keeps on doing it, I have Googled arund and tried various fixes, no luck07:15
LangjanIn desperation, I cut the whole doc and repasted it, problem solved. After wasting hours seeking a solution. Eish! 07:29
LangjanBut why the hiccup in the first place? 07:30
MaNIif its not an overly personal doc you should file a bug report and send it to them as a sample - so they can look into it07:35
andrewlsdmorning Kilos superfly inetpro thatgraemeguy dlPhreak chesedo and others07:43
* thatgraemeguy tips his hat07:43
superflyMorning everyone 07:43
anton_maymorning all07:43
* inetpro takes a bow07:43
* andrewlsd is so glad to see you all07:44
andrewlsdMaaz: coffee on07:44
* Maaz puts the kettle on07:44
inetproMaaz: coffee please07:45
Maazinetpro: Sure07:45
andrewlsdam checking the IRC logs to see what I've missed lately07:45
andrewlsdbtw. have you all been busy patching your computers?07:45
andrewlsd... because of http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-3559291607:46
* anton_may busy with updates07:46
andrewlsdnasty little bug in glibc07:46
anton_mayapt-get -s dist-upgrade | grep "^Inst" | grep -i securi | awk -F " " {'print $2'} | xargs apt-get install07:47
MaazCoffee's ready for andrewlsd and inetpro!07:48
andrewlsdMaaz: thanks07:49
Maazandrewlsd: Sure07:49
inetproMaaz: dankie07:50
MaazGroot plesier inetpro my vriend07:50
andrewlsd^ wow. Maaz may have a small Afrikaans bias.07:52
andrewlsdMaaz: ngiyabonga07:52
MaazLungile umfaan07:52
andrewlsdMaaz: ndiyabulela07:53
Maazandrewlsd: What?07:53
andrewlsdMaaz: no Xhosa?07:53
Maazandrewlsd: Huh?07:53
andrewlsdMaaz: ke teng07:53
Maazandrewlsd: Huh?07:53
dlPhreakandrewlsd hi07:56
andrewlsd:-) dlPhreak 07:58
andrewlsdArcanum_za: how's the slitaz stuff going?07:58
andrewlsdare you using it for snes or visualboy much?07:59
Kilosohi andrewlsd 08:07
LangjanMaNI, thks - nothing personal, who must I send it to? 08:07
LangjanIts a 27-page doc08:08
cal_pymorning all08:08
andrewlsd;-) Kilos 08:08
andrewlsdmorning cal_py 08:08
Kiloshi cal_py 08:08
cal_pyhope everyone is doing well!08:09
Kiloswe alive so could be worse08:10
LangjanGuys, is this maaz-coffee thing a kickback from childhood imaginary friends sindrome? lol08:11
Langjandead could also be better!08:12
Kilosthe bots coffee is a fun think and because its cyber coffee you can have lots and not get headaches08:18
LangjanGood, great to have a bit of fun thrown in08:19
LangjanCyber, not decaf - the latter is close to politically incorrect08:20
chesedooh hi andrewlsd...09:27
Kiloskde hasnt got glibc installed here09:27
superflyKilos: it will09:30
Kilosoh my09:31
Kilossynaptic doesnt show it as installed09:31
superflythe package is not "glic" is something like "libc..."09:32
Kilosah ty09:32
chesedoapt-file search glibc...09:32
chesedognulib and manpage (among others) have it09:33
superflyI think it's actually "libc6"09:35
chesedothere is no package for it except source (according to apt-cache search glibc)09:35
superflyI've just run a apt-get update && apt-get upgrade -y and am busy upgrade 261 packages09:35
Kilosill reinstall all libc packages then if there is an upgrade ill get it09:35
Kilosok can do that too ty09:36
superflyKilos: reinstalling is not going to help, and I don't recommend doing only one package09:36
superflyglibc is such a central package, if you upgrade it but nothing else, you can render your system useless09:36
superflyyou'll have a brick instead of a computer09:37
Kilosah ty09:37
KilosW: Failed to fetch http://ubuntu.mirror.neology.co.za/ubuntu/dists/trusty-updates/main/binary-i386/Packages  Hash Sum mismatch09:38
Kiloswhat is that about09:38
* chesedo now also thinks it's libc6 (glibc might mean GNU C Library)09:42
superflyKilos: use another mirror09:44
Kilosaptitude upgrade is doing lotsa libc5 upgrades09:44
superflyKilos: there you go09:44
Kilosand all of libre office09:44
Kilos90 m09:44
Kiloslibc6 i mean ty 09:45
superflyKilos: yes, everything that uses glibc needs to be recompiled too09:45
=== andrewlsd is now known as zerlgi
dlPhreakDoes sabdfl ever come here?09:54
Kilostoo busy 09:55
Kiloszerlgi wb09:55
zerlgilol ty Kilos 09:56
=== zerlgi is now known as andrewlsd
andrewlsdsorry for any confusion.09:56
Kilosi know its you09:56
dlPhreakHe was on #ubuntu a few weeks ago.09:59
Kilosyes he visits where peeps need some feedback09:59
dlPhreakYeah, he's too busy for idle chit chat.10:00
dlPhreakHere we go again.10:04
Kilosdo nt you see this10:05
Kilos[11:29] [Notice] -kloeri- [Global Notice] It's upgrade all the things day which also means lots of reboots. This will unfortunately be quite noisy. Remember connecting to chat.freenode.net, stay calm and don't panic!  10:05
dlPhreakI did not.10:06
Kilosyou can set it in your client to show them10:06
dlPhreakirssi shows notices in the server window but I never look at the server window.10:07
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Kilosinetpro dink miskien gou oor huis toe gaan14:12
Kiloskyk uit die venster14:12
cal_pyI LOVE LINUX!14:25
Kiloswell duh14:25
Kiloswb changing drives14:28
Kiloskonversation on ssd cant connect15:10
* Kilos needs to think some15:10
Kiloscoupla drops falling at least15:12
Kilosok i know where i went wrong, i ticked ssl but forgot to change port15:37
Kilosand dont member the port number either15:38
chesedoover here it's just some thunder that passed so far15:40
Kilos1mm rain15:55
Kilosbut enough storm to kill power for a bit15:55
inetprowaar's die reen?16:09
Kiloswhat was the ssl port please 8880?16:09
Kilosklaar weg16:09
Kilosmiskien sal dit later terug kom as die wind sal draai16:09
inetproyou mean for IRC?16:10
inetproport 707016:10
Kiloshow do i kill this stupid message thing16:10
inetpro"All freenode servers listen on ports 6665, 6666, 6667, 8000, 8001, and 8002, with SSL on 6697, 7000, and 7070"16:11
inetprostupid message thing?16:11
Kilosoften when i start typing that top message thing steals my test16:11
inetprono idea what you're talking about16:11
Kilosknote or something16:11
inetproscreenshot please16:12
Kilosnow its gone16:15
Kilosit didnt show16:16
Kilosmakes a tiny window top of screen and the text appears there16:16
Kilosmaybe clipboard16:17
DalekSec6697 is a very typical port for SSL.16:17
Kilosi see a scissors here as well16:17
Kilosty DalekSec 16:17
Kilosyay ty guys16:22
=== Kilos- is now known as Kilos
Kilosinetpro i think its klipper and when i try remove it synaptic say desktop and workspaces will be removed as well16:44
inetproKilos: is it not simply kde notifications? Look at your settings16:50
Kilosnono man its that thing where you save commands16:51
Kiloshere it saves random stuff16:51
Kilosi have no why idea what even starts it16:51
Kilosim on an ssd so all settings and things not sorted yet16:52
Kilosi cant rsync /home because ssd too small16:52
Kilosbut its lekker fast16:53
* chesedo always understood that it is somewhat useless to have /home on the ssd17:09
Kilosnono you have a /home but just not on a separate partition17:25
cal_pySup guys!17:28
inetprohmm... the rain kicked him out again?17:58
inetprowb chesedo17:58
inetprochesedo: what would be wrong with having a home on ssd?17:59
cal_pysup inetpro 18:00
inetprohi cal_py18:00
cal_pyhow are you?18:00
chesedoinetpro: there is no benefit to it, right?18:03
inetprocal_py: good, good and you?18:03
inetprochesedo: why not?18:03
chesedoit is just user files so no speed improvement18:03
cal_pygood thanks! whats good?18:04
inetprooh you mean like that, hmm...18:04
inetpro02/17 20:00:34 <cal_py> how are you?18:04
inetprochesedo: I assume you're right, I don't think you'll see noticable gains in speed for the home partition on ssd18:06
inetprobut it's just an assumption18:06
inetprotheoretically you should see a benefit though18:06
chesedoand config files have quite some disk writes18:06
cal_pylol inetpro do you use python?18:07
inetprolots of stuff reads and writes to your home folder during normal operations18:07
chesedohey, you should... it is just if it is worth the cost18:07
inetprocal_py: superfly is our resident python "guru" here18:08
cal_pyhahaha guru....18:08
cal_pydl_phreak said you good at the linuxes18:08
inetpronot sure whether he likes to be called a guru18:08
inetprocal_py: ask away, I'm sure others would be able to help as well18:09
inetproin here we all just stand on the shoulders of other giants to make us look like we know something18:12
chesedo+1 inetpro18:13
cal_pyhahah I had a issue but I've kind of solved it LOL, I was trying to get internet time on boot18:16
cal_pybecause my RTC stopped working'18:17
cal_pywas trying todo it without having to put the password in for sudo privileges 18:18
inetprocal_py: you mean something like NTP synchronisation18:20
cal_pyexactly inetpro 18:22
cal_pyI created a script but you need to have elevated privileges to use it18:22
inetproyou can do it the old way with a cron job with command: ntpdate ntpserver 18:23
inetproor the new way with ntpd as a service18:23
inetprois it a desktop or a server?18:24
cal_pyservice ntpd restart?18:24
superflysurely ntpd runs as a service, no matter desktop or server?18:24
inetprotrue but ntpd is rather chatty18:25
inetprosynching happens continuesly18:25
cal_pycan I show you the three lines I found that worked?18:25
inetprosyncing as well18:26
inetprocal_py: please enlighten us18:27
cal_pyservice ntp stop18:28
cal_pyntpd -gq18:28
cal_pyservice ntp start18:28
cal_pyfound it on the askubuntu site18:29
cal_pybut if you run it at start up, it forces a gk sudo to pop up three times to complete the script18:29
Kilospower came and went a few times then lightning whacked tower18:30
Kiloswe had some more rain inetpro 18:30
Kilosi go see how much18:31
superflycal_py: where is your script? and when do you run it?18:31
Kilos20mm its gonna rain18:32
cal_pyI put the script in my home folder and I used gnome start up tools to run it at start up18:32
Kiloscal_py you getting to tame now, just now you break something18:35
cal_pyhahaha Kilos software or hardware?18:36
Kiloswho knows18:36
Kilosalways rememer , if it isnt broken don't try fix it18:37
cal_pyhahahaha, but it was at first, computer will be the death of me!18:40
cal_pyon a lighter note has anyone tried the Nylas N1 email client?18:40
cal_pyafk brb18:45
cal_pyanyone here use mate desktop environment?18:50
inetprosuperfly: wb18:56
superflyneed to reinstall this VPS18:56
inetprosuperfly: reinstall, why?18:58
superfly32-bit running on a 64-bit architecture18:58
superflyI can't do any upgrading or migrating to take advantage of new features on the platform until I'm using 64-bit18:58
inetproreminds me of my office desktop18:58
inetproguess the time for 32-bit is over18:59
inetprohope you guys have all run your updates and rebooted19:00
cal_pyhow do you find out about this so fast19:09
inetprosee http://www.ubuntu.com/usn/19:13
inetpro"These notices are also posted to the ubuntu-security-announce mailing list..."19:13
inetproor RSS feed: http://www.ubuntu.com/usn/rss.xml19:14
cal_pyahhh cool19:14
inetproor https://twitter.com/ubuntu_advisory19:15
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:19
inetprogood night oom Kil[tab]19:19
cal_pynight Kilos19:19
superflyor Google+ or tech websites (Ars Technica) or Twitter, or any other connection to a bunch of linuxers19:20
cal_pyrock on!19:21
=== Webtricity is now known as Guest12086

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