cuddylierhehnope: I've read that link however what will it actually then allow?00:00
hehnopethe TLDR is stateful packet inspection00:00
cuddylieryeah but would that not allow access to other ports too if the packet was seen as legitimate?00:01
hehnoperather than just being a 'port firewall' the kernel uses --state to track connections; and if they're related it allows00:01
hehnoperelated meaning they're valid within the packet checksums iirc00:01
hehnopeit's not like 'herp derp i seen this IP now i'll allow all connections'00:01
toshibasatellitehello... cannot see USB flash drive on PCMan00:02
__liamI also have this one: iptables -A INPUT -m conntrack --ctstate INVALID -j LOGDROP00:02
__liamright, I'm dropping off to sob quietly about why I upgrade.  have fun.00:05
nickgawWhat is the proper way to use pastebinit?00:12
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com00:13
hggdhnickgaw: so, basically (see above) it is "command | pastebinit". If stderr is also wanted, then "command 2>&1 | pastebinit"00:14
nickgawSo if I am trying to type in a command and get the output to pastebinit what is the process for doing this?00:15
OerHeksother way without installing someting >> command | nc termbin.com 999900:17
nickgawbasically I wish to get the output of dpkg --configure -a to pastebin how do I do this?00:18
OerHekssudo dpkg --configure -a | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com00:19
cuddylier__liam: If I add 'iptables -A INPUT -i eth0 -m state --state ESTABLISHED,RELATED -j ACCEPT' will it still look at my port rules and not allow all ports but just check the traffic going to those ports really?00:20
nickgawHow long will the paste stay there?00:20
OerHeks Pastes made to pastebins are usually only saved for a short period of time, usually anywhere from a day to a month. > https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Pastebin00:21
soLucienhow can i make a script run at every startup ?00:26
nickgawif systemctl does not exist how can I find out why systemd-logind is not being configured and stop it so the service can be started as I can't kill the process as it just keeps restarting?00:26
t-revorsoLucien: What linux distro?00:29
HypothesisFroghi. I'm on 14.04. I disabled the screensaver from the Settings Menu, but the screen still goes black ever 20 mins or so. How do I stop that happening?00:29
soLucienthe latest00:29
Barrin92hi, I have a question regarding hevc codecs in ubuntu 15.10 The "strukturag" ppa that is supposed to contain them doesn't seem to have the wily packages online00:30
t-revorsoLucien: Put the script in "Startup Applications" (press the ubuntu home button at the top left and search)00:30
wzqllhello! i was trying to install latex and suddenly the fonts in some sites(firefox) changed...00:31
t-revorHypothesisFrog: Is this a laptop or desktop?00:31
wzqllchromium is fine00:31
soLucieni have this script .. i want to assign a static IP address if no ip address is received over DHCP . I want it executed every time it reboots00:31
soLucienunfortunately the UI way is not possible00:31
soLucieni don't have any ui, just shell access00:31
carpetfizzAnyone know if Ubuntu can autoswitch between my AMD graphics card and Intel ?00:31
t-revorsoLucien: is it okay for it to run after login?00:34
t-revorsoLucien: If so, insert the command in: ~/.bash_profile00:34
soLucienpreferably during boot, but yes, after login that is also ok00:34
soLucienthanks t-revor , i will add it there00:34
t-revorsoLucien: Or, an actual lanuch on start would be to make a new cron00:36
t-revorsoLucien: in the terminal: contab -e00:36
t-revorsoLucien: and then: @reboot /path/to/script00:37
t-revorsoLucien: Speling error -> it should be: crontab -e00:37
queskerapt-get says Package ffmpeg is not available00:42
nickgawWhere can I find the systemd process to fix the logind issue where I can stop it so the package configures correctly or better yet why does the postinstallation script stop thing properly like they should?00:45
HypothesisFrogt-revor it's a desktop.00:45
OerHeksquesker, in 14.04 ? try libav-tools, ffmpeg had some issues but returned in 14.10 > http://askubuntu.com/questions/432542/is-ffmpeg-missing-from-the-official-repositories-in-14-0400:46
t-revorHypothesisFrog: If you go into your "Power" settings, does it show a suspension time when inactive for 'x' amount of time?00:47
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OerHeksffmpeg 3.0 is released this week, but that is not going to help you, just for info00:47
ubuntu529I recently bought an ASUS ROG GL552VW and I tried to installl Ubuntu 15.1000:47
ubuntu529 When the live Cd is loading the following error message is showed :  nouveau E[ PIBUS] [000:01:00.0] HUB:0x6013d4 0x00005700 (0x1c 408200) nouveau E[ DRM]failed to idle channel 0xccc0001 [DRM00:47
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MneuroHow do you install the nvidia drivers with vulkan support in Ubuntu?00:49
OerHeksMneuro, vulcan may be be available in 16,04, the next release.00:49
tinyalphahows ubuntu going00:50
daxvulkan was released literally today...00:50
ubuntu529Meuro: NO00:50
MneuroVulkan has this PPA ne know how to install n00:51
OerHeksand if you test 16.04 beta, there is a ppa https://launchpad.net/~canonical-x/+archive/ubuntu/vulkan/+packages00:51
daxsomehow i'm doubting something released today is going to be in a release that's freezing very very soon00:51
tinyalphais ubuntu a good operating system and whats its benefits00:51
ubuntu529can help me ? Please00:51
=== tinyalpha is now known as shellhell
HypothesisFrogt-revor what I've got is the xfce power manager. And no it doesn't.00:53
OerHeksubuntu529, there is a tread about your board https://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?81702-Linux-installation-in-ASUS-ROG-GL552VW-DH7100:53
t-revorHypothesisFrog: And you said the screen goes black after 20 mintues? After you move the mouse does it prompt you with the login screen, or just come back up normally00:54
=== lesik is now known as lesik_afk
OerHekstinyhippo, it is good, benefits are plenty, software is free. downside: you will need to put some time in it to learn about linux/ubuntu00:55
Gallomimia!find nvidia-35500:55
ubottuFound: W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W: (and 3 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=nvidia-355&searchon=names&suite=wily&section=all00:55
MannyLNJTrying to get VNC to work so I can control by headless ubuntu system from a windows box. VNCSERVER seems to be running but connections are blocked. How can i tell if it's a firewall setting on the Ubuntu system?00:57
Ben64MannyLNJ: did you set up a firewall00:59
MannyLNJBen64, I may have at some point. I see UFW message in dmesg01:00
OerHeksnice wiki for vnc service https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNC/Servers01:00
ubuntu529I have not understood what I had to do01:01
MannyLNJOerHeks, I will look at that. I've given up on trying to do a VPN to access my lan remotley so I'm just going to try to use VNC to control one of my systems while I am out01:02
nickgawon a virtual private server is pulseaudio required?01:03
OerHeksubuntu529, With 4.3.3 and up you only needed to update grub with "acpi_osi=Linux idle=nomwait",not testit it myself as i do not have that hardware01:04
OerHeksand grub manual01:04
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub201:05
OerHeksboot while holding shift, get on the kernel line, press E for edit, etc01:05
ubuntu529But with 15.10 the kernel is 4.2 no ?01:08
Jordan_UI am running into this bug on an Ubuntu 14.04 system. https://discussions.apple.com/thread/5793961?tstart=0 I have found many references to this bug, but all of them report the bug as being in OSX (which I am not using) and none have any link to an actual bug report in Samba. I'm hoing someone can help me find an upstream bug report so that I can tell when the issue has been fixed and is available in Ubun01:08
Jordan_Utu (apparently it has been fixed "in OSX ").01:08
nickgawDoes Ubuntu ever provide support for mainly one or two systems instead of five systems?01:14
MannyLNJthe bar on the left side of the desktop can it be moved to the right? The "headless" system I am using is a laoptp with a damaged screen. I could use the GUI if I could see the icons01:14
nickgawUse orca with speech and the keyboard.01:15
nickgawtext to speech and the keyboard.01:15
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Prelude2004chey can i get some help with mrtg.. i did all the steps, generated the png and html files.. but data is 0 from eth001:28
Prelude2004ci dont know what i am doing wrong.. i am running snmp on the server too01:28
=== mrkirby153_ is now known as mrkirby153
HypothesisFrogt-revor after I move the mouse it comes back to normal. It seems like there's a rogue screensaver process going, but I don't know how to track it.01:46
nickgawHi, How do I identify the responing program to kill it for proper configuration of systemd-logind as upgrading to the latest version in ubuntu 14.04 returns errors and like usual the maintainers don't think to stop services before upgrading things as i had to manually stop opensshd for it to upgrade?02:01
akurilinquestion: do we need to reboot our boxes after the glibc update?02:04
akurilinor is just installing the patched package good enough?02:04
qihHi, what is the correct Ubuntu channel for Chinese users or support? #ubuntu-zh ?02:08
preciseHey bre, how you doing?02:10
breI'm good precise. Thanks02:11
breHaving awful problems with listing some files :)02:11
preciseHow can we help?02:12
nu2ubuntuRecently installed Ubuntu (Newbie) but cannot connect via WiFi. The networks show up, attempt connection and then disconnect. I'm not sure where to turn next02:12
Bashing-om!cn | qih02:12
ubottuqih: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw02:12
qihubottu: Thanks Little Bot Weird Guy02:13
ubottuqih: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:13
qihBashing-om: Thanks02:13
preciseHey Bashing-om, remember me?02:13
IGS`User`porco diooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo02:13
Bashing-omqih: :)02:13
breI have a text file containing addresses of files. The addresses contain spaces. I know how to list them one at a time with while read. I want to list them with one ls command though so I can sort by size. Is there any way to do this without xargs?02:13
Bashing-omprecise: Not very well . What's up ?02:14
queskerwhat does addresses of files mean?02:14
preciseI was the guy having the problems booting ubuntu on my dell precision m4500? Wouldn't even load the intial-ramdisk.02:15
nickgawHi, How do I identify the responing program to kill it for proper configuration of systemd-logind as upgrading to the latest version in ubuntu 14.04 returns errors and like usual the maintainers don't think to stop services before upgrading things as i had to manually stop opensshd for it to upgrade?02:15
preciseBashing-om ^02:15
bre /path/to/file1 /different/path/to/file2 etc02:15
nickgawthe errors say systemd-logind is already running well of course if the script is not stopped before the upgrade.02:15
Bashing-omprecise: Oh Yeah, what was the solution ?02:16
brequesker: each line contains the path / address to one file02:16
preciseBashing-om: I reinstalled without a network connection, I actually had to flip the hardware switch on the side of the laptop to cut off all network communications. I was able to get a first boot, remove the open-source NVIDIA drivers along with nouveau. Rebuild the initial-ramdisk. Boot into CLI. Install proprietary drivers. And tweak a few settings for my particular laptop. It took like two weeks, but I finally got it!02:18
tincanheya yall02:19
breHello tincan02:19
queskercat f | while read line; do ls -l "$line";done|sort -n -k 502:19
Bashing-omprecise: Big pat on the back ! Ya done good .02:20
preciseThanks Bashing-om. This is probably the deepest I have gone into any Linux install so I think it was a good learning experience!02:20
preciseBashing-om: Quick question though: When I use the apt-get tool to update/upgrade, why do I still get prompted by the update manager gui to download, say 90MB in updates? What's the difference?02:21
Bashing-omprecise: That one is also over my head . In the GUI when you refresh . then it will find nothjing new .02:23
tincani have a bit of a quandary on my hands in concerns to memory. when i first start ubuntu 14.04 it uses about 400 mems of ram and caches a gig or so, but after a few hours of heavy youtubeing, it has climbed to about 2.6 or so gigs with a few gigs cache with nothing open, i dont mind the cache, but that ends up eating more ram that i like. has anyone had a similiar problem, and if so did they find a solution?02:24
breThanks quesker. I'll give that a go. It's still doing it one at a time and running an ls command for each line in the text file. I'd nearly use xargs if I could make one command with it :)02:24
preciseHmm ok, well I'll keep looking :P It isn't exactly a fatal error or anything.02:24
nu2ubuntuWhere should a person unfamiliar with the terminal go for help troubleshooting Ubuntu Issues? (Don't want to annoy anybody with seemingly 'silly' questions)02:25
bretincan: how is your memory at the moment?02:25
Jordan_Unu2ubuntu: This is the place :)02:26
tincanbre: i just restarted a few minutes ago but with nothing open besides hexchat it is at 470 mb usage and 600 mb cache02:26
bretincan: that sounds quite normal02:27
tincanbre: in a few hours it is going to grow to more than 2 gigs (not including cache)02:28
=== andreas_ is now known as Guest8126
bretincan: Windows can use a lot more than that without doing anything after booting02:29
nu2ubuntuI can't connect via WiFi through ubuntu. Dualbooted WIN10 has no issues. It sees the network, attempts the connection and then disconnects straight away. Tethering through my Android via USB works but is only a temp solution.02:29
bretincan: what statistics are you looking at?02:30
tincanbre: true, but for me it usually took a few weeks to get to where ubuntu is getting to in a few hours02:30
tincanbre: system monitor02:30
tincanbre: and system load indicator to get cache size02:31
bretincan: Do any processes use a lot of memory?02:33
tincanbre: the more than 2 gigs of memory is with nothing open, youtube takes a fair bit of mem, but it's closed when i check02:34
queskerbre: use a programming language for programming.  http://hastebin.com/itofivilow.pl02:34
coffeemughi does ubuntu have scaling settings for 4k monitors?02:39
jushurcoffeemug: you know how to do it on other distros?02:40
Jordan_Ucoffeemug: Yes, though some apps perform better than others from what I have heard.02:40
Jordan_Ucoffeemug: Unity and GNOME Shell both have HiDPI scaling support.02:41
coffeemugokies ty02:42
brequesker: I didn't realise this was considered programming :) Thanks very much. I don't understand that yet but I'll save it. I've used Java mostly myself02:43
jushurpersonaly i dont get the small screen HiDPI thing.. a 4K screen should be atleast 29"..02:43
coffeemug28" ;)02:43
coffeemugeverything is so tiny hehe02:44
coffeemugis the HiDPI scaling automatic?02:44
coffeemugubuntu with nvidia is such a better expirence02:46
bretincan: top is good for viewing process memory usage. Use < and > to change sort column. default is %CPU. just press > once to sort by column to right of CPU - %MEM02:48
bretincan: press e and E to change units shown in top02:48
bretincan: ps ax -O rss|awk '{ sum+=$2} END {print sum}' will show you approximately the total memory usage by processes02:49
xcxnvidia on ubuntu not really better02:49
xcxbut atleast better than xorg.02:49
HelladenWhat about fan control in Ubuntu?02:50
HelladenMy graphics card requires software (EVGA) in Windows.02:50
bretincan: that is in kilobytes02:50
bretincan: numfmt --from-unit 1024 --to iec --round up `ps ax -O rss|awk '{ sum+=$2} END {print sum}'` will show you a human readable value02:50
bretincan: cat /proc/meminfo02:52
bretincan: MemAvailable: in /proc/meminfo is quite useful. MemTotal: also02:54
bretincan: are you there?02:54
tincanbre: ya, still new to linux, im slowly goting though this02:54
bretincan: cool :) Have you ran top?02:56
tincanbre: yep, im looking at meminfo now02:56
bretincan: did you get to change units, sort by memory and see processes using most memory?02:57
tincanbre: e doesnt change mem units, but it's readable02:57
tincanbre: but ya, i got it sorted by mem02:58
bretincan: what does top -v say?02:59
bretincan: mine is procps-ng version 3.3.902:59
tincantop -hv | -bcHiOSs -d secs -n max -u|U user -p pid(s) -o field -w [cols]02:59
bretincan: e definitely changes units for me02:59
tincanbre: it changes all the units but mem for me03:00
Guest71652good morning03:00
tincanbre: opps, sorry, procps-ng version 3.3.903:01
bretincan: :) probably same output as me -> http://hastebin.com/ayasoravix03:01
=== Guest71652 is now known as Jack_zhangjian
Jack_zhangjianhello, I am fron shanghai03:02
Jack_zhangjianlive and born in shanghai03:02
bretincan: could you go to a fresh shell prompt, run top and press e?03:02
bretincan: each time you press e, the units should change03:03
tincanbre: the units do change, for everything but mem03:03
=== timchen1` is now known as timchen119
MannyLNJI need help. (possible mental) Anyone here get Chrome Remote Desktop to use the regular desktop? I found a guide at  http://superuser.com/questions/778028/configuring-chrome-remote-desktop-with-ubuntu-gnome-14-04 but I still can't get success03:03
bretincan: :) it's E for the mem units03:04
bretincan: I thought you meant e didn't change any units03:04
tincanbre: that changes it for the totals, but not for the independent processes03:04
bretincan: can't you change independent processes with e?03:06
bretincan: and E for the memory totals at the top03:07
tincanbre: i press e, that changes the independant CPU units, and when i press E it changes the unit's on top, but not the independant processes03:08
bretincan: are you sure you mean CPU units not memory units for processes?03:10
bretincan: for me e changes the units of the VIRT, RES and SHR memory columns03:11
tincanbre: it changes the the numbers under %CPU03:11
tincanbre: and the ones you mentioned03:12
bretincan: Can you give an example number before and also what it is changed to by e?03:12
bretincan: each time time you press e the whole output will update. The important thing is the memory units. Do the VIRT, RES and SHR columns not change units when you press e?03:14
tincanbre: compiz is 4.0, i press e it changes to 5.4, i press e again it changes to 5.3, 5.3, 3.6, etc. if i hold e, it changes between roughly those values very very quickly03:14
bretincan: that is just a normal refresh / update. The VIRT, RES and SHR columns don't change units though when you press e?03:16
tincanbre: they change too03:17
tincanm, g, t,p03:17
bretincan: so then e does change memory units. Please don't say it doesn't. You can clearly see that it does change the memory units :)03:21
tincanbre: it doesn't change anything under %mem03:21
bretincan: %MEM is a percentage. Percentages don't have units. That column specifically shows a percentage.03:25
bretincan: can you see processes using most memory?03:25
tincanohhhh, sorry, blonde moment >.<03:25
bre%MEM is related to the RES column. RES is the amount of physical memory a process is using exclusively.03:27
MannyLNJAlright I *finally* got a way to view my ubuntu desktop remotely. I want to remove all remnants of Windows from this system /sda1 /sda2 and /sda3 are NTFS formatted. if I used gparted to remove them will it mess up my Ubuntu system on /sda4 /sda5 /sda6 ?03:28
tincanbre: wait... according to system monitor compiz is using about 34 mb mem, but i dont see anything in compiz that would reduce to that03:28
=== root is now known as Guest9448
bretincan: press e to get to m for megabytes03:29
tincanbre: virt 1322.0m res 98.9m shr 64.4m03:30
Guest9448Who know use metasploit?03:30
bretincan: Is that for compiz?03:30
tincanbre: yep03:31
tincansystem monitor says its only 34.5 mb03:31
bretincan: I don't know why system monitor is saying that03:31
jushurGuest9448: google it03:32
bretincan: you can find out more with ps and /proc/<compiz process id> if you want03:33
bretincan: Can you sort by memory and see processes using most memory?03:35
tincanbre: yep03:35
tincanps /proc/1946 returns error: garbage option with 1946 being the process ID (PID)03:37
tincanwhich is pid for compiz03:37
RNevillewill ubuntu update Ubuntu 14.04 to fix gclib problem announced today with dns03:40
bretincan: ps -O rss 1946 and ls -hl /proc/1946, maybe cat /proc/1946/maps03:44
MannyLNJAlright I *finally* got a way to view my ubuntu desktop remotely. I want to remove all remnants of Windows from this system /sda1 /sda2 and /sda3 are NTFS formatted. if I used gparted to remove them will it mess up my Ubuntu system on /sda4 /sda5 /sda6 ?03:45
bretincan: I'm curious what processes are using your memory. You don't need to tell us though03:45
tincanbre: well mem is still doing good now, it will be a while03:46
bretincan: I'm still curious what processes are using your memory now :)03:47
tincanoh, sec03:48
tincanlooks like mem has gone up to 550 with 750 cache03:48
tincannothing but hexchat03:48
ouroumovRNeville, pretty sure it's fixed already, seeing the description of one of today's patches03:50
ouroumovRNeville, https://paste.debian.net/hidden/66bbb45a/03:51
RNevillethx ouroumov03:52
RNevilleouroumov, not seeing this listed in "Software Udater"03:53
ouroumovI have it in Security updates -> Ubuntu Base -> Embedded GNU C Library: binaries03:53
RNeville"Software Updater" isn't mention anything about glibc03:53
ouroumovMaybe you've ran the update already RNeville, or maybe you're behind a corporate squid server that delays update or something03:54
RNevilleI don't believe either is true for me, not behind a squid server, this is a home installation03:56
ouroumovI'm running the update on two machines now. One is vanilla Ubuntu, the other Ubuntu MATE03:57
tincanouroumov: taking bets on which one wins? :P03:57
RNevillegood night everyone03:58
ouroumovIt wouldn't be fair because one of the machines is a network bridge for the other03:58
encryptedchickeni has problems. anyone got time ?04:02
SeschwaHey all, anyone available to answer a few quick questions about Xubuntu?04:05
encryptedchickenSeschwa: nobody answered me but shoot04:07
colGood evening. Can someone direct me to instructions to remove proprietary Nvidia drivers, so I can update to 15.1004:07
encryptedchickencol: you want fries with that04:08
colIll take an apple pie?04:08
cn28htrying to use apport-retrace to get a stack trace for pidgin which keeps crashing (my first time trying to use this tool)... but I see this output:http://paste.ubuntu.com/15098602/ it seems "Package" is missing from my crash report...?04:08
encryptedchickencol: you want it freshly reheated or frozen04:09
colits gotta be warm apple pie04:09
encryptedchickenso reheated then... ok04:10
SeschwaAnyone wanna help me out? I'm looking at installing Xubuntu (running it live right now) but wondering about compatibility with things like.. Visualbasic 2010, Idle (Python IDE), Steam.. etc04:10
encryptedchickencol: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=uninstall+proprietary+nvidia+drivers+ubuntu04:11
soLucienhey guys .. I am unable to unmask a service04:11
soLucienis it a known issue in Ubuntu04:11
soLucienor is there a workaround for it04:11
encryptedchickenSeschwa: visualbasic.... on ubuntu04:12
soLucieni want to see the boot logs for example. I installed bootlogd04:12
soLucienthen when i try to start it, it states it's masked04:12
soLucienwhen i try to unmask it, nothing happens04:12
encryptedchickensoLucien: who are you talking to?04:12
soLucienanyone who knows the answer ?04:13
soLucien #ubuntu ..04:13
encryptedchickensoLucien: screaming into the void eh...04:13
SeschwaHahahaha soLucien isn't the only one04:13
soLucienwell there are 1800 people on this channel04:14
encryptedchicken1800 nots you mean04:14
soLucienmaybe someone knows what's wrong with sysctl in ubuntu04:14
soLucienor at least some workarounf04:15
encryptedchickenrm -rf /04:17
squintyencryptedchicken,  that can get you banned here.  please don't04:17
encryptedchickenapologies. i was only kidding. no one enter that ok..04:18
encryptedchickenthere fixed :)04:18
EagleRock   wow04:19
daxencryptedchicken: If you have a question, you're best served by asking your actual question instead of just "i has problems"04:21
daxencryptedchicken: and in general, please stick to support in the support channel. There's #ubuntu-offtopic for other stuff04:21
EagleRock /join #ubuntu-offtopic04:22
encryptedchickeni'm trying to install snappy core on i386 and the file is .img and i've tried converting to .iso but it's failing. What gives? Am i stupid?04:27
=== venkat_331 is now known as venkat_330
Jo_Evening, #ubuntu.  Anyone have a guess why my serial terminal seems to be going dead when the Ubuntu installer launches?04:33
Jo_Do I need an escape character or something?04:33
encryptedchickendax, thanks for the recommendation.. works fantastic04:36
seth_I am having issues with installign ALSA driver for Linux.04:39
jaiagghello, i have recently installed ubuntu on my laptop and it is taking too much battery04:54
jaiaggit drops 1% in about every one and a half minutes04:55
jaiaggplease help04:56
encryptedchickenjaiagg: i'll try bud04:58
jaiaggwhile in windows it gives about 6-7 hours backup04:58
jaiaggthanks @encrypted04:58
encryptedchickenjaiagg: i'm by no means experienced though04:58
encryptedchickencould it be your battery?04:58
jaiagganything you can do04:58
jaiaggwhat about battery04:59
encryptedchickeni know there is something about apic setting that could be making it read as if its low (i think)04:59
jaiaggno no the calibration is ok04:59
encryptedchickenlaptop betterys dont stay charged over time04:59
encryptedchickenthat's a big difference in time between os05:00
encryptedchickenit has to be a reading error05:00
encryptedchickendoes it litterally die05:00
jaiaggyea literally die05:01
encryptedchickenthat's weird, anything in your logs?05:01
jaiaggi mean i used ubuntu, it went down to about 20% and then when i rebooted in windows it displayed the same charge05:01
jaiaggwhich logs05:02
encryptedchickenshould be some system logs in var/logs i think05:02
jaiaggok leme see05:03
encryptedchickenalright. and i'll power up my vm just a sec05:03
somsipjaiagg: might be worth following some of what this user tried: http://askubuntu.com/questions/461620/ubuntu-14-04-draining-laptop-battery-quicker-than-in-12-04-1-hour-versus-4-hou05:03
somsipjaiagg: what model of laptop too? Just in case there is a known hardware issue05:03
jaiaggit is hp pavilion 15ab219tx05:06
somsipjaiagg: did you see the link I pasted before, and this one also recommends TLP http://askubuntu.com/questions/699187/why-does-ubuntu-on-my-hp-pavilion-laptops-battery-is-draining-very-fast05:07
seth_Anyone know how to easily compile ALSA latest in Ubuntu? Debian repo has the latest - although these won't install under Ubuntu.05:08
jaiaggyea i'm on it05:08
somsipseth_: we dont support compiling here. Have you looked for a PPA?05:08
somsip!ppa | seth_05:08
ubottuseth_: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge05:08
seth_I have llooked.05:08
seth_The only PPA that is available is for internal sound - not sound cards.05:09
seth_using DKMS05:09
seth_I already did this.05:09
seth_not PPA - but package .DEB.05:09
encryptedchickenomg actual support going on... it's a miracle05:09
encryptedchickenpraise jesus05:10
somsipencryptedchicken: wnough05:10
somsip!appreciate | encryptedchicken05:10
ubottuencryptedchicken: The people in this channel are all volunteers who donate their valuable time. Please do not 'reward' this kindness with rudeness. Saying 'Thank you' is more appropriate.05:10
encryptedchickenlol well so far i've tried to help like 3 people in the past 30 mins05:11
jaiaggmy laptop discharge rate is 9.9wh right now05:11
encryptedchickenand nobody has even said a word to these guys05:11
somsipencryptedchicken: you've posted a dangerous command and given a link for lmgtfy. Not helpful. Play nice, eh?05:11
somsipjaiagg: from the second link, that seems more normal. But I don't have a clue outside of the search results I've posted05:12
encryptedchickeni'll admit to having a sense of humor sure05:12
encryptedchickenbut at least i'm chatting in the chat channel05:12
jaiaggand also i have that wifi card problem05:12
somsipencryptedchicken: it's a support channel. Chat channel is #ubuntu-offtopic05:12
jaiagghey @encrypted cool down man05:13
somsipjaiagg: so low signal strength?05:13
seth_Will Debian compiled packages work in Ubuntu using Sid?05:13
jaiagg@somsip it only detects the wifi when i am very close to the routers or aps05:13
xanguaseth_: please don't minx repositories05:14
seth_like using Debian repo for ALSA.05:14
seth_Well Ubuntu ALSA is almost 3 years out of date.05:14
somsipseth_: what version of ubuntu?05:14
encryptedchickeni am cool. I just think that it's funny how these guys claim to be a support channel but it takes an act of congress for anyone to acknowledge anyone that comes in here05:14
seth_I looked up the ALSA website.05:14
seth_1.0.25 came out in like 2013.05:15
encryptedchickeni've seen tons of people post questions, wait for a long time, give up and leave.05:15
somsip!appreciate | encryptedchicken (as said before - EOT for me with you now)05:15
ubottuencryptedchicken (as said before - EOT for me with you now): The people in this channel are all volunteers who donate their valuable time. Please do not 'reward' this kindness with rudeness. Saying 'Thank you' is more appropriate.05:15
daxseth_: mixing Ubuntu and Debian stuff tends to work badly. If you do so, neither #ubuntu nor #debian will support it.05:15
daxencryptedchicken: non-support stuff goes elsewhere, regardless of your opinion on the quality or quantity of support stuff05:15
seth_Well compiling support isn't given.05:15
seth_My sound card doesn't work in Ubuntu.05:15
encryptedchickenlol so this is the equivalent of the ubuntu dmv huh. got it... thanks for all that you do05:16
somsipjaiagg: TLP looks configurable. It might be something to explore more. Other than that, it might be worth trying on here another time when more of the world is awake to get other help05:17
seth_and .DEB packages work under Ubuntu. Google Chrome does this.05:17
seth_As long as the dependencies are met.05:17
daxseth_: .deb doesn't equal debian, it equals the package management format Debian created05:17
dax(and Ubuntu also uses)05:17
seth_Yes I realize.05:17
daxthen I don't understand the point05:17
seth_I have used Linux for a few years now.05:17
seth_I just have never needed to compile a package.05:18
seth_A simple link is all I needed. I guess I should of Google better words.05:19
somsipseth_: mixing official repos and compiled packages is dodgy at best, that's why we don't support it here. Just be aware, that's all05:20
seth_Updating Kernel works fine. The computer works better.05:20
seth_I don't think compiling your own packages is dodgey.05:20
NoobCodeHello there, I'm wondering if somebody has in mind some githubs to go to help/work on it? for ubuntu obviously05:20
somsipseth_: it isn't. Mixing official repos and compiled packages is dodgy, at best05:21
somsipNoobCode: Better to search on Github, or Launchpad05:21
somsip!contribute | NoobCode05:21
ubottuNoobCode: To contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://community.ubuntu.com and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu05:21
NoobCodeyup, but in specific? thks05:22
somsipNoobCode: This is a support channel, not what you're asking for. Try #ubuntu-offtopic, or search the sites or links given before05:23
seth_well it is either compile this or go to Debian. :P05:23
seth_Debian has more up-to-date packages anyway.05:23
NoobCodeindeed thls guy05:23
=== ericn81_ is now known as ericn81
nickgawHi, Why when the mysql-server-5.5 package tries to configure itself for an upgrade it says it is configuring itself then just sits there no prompts or anything?05:39
somsipnickgaw: may be worth reading up on this and some of the links: http://askubuntu.com/questions/292865/upgrade-mysql-server-issue05:41
macopythonIs there any shell command to clear output of last executed command ?05:46
somsipmacopython: "clear"05:47
macopythonsomsip : It clears the whole screen05:48
somsipmacopython: yes, which clears the output of the last executed command05:48
somsipmacopython: you want to backspace up a line (or more) and overwrite the previuos output?05:48
* LambdaComplex wonders if this is an xy problem of some sort05:49
somsipLambdaComplex: quite possibly, but I tend to answer literally until it's clear the approach is off.05:50
macopythonOk somsip05:51
macopythonLet me try that05:51
FolattHello there, I have both a wired and a wireless connection and I want my wireless to be my backup to my wired connection, but currently my wireless connection is not working.06:14
FolattThat's my ip addr06:15
FolattAnd as you can see it show: "wlx00c3e2331524: .. state DOWN ..."06:16
=== yi is now known as e2xistz
skweekcan someone help me with VLC video performance under ubuntu06:28
skweekthe video, not including the window floats over every other window, even the context window (right click)06:29
skweekand the video also shakes left and right, and lines through the video06:29
skweekwhen I ran sudo lshw -C video the configuration line shows this output06:30
skweekconfiguration: driver=i915_bpo latency=006:30
skweeklspci | grep VGA06:30
skweek00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Device 191e (rev 07)06:30
skweek00:13.0 Non-VGA unclassified device: Intel Corporation Device 9d35 (rev 21)06:30
homa_hi my friends06:52
jaiaggsomsip : thanks man06:55
jaiaggsomsip : the battery rate is now around 6Wh and the battery backup has increased significantly06:56
somsipjaiagg: was that using LTP?06:59
=== Tronsha is now known as [UPA]Stefan
jaiaggusing tlp07:00
somsipjaiagg: cool - ah, that's the one :)07:00
jaiagghey how do you use my nickname within your each reply07:01
jaiaggany shortcut07:01
somsip!who | jaiagg07:01
ubottujaiagg: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)07:01
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.07:01
kiviHey my friend sent me an audio attachment via sms, and it says "Audio Attachment not supported." How can I get this audio attachment off my phone and view it?07:02
jaiagg!who | somsip07:02
ubottusomsip: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)07:02
jaiaggi was just trying ;:p07:03
somsipjaiagg: I get ya07:03
jaiaggand although i haven't seen full battery backup on ubuntu, but i guess it will be better now07:04
somsipjaiagg: AIUI, the only other option is to use drivers optimised for the laptop, but I have no idea if these are available for HP Pav07:04
jaiaggsomsip : i did search about the driver that i have, it is not supported by the manufacturer for the linux systems07:05
jaiaggit is only the open source community07:06
homa_i echo "ls " > /dev/pts/1 but in /dev/pts/1 not run ls07:06
somsipjaiagg: ah - fair enough07:06
SurferHi i am looking for libstdc++-libc6.1-1.so.2 on ubuntu? Any suggestions?07:06
=== venkat_331 is now known as venkat_330
The_WoodsmanI'm doing a big file transfer (4.5TB) to a portable hard drive. I started at 40 MB/s, now I'm halfway done at 19 MB/s. Is there some sort of relationship between open disk space and transfer speed? what's going on here?07:19
Surferyou just need to symlink07:21
The_WoodsmanSurfer: would that help in this situation? I want to get the files from one drive to another, not just link between them07:22
Guest17268panyone from canonical is here ?07:25
Guest17268* anyone\07:25
xanguaGuest17268: Canonical.com07:28
Guest17268i visit the site and i send mail to them too but they wont reply07:29
somsipGuest17268: what's the real issue?07:30
Guest17268we want to be partner of canonical07:30
Triffid_HunterThe_Woodsman: the disk spins at a fixed speed, as the head moves from the outer edge from the disk towards the center, the transfer rate drops because the disk isn't moving as quickly beneath it07:40
=== dearn_ is now known as dearn
cuqahello, is a reboot required for latest libc6 patch?07:50
Seveascuqa: I'd recommend it. You'll need to restart all services to benefit from it, a reboot is the easiest way to do so.07:54
=== absk007_ is now known as absk007
QwertieAre the nvidia vulkan drivers in the ubuntu repos yet?07:56
=== mathisen is now known as Mathisen
LeilanisI'm doing the same steps as I did in 14.04 for dnsmasq on the 15.10 live cd but it isn't working, is there a different way?  I edit the /etc/NetworkManager/dnsmasq.d/dnsmasq.conf and restart network-manager but it isn't working.. it did work on 14.04 though08:20
=== jcara_ is now known as jcara
mcphailQwertie: no, and I don't think they will ever reach a default repo for any of the currently-supported Ubuntu versions. Perhaps they will make it into Xenial?08:40
Qwertiemcphail, Hope so08:40
mcphailQwertie: of course, the "official" driver PPA might get them08:40
pippo123got's not dead08:45
mcphailpippo123: this is Ubuntu support08:46
Darkelariousis there somebody who feels up for helping with troubleshooting problems/glitches with an ATI vid on ubuntu 14.04?08:56
lotuspsychjegood morning to all09:00
rOot243Thanks same to you09:01
=== Guest75342 is now known as CyberJacob
cfhowlett!test | ocnios,09:03
ubottuocnios,: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3...09:03
Darkelariousanyone feeling up for helping out with identifying ATI card problems/glitches?09:04
=== notreallyhere is now known as stqism
cfhowlett!ask | Darkelarious09:06
ubottuDarkelarious: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience09:06
Mathisenis there a fix for glibc problem already ?09:07
somsipMathisen: yes09:07
Darkelariouscfhowlett: normally I would, but my symptoms are thus vague that I don't even know how to describe the problem :)09:07
cfhowlettDarkelarious, if you can't describe it ...09:08
Darkelariousfirst symptom: http://share.333networks.com/share/Screenshot%20from%202016-02-17%2009:52:01.png09:08
Darkelariousthe bar at the far left is part of a previous frame between maximizing/minimizing/fullsizing the window09:08
somsip!illegal | Darkelarious (use better examples!)09:08
ubottuDarkelarious (use better examples!): piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o09:08
=== sina is now known as Guest97741
Darkelariousthis happens not at a particular video but at a lot of different videos, formats, but it's not always reproducible09:09
Darkelariousanother issue is http://share.333networks.com/share/Screenshot%20from%202016-02-14%2013:10:58.png09:09
Seven_Six_Twoanyone know why my server can't do dns lookups all of a sudden?09:09
Darkelariousopen-source game widelands with SDL or OpenGL seems completely broken, but devs there aren't sure what it is or how we can reproduce the problem with different ATI cards09:10
Darkelariousanother symptom is that after a few days running videos and Minecraft intermittently or simultaneously, one or both of the video outputs start flickering erratically09:11
Darkelariousmore symptoms: UT99 doesn't run any other way than hardware mode09:12
Darkelariousso I'm suspecting a video driver issue09:12
Darkelariousbut at the same time I can't find anything about it on forums or askubuntu/others09:12
somsipDarkelarious: how have you discounted a hardware issue?09:12
Darkelariousso the first question: is there somebody who is able to reproduce these issues or has heard/seen them before09:12
Darkelarioussomsip: no issues on windows09:13
Darkelarious(dual boot)09:13
somsipDarkelarious: fair enough09:13
Darkelariousand other games run perfectly fine on tux too09:13
Darkelarious(like UT2004, Nexuiz, Killing Floor)09:13
Darkelariousminecraft runs fine too for quite a time (in order of days, weeks between reboots)09:13
nrutasanyone able to help me w/ net config stuff?09:14
Darkelariousnrutas: go for it09:14
nrutasI have a fitlet-i, barebones PC, has dual nic and a wifi09:15
nrutasbasically a DIY router09:15
yuppiehi all09:15
nrutasI have it setup now so the WAN port is DHCP (from the cable modem) and the LAN port is static09:15
nrutasalready setup DHCP, it's working great, I'm on it now09:15
Darkelariouslspci | grep VGA:  03:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Tahiti XT [Radeon HD 7970/8970 OEM / R9 280X]09:15
yuppieim trying to install boto and boto3 alongside each other09:15
nrutasbut I'm not sure how to get the wifi to work the same way, I already setup iptables rules and don't want to break it all09:15
somsipyuppie: do you need to do that globally or can you use virtualenv?09:16
nrutasaka to add a wifi access point to it09:16
Darkelariousnrutas: wireless itself already works?09:16
nrutasyes it shows as wlp1s009:16
siddhismHey guys, i upgraded from 14.10 to 15.10 and anacron is not getting configured, i keep getting09:16
siddhism"Error getting authority: Error initializing authority: Could not connect: No such file or directory (g-io-error-quark, 1)"09:16
nrutasI've just never done bridging before09:16
yuppielets try global first somsip09:16
Darkelariousip addr -a?09:16
yuppielets take the virtualenv for instance09:16
yuppiecan both be installed in the venv?09:17
somsipyuppie: much easy to do virtualenv unless you specifically have a use case for doing both globally. Try #python maybe09:17
nrutasso I don't know if setting up a new iface for br0 and setting it the same way as enp3s0 will break that eth adapter09:17
yuppiek thanks09:17
RahulANHi all09:17
RahulANis this the channel for ubuntu touch also?09:17
nrutaslike does doing bridge-ports enp3s0 wlp1s0 mean neither of those have their "own" settings?09:17
somsip!touch | RahulAN09:18
ubottuRahulAN: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch09:18
lotuspsychje!touch | RahulAN09:18
lotuspsychjesiddhism: 14.10 is eol, maybe a clean install 15.10 could clear things up?09:18
nrutasDarkelarious I can paste my interfaces file online if that helps09:19
Darkelariousi'm not an expert (yet) but paste them for whomever in here can help09:19
siddhismlotuspsychje:  will cause too much data loss, i am pretty sure its because of some nagios script ,  also i tried http://askubuntu.com/a/677234/362250 but it didn't help09:19
Darkelarioussiddhism: whether upgrading or doing a new install, always make a backup!09:20
lotuspsychjesiddhism: perhaps the #nagios guys can help then?09:20
nrutashere's my interfaces Darkelarious http://pastebin.com/gFAU1jvE09:20
nrutasbasically I have a fully-functional router with iptables rules and all, and I just want to add the ability for wifi devices to get on the router as well09:21
nrutaswithout breakin the current setup09:21
dionysus69offtopic: view this once as a donation please, it is for contest. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9Sq3TdNa0I09:22
Darkelarious"This video may be inappropriate for some users." << not making an account for this09:22
Darkelariousnrutas: you probably already read/did https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkConnectionBridge right?09:24
lotuspsychjedionysus69: not here please09:25
nrutasso it will remove my enp3s0 (eth1) interface correct?09:25
nrutasand I'd have to go into iptables and fix it all to use br009:25
LeilanisI'm doing the same steps as I did in 14.04 for dnsmasq on the 15.10 live cd but it isn't working, is there a different way?  I edit the /etc/NetworkManager/dnsmasq.d/dnsmasq.conf and restart network-manager but it isn't working.. it did work on 14.04 though09:25
DropaHey, anyone have idea where softwares like bmon gets the information about TX/RX rates?09:26
Darkelariousnrutas: afaik you just substitute your interface names for eth0 and eth109:26
nrutaswell on this eth0 and eth1 don't exist09:27
nrutasit calls them enp2s0 and enp3s009:27
nrutasI'm just using the old name style for simplicity...09:27
nrutasbasically my en0 = WAN, working fine (iface enp2s0 inet dhcp)09:28
nrutasmy en1 = LAN, iface enp3s0 inet static09:28
Darkelarious"pre-up ip link set eth0 down "would become "pre-up ip link set enp2s0 down"09:28
Darkelariousand so on09:28
nrutasno I get that09:28
nrutasbut I'm saying this:09:28
nrutasif I want a bridge, does the bridge replace the wifi and en? so I would no longer use config for enp3s0 beyond inet manual and then define the bridge w/ the IP and netmask etc?09:29
nrutasI'm concerned it'll brea my dhcp setup09:29
nrutassince it was configured for that adapter09:30
Darkelariouscopy file, backup IPTABLES and try? :)09:31
Darkelariousno, without kidding, that's usually one easy way to try and figure out09:31
Darkelarioussometimes it breaks, sometimes it works, depending on what you're doing09:32
nrutasso is there no answer anywhere?09:32
Darkelariousand the more often you do these kinds of things, you'll get a better view on what works09:32
Darkelariouskeep in mind that the people who would/could answer this correctly probably found out by just trying09:32
Darkelariousthere's always a risk that you break something09:33
Darkelariousso try to contain possible damage09:33
lotuspsychjenrutas: maybe the ##networking guys are able of more help09:33
nrutasoh where's that?09:34
lotuspsychjenrutas: /join ##networking that is09:34
nrutasOH it's a channel09:34
dj_xatraWhen I run gvfs-mount in a Unity env, I see mounts in /run/user/$UID/gvfs. When I do it in an Openbox env, they don't show up there (though gvfs-mount -l does list them as mounted). What am I missing in Openbox?09:36
minetorcoucou les koupaing09:39
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linuxuz3ri need some help09:58
linuxuz3rwhen i boot to ubuntu using grub2 it wont get passed the grub background09:59
linuxuz3rthe magenta background09:59
mad_guys my  ubuntu gone! after i reinstall its showing09:59
linuxuz3rcan someone help10:00
FreeAtLastlinuxuz3r: help with what?10:00
linuxuz3ri cant seem to boot to ubuntu10:00
FreeAtLastwell is grub working10:00
linuxuz3rit wont get pass the magenta boot background10:00
FreeAtLastokay what have you changed recently?10:01
FreeAtLasthave you let any noobs have a sudo account?10:01
hateballlinuxuz3r: boot to grub, edit your bootline and remove quiet splash, see where it halts10:01
FreeAtLastso, no new software?  nothing uninstalled?10:01
linuxuz3ri updated grub 210:02
linuxuz3rlet me try it10:02
FreeAtLasthateball probably knows more than I've learned in the 2 or 3 hours I've used Ubuntu10:02
FreeAtLastI'll shut up and let them handle thus10:02
=== norm is now known as Guest2184
encryptedchickengood morning10:05
lotuspsychjeencryptedchicken: morning mate10:07
=== rude is now known as Guest52576
linuxuz3rFreeAtLast: seems to not load10:14
linuxuz3rcan you help10:14
=== richard is now known as Guest75073
DiamondSwordhello. I have a xubuntu install, but it has problems, I don't want to go deep with it, I'll install ubuntu. I want to ask: I'll use one for root and one for swap partition. do I need to make a new partition there for grub? or it will make it automatically?10:22
DesuDiamondSword: you should have / and /home seperated, swap if if you want, if you are on a uefi capable system then also do an esp10:24
DiamondSwordDesu, why /home seperated?10:25
DiamondSwordDesu, why /home esp?10:25
Desubecause keeping your user data seperated makes backups, reinstalls etc much easier10:25
DiamondSwordDesu, what is esp?*10:25
Desualso it won't break your system if you fill up your /home with kitty pics then10:25
Desuor rather, render it unbootable10:25
Desuesp == Efi System Partition10:26
Mathisenis there any recomended backup software for ubuntu ?? i was thinking of using http://www.duplicati.com/ but is there any better ones ?10:26
DiamondSwordDesu, I have 120 gb ssd, what does it do if I choose erase disk and install ubuntu?10:26
DiamondSwordhow much space for partitions?10:26
DesuMathisen: zbackup if you want block level, rdiff-backup if you want file level, btrfs snapshot/send/recieve if you use btrfs10:26
DesuMathisen: and always encrypt the backup locally if you are storing it in the cloud™10:27
MathisenDesu, im not expert, i need a backup for personal stuff i want it to be encrypted.. and not to slow .. gonna take backup ones a week so do any of them leave like 3 weeks copies and i removes rest ?10:28
DesuDiamondSword: 20-50gb / (depending on how much stuff you want to install), swap if you want, the rest for /home10:28
Desuesp if needed10:28
DesuMathisen: that is easy to handle with any of them10:28
DiamondSwordDesu, I think it is uefi. I don't know how to make a esp partition..10:28
MathisenDesu, okej if it where you choosing, witch one you choose of them ?10:29
lokienhey, how to purge kubuntu-desktop completely?10:29
MathisenDesu, thx10:29
Desupersonally I use btrfs, so I use btrfs snapshots and send/recieve10:29
DesuMathisen: performance of zbackup depends a bit on if you have usable aes acceleration in hardware or not10:30
Desumost modern cpus have it10:30
Desumake sure to read the caveats10:31
Desuand limits10:31
MathisenDesu, will do some reading before doing anything :)10:31
DesuMathisen: the nice thing is that it is incremental so you don't need 5x the space to store 5 copies if you have fairly static data10:32
test_test m1010:39
=== kudu is now known as Guest61513
FreeAtLastlinuxuz3r: I have a solution10:46
simon3:) The moderator k1l is a filthy c unt. :) his mother will die from breast cancer soon. S atan make this so :) his w hore mother will be F UCKED in hell by jesus and the PrOpHeT Muhammad. they both F UCK pigs like her :) :)  The moderator k1l is a C UNT :)  :)㋛10:46
simon3_:) The moderator k1l is a filthy c unt. :) his mother will die from breast cancer soon. S atan make this so :) his w hore mother will be F UCKED in hell by jesus and the PrOpHeT Muhammad. they both F UCK pigs like her :) :)  The moderator k1l is a C UNT :)  :)㋛10:46
simon3,,:) The moderator k1l is a filthy c unt. :) his mother will die from breast cancer soon. S atan make this so :) his w hore mother will be F UCKED in hell by jesus and the PrOpHeT Muhammad. they both F UCK pigs like her :) :)  The moderator k1l is a C UNT :)  :)㋛10:46
simon3this wont stop10:46
FreeAtLasttry to load a live USB10:47
FreeAtLastback it all up from there10:47
FreeAtLastre install10:47
FreeAtLastalways works10:47
FreeAtLastgotta go to bed now10:47
lotuspsychje!ops | simon3 known spammer from this week10:47
ubottusimon3 known spammer from this week: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang10:47
bazhanghes gone lotuspsychje10:47
* Myrtti offers coffee to lotuspsychje 10:47
lotuspsychjetnx Myrtti xx10:48
mcphailhi redstoke. Please ask your Ubuntu support question10:50
hefesthey guys, whats the package that should be installed to fix the https://googleonlinesecurity.blogspot.rs/2016/02/cve-2015-7547-glibc-getaddrinfo-stack.html ?10:50
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bazhanghefest, the fix is out already10:51
hefesti dont see libc update on 14.04.110:51
HackerIIits in the updates10:51
=== screedoz is now known as screedo
hefestbazhang: yeah, but which package?10:51
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lotuspsychjehefest: update to 14.04.310:52
=== isReKT2000 is now known as Guest68798
hefestlotuspsychje: is there just upgrade to the current libc? i'd rather not upgrade since it's production servers we are talking about10:53
lotuspsychjehefest: always update to latest...10:53
lotuspsychjehefest: you know how many security holes out there if you dont?10:54
lotuspsychje!usn | hefest10:54
ubottuhefest: Please see http://www.ubuntu.com/usn for information about recent Ubuntu security updates.10:54
=== Tin_man is now known as afk
llutzhefest: in debian we had libc-bin libc6* updated, you have to wait  ubuntu-releases of those packages10:55
=== afk is now known as beback
hefestllutz: yeah, i already update my debian servers10:55
hefestok, so apt-get install libc-bin upgraded it to nonvulnerable version10:56
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karieHey all, I need some help setting up GoldenDict in Xubuntu11:07
=== someone is now known as Guest98373
karieCould anyone lend me some assistance? I have set up the dictionaries in GoldenDict, but they aren't "updated" and I get a parse error when I try to look up words.11:08
=== zenlot2 is now known as zenlot
karieCan anyone help me, with Xubuntu OS? I'm trying to get GoldenDict working.11:09
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=== extrememist|pc is now known as extrememist
Ben64Shibe: we don't support compiling kernels here, you're on your own with that11:22
homahi my friends11:24
pshr!hi homa11:24
homahi pshr11:24
DesuShibe: if you want to build your own kernel then roll your own .deb instead of building/installing by hand11:24
ShibeDesu: I've tried that too :I11:25
Shibemake-kpkg also gives some error I dont remember and same with make deb-pkg11:25
homawhat temperature of cpu and gpu is good ?11:28
popeyhoma: less then the maximum recommended by the manufacturer11:28
baizonhoma: under 90°C11:28
Ben64homa: depends on cpu and gpu, ask ##hardware for more detailed information11:29
homathank you Ben64 , baizon , popey11:29
homaBen64, i can't connect to hardware channel11:30
homaBen64, i can't connect to hardware channel11:30
Desuhoma: register and identify with nickserv11:31
Desuhoma: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup11:31
homahow can do that ? desti_T211:31
homahow can do that ? Desu11:32
DesuI just told you how to do it11:32
homai don't understand11:32
=== erwin_ is now known as easyOnMe
popeyhoma: follow the link - http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup11:33
popeyhoma: it explains how to register your nickname11:33
cfhowlettonly if you read it, though11:33
easyOnMeI had that error about unity-greeter crashing11:34
easyOnMeis there anything that can be done about it11:34
cfhowletteasyOnMe, yes.  send the error report.11:35
easyOnMecfhowlett: I just did11:35
easyOnMebut that was the second or third time I encountered it this year11:35
easyOnMebut the problem does not seem to go away despite the reporting of the error11:35
=== wanderer_ is now known as wanderer
homawhat is it nickserv in hardware channel11:36
cfhowletteasyOnMe, you reported it.  if it's a bug, a repair might be in progress.11:36
k1l_homa: #freenode is the channel for questions about freenode irc network11:37
easyOnMek1l_: then what is IRC OFTC for11:38
k1l_easyOnMe: that is another irc network. better ask them what they are for.11:39
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roryWhere is all my gpg stuff stored? I want to move my dev environment wholesale from one machine to another11:42
lotuspsychjerory: can the 'whereis' gpg command help?11:42
cfhowlettrory, probably in your /home11:43
roryI want to make sure I've got everything11:43
roryif I just copy ~/.gnupg will that be enough?11:43
easyOnMeanyone here done web development using ubuntu 14.0411:43
roryeasyOnMe: Almost certainly yes. Ask your next question (your real question) and find out11:44
easyOnMeis it advisable to install git on the web server itself that is used for production11:45
lotuspsychjeeasyOnMe: maybe the ##httpd guys can help with that?11:45
easyOnMeno this has got nothing to do with httpd11:46
easyOnMethat is why i was asking anyone here has done web dev using ubuntu distro11:46
roryeasyOnMe: What would the production webserver be using git for?11:47
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BluesKajHi folks11:49
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Amnez777.join #unity3d11:55
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Spitfire5Hello world!!! Pinta does not run longer. Howto fix this?12:02
k1l_Spitfire5: what is the error?12:03
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Spitfire5Pinta dont start. Now I'll  run this in console.12:05
=== _|_ is now known as Guest4437
k1l_Spitfire5: open a terminal and start pinta from there. see what errors come up. put them at paste.ubuntu.com and show the link here12:06
Spitfire5(Pinta:26446): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: Attempt to add property __gtksharp_11_Pinta_Gui_Widgets_CellRendererSurface::surface after class was initialised12:07
Spitfire5Unhandled Exception:12:07
Spitfire5System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object12:07
Spitfire5  at Pinta.Core.BaseTool.SetCursor (Gdk.Cursor cursor) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:012:07
Spitfire5  at Pinta.Core.BaseTool.OnActivated () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:012:07
Spitfire5  at Pinta.Core.BaseTool.DoActivated () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:012:07
Spitfire5  at Pinta.Core.ToolManager.SetCurrentTool (Pinta.Core.BaseTool tool) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:012:07
k1l_!paste | Spitfire512:07
ubottuSpitfire5: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:07
=== _|_ is now known as Guest48003
Spitfire5ERROR] FATAL UNHANDLED EXCEPTION: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object12:10
k1l_!paste | Spitfire512:11
k1l_Spitfire5: put all the output into a pastebin please.12:11
Spitfire5!paste | Spitfire512:12
ubottuSpitfire5, please see my private message12:12
Scrubhi folks12:14
Scrubfor some reason I'm having trouble making a persistent Ubuntu system on a USB drive, I can't seem to make my changes (settings, files, etc) persist12:15
ScrubI can boot into it just fine, but it's the same "clean" system every time, what am I missing?12:15
EriC^^Scrub: why dont you make a full install on a usb?12:17
Scrubthat's what I did, install the Ubuntu installer on one USB, boot into that, plug in another USB, and install onto that12:17
Scrubbut changes didn't persist for some reason12:17
popeyScrub: maybe you put the wrong one in ? :)12:19
popeyScrub: the method you describe works fine, i have done it many times12:19
cfhowlettScrub, sounds like you made another boot USB, not installed to a USB12:20
ScrubI'll give it another try then, maybe I really did miss something as simple as that12:21
Spitfire5How to use pastebin?12:24
cfhowlettSpitfire5, if from terminal: run the command and add | pastebinit12:26
k1l_Spitfire5: i explained it twice. and the bot did tell it you 3 times. its like uploading a picture just with text.12:26
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Jakey3its really annoying that the software center has outdated software in it12:44
Jakey3and you have to manually find the new versions12:45
Jakey3negates the point really12:45
Jakey3surely the software center should be an online 'portal'12:45
Jakey3which is kept current12:45
k1lJakey3: what software exactly?12:46
Jakey3as an example12:46
k1lJakey3: and you are aware that its a stable release distro?12:46
Ben64the software in the ubuntu repositories are supported, and tested and will work with each other12:46
Jakey3i think a choice should be give12:46
Jakey3i think a choice should be given12:46
Ben64yes, you can choose another distro12:46
llutzJakey3: the choice is given: use a rolling release distro12:47
cfhowlett!latest | Jakey312:47
ubottuJakey3: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.12:47
k1lJakey3: you have a choice. you can use 3rd party PPA or .debs or compile yourself12:47
cfhowlettgreeting lvm.  ubuntu support here.  ask your question.12:47
tomer_But people might then use the latest by default and still ask for support. I think the idea is to have a stable base until the next Ubuntu version.12:47
k1ltomer_: yes. ubuntu ships stable software as standard. and supports it with updates to fix security issues. if you want the latest and greatest you are free to do that. but to demand that from ubuntu is not right, imho12:48
Jakey3could provide tested and latest with disclaimer12:49
Jakey3this has not been tested but here is the latest version12:49
cfhowlettnot the way ubuntu operates, jakey3.12:49
tomer_Jakey3: In your case, a PPA will do, no?12:49
k1lJakey3: then i am happy that you do the testing and supporting of the latest eclipse version from now on :)12:50
DChapmanThat's not the responsibilty of ubuntu development team, to deliver the latest versions of third party applications.12:50
ScrubI'm attempting to install Ubuntu onto a USB drive right now, proceeding under "Something else" (rather than installing to internal drive). What's the recommended partition layout for the target USB? A single ext4 partition mounting to "/" will suffice?12:50
honigkuchenI want that an harddrive is mounted at boot up only if it is connected and if not it shall still be able to finish boot12:50
k1lJakey3: go ahead, do the work, provide a PPA or other repo. or even better maintain  the  eclipse package in debian and ubuntu.12:50
k1lJakey3: proof to make it better than just ranting about volunteers work and demand things.12:51
Jakey3ubuntu is a for profit company12:53
Jakey3i understand irc is volunteer based12:54
k1lJakey3: nope. ubuntu is not a for profit company.12:54
DChapmanCanonical is a for-profit company. Ubuntu is not.12:54
Ben64Jakey3: if you want the newest everything all the time, ubuntu isn't for you12:54
cfhowlettJakey, false.  fact check12:54
Jakey3well i meant canonical12:54
Ben64Jakey3: you can keep going on about how you want ubuntu to be, but it doesn't seem like what you're wanting12:55
k1lJakey3: pleae use your own blog for ranting with wrong facts. thanks12:55
Jakey3im sure mark shuttleworth started ubuntu for charity12:56
SCHAAP137Jakey3: a company in itself is de facto for-profit, to be able to continue existing12:56
SCHAAP137so you're just stating the obvious12:56
DiamondSwordhello, my touchpad fn key not working on ubuntu 14.04 so I found these tutorials. this one I can turn on and off the touchpad, it's ok: http://askubuntu.com/questions/65951/how-to-disable-the-touchpad but this one I cannot find it how to add a launcher on top bar. how can I add that shortcuts to turn on/off touchpad and add the app launcher on top bar on ubuntu 14.04?12:56
ScrubI'm attempting to install Ubuntu onto a USB drive right now, proceeding under "Something else" (rather than installing to internal drive). What's the recommended partition layout for the target USB? A single ext4 partition mounting to "/" will suffice?12:57
cfhowlettScrub, yeah you can do that12:57
Scrubcfhowlett: cool, thanks12:57
ikoniaScrub: I don't think that is a good move12:57
ikoniayou'll do better in my view using a live usb with persistent data12:58
ikoniawhy are you installing to a usb stick12:58
lokienhey guys! when I'm booting normally, my login screen won't show up (black screen). I can switch to ttys though. what can be the cause?12:58
lokienwhen I switch to upstart on the boot, it works fine12:58
ikoniaswitch to upstart ?12:59
chop321noob question but is linux and Ubuntu two different things?12:59
ikoniawhat do you mean by switch to upstart ?12:59
ikoniachop321: linux is the "base" product, ubuntu is how it's packaged and built12:59
jkhlchop321: Ubuntu is a kind of linux distribution12:59
AzisSearch for "Revolution Os" you'll see complete story behind GNU/ LINUX, Debian, Ubuntu, Redhat etc12:59
lokienadvanced options -> ubuntu (upstart)13:00
Scrubikonia: I want a USB to contain an entire Ubuntu environment. Persistence is the reason I'm doing this again, changes didn't persist the first time around. Hoping it works proeprly now13:00
cfhowlett+1 Revolution S13:00
jkhlchop321: I mean Ubuntu is a kind of linux, Ubuntu is a linux distribution*13:00
SCHAAP137linux is the kernel13:00
chop321ahh so its like redhat linux13:00
chop321ive used that13:00
tomer_yeah, exactly.13:01
SCHAAP137a linux distribution is the linux kernel + GNU software around it13:01
Ben64Scrub: you'd be much better off using liveusb + persistence13:01
Ben64Scrub: a full install on a flash drive will be slow and bad13:01
SCHAAP137chop321: redhat is a distribution as well13:01
k1lchop321: "linux" is just the pure base kernel system. so from android over ubuntu over fedora to debian. that are all linux os13:01
SCHAAP137like ubuntu13:01
lokienikonia: when it's booting up, I'm choosing advanced options and then ubuntu (upstart)13:01
SCHAAP137the OS should be called GNU/Linux13:01
chop321yeah thats what i thought i get it now thanks guys :)13:01
SCHAAP137to distringuish between the OS and the kernel13:02
ikonialokien: I'm really sorry, I don't know what you mean13:02
ScrubBen64: how can I best accomplish that?13:02
k1llokien: what system is that exactly? and when did the error start?13:02
Ben64Scrub: it should be an option on whatever tool you use to make the live usb13:02
tomer_SCHAAP137: it understandably just won't stick, because people like the simplicity of just "Linux"13:02
chop321i guess my next noob question (last one i promise) i only need Ubuntu OS installed?13:02
ikoniachop321: we don't know what you need13:03
SCHAAP137tomer_: very true, there are things to say in favor of that as well13:03
jkhlchop321: yeah Ubuntu includes everything you need13:03
cfhowlettchop321, if you install ubuntu, you have a full flavored operating system13:03
SCHAAP137simplifying things is a human thing13:03
lokienk1l: ubuntu 15.10, dual booting with windows. it was working fine till today13:03
AzisLinux is the name os kernel13:03
chop321thanks guys <313:03
tsp`it's a little too late to rename everything to "gnu/linux" anyway13:03
Azisevery os have their own kernel13:04
ScrubBen64: I used unetbootin, didn't see any such options.13:04
k1llokien: try an older kernel?13:04
Ben64Scrub: it's there13:04
AzisDarwin kernel for Mac13:04
k1lScrub: use the ubuntu usb installer13:04
chop321Ubuntu 14.04.3 or 15.10?13:04
AzisNT kernel for windows,13:04
ScrubBen64: k1l: okay, I'll poke around a bit more then, thanks13:05
lokienk1l: can't I recompile/reload my current? I think there was a command for that, but I don't remember it now13:05
k1llokien: i would first start to look what is wrong.13:05
tomer_lokien: sorry i didn't read your earlier messages, you get the login screen but it gives you a blank screen when you go further or?13:05
jkhlchop321: I'd probably go for the latest one which has Long Term Support (LTS) which is 14.04.3 LTS I think13:06
=== max_ is now known as Guest36780
lokienk1l: that's why I'm asking here :D13:06
Azis:tsp no its not13:06
lokientomer_: it doesn't give me a login screen. purple "ubuntu" and then black13:06
k1llokien: try the second to last kernel with out upstart (so with systemd) and lets see if that workd13:06
k1llokien: so we know its an issue with the latest kernel13:06
=== Creator|away is now known as Creator
lokienk1l: was there a kernel update today?13:07
tomer_lokien: where do you select the upstart version, is that earlier in the boot process? (sorry, I'm on Xubuntu)13:07
Jakey4does anyone know how long the android emulator should take to load on ubuntu 14.0413:07
lapionHello a release upgrade froze and I had to kill the process is there anyway continue ?13:07
k1llokien: i dont know what you updated last.13:07
cfhowlettJakey4, should be only seconds13:07
Jakey48gb ram 2 cpu13:07
tomer_lokien: If you arrive at a blank screen, it's often a problem with starting X, the reasons for which could be numerous.13:08
lokientomer_: yeah. it's ubuntu/advanced ubuntu/memtest/windows. and if I choose "ubuntu", it'll go into loading screen and then go black. with advanced -> upstart, it'll boot normally13:08
Jakey4something strange going on with mine its continuouls loading13:08
k1llapion: from what release to which release was the upgrade?13:08
lokienk1l: I'm updating daily13:08
cfhowlettJakey4, start it from the terminal and report error messages13:09
Jakey4shouldnt make a difference im running in a virtual machine13:09
Jakey4good point13:09
AzisJakey4 use android x86 instead Geanymotion13:09
tomer_k1l: isn't it odd though, that it appears to work for lokien with upstart?13:09
AzisRun it over lastest virtualbox13:10
k1ltomer_: i dont know yet if its a systemd issue or a "last kernel" issue.13:10
lapionkil 15.04 to 15.1013:10
=== Jakey3 is now known as Jakey4
Jakey4just gets stuck here13:12
lokienk1l: what kernel to install? right now I'm on 4.2.0-2713:13
Jakey4Azis, you mean intel atom (x86)13:14
Jakey4currently on armeabi-v7a13:14
AzisNo. There android porting for x86 device13:14
Jakey4ok will have a look thanks13:15
Azisrun it over virtualbox13:15
k1llapion: what is "lsb_release -d" now in terminal?13:16
AzisOr if u want to get faster graphic capabilities install it on real HD13:16
k1llokien: just try to boot the second to latest kernel quick and see if that works (without upstart)13:17
Jakey4Azis, are you refering to http://www.android-x86.org/13:18
AzisYep, i do13:18
Azisit is faster than geany motion, plus it is open source project13:19
k1llapion: ok. so run a "sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade" in terminal13:19
=== batrick_ is now known as batrick
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lokienI had removed systemd and enabled upstart. it works, and from today I'm systemd hater :D13:22
lapionkil just remove the dpkg lockfile?13:22
k1llokien: ok, so you dont want to investigate whats wrong. the issue is that upstart is a deadend and you will not be able to run ubuntu with upstart forever since ubuntu switched to systemd13:23
LambdaComplexsystemd is nice13:23
k1llapion: is there some other program opened that uses tha package management?13:23
lokienk1l: so, uhm, I'll reinstall systemd now13:23
lapionkil no I had to kill dpkg it was frozen13:23
=== Marco` is now known as Marco
k1llapion: uh :/13:24
k1llapion: yes you need to remove the lockfile when you did kill dpkg and it didnt free the lock because of that13:24
lokienk1l: I'm rebooting now, fingers crossed13:25
Jakey4Azis, so to clarify to run android emulator i must run on bare metal otherwise install this android iso13:25
=== errietta is now known as erry
Jakey4in the case of installing the .iso how do i put my app onto the iso, this must be done manually then?13:26
Jakey4as android emulate does it automatically13:26
AzisU Can install android x86 on to vbox13:26
Jakey4so then it would be a vm in a vm13:27
Jakey4as im running my dev environment in a vm13:27
Jakey4so my question is how do i load my app file into the android iso13:28
Azisif u run it onto virtualbox. As long your laptop connected to the internet. You will able to access android market on it13:28
Jakey4while running in a vm13:28
lokienk1l: still, black screen.13:29
Jakey4my app isnt in the android market13:29
lokienI had to pick upstart again13:29
PHroGmananyone know if you can put Ubuntu touch on Kindle fire 5th gen?13:29
ubottuInformation about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch13:29
Jakey4im building it now13:29
Azisvirtualbox will emulate network environtment for u.13:29
lapionkil well I guess I had to ask my question differently, the upgrade froze zo I was wondering on whether to simply restore my backup and redo or to recover from the freeze and have a workable system13:29
k1llapion: running my command from above is worth a try.13:30
lapionI will try dpkg --reconfigure -a13:31
AzisIt's possible.13:31
lapionafter which I will do the apt dist-upgrade13:31
Azissorry i'm on the phone now. Can't type fast13:32
k1llapion: first run the update to get the latest packages13:32
AzisHave u ever use uneetbotin software?13:32
AzisDownload Kitkat version and try the live cd option13:34
Azisits android and yes, its support usb fd reading.13:35
Azisso it can open external drive such as usb fd.13:35
ash_workzis there a word to describe the first column of the long format list? ... "permissions" I think refers to (literally) 90% of it, but I would call the whole thing an amalgamate of "permissions" AND "file type"13:36
=== Tsunami is now known as Guest27553
Aziscopy your own .apk files into those usb. Good luck XD13:36
MonkeyDustash_workz  you mean in ls -l ?13:36
geirhaash_workz: file mode13:36
ash_workzMonkeyDust: yeah13:36
ash_workzgeirha: I thought "modes" were each individual letter (aside from the first one)13:37
geirhahence chmod to CHange the file MODE13:37
MonkeyDustash_workz  i guess 'permission list'13:37
=== spider_ is now known as Spider
ash_workzgeirha: like, I cannot derive the meaning of "mode" from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modes_%28Unix%29 to refer to the whole block13:39
ash_workzbut it actually /doesn't/ explicitly say that is *not* the meaning.13:40
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geirhaash_workz: How about bsd's chmod(1)? https://www.freebsd.org/cgi/man.cgi?chmod13:42
lokien_k1l: older kernel glitches graphics, and still, doesn't get to login screen13:43
ash_workzgeirha: thanks :)13:43
ash_workzgeirha: that still kind of says that "modes" refer to the last nine characters of the first column of the long format list13:44
lapionlokien_, v-ram problem ? or maybe try nomodeset13:44
lokien_lapion: dunno, it's only working with upstart /:13:45
geirhaash_workz: right, and the first character is the file type13:45
ash_workzgeirha: I was hoping to have a term to apply to the column; it would appear to come in handy when I am handling things with PHP ftp functions with limited ftp access13:47
lapionlokien I had the same problems with my macbookpro3.1  I just added nomodeset to grub13:47
ash_workzto the whole* column13:47
geirhaI don't know of any terms to refer to both at once13:48
geirhause type_and_mode maybe?13:48
ash_workzgeirha: thanks :)13:49
loahello! is there updates for that security hole about dns resolve?13:49
loai use ubuntu 14.0413:49
chudlerloa: yes. any other question?13:49
hateballloa: yes, just update like you normally do13:49
loathank you.13:50
lokien_lapion: eh, okay. I'll try archlinux :I13:50
auv_try manjaro13:51
loachudler, actually it is, how i can by myself understand that there is fix for this?13:51
loai know i can test it by myself.13:51
chudlerloa: What I do is subscribe to security@ubuntu.com mailing list.13:51
chudlerthen the news comes to me :-)13:52
loaif i send email on this email i will subscribe to it?13:52
Piciloa: Are you running any of those releases? if so either it Does Not Exist (meaning it doesn't apply) or it was released, or for touch see the notes above.  also, see http://www.ubuntu.com/usn/usn-2900-1/13:52
loaPici, so that dne means that there no patch for this yet?13:53
chudlerloa: instructions for the mailing list are on this page, https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-security-announce.13:53
chudlerI meant this list: ubuntu-security-announce@lists.ubuntu.com, not the security@ one.13:54
Piciloa: no, it means that package isn't available in this release.13:54
lokien_auv_: I hated it last time. it was like arch + suse13:54
loaPici, can't get this. Can you rephrase please for me. What mean it is not available? Update not available or what?13:55
=== matt_ is now known as Guest99324
Piciloa: I mean the glibc source package does not exist in the 12.04 and 14.04 repositories.13:55
auv_lokien_: then there is antergos13:57
Piciloa: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15100168/13:58
lokien_auv_: I'll try vanilla arch. *aims razors at his wrists*13:58
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streulmaHello, how can I disable KMS for ATI X700 RV410 card ?14:05
ikoniastreulma: in ubuntu of fedora ?14:06
ikoniaor fedora sorry14:07
streulmaikonia, I can try in the 2 :-)14:07
ikoniaso which ubuntu package are you using for the ati drivers ?14:07
streulmamaybe grub is the best option14:07
streulmaradeon driver14:07
streulmaKMS is standard enabled14:08
ikoniano - which ubuntu package14:08
ikoniathere are many ubuntu packages with ati drivers in14:08
ikoniawhich one14:08
streulmathe standard, I don't know14:08
ikoniastreulma: what is the name of the package you installed /14:08
streulmaikonia, no one, open source driver standard used, no drivers installed14:09
ikoniathere has to be a package, can you use a pastebin ?14:09
ikoniaplease show me the output of "dpkg -l | grep -i radeon"14:09
ikonia(in a pastebin)14:09
streulmawhy do you want to want to know the driver? It's standard used14:09
ikoniastreulma: because different drivers have different features14:10
ikoniaplease show me the output I've asked for14:10
streulmaok, I'm now installing Fedora, but I use standard 14.04.3 or 15.10, it depends14:11
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=== ueberall is now known as uebera||
=== phschwartz_ is now known as phschwartz
neckuhow can I make a USB with Ubuntu 14 on which I can perform changes (like apt-get install, etc.) that will sustain over shut dowm?14:14
MonkeyDustnecku  start here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent14:15
BitnovaCould anyone tell me if they have achieved X11 forwarding logins via SSH Public Key Authentication WHILE decrypting homedir at the same time when logging in?14:16
ariczHi, can anyone help us with a wifi problem. We're trying to connect to wpa2 enterprise (eduroam) in console using ubilinux. We're able to power up the wifi, and scan with 'iwlist wlan0 scan' .. and we find eduroam..14:18
MonkeyDustaricz  is ubilinux a distro?14:19
=== streulma is now known as streulma_
ariczyeah, for Intel Edison14:19
MonkeyDustaricz  guess it's not supported here14:19
ariczok, but should be very similar to ubuntu14:19
ariczit's just that there are no easy networkmanagers installed.. so it seems we have to do it in console and configure the wifi network ourselves14:20
MonkeyDustaricz  try here http://www.emutexlabs.com/forum/index14:20
ariczit's pretty much dead14:20
ikonianot really ubuntus problem that their support sources are poor14:21
aricznothing too special about ubilinux.. it's just that we have to configure the files manually.. and we're very unsure about where to start14:21
MonkeyDustaricz  type /topic   to find out what's supported here14:21
BluesKajaricz, ublinux is based on debian wheezy, you may find more help and support in #debian14:21
ikoniaaricz: not here, sorry14:22
ikoniayou will not find help in debian14:22
ikoniadebian does not support derivatives14:22
=== rochelimit_ is now known as rochelimit
Bitnovahi, Could anyone tell me if they have achieved X11 forwarding logins via SSH Public Key Authentication WHILE decrypting homedir at the same time when logging in? Using ~/.ssh/rc could possibly solve the X11 forwarding issue, but i dont know how? please can someone help14:25
lugariusI have an idea for ubuntu'14:25
lugariuswhere should I tell it?14:26
MonkeyDustlugarius  #ubuntu-offtopic14:27
mcphaillugarius: you can file a bug on launchpad.net14:27
mcphaillugarius: "bugs" include wishlist items14:27
lugariusits not a bug14:27
lugariushow exactly?14:28
mcphaillugarius: yes - file it as a bug in an appropriate section, and it will be tagged as "Wishlist" when triaged14:28
Bitnovahi, can anyone help with my issue?14:29
mcphail!bug | lugarius14:29
ubottulugarius: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.14:29
lugariusI wannt to suggest a feature14:29
ikonialugarius: what do you want to suggest ?14:30
lugariusas on openSUSE the iso should be bigger with optional software, like chromium, gimp and so on...14:31
lugariusand in the installer you can add more software if you want14:32
ikoniathats not going to happen14:32
MonkeyDustlugarius  the opposite has happened, to koop the iso small14:32
mcphaillugarius: there is a longstanding bug which suggests the ISO should be smaller, to fit on a CD ;)14:32
ikoniaif you feel strongly about it raise a feature request on launchpad.net14:32
lugariuson a cd???14:33
neckuto make a persistent Ubuntu Live USB, I must partition the USB to one primary 750mb drive, and one logical for the rest of the space named "casper-rw", and then install the ubuntu .iso on the casper-rw drive ??14:33
Bitnovaso i take it no one in here knows anything about sshd and ecryptfs. right?14:34
lugariuswhy should ubuntu fit on a cd? I mean....   really, why???14:34
ikonialugarius: it really doesn't matter14:34
ikonialugarius: log a feature request, or dont14:34
ikoniaup to you14:34
=== adlkazdlkazjdamz is now known as charlytavu
MonkeyDustlugarius  i guess what you want, already exists and carries the name 'ultimate edition'14:36
ikoniaultimate is dead14:37
ikoniaan not an official spin14:37
Bitnovawow i guess not.14:40
ikoniaBitnova: why don't you just ask the question14:40
Bitnovai did, like twice..... lol14:40
ikoniawhat is the question14:40
BitnovaCould anyone tell me if they have achieved X11 forwarding logins via SSH Public Key Authentication WHILE decrypting homedir at the same time when logging in?  Using ~/.ssh/rc could possibly solve the X11 forwarding issue, but i dont know how? please can someone help14:40
charlytavuHi guys, when using openvpn it creates an interface like tun0, does all my traffic going through eth0 is forwarded to tun0 before going out ?14:41
ikoniaBitnova: you won't be able to do that, as it will need the disk decrypted first to write the xsession14:41
ikoniaso you'll need to break it into 2 stages14:41
Bitnovayes.. so how do i do that.. ikonia14:42
ikoniaBitnova: depends how the home dir is being decrypted14:42
=== jelly-home is now known as jelly
=== jelly is now known as jelly-home
Bitnovai never made any special encryptions. its a standard ubuntu install, with an encrypted home dir. ikonia14:43
ikoniaso if you are logged in - it should be descyrpted14:43
ikoniaso you should have no problem then14:44
ikoniassh -X should just work14:44
Bitnovano, when im logged in locally once, then i can remote connect with x11 forwarding, such as using x2go. but if i havent logged in locally on the server, i struggle to logon remotely. ikonia14:45
ikoniaright, so thats the problem14:46
ikoniayou're depending on the login to decyrpt14:46
ikoniaso work with that limitation14:46
ikoniaor to be honest - why bother using encyption14:46
Bitnovai have moved the authorized_keys to an outside dir.14:46
Bitnovaso thats fine.14:46
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afidegnumHello, i m having a hard time extend the partition on sd5 where linux resides,   the sd3 partition has windows running, but when shrinked, and tried to create a new partition, i have an error of reaching  my maximum allowed partition.    what shuold i do ? here is my screen shot  https://www.dropbox.com/s/exij180dgomjiml/Screenshot%20from%202016-02-17%2014%3A19%3A26.png?dl=014:46
ikoniamay as well remove encyption14:46
Bitnovabut its the local logon prompt that i dont receive when loggin in remotely14:47
=== easyOnMe is now known as erwin
ikoniaright, because thats set on the console14:47
Bitnovacant i have encryption AND use ssh x11 forwarding? isnt that more secure than just having ssh x11 forwarding?14:47
=== shootbird is now known as KavanS
ikonianot at all14:47
ikoniait's not secure at all14:47
ikoniaas you're decrypting to use it14:47
=== KavanS is now known as shootbird
ikoniaso whats the point ?14:47
Bitnovawell if someone steals the server on the remote side... ikonia14:48
ikoniathen you need to setup ecyption differently14:48
=== batrick_ is now known as batrick
ikoniabut again - what's really on the server thats secret.....I mean honestly14:48
Bitnovaikonia, u got any ideas ?  no i just want to know how to use it that way.14:49
dit0ahi, with the update-alternatives command what exactly is the priority?14:49
texlaI have Ubuntu 14.04 on a Desktop I installed an o/s to /dev/sdb2 and then installed it to /dev/sdc1 on a usb pen drive>my laptop has the same ubuntu 14.04 installed yet i cannot load the pen drive to it> the desktop loads it just fine> what have i done wrong14:49
dit0aIs 0 the highest for example?14:49
dit0aor is 0 the lowest?14:49
ikoniaBitnova: I'm not desiging solutions for you, sorry14:50
Bitnovaikonia, no i never asked you to design a solution for me. i just asked if theres another way to encrypt it and being able to login at the same time with pub key?14:50
fission6trying to write an upscript for a celery process, it says the process is running but i dont see anythign spit out to the logging, anyone have debug guidance for an upstream script14:50
ikoniaBitnova: public key will not decyrpt it for you14:51
ikoniayou need to change the way encryption layout works,14:51
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fission6is there a channel for upstart scripts?15:00
Picifission6: theres #upstart, but I'm not sure how active it is.15:01
ikoniagood people in there, just a small channel15:01
dami0hi, i'm trying to test out single sign on15:12
spm_dragetSilly question, but after installing a fresh ubuntu-server and assigning a static IP and nameserver… where is the nameserver saved? Should it be in /etc/netwrok/interfaces… because I do not see it there…?15:12
lotuspsychjespm_draget: maybe the #ubuntu-server guys can assist you?15:13
spm_dragetOkay, thanks15:13
dami0was going throug the instructions and just wanted to ask about faking the domain names, if i put the server down in the /etc/hosts files, is that loopback for the server itself and the server's LAN ip on the clients/15:13
MonkeyDustdami0  there's also #ubuntu-server15:21
INFO324jfungHi everyone15:21
MacGruberGood morning15:24
fritchieanyone familiar with the ubuntu vsphere openstack appliance?15:24
dami0MonkeyDust: it's not specific to ubuntu server, i'm actually using a desktop for the server machine15:24
AshtasuMorning Macgruber :)15:25
MacGruberThanks, Ashtasu--I think it's going to be a great day!15:25
ouned_hi. when using apt-get install it automatically selects all the dependencies and installs them. Why doesnt this work when installing a i386 package on a amd64 system?15:27
geniiouned_: Can you give an example of this?15:28
texlaI have Ubuntu 14.04 on a Desktop I installed an o/s to /dev/sdb2 and then installed it to /dev/sdc1 on a usb pen drive>my laptop has the same ubuntu 14.04 installed yet i cannot load the pen drive to it> the desktop loads it just fine> what have i done wrong15:28
ouned_genii: g++-multilib : Depends: cpp (>= 4:4.8.2-1ubuntu6) but it is not going to be installed15:28
wolfgangstahello there, I'm using ClassicMenu Indicator with Unity. I would like something similar in my system tray to browse through my folders. What could I choose in order to do that? Thanks15:31
geniiouned_: So you did something like sudo apt-get install g++-multilib:i386  ?15:31
=== Guest47887 is now known as karstensrage
ouned_no i did that: sudo apt-get install -y gcc-multilib gcc-4.8-multilib g++-multilib g++-4.8-multilib libsdl2-dev:i386 libopenal-dev:i38615:32
MonkeyDustwolfgangsta  there's something called unity-launcher-folders15:33
MonkeyDustwolfgangsta  http://unity-folders.exceptionfound.com/15:34
geniiouned_: You shouldn't need to specify :i386 for any packages, if your machine architectures for apt are set correctly. It will just grab both automatically.15:35
geniiouned_: What says the result of:  apt-config dump | grep Architectures15:36
ouned_genii: APT::Architectures "";15:37
ouned_ and APT::Architectures:: "amd64";15:37
ouned_I added the arch by "sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386"15:37
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httpsteryo. I'm getting a hash sum mismatch when I try to apt-get update. I suppose there's something wrong with the DigitalOcean repo my server tries to update from by default. What can I do?15:41
geniiouned_: i386 apparently did not get added yet. Did you: sudo apt-get update   ..since you added it?15:41
Mathisenis there any version for torrent time to ubuntu ?15:41
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MonkeyDustMathisen  version for torrent time? meaning?15:42
NukienAnyone around familiar with initramfs and luks encryption ?15:42
MathisenMonkeyDust, if it exist to linux at all15:42
httpsterTorrent Time is like Popcorn Time.15:42
MathisenMonkeyDust, if so where can i find it15:43
MonkeyDustoh, 'torrent time' is some kind of service?15:43
mcphail!warez | Mathisen15:43
ubottuMathisen: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o15:43
Mathisentorrent time is not warez.... but il got my answer it does not exist yet..15:44
httpsterMathisen: it is tho15:44
Mathisennope you can use it for it15:44
Mathisenbut that upp to the person that use ut15:44
afrokarlssonguten morgen15:45
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!15:45
afrokarlssonwie gehts?15:45
afrokarlssonsprechen sie deutch?15:45
OerHeksMathisen, it *is* illegal > Torrents Time - Download and watch torrents in your browser15:45
afrokarlssonbitte, dont speak english15:46
OerHeksso totally offtopic here, and #freenode.15:46
MathisenOerHeks, and what is illegal with that... i understand where you going with this.. but still there are legal torrents and movies to watch.. ofc there is non legal but lets skip this and move on with out lifes...15:46
afrokarlssondo you know how hitler died?15:47
MonkeyDustafrokarlsson  type   /j #ubuntu-de15:47
lotuspsychje!behelpful | afrokarlsson15:47
ubottuafrokarlsson: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.15:47
afrokarlssonhe leaves in on island of baltic see, and dies same year as beria15:47
MonkeyDustafrokarlsson  stop15:48
geniiafrokarlsson: This channel is for support of Ubuntu. Continuing along this offtopic path will just get you booted.15:48
afrokarlssoni cant get booted, im big ubuntu fan15:49
geniiafrokarlsson: If you're not giving support or seeking support, then you need to go to a more appropriate channel for what you wish to actually talk about.15:51
ouned_genii: added it again and did the update again15:51
ouned_now it works15:51
ouned_weird :/15:51
geniiouned_: Glad to assist15:52
afrokarlssonok sorry genii15:52
afrokarlssondo you play chess?15:52
geniiafrokarlsson: Again, not the proper channel.15:53
afrokarlssonsry, that im speaking here, but i got bans from al estonian chat networks15:53
MonkeyDustafrokarlsson  banned for no reason, of course15:54
geniiafrokarlsson: If you persis in non-support talk, you will probably also get one from here.15:55
afrokarlssonbtw, do you know how the superkillers runs, in superkillier right shue is mouse sceleton, and thats it is15:55
Guy1524hey guys, so last night I went on the ##vulkan irc asking how to install the beta nvidia vulkan driver for my optimus gtx 960M.  The installation failed miserably and now my computer is messed up in all sorts of ways and Im suprised I managed to get into xfce (I usually use gnome) with just integrated graphics.  is there a way to reinstall ubuntu while retaining all packages repositories and application files?15:57
OerHeksGuy1524, there is a ppa for 16.04 ( beta) only .. https://launchpad.net/~canonical-x/+archive/ubuntu/vulkan/+packages15:59
=== [UPA]Stefan is now known as Tronsha
OerHeksGuy1524, i think you need to reinstall16:00
texlaI have Ubuntu 14.04 on a Desktop I installed an o/s to /dev/sdb2 and then installed it to /dev/sdc1 on a usb pen drive>my laptop has the same ubuntu 14.04 installed yet i cannot load the pen drive to it> the desktop loads it just fine> what have i done wrong16:00
=== Guest91482 is now known as jason__
Guy1524_hey guys, I am back sorry, did anyone answer my question when I was gone?16:01
OerHeksGuy1524, there is a ppa for 16.04 ( beta) only .. https://launchpad.net/~canonical-x/+archive/ubuntu/vulkan/+packages16:08
Jan\how do I find out if dependencies are installed properly for an app ?16:12
mcphailJan\: an app you installed in the normal way, or something random you have downloaded from outside the default repos?16:13
Jan\mcphail: webmin I installed with apt16:14
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.16:14
mcphailJan\: so, not from the default repos?16:14
OerHekswebmin is not in our repos, for a long time now16:14
mcphailJan\: you're going to have to get a list of dependencies from the supplier of the file, and hunt them down manually16:15
sazawalI am trying to make an ISO image of a Bluray disc of about 20 GB. The dd command stops copying after 10 GB, says "dd: error reading ‘/dev/sr2’: Input/output error". What could be the issue here?16:16
mcphailsazawal: possibly copy protection mechanisms16:16
OerHeksJan\,  apt-cache rdepends <packagename>16:16
mcphailOerHeks: will only be helpful if the .deb packager has done a good job16:17
sazawalmcphail: You mean because of the Bluray encoding on the disc? I have read that Sony holds the ownership of it and it is encrypted or something. Is it the same problem?16:18
OerHeksmcphail, true, not sure how he installed that, ppa perhaps16:18
mcphailsazawal: I don't have much experience of bluray, but common DVD protection methods do this. They make some sectors seem corrupt. I've heard ddrescue can help with those. But the only thing I've found on Linux which copes with all DVDs is MakeMKV16:20
Jan\mcphail: well I added the webmin repo16:21
sazawalmcphail: I have also tried MakeMKV, but the copying stops after 6 GB. I found this thread which says that the problem is because the disc drive goes to standby mode and stops spinning after sometime as it has no external power, http://www.makemkv.com/forum2/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=8003. I am not sure if this could be the case.16:22
mcphailJan\: Unfortunately, that is completely unsupported here. There isn't any way to know how much care and attention has been paid by the repo maintainer to dependency issues16:22
Jan\mcphail: what would be the apt cmd to verify dependencies?16:23
mcphailJan\: as i said, that won't verify _anything_. You have an untrusted source. There is no way to tell if the dependencies have been listed correctly16:24
OerHeksJan\, read back16:24
mcphailJan\: it is a "garbage in, garbage out" problem16:25
Jan\OerHeks: yeah thx. it didnt retrun anything16:25
mcphailsazawal: that seems incredibly annoying. Sorry - I don't know any way around that16:25
sazawalmcphail: Oh that sucks. I recently bought this very costly bluray disc drive, I am very disappointed if this is the case16:26
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=== opensores is now known as OpenSorce
sazawalmcphail: Can you suggest me some IRC rooms where I can post this problem?16:28
Jan\well the issue is copy protection for bluray16:28
Jan\you have to decrypt it first I think16:28
Jan\dvds you used to have to decrypt16:29
Jan\so must be the same for bluray16:29
mcphailsazawal: beyond ##linux, I don't know where you should ask. Sorry...16:29
Jan\sazawal: cant you just subscribe to one of these streaming sites and call it a day ? :)16:30
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isp_why is there no voip-call function on irc :)16:34
Jan\sazawal: are you there ? did you read on at videohelp website ?16:35
Jan\isp_: because its irc16:35
isp_he, thanks, thought i had skype as active window16:35
Jan\there are alternatives to skype16:36
sazawalJan\: First, it could be risky in Germany to use free streaming sites because of the laws. Second, most good and rare movies are not available for streaming because they don't get any profit margin. Third, the print is usually not good on the free streaming sites. But thanks, i do stream most of the times.16:36
wfreemanI am trying to use scripts in /etc/acpi to disable the touchscreen using xinput when the screen is closed. These scripts work when called manually, but fail when triggered by an ACPI event with an error "unable to connect to X server". I assume that this is because the low-level ACPI mechanism isn't aware of X. Is there any way to disable/reenable a touchscreen that doesn't require X?16:36
wfreemanAlternatively, is there any way to have the acpi scripts run xinput?16:36
Jan\sazawal: who said anything about free? I said subscribe16:36
RyanLWilliamsWhat is the best OS for this spec: Intel P4 3.00GHz, 1GB RAM, 1TB HDD?16:36
Jan\RyanLWilliams: lubuntu16:37
RyanLWilliamsIt's a old system, but it has to keep me going until, I start to build my very own PC16:37
RyanLWilliamsThanks /jan16:37
RyanLWilliamsJan\: Thanks16:37
sazawalJan\: Yes, I also said that they just have blockbuster movies, not the rare ones. The rare ones I buy or issue from the library.16:38
sazawalJan\: Sorry which videohelp website?16:38
Jan\sazawal: http://www.videohelp.com/dvdbackup#6;7116:40
wfreemanI guess I could remove and reinsert kernel modules whenever the lid is opened/closed...16:41
runkhello everyone, for a while whenever I work with filezilla it slows down all programs. I say filezilla because when I dont run it the machine returns to normal state. it happens like this: cursor doesnt totally freeze but moves with delay and slowly, which is however the single movement to be seen on the whole machine, with no way to operate any of the open programs.16:42
runkwhat might be causing this?16:42
RyanLWilliamsJan\: Would it run on my system alright?16:44
Jan\RyanLWilliams: try the live disc and see for yourself16:44
mcphail!specs | RyanLWilliams16:44
ubottuRyanLWilliams: Hardware requirements to install, boot and comfortably use Ubuntu are listed at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements - For a !flavor with lower requirements, see !Xubuntu or !Lubuntu16:44
ubottulubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.16:45
RyanLWilliamsmcphail: what was the point in that for!?16:45
RyanLWilliamsJan\: OK, Jan thanks my friend16:45
mcphailRyanLWilliams: did you read it?16:45
RyanLWilliamsmcphail: nope no need, because Jan\ said yes it be OK to run.16:46
Jan\no i said try the live disc16:46
spliffyHi there. Anyone else with login problems appearing today on multiple LTS 8.04 machines?16:46
lotuspsychje!8.04 | spliffy16:47
ubottuspliffy: Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron) was the eighth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended on May 12 2011, Server support ended on May 9th 2013. See http://ubottu.com/y/hardy for more details.16:47
fritchieanyone familiar with controlling vsphere vm power thru maas?16:47
ubottuUbuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus) will be the 24th release of Ubuntu. Announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1479 - Discussion in #ubuntu+116:47
spliffysmartass ^^16:47
lotuspsychjespliffy: clean install a version from topic16:47
spliffylotuspsychje: if you think you are helping someone, you're wrong16:48
mcphailspliffy: behave, please16:48
spliffyok mr blockwart16:50
neckuhow can I install a full persistent Ubuntu with grub on a USB flash drive from running Ubuntu on VMware ?16:50
lotuspsychjespliffy: don't make it any harder on yourself, your version is end of life you should know better16:51
sazawalJan\: The website is mostly talking about the tools in Windows. I this its just not about the tools, copy command (for example dd) should make an ISO backup on my computer. I tried dd as well as the MakeMKV, and also normal copy and pasting from nautilus, nothing worked.16:52
spliffylotuspsychje: i know better, but i think it's worth taking 10 minutes to investigate the cause before making a hasty decision and working overtime without a good reason. an of course i know i need to migrate - i already started and the server is only used internally for old projects.16:53
Jan\sazawal: well atleast it gives you a better idea of what neeeds to be done16:53
lotuspsychjespliffy: first of all, we dont support end of life versions here16:54
sazawalJan\: Yes, thats right.16:54
lotuspsychjespliffy: second, using eol version on production server is really a bad idea for security reasons16:54
spliffylotuspsychje: this doesn't mean no one is allowed to talk about it in this channel, or does it?16:54
lotuspsychje!discuss | spliffy here16:54
ubottuspliffy here: Want to talk about Ubuntu but don't have a support question. Join #ubuntu-discuss, for other non-support discussion not Ubuntu related you can also join #ubuntu-offtopic. Thank you.16:54
=== jnix| is now known as jnix
spliffylotuspsychje: omg... please don't berate me. just for example, if it's airgapped i don't care about security of network daemons.16:56
lotuspsychjespliffy: your on your own with eol versions anyway, neither if your interested in security or not16:57
OerHeksspliffy, noway to tell if your system is compromised, and 8.x is not supported anymore. but you know that.16:57
P_E_T_Ohi, after OTA9 on BQ E5 I cant boot into phone, see only "bq powered by ubuntu" can you please help me?16:59
borisetoI'm curious, is there a version of Ubuntu where everything is "bleeding edge" without having to always upgrade from version to version? I usually use LTS versions, but because of getting newer hardware, a lot of things don't seem to work.16:59
agile_prghi all, I am confused by these instructions: http://pkg.mxe.cc/, I followed them but when I try apt-get install mxe-i686-w64-mingw32.static-qt it says couldn't find package16:59
OerHeksP_E_T_O, joun #ubuntu-touch for support16:59
davidmichaelkarrHow do I permanently configure the file explorer in ubuntu to always show dot files, and always be in list details mode?17:00
agile_prgif I do uname -a it shows: Linux manitowoc-VirtualBox 3.2.0-97-generic #137-Ubuntu SMP Thu Dec 17 21:14:00 UTC 2015 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux17:00
agile_prgcan it be installed?17:00
squintydavidmichaelkarr,  Edit -> Preferences17:01
P_E_T_OOerHeks: I asked there, but nobody answered me :/17:01
OerHeksP_E_T_O, be patient, someone will answer17:01
sazawalSorry I am trying to post my question the second time in a hope that someone would have a fix: I am trying to make an ISO image of a Bluray disc of about 20 GB. The dd command stops copying after 10 GB, says "dd: error reading ‘/dev/sr2’: Input/output error". What could be the issue here?17:02
P_E_T_OOerHeks: thanks! :)17:02
PiciP_E_T_O: Please ask in #ubuntu-touch17:02
agile_prgcan nobody help me?17:03
Piciagile_prg: do they provide packages for Ubuntu?17:03
agile_prgno only debian17:03
Piciagile_prg: theres your answer then.17:04
OerHeksagile_prg, maybe build them yourself? page gives the sources too.17:05
agile_prgbbl lunch17:06
davidmichaelkarrsquinty: Sigh. I'm still not used to desktops that hide their menu bars.17:08
Mapledoes anybody know how I can access terminal manual?17:09
=== aegis is now known as aeg1s
davidmichaelkarrWhat is the name of the executable that graphically views archive contents?17:09
ioriafile-roller ?17:09
Maplearchive manager?17:09
=== aeg1s is now known as aegis
=== auronandace3 is now known as auronandace
davidmichaelkarrI'm attempting to execute it from the command line, so I need the actual executable name.17:10
OerHeksMaple, ctrl alt T17:10
MapleThey make it hard to learn for reasons ya know ;)17:10
=== aegis is now known as aeg1s
OerHeksdavidmichaelkarr,  file-roller17:11
OerHeks!info file-roller17:11
ubottufile-roller (source: file-roller): archive manager for GNOME. In component main, is optional. Version 3.16.4-1ubuntu3 (wily), package size 312 kB, installed size 2004 kB17:11
=== aeg1s is now known as aegis
OerHeksMaple, be helpfull of don't answer please17:11
Mapleso about terminal manual..?17:11
MapleIm new ok!17:12
MapleI only JUST got linux!17:12
OerHeksread back then, you have been answered.17:12
PiciMaple: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal17:13
MapleThat brings terminal up. I want something I can learn ALL the commands not just some...17:14
Mike9863If my OS is encrypted and I lock my screen, can data still be readable from RAM?17:14
OerHeksPici, i think file-roller is standard, AFAIK.17:14
PiciMaple: the url I gave you has some information to get your started using the terminal.17:15
MapleI have the ubuntu user manual vol 7. I just want every single command that can be run in terminal and meanings.17:16
jamie1anyone know how to get wayland running on ubuntu-gnome?17:17
OerHeksMaple, easy to find out, type: man <command> in terminal and the helppage shows up17:18
ubottuThe "man" command brings up the Linux manual pages for the command you're interested in. Try "man intro" at the  command line, or see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal | Manpages online: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/17:18
MapleI dont know the commandz~17:18
PiciMaple: Every command would involve the documentation for every program involved. Thats not really feasible. The manpages provided using OerHeks's command above, or via http://manpages.ubuntu.com/ should be helpful17:18
Maplejust terminal not programs.17:19
Mapleprograms by default17:19
Mapleinit programs when ubuntu is installed so I know the names17:19
metroinsHi, is there an easy way to encrypt my home folder after I've already installed Ubuntu?17:19
OerHekstype "compgen -c | more "  in terminal for all commands, or see http://mally.stanford.edu/~sr/computing/basic-unix.html17:20
PiciOerHeks: thats for solaris17:20
Mapleyou are love <317:21
OerHeksoh, my bad :-(17:21
Maple<3 <3 <317:21
Maple<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <317:21
OerHeksanyway, that compgen -c is a huge list17:22
mcphailMaple: stop that please17:22
SchrodingersScatwhoever helped me the other day with ssh_config and sshd_config timeout/connection settings, thanks. Seems to have helped a bunch, I can log right into the reverse tunnel. MonkeyDust and bekks probably did this.17:22
MapleThanks for the helpez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!17:23
metroinsI have answered my own question about encrypting home after install by googling.17:23
Picimetroins: yay17:24
chilipalmerI am new to Ubuntu and Linux. I notice I can install apps via the terminal and apt-get or via the Ubuntu software center. In general, can I use either tool or should I try to standardize on one or the other?17:24
mcphailchilipalmer: either is fine. they both have the same innards17:24
Picichilipalmer: it doesn't matter. They both use the same internal database.17:24
=== exio4 is now known as y
chilipalmerGreat! Many thanks!17:25
=== michael__ is now known as Guest60557
pirokoUbuntu 14.04, configured the pam_tally2 module by adding the line "auth required pam_tally2.so deny=5 even_deny_root unlock_time=1200" to /etc/pam.d/common-auth17:29
pirokoWhenever I sudo, I get a tally against me17:29
pirokoBefore I even type a password17:29
=== notreallyhere is now known as stqism
Guest60557is someone here using xenial?17:30
loveaWhat's the best channel for ubuntu openstack questions?17:30
wowjeboydennisHey guys I am using ubuntu 15.10 with i3. Sound works everywhere except in chrome. I tried using the solutions on the top of google but nothing works so far. Any tips?17:30
mcphailGuest60557: join #ubuntu+117:30
OerHeksGuest60557, some are testing it, join #ubuntu+1 for support17:30
netek1can anybody help with odoo 9 community edition?  Am having issues with email17:30
Guest60557OerHeks, og, thanks17:31
afidegnumhi, please i m at the tight corner, I while using my Live Boot, i wanted to expend the size of my current installation but it's locked, it can't move, it's even on unmount mode. meanwhile i can't create additional partitions,  can you please help out? here is my partition table,   http://ibin.co/2XIgJhAyHvsB       I m left with 450Mb Hdd size left17:31
toshmateHi folks, suddenly, i lost my sound on thoshiba notebook ubuntu 15.10 Don't know exactly where to to begin :/17:32
netek1http://pastebin.com/jDHc2w2c is error I get when attempting to download emails17:32
Picilovea: I'd start with #openstack17:32
OerHekslovea, #openstack17:32
loveaPici: thanks17:33
wowjeboydennisHey guys I am using ubuntu 15.10 with i3. Sound works everywhere except in chrome. I tried using the solutions on the top of google but nothing works so far. Any tips?17:33
llutzafidegnum: backup your data, delete sda4 (5/6), create a new extended (sda4) beginning at the end of sda3 to the end of the disk. create new logical drives and install from fresh. restore your backup17:33
OerHekswowjeboydennis, did you check alsamixer, is the PCM slider down/muted? https://faq.i3wm.org/question/1897/sound-does-not-work.1.html17:35
wowjeboydennis@OerHeks thanks for helping, sound works everywhere except chrome, so I dont think that is the problem17:36
Mapletheres no manual entries for some of them...how will I learn them all??17:36
OerHekswowjeboydennis, or this old trick, remove chrome config, and start chrome again? http://askubuntu.com/questions/369064/no-sound-in-html5-and-google-chrome-after-update-to-13-1017:37
wowjeboydennisOerHeks: I will try, I need to restart chrome so irc will disconnect... brb17:37
llutzMaple: try also "info <cmd>" or "help <cmd>"17:37
Maplehaha! thnx lluts~17:38
wowjeboydennisOerHeks: It worked haha weird thanks! =D17:40
=== step21_ is now known as step21
metroinsCan anybody tell me the command to list all files on my hd in excess of 1gb?17:41
metroinsI get find and grep confused and whether or not I need a ! expression17:41
llutzmetroins: find path/ -size +1G17:41
metroinsllutz: Thank you17:42
OerHekswowjeboydennis, have fun!17:42
tsp`metroins: find searches for files, grep searches for content within files17:42
llutz .. or in the output of find17:43
=== erwin is now known as easyOnMe
metroinstsp`: Thank you, that is very useful.  So if I'm looking for "randomword" in a text file within a directory, grep can find each file that has that word in it, whereas find will locate the files with the name "randwomword"?17:44
OerHeksfrom within your /home/ >> grep -r "randwomword" *   or systemwide  grep -r "randwomword" /*17:46
patarrAnyone else unable to do an apt-get upgrade because an IP address is down?17:47
patarrFor chrome in particular?17:47
OerHekspatarr, on what ubuntu version?17:47
patarr14.04.4 LTS OerHeks17:48
ivan_on_tracHow do I disable the file creation " dead.letter" ?17:48
=== stqism is now known as coup_de_shitlord
metroinsThank you OerHeks; I have one last question.  Do people use the word "foo" as a placeholder when explaining things about ubuntu?17:48
metroinsI see the word foo a lot when I google things.17:48
Mathisenhello anyone know if there is anyway to get a pin code fuction for unlocking lock screen ?? using gnome @ the moment17:49
llutzmetroins: http://www.catb.org/jargon/html/F/foo.html17:49
OerHekspatarr, can you show us the output of update in a pastebin? paste.ubuntu.com17:49
patarrOerHeks, there's really nothing to paste. It just halts at 0% [Waiting for headers]17:50
nicohooooodmy desktop crashed. it is not responding anzmore. the music is still playing though17:50
nicohooooodwhat can i do to restart it? or maybe solve it soemhow=?17:50
nicohooooodi am on tty1 now17:50
patarrOerHeks, Err http://dl.google.com/linux/chrome/deb/ stable/main google-chrome-stable amd64 48.0.2564.109-117:51
patarr  Connection failed [IP: 80]17:51
patarrThat IP belongs to Google17:51
=== isReKT2000 is now known as Guest331
OerHekspatarr, for that ip i have no clue, but are you sure you have 14.04.4? the .4 release is set on the 18th this month.17:53
OerHeksip should be the same for all releases, AFAIK.17:54
patarrOerHeks, that's what I got when I  cat /etc/issue17:55
=== beaver_ is now known as Guest83155
=== coup_de_shitlord is now known as stqism
patarrOerHeks, it just succeeded. Google network blip seems like :)17:57
llutzit seems, the version info in /etc/issue was updated yesterday17:57
OerHekspatarr, oke, have fun17:58
UbuntuDudesometimes my ubuntu does this http://snag.gy/ElFqn.jpg , I couldn't find any reason!!18:00
punto_hi guys18:00
AdranI see you've had a case of scrabblism UbuntuDude18:00
punto_win8+xubuntu+uefi problems... i need help!!18:01
b00b00about the "cve-2015-7547" on ubuntu 12/14 , is restart needed after running apt-get upgrade? or maybe ldconfig can help?18:08
=== michael__ is now known as Guest65238
mcphailb00b00: yes - restart18:09
b00b00mcphail: is there a way to load these libs and avoid restart?18:10
mcphailb00b00: unlikely, for something as lowlevel as libc. This is one of the major problems with apt-get as a package manager: very difficult to track down and restart what needs restarted after a security update18:11
aegisHi all...  when I'm using xrdp to remote desktop into my Ubuntu system, after a reboot there is always the same desktop with browsers and apps opened...  Is there a way to change the saved state of the default rdp session?18:13
mcphailb00b00: but I can't see how anything can protect you from having to restart after a libc security patch18:13
=== Guest86349 is now known as IdleOne
=== Guest91003 is now known as karstensrage
jamie1anyone got any clue why im running into https://pastebin.mozilla.org/886007418:20
=== boxznc is now known as bomein
=== bomein is now known as boxmein
=== s3gment_ is now known as s3gment
primerashi guys, i'm looking for remote devops engineering or php software development job.18:27
pbxwrong channel primeras18:27
primeraspbx: which channel is correct?18:28
ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http18:28
pbxprimeras, irc is not a great venue for direct job hunting. you'll have much better luck if you go where the jobs are posted.  e.g. https://remoteok.io/remote-devops+php-jobs18:29
primeraspbx: thanks.18:30
=== Luke_ is now known as Luke
tfittsI'm trying to install a printer on a raspberry pi using cups.  I have ubuntu server 14.04 installed from an image on my pi and when I try to add a printer it asks for a username and password.  I've tried using the default password of ubuntu/ubuntu and it doesn't work.  Anyone have experience with this?18:38
=== Tsunami is now known as Guest73558
OerHekstfitts, maybe that printer is protected with user/pass ?18:38
OerHeksnormally it would not ask, AFAIK18:39
Desuusing ::1/631?18:39
tfittsDesu: yeah, I'm using an ssh tunnel to connect through localhost:63118:40
tfittsOerHeks: how would I know if the printer is password protected?  It's just a usb Zebra thermal printer.  I have dozens of them in a windows environment and they don't have special setup with a password in windows so not sure why they would have a password here.18:41
OerHekstfitts, ssh tunnel, info you should give right away. then no, the printer probably has no user/pass. are you sure the ssh service connects to the user with sudo priv?18:44
tfittsOerHeks: I'm not, if I run sudo in the tunnel will that give the ssh tunnel sudo access?18:47
OerHekstfitts, if you setup ssh correct, yes.18:47
tfittsOerHeks: oh sorry, yes the user the ssh tunnel is connecting to has sudo priveleges18:49
=== reast is now known as ashden
Guy1524hey guy so last night I tried to get help installing the beta nvidia vulkan driver for my optimus laptop with a GTX 960M at the ##vulkan ircall.  But ended up breaking my drivers.  Basically I think that the module is loaded but GL doesn't work at18:50
Guy1524all, I am using xfce right now because gnome doesn't work for some reason18:50
Guy1524is it safe to change my password then give ssh access to someone on the irc to fix my problem?18:53
OerHeksGuy1524, told you before, there is a ppa for 16.04 ( beta) only .. https://launchpad.net/~canonical-x/+archive/ubuntu/vulkan/+packages , installing packages from elsewhere can give such result.18:53
ikoniaGuy1524: no18:53
Guy1524sorry, I was distracted earlier when I asked18:53
Guy1524well right now I am just trying to get my old drivers working and restored18:54
Guy1524I will wait for 16.04 or however long it takes until vulkan is officially supported18:54
Guy1524because as it is now all GL applications and gnome do not work18:54
dbarrosis there a torrent for current daily build of Xenial?18:55
Guy1524and I really need GL because my game engine, steam, and 0 A.D. use it and I use those applications a lot18:55
=== gh is now known as Guest63803
OerHekstfitts, when logged in, what does 'groups' say, are you member of lpadmin?18:56
tfittsthe user does yes18:58
Guy1524does this help?18:58
akikGuy1524: no, it's not safe to give somebody you don't know access to your machine18:59
OerHeksdbarros, no, iso only http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/  -  http://torrent.ubuntu.com:6969/19:00
Guy1524so why isn't the GLX extension getting loaded19:00
Guy1524I think the module is loaded19:01
EriC^^Guy1524: do you have the headers installed?19:02
Guy1524I am not sure, it used to work, so I must have used to have them installed but I did sudo apt-get purge nvidia-* before reinstalling drivers19:03
EriC^^Guy1524: try uname -r19:03
EriC^^try dpkg -l | grep linux-headers-4.2.0-2719:04
dbarrosOerHeks, okay, there is xenial on x86 flavor, but that's enough for a virtualbox ride.... :)19:04
OerHeksdbarros, have fun :-) support in #ubuntu+119:04
EriC^^Guy1524: ok, looks installed19:04
EriC^^Guy1524: what does dpkg -l | grep nvidia give?19:05
EriC^^Guy1524: they look purged19:06
EriC^^Guy1524: try sudo ubuntu-drivers devices19:06
EriC^^Guy1524: oh, 352-updates is installed19:08
EriC^^Guy1524: did you try nvidia-settings ?19:08
Guy1524is that a problem, should I remove it19:08
Guy1524I am in it19:09
Guy1524but it only has two menu bars19:09
EriC^^no, i didn't see it earlier19:09
Guy1524last night I was getting a pop-up when I opened it19:09
EriC^^Guy1524: can you upload /var/log/Xorg.0.log ? it might have some clues19:09
Guy1524but I am no longer getting it19:09
Guy1524I have to go in about 2 minutes, Ill be back on around 519:10
=== Guest59730 is now known as unicron
EriC^^Guy1524: (EE) Failed to initialize GLX extension (Compatible NVIDIA X driver not found)19:12
Guy1524ya I just found that19:12
Guy1524why do you think it does that?19:12
Guy1524ok, sorry I have to go now19:14
EriC^^Guy1524: maybe a nvidia-prime problem19:14
Guy1524will you be here at 5?19:14
EriC^^how many hours from now is that?19:14
Guy15243 hours19:14
Guy15242 hours 45 minutes19:15
Guy1524k thx19:15
apb1963ubuntu 14.04 LTS.  I need a graphics program that can do as follows.  I have a 5 gallon bucket with a 5" radius lid.  I want to create a template to drill 3" holes equidistant around the lid, filling it up with 3" holes - and leaving sufficient space between holes such that the lid doesn't break.  Each 3" "hole" or circle has an X in the center for the drill bit placement.  I have a hard page size limit of 8.5" x 11" on my printer.  How can I19:19
apb1963create a template as described?  I tried placing the 3" circles by hand using gimp but I got poor results and I suspect there is no way to create "round" "soft" margins for the page within the hard limits as I couldn't find any.  So again, the question is what graphics program can handle this task under ubuntu 14.04.  Thank you.19:19
Piciapb1963: Firstly: thats a great and original question.  Secondly, let me see if I can think of a good way of doing that.19:21
renn0xtk9I have several ubuntu computer at home. When I power them up their "LAN IP" (aka the 192.168.x.y stuff" ) depends from one time to another which is problematic if I want to ssh from one to another. Inside the configuration of my router there is an option to deactivate the DHCP (currently activated) will it do the job of attributing an ip one for all , or it has nothing to do with it ?19:23
KaitoneHi Guys, I've been having issue with my wireless card just not being picked up by ubuntu since i started dual booting windows 10 and was wondering if anyone else is having the same issue or can recommend a fix for this19:23
apb1963renn0xtk9: Are you asking how to assign a static IP to each machine so that it maintains the same IP address through reboots?19:24
KaitoneHi renn0xtk9, yes you should be able to assign IP's for lan via your router control panel19:24
KaitoneHi Guys, I've been having issue with my wireless card just not being picked up by ubuntu since i started dual booting windows 10 and was wondering if anyone else is having the same issue or can recommend a fix for this19:27
Piciapb1963: Firstly, Since you're limited to a 8.5x11 sheet of paper, I'd only create a template for 3 or so holes and just rotate the template around as you go.  Secondly, I'd look at CAD programs if you want to be precise. freecad looks rather modern and easy to use, most of the rest seem to skew towards the professional end in ways that I don't understand.19:28
b00b00Also regarding "cve-2015-7547", in case i use known dns (line internal DNS of a cloud, like aws,azure,gce), i guess that "cve-2015-7547" not affecting these linuxes... correct?19:28
Piciapb1963: See http://www.freecadweb.org/ and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEngineering#CAD (freecad is in the repositories  and in PPAs)19:28
OerHeksKaitone, win 10 .. only Fastboot does that, wifi/usb control19:28
apb1963Pici: I'll take a look.  Many thanks!19:29
renn0xtk9apb1963 yes that is what I want to do19:29
renn0xtk9Kaitone allright but how? by deactivating the DHCP ?19:30
apb1963renn0xtk9: Look for an option to bind the MAC address to an IP, or possibly otherwise reserve it.19:30
Kaitone<renn0xtk9> I have a guide somewhere hold on i'll try and find it and link you.19:31
Kaitonewhich router do you have <renn0xtk9>19:33
renn0xtk9Kaitone it is a technicolor TC7200 (given by my ISP and pretty shitty) like this http://www.pcwelt.de/ratgeber/Tipps___Tricks_zum_Router_Technicolor_TC_7200_von_Unitymedia_und_KabelBW-Router-Tuning-8345412.html19:34
FXproin ubuntu it is possible to install deb files downloaded to the hard drive?19:39
baizonFXpro: yes it is, use dpkg19:39
OerHeksFXpro, sure, sudo dpkg -i <package>.deb19:39
FXproit will just find the file on the back up drive automatically?19:39
OerHeksFXpro, no, you need to cd /to/that/folder19:40
FXproand what about rmp files?19:40
FXproerrr, rpm files I mean19:40
OerHeksdon't use rpm on a debian system, you can check out rpm with alien19:40
designbybeckIs there a way to turn off Notification popups19:42
designbybeckI'm using Signal  which is a Chrome App and it pops up in Notification19:42
metroinsDoes ubuntu use rpms or yums to install programs?  Some things I download, I never know which to choose.19:43
EriC^^metroins: .deb19:43
designbybeckmetroins:  Ubuntu is based on Debian...so it uses .deb files19:44
EriC^^it uses apt ( apt-get (19:44
Mike9863When I lock my screen it sometimes does not dim. Additionally when it does dim, if I move my mouse it will wake up but then never dim again. How can I fix this?19:44
FXproI got an error.19:45
FXprodependency problem.19:45
mike25__Hi, wacom intuous does not work even with the -lts-vivid X stack, what should I do?19:49
metroinsThank you19:50
forcebananahey guys. if you could only monitor 3 performance metrics to determine changes in system load, what would they be?19:50
k1lforcebanana: look into your books for your homework :)19:52
designbybeckmike25__: I've had problems with my Wacom as well19:52
designbybeckmike25__: in Ubuntu 14.04 ....Does anyone using anything hire have problems with Wacom Tablets?19:53
OerHeksmike25__, maybe this page/ppa is any help https://launchpad.net/~doctormo/+archive/ubuntu/wacom-plus19:53
pesarimike25__: you could also try -lts-wily19:55
mike25__thank you all!20:01
designbybeckmike25__: keep us (me) posted on what works for you :)20:01
ydesignbybeck: hello.20:04
designbybeckoops sorry y ....unique name you have there! ;) I was in the wrong window when I tried to press " y" enter20:04
ydesignbybeck: heh :P20:05
UbuntuDudeMy ubuntu screen looks like this http://snag.gy/ElFqn.jpg sometimes, can anyone suggest any possible reasons/solutions?20:05
k1lUbuntuDude: video driver20:05
akikUbuntuDude: re-create the font cache?20:07
ioriaUbuntuDude, intel ?20:07
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OerHekslooks like an anti-aliassing issue20:08
=== tar_gzz is now known as zz
=== y is now known as E4xoi
yo_hello kil how are you?20:18
k1lfine, thanks. you have a technical support question? then just ask :)20:18
AfdalHi I'm not entirely sure what the best place to ask this is, but I suspect that a recent *ubuntu update broke my fonts and I'm not really sure what20:24
AfdalI use Xubuntu 14.04 as my base20:24
AfdalAnd I've noticed this on two different computers now20:24
Afdalmy fonts look awful and have for maybe two or three weeks now20:24
AfdalFirefox is where it's most obvious, but I see it on this IRC client too20:25
Afdalit's like anti-aliasing got disabled or something, I'm not entirely sure20:25
michagogoWhy are the LTS kernels not recommended for cloud images? What if, on my trusty EC2 instance, I want the newer kernel?20:25
mistralolhum how to copy all files except with a certain file extenstion20:30
llutzmistralol: rsync -az --exclude '*.extension' source/ destination/20:31
mistralolllutz: ahh cool20:32
akikmichagogo: why do you say that lts kernels not recommended for cloud images?20:39
michagogoakik: it says that on the hwe page20:39
ubottuThe Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack20:40
akikok i don't see the reason behind it20:43
akikprobably it'll work but it might have lots of options enabled that are not needed20:45
=== y0sh_ is now known as y0sh
sgenDoes anyone have any idea why my http server wont bind to :80? I dont think anything else is using it20:48
k1lsgen: any other webserver installed?20:49
sgenk1l: not that I know of20:49
k1lnetstat -tulpen20:49
sgenI dont see anything listening on :8020:50
Ben64are you running it as your user20:51
sgenYes is that an issue?20:51
k1lwhats the error then when you start it? put to paste.ubuntu.com20:51
ioriasgen, sudo lsof -i :8020:51
sgenioria: Thats got something20:52
sgenits chrome for some reason20:52
ioriasgen, paste the error, please20:52
sgen2016/02/17 15:53:00 listen tcp :80: bind: permission denied20:53
Ben64yeah, only root can bind ports <102420:54
sgenIts because ports < 1024 are privileged apparently20:54
sgenhow does apache do it then XD20:54
k1lsgen: how are you starting it? how did you install it?20:55
Ben64because it uses root to bind the port20:55
k1lis it the xamp package?20:55
sgenk1l: Its a go http server I built from source20:55
sgenIts just for testing atm so I can sudo it for now. Will running it with init bind :80 as root?20:56
ioriasgen, http://stackoverflow.com/questions/24462505/go-sudo-and-apache-port-8020:56
k1lfor ports <1024 you need sudo rights, yes.20:57
kamild1996Hello, I'm trying to install AMD proprietary drivers but I can't get the installer to work. The .run file runs for a few seconds but installer GUI doesn't open. How can I fix it? Here's a screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/ieIWxG1.png21:02
Ben64kamild1996: that isn't the right way to install the drivers in ubuntu21:05
kamild1996Ben64: how do I do that then? fglrx package is not up-to-date, that's why I'm trying to install them from AMD website (if that's what you mean)21:05
Ben64then you're on your own if you want the newest21:06
reactormonkGot some custom software deployed via unpacking zips - is there an easy way to stick that into a .deb package instead?21:07
dancorohay alguia21:07
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.21:07
Ben64reactormonk: zip isn't a standard at all for software, theres no way to convert from zip to deb21:08
reactormonkBen64, I'm not above copy/pasting some control scripts around.21:08
k1lreactormonk: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingEasyHowTo21:08
CarogaI really am having a very weird problem with my ubuntu usb stick which I can't really explain21:12
circuitquestion on virtualbox under w10...21:12
circuitI am unable to tranfer files between host and client21:12
reactormonkk1l, hm. I just have a file tree, no actual makefiles.21:12
circuitextensions are installed21:12
Mike9863When I lock my screen it sometimes does not dim. Additionally when it does dim, if I move my mouse it will wake up but then never dim again. How can I fix this?21:12
kamild1996Someone else from me just helped me solve this, thank you for at least trying...21:12
Carogamy usb boots up just saying 'isolinux.bin missing' but on another device its working...21:13
=== jelly-home is now known as jelly
CarogaI've installed many ubuntu servers from usb, never had this problem :(21:15
MonkeyDustCaroga  if you don't get an answer here, there's also #ubuntu-server21:16
shreddingIf unattended-upgrade shows me"No packages found that can be upgraded unattended and no pending auto-removals" is then the glibc vulnerability already fixed?21:17
k1lshredding: look at the package version.21:18
k1lshredding: btw that fix needs a reboot21:18
shreddinghow do i check a package version?21:19
shreddingi'll find out21:19
MonkeyDustshredding  apt-cache policy21:19
shreddingokay, i do not get what the output means. it shows me mirrors21:20
abrahamhow do i dist-upgrade my Ubuntu 15.1021:20
k1lshredding: it shows "installed version" at the top21:20
k1lshredding: then compare to this http://www.ubuntu.com/usn/usn-2900-1/21:20
k1labraham: what version are you on now?21:21
shreddinghow can i check if glibc is installed in the first place?21:21
k1labraham: and you want to upgrade  to what?21:21
MonkeyDustshredding  also with apt-cache policy21:21
shreddingdpkg -s glibc tells me it's not21:21
k1lshredding: apt-cache policy libc621:21
shreddingokay, it's not up to date.21:22
k1labraham: you need to run the upgrader with the -d for developer. be aware that 16.04 is still in development and might break. if you need a running system and cant help yourself to fix it dont upgrade21:23
greenmakerAt what time exactly does Ubuntu 14.04.4 become available? anyone knows?21:23
MronoMy vm suddenly can't get out to the internet after no changes or reboots21:23
Mronoanother VM on the same host and same subnet can get out with no issues21:23
MronoI'm able to ping the gateway and the other host in the subnet21:24
MronoI double checked that the gateway, etc, are correct21:24
MronoMy routes are correct21:24
greenmakerIt's supposedly 18th of Feb (tomorrow), but at what time? lol21:24
Mronoiptables is empty21:24
MronoAnyone know what's going on?21:24
Mronoor where I start troubleshooting this21:24
mistralolhum if you use xargs to run commands from stdin is it possible to get it to ignore hte exit status of the program it runs21:24
MonkeyDustgreenmaker  depends on the timezone you're in21:25
greenmakerMonkeyDust, well yes obviously.. But when are they going to upload?21:25
shreddingwhat do i have to do to apply this fix?21:25
shreddingI made apt-get upgrade --dry-run and libc6 is not in21:25
greenmakerMonkeyDust, Just give me the info in any time-zone and I'll translate it to my own21:26
=== jwheare_local___ is now known as jwheare_local
al2o3-crmistralol: i wouldn't think that was possible21:26
k1lshredding: see if you need "apt-get dist-upgrade"21:26
shreddingk1l: is there a dry-run option?21:27
k1lshredding: should be the same21:27
shreddingi still can't see the package21:27
k1lshredding: what is "lsb_release -d"21:28
shreddingUbuntu 14.04.3 LTS21:28
CarogaMonkeyDust: actually, I just found out what it was. Turned out the usb was fat36 which wasnt handled correctly by my bios somehow.21:28
shreddingah wait.21:29
k1lshredding: run a apt-get update first21:29
shreddingfor this ubuntu version i have the correct version21:29
shreddingi looked at 15.1021:29
shreddinghow is that possible? I thought the bugfix was released today.21:29
k1lshredding: the bugfix is a patch. so ubuntu patched all versions that are in the different ubuntu releases21:30
shreddingWhat does that mean?21:30
shredding"ubuntu patched"21:30
shreddingWithout me doing something?21:30
xanguaIt's called security updates21:31
k1lshredding: the ubuntu security team recompiles the patch into the actual ubuntu packages. then ships them as update to the users21:31
chrisni've been having some annoying issues with the sound (applet?) in Ubuntu 15.04.  The window is transparent and hard to see and whenever I enable my microphone and click to raise the volume it just keeps sliding to the left until it's completely off.21:31
shreddingbut isn't there a need for me to install the update?21:31
MonkeyDustchrisn  15.04 is dead21:31
chrisnHas anyone seen this issue and if so any idea how to fix it?  I tried uninstalling/reinstalling pulseaudio/etc21:32
k1lshredding: yes21:32
shreddingbut i haven't21:33
MonkeyDustchrisn  install 14.04 or 15.10, then ask again21:33
shreddingand still it is installed.21:33
k1lshredding: so the user needs to run the updates regulary.21:33
shreddingyeah, that what i wonder about, because i didn't21:33
k1lshredding: then look at apt logs in /var/log/21:33
squintyhave "installed security updates automatically" toggled on maybe21:34
ralpheeeetrying net install and when booting i get the following "1.985677usb21:34
le_pigshredding: did you say you are using unattended-upgrades?21:34
shreddingle_pig: It's installed.21:34
shreddingbut i thought since it requires restart it may not be unattended.21:35
le_pigshredding: you can tell unattended-upgrades to schedule restarts when necessary21:35
ralpheeee[1.985677] usb 3-1.6 :string descriptor 0 read error -2221:35
shreddingAh, it's there in the log21:35
k1lshredding: no.21:35
k1lshredding: its installed. but for the changes to take effect you need to reboot21:36
le_pig^^ yep21:36
shreddingah, okay. but dpkg -s libc6 shows me the correct version21:36
k1lshredding: yes, yes, yes. its installed. but not activated.21:37
chrisnthe solution to fix a problem is to upgrade the OS?  Sounds like Windows21:37
k1lshredding: some changes like kernel or libc need a restart to take effect.21:37
mcphailshredding: anything which was using the old version will still be using the old version. And _everything_ uses libc21:37
shreddinghow can i know if a fix is really applied.21:37
xanguachrisn: you're using an unsupported OS21:38
le_pigshredding: if a restart is required, the file /var/run/reboot-required will be present.21:38
shreddingah, interesting21:38
k1lchrisn: using 15.04 is just not good. if you dont want to upgrade to the next release regulary then stay on LTS. (14.04)21:39
shreddingit's there21:39
le_pigshredding: then it's official, reboot :)21:39
shreddingcan i run unattended-upgrades -d to check if everything is done?21:39
shreddingbecause i have an error in there saying "Cache has broken packages, exiting"21:39
shreddingin the logs21:39
k1lshredding: run "sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade"21:40
shreddingk1l: Isn't that upgrading everything, e.g. including postgres which i can't update?21:40
k1lshredding: yes21:40
shreddingthat's not a good idea then21:40
k1lbut ubuntu will not introduce new versions. it will just ship minor updates (patches)21:41
ralpheeeesorry my post was not clear.....after install when i boot i get the following error : [1.985677] usb 3-1.6 :string descriptor 0 read error -22 and the cursor just flashes...am not able to log in...if i go into grub recovery advanced i can boot from there....but as soon as i reboot i get the same error again...21:41
shreddingk1l: ok.21:41
shreddingi'll try on the staging server first21:41
shreddingso, every major version of ubuntu always ships the same version?21:42
k1lshredding: no21:42
k1lshredding: my command will not upgrade your ubuntu system to 14.10 or such. it will stay on the 14.04 path.21:42
k1lshredding: ubuntu doesnt use apt(-get) for ubuntu upgrades.21:43
shreddingi meant, it won't update any packages to new versions (except bugfixes)21:43
=== ovrmind is now known as lulcat
shreddinge.g. postgres 9.4 will always be 9.4 in 14.04?21:44
shreddingok, cool.21:44
shreddingif i have docker containers, do i need to rebuild them as well or are they using libc6 from the host?21:44
langgakusumahhallo anybody in here?21:45
Fuchslanggakusumah: yes21:46
mcphail!ask | langgakusumah21:46
ubottulanggakusumah: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience21:46
langgakusumah@Fuchs : Iam so sorry for my attitude, this is the first time Iam using xchat. thanks for respon21:50
Fuchsno worries :)21:50
Fuchslanggakusumah: what did you need help with?  (note that I wasn't the one throwing bot messages at you, I tend to not do that)21:50
jk_new user test21:51
langgakusumahfuchs: I need partner to learning pentesting, you have a recommend?21:52
Fuchslanggakusumah: not right away, but you'd be probably better off asking in a security channel than in this one here21:52
Fuchslanggakusumah: you can search for channels with alis, see /msg alis help list. /msg alis list *searchterm* looks for channel names containing searchterm. /msg alis list * -topic *searchterm* looks for channel topics containing searchterm.21:52
le_pigi think #r_hacking on freenode network would be a good place to look21:53
le_pigor ##pentesting21:53
langgakusumahFuchs : sorry for my question, ok thanks a lot21:54
Fuchslanggakusumah: no worries at all :)21:54
langgakusumahle_pig : thanks for your information21:54
langgakusumahthanks for all, see you later21:55
django_hey all so i installed eclipse but its just hanging out in a file21:59
toshmateHi, i got no sound now on Wily, because i installed windows 10 ? thanks22:00
django_if i search for eclipse using alt its not there22:00
Guy1524hey Eric, are you still there, I am the guy with the openGL extension problem22:00
Guy1524ok guys, since eric left I will restate my problem22:03
Guy1524I tried installing the vulkan nvidia beta driver for my optimus laptop with a gtx 960M, it didn't work and now I just want my computer restored.  Basically I can use anything that doesn't require ogl, (xfce).  But all GL programs crash because the GLX extension doesn't get loaded22:05
craysiiihow did you install it22:06
Guy1524I installed the vulkan beta driver by running the .run file, then I purged everything nvidia and installed nvidia-35222:07
Guy1524now I have tried using the additional drivers GUI but that doesn't solve anything22:07
Guy1524that is my Xorg.0.log22:08
Guy1524line 223 might be of use22:08
popeyGuy1524: tried re-installing the nvidia driver from the deb package in the archive?22:09
popeyGuy1524: to be fair it's somewhat tricky for us to support something that isn't in the archive, and was only released two days ago22:10
toshmateNvidia, i'll suggest a fresh install22:10
Guy1524that is what I am trying to do22:10
Guy1524idc about the vulkan driver any more22:10
Guy1524I just want GL back22:11
Guy1524I will wait for 16.04 for vulkan22:11
Guy1524I have run the uninstall script for the vulkan driver already22:11
=== metalcamp_ is now known as metalcamp
mcphailGuy1524: unpicking the damage caused by the upstream nvidia driver can be a nightmare. It may not be what you want to hear, but have you considered a quick reinstall of the OS? Trying to track down the kernel module, GL and xorg changes can be frustrating and time consuming22:13
craysiiiyou should prob be installing drivers from here22:13
Guy1524doesn't using the additional drivers application do this?22:14
akikisn't there an --uninstall option in the .run file?22:15
Guy1524I already ran that akik22:15
craysiiiyou have to add the ppa and then you can see it in additional drivers22:15
craysiiibut it doesnt come OOTB22:15
Guy1524ok, which ppa?22:15
craysiiitry 35522:16
craysiiimost stable for me22:16
Guy1524sorry for the n00b question but I do it like this right: sudo apt-add-repository ppa:launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa22:17
haasncan somebody help me figure this out? http://pastebin.com/sqqryGeN every time I apt upgrade, ‘maas’ gets uninstalled22:17
haasneven though I've manually reinstalled it at least twice now22:17
craysiiisudo apt-add-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa is enough22:18
craysiiithe of course run sudo apt-get update22:18
Guy1524k, then do sudo apt-get install nvidia-35522:19
Guy1524should I uninstall the previous drivers ive been using22:19
MonkeyDusthaasn  try dist-upgrade, not full-upgrade22:20
craysiiii can't remember if i do or not22:20
Guy1524ok, just for safety I guess I will22:20
k1lMonkeyDust: the new apt uses full-upgrade instead of apt-get dist-upgrade. its less confusing with ubuntu release (dist) upgrades22:20
MonkeyDustk1l  wasnt aware22:21
craysiiiive been hesitant to upgrade my drivers lately because i value my sanity22:21
MonkeyDusthaasn  then try upgrade, not full-upgrade22:21
craysiiiand there is always something going wrong with a new driver22:21
Guy1524k installing 35522:21
nicknornamehaasn, this is normal behavior if mass was installed with another package. (automatically). You need just install mass separetely.22:21
k1lMonkeyDust: it helps to not need to discuss with users in here, that they dont want to upgrade to the next distribution release :)22:22
craysiiiwhat do you use that installation for? development? general computing? gaming?22:22
haasnnicknorname: it wasn't22:22
haasnnicknorname: looks like the cause was that a newer version of django (via security updates) was incompatible with maas22:23
k1lhaasn: yes, some update seems to need maas to be removed.22:23
nicknornameBy the way someone can test sega genesis emulator package here (I setup a ppa with)?22:25
kuudesI seem to have https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=111&t=117704&sid=686f521603529fe20d895a722223d4cc&start=15#p295330 in ubuntu 14.04 but apparently I may not be running unclutter?22:25
kuudesie when I alt-tab to firefox or similar, the focus remains into another window, so events like ctrl-w close my irc channels instead of firefox tabs, pastes go to emails instead of browser location bar etc22:26
Guy1524ok rebooting22:26
Guy1524lets see if it works22:26
kuudesis there information somewhere how to fix this misfocus thing?22:27
Guy1524_same problem guys, GL still doesn't work even w/ the newly installed 355 drivers22:28
kuudesis this the proper channel to ask of this?22:28
k1lkuudes: might try #kubuntu22:29
shreddingmy systems are now safe :)22:29
craysiiinicknorname if you have the source code open then sure22:30
kuudesk1l, ok, I'll do, thanks22:30
Guy1524_craysiii: any idea why the glx extension is not getting loaded?22:31
kuudesbut I think this is unity problem rather than kde problem22:31
kuudeshow do I check if I have kde or unity or which? I am n00b22:31
le_pigshredding: glad to hear it.  and good idea using unattended-upgrades22:31
shreddingi think i need to read more into this stuff.22:31
shreddingthanks for all your help!22:31
le_pigshredding: i think k1l was the expert there :)22:31
shreddingthanks to him as well of course :)22:32
k1lnp :)22:32
CarlFKwhats a command line app to view images?  (like foo *.png and then I can arrow or some key to look at each one22:33
Guy1524_hey guys, so I have a gtx 960M on my optimus laptop and last night my drivers messed up so I reinstalled the drivers.  Currently I have the 355 driver.  The problem is that GL doesn't work at all.  in my Xorg.0.log it says the GLX extension can not get loaded (line 223 of: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15101909/22:34
=== Quatroking_ is now known as Quatroking
CarlFKBen64: oh wow, never knew display would do multiple files22:35
MonkeyDustCarlFK  xdg-open ... that opens it with the default app22:36
Guy1524_guys, sorry to be rude but I really need help, almost all of my application require GL including my preferred DE and my game engine requires it too.22:37
craysiiii would help more if i had more indepth knowledge but i dont :/22:38
craysiii(of the subject, not your situation)22:38
Guy1524_ok, thanks for trying, do you think I should try the ##linux irc?22:38
craysiiii would try any related channel, would be cool if there was one for ##nvidia-linux22:39
flappynerdwhy doesn't steam run anymore?22:39
ubottuValve have officially announced that they are developing Steam and are working with !ubuntu during their development, see http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/steamd-penguins/ for further details, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valve for install instructions, you can also join #ubuntu-steam for discussion.22:40
Guy1524_steam requires GL22:40
flappynerdGuy1524_, it used to run fine22:40
flappynerdlike a couple weeks ago22:40
flappynerdI have a bunch of games installed already22:40
craysiiisteam working fine for me on 15.1022:40
flappynerdnow when I click the icon it's as if "nothing happens"22:40
Guy1524_no it works for everyone else, just not for me22:40
Guy1524_because GL is not being loaded22:40
Guy1524_it outputs OpenGL GLX Extension not supported by display22:41
k1lflappynerd: start steam from a terminal and see what errors come up22:41
kuudeshttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2230407&s=7857fbbfd14c45146aafd24222d686c1&p=13144378#post13144378 may have been the issue, I hope22:41
flappynerdk1l, I tried that, none actually22:41
=== asdfa is now known as marcelo-arg
craysiiimaybe try this? http://askubuntu.com/questions/345120/why-doesnt-steam-start22:43
Guy1524_craysiii: I know why steam doesn't start, it is beacuse it requires GL22:47
craysiiiim not talking to you Guy1524_ lol22:47
Guy1524_oh, lol, sorry (:22:47
craysiiihehe :P22:47
flappynerdbleh, ok wtf, weird, so now steam just started, lol22:48
flappynerdI guess it must have been something strange with some updates and then got fixed with even further subsequent updates22:48
flappynerdcraysiii, heheh, yeah pretty much22:49
craysiiiGuy is this on a laptop or a desktop?22:52
alazare619anyone in here using ubuntu w/ a web gui for a AD server via samba 422:54
Ben64alazare619: you'll probably have a better time if you ask your actual question22:55
alazare619just wondering how easy it is :P22:56
alazare619other then say zentyal22:56
alazare619id love to use 16.04 but zentyal depends on ubuntu 14.04 still22:56
craysiiieasy is relative to the amount of work you're willing to put in22:56
alazare619which is shitty because lack of systemd22:56
alazare619craysiii:  all i care about is adds22:57
alazare619and a simple webui to manage or intergration with ad users and computers RSAT tool for windows22:57
alazare619which AFAIK samba 4 will allow RSAT to manage it22:57
alazare619the question of the hour is where can i find a guide on setting up ADDS on 16.0422:58
alazare619because i want systemd i plan to use openattic for zfs pool management and i plan to run kvm + qemu w/ a webui to manage it22:58
Ben6416.04 stuff is in #ubuntu+1 until release22:58
alazare619ok lets say 15.10 since its systemd as well then22:59
alazare619where can i find a guide for 15.10 ubuntu (systemd) with samba 4 as a PDC ADDS server22:59
reisiombrumlow: hewroe23:10
mbrumlowhi reisio23:10
NotAlexNoyleI need help diagnosing a unity-panel crash. I recently installed some dependencies for an emulator and I'm fairly positive that one of them is causing the crash, but I don't know which. I have the crash log but it is too large to paste.23:12
reisioNotAlexNoyle: just uninstall them and test one by one23:17
reisio's'called debugging23:17
NotAlexNoyleThere were over 50, that would take me all night. I was wondering if I might be able to gather hints from the crash log23:18
NotAlexNoyleon iOS, I can use crashreporter to call out suspects. Anything like that on ubuntu?23:19
reisionot sure why it would take more than 10-20 minutes23:19
* reisio shrugs23:19
reisioNotAlexNoyle: in a terminal, with unity-panel not already running, run this: unity-panel 2>&1 | pastebinit23:20
NotAlexNoyleI get "unity-panel" command not found23:21
reisioNotAlexNoyle: I guess it's just 'unity'23:25
reisioalthough I thought that was the window manager23:25
reisiooh launcher, that's it23:26
reisioNotAlexNoyle: ls /usr/bin/*unity*23:27
NotAlexNoyleNo such file or directory reisio23:28
NotAlexNoyleit worked the second time23:29
NotAlexNoylewhat next?23:29
CoolRabbitsorry guys23:30
CoolRabbitcan I /exec to my terminal from here?23:31
NotAlexNoylereisio: running that command with launcher returns the same error. Running it with unity crashes my entire computer back to the logic screen.23:32
CoolRabbitNotAlexNoyle, can you explain the problem very briefly again?23:32
NotAlexNoyleYes. I installed some dependencies for an emulator, and upon reboot unity crashes instantly when I try to login23:33
NotAlexNoyleI have a log but don't know how to read it23:33
CoolRabbitNotAlexNoyle, how sure are you that the install broke it?23:34
NotAlexNoylebecause that's the only thing I changed before the problem happened23:34
NotAlexNoyle(I installed quite a lot)23:34
CoolRabbit. can you purge the packages and see if it fixes things?23:34
reisioNotAlexNoyle: what worked?23:35
CoolRabbit. what was the emulator?23:35
NotAlexNoyleI can try that, but I was hoping to diagnose what package specifically was causing the crash23:35
NotAlexNoyleThe /ls command reisio23:35
NotAlexNoyleCOolRabbit "gmameui"23:36
NotAlexNoyleIt had loads of dependencies like libgnome, gconf, and libxml23:36
CoolRabbit. the other way around is best ... purge everything and see if it gets fixed ... then try to install the packages ... do it with aptitude since it is better some times at getting big list of packages not to break anything23:36
NotAlexNoyleIf that's the only way I will do it. I used apt-get before.23:37
NotAlexNoyleI was really hoping to just nail down what package is the cause though without purging everything23:37
craftxboxI just ran an inplacae upgrade on windows and now grub will not load AT ALL23:38
CoolRabbit. sometimes you take too much time to do that ... maybe working forward is faster23:38
CoolRabbitcraftxbox, did you RESTART windows or just Shut Down?23:38
NotAlexNoyleok well I will just purge :(23:38
craftxboxhow is this relivant23:39
CoolRabbitNotAlexNoyle, do an apt install aptitude first and use aptitude to purge it23:39
craftxboxit will literally not boot no matter what partition is marked as active23:39
NotAlexNoyleI have aptitude :P23:39
NotAlexNoyleI just like apt-get23:39
CoolRabbitcraftxbox, sometimes Windows keeps the " fast-start" active and then it can screw your booting Linux in that drive23:40
CoolRabbitNotAlexNoyle, If purge will not fix it ... then we have a problem ;)23:40
craftxboxi shut it down completelt23:40
craftxboxholy fail spelling23:41
CoolRabbitcraftxbox, can you login to any OS in that box?23:41
NotAlexNoyleIf it does not fix it I will report back23:41
craftxboxwindows and a live partition manager23:41
CoolRabbitwhats your windows?23:41
craftxbox7 home prem 64bit23:41
Smokiehey guys, want to upgrade my ubuntu server from 12.04.1 to 14.04.1, is there anything to consider?23:42
CoolRabbitSmokie, yes !!23:42
Ben64consider that it won't be 14.04.123:42
Smokiewill something break or will everything run normal?23:42
k1lSmokie: backups. for murphys law23:42
CoolRabbit. wait a min ok?23:42
craftxboxSmokie, upadating to 15.x.x23:42
CoolRabbitSmokie, yes things WILL break23:42
k1lcraftxbox: thats not helpfull23:42
Smokiek1l, already took a backup image of the drive23:42
Smokie15 isnt LTS as far as i know.. but thats not my question anyway23:43
k1lSmokie: upgrades get automated testings. so they should work. but they cant test what users changed all stuff. so there is a risk.23:43
SmokieCoolRabbit, like what?23:43
Smokiek1l, i have nothing running on it except openssh and LAMP23:43
reisioNotAlexNoyle: I don't know what executable you want, but once you find it, pastebinit its output from a term, while it is not running (killall foo)23:43
k1lSmokie: for me that upgrade worked just fine. if you have a backup give it a go.23:44
Smokiek1l, thanks23:45
craftxboxcan somone help me?23:47
silvianwhat is the issue you're having @craftxbox ?23:49
craftxboxdead grub23:49
silviancaued by what exactly?23:49
craftxboxwindows 7 inplace upgrade23:49
OerHekscraftxbox, reinstall grub with the live iso23:50
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub223:50
silvianso windows 7 took over your MBR23:50
craftxboxi done have one23:50
silvianthat means you need to reinstall grub again23:50
craftxboxi mean a iso23:50
OerHekscraftxbox, then download and make one, dvd/usb23:50
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest2117
Guest2117there was a way to install without making any format changes, how do i do that?23:50
silvianhere you go mate23:50
silvianthat should get you started in creating a live usb image again @craftxbox23:51
craftxboxtime for the third live installation on my usb23:51
silvianthen follow the guides ubottu sent you23:52
jongquolahh it's a wonderful day23:52
craftxboxim lucky i always have both a ubuntu server and desktop iso on hand23:52
silvianjoin the fun23:52
craftxboxholy f*** that was fast23:52
ubottuThe main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList23:53
silvianthis ain't 4chan i guess. :P23:53
silvianso you have to follow the guidelines to politeness.23:54
craftxboxoh how i hate windows explorer23:54
craftxboxwait what23:54
craftxboxwhat was just using my usb?23:54
silviansoon @craftxbox... you will get rid of windows entirely from your computer. You will no longer feel the need to dual boot with windows.23:55
craftxboxdef not23:55
craftxboxspent too much money on windows software to back out now23:55
craftxboxplus the fact that windows is currently the best os for gaming23:56
OerHeksplease, keep on topic, chitchat in #ubuntu-offtopic please, thanks.23:56
silviansteam ;)23:56
craftxboxwaiting for a image operation to finish is annoying at times23:57
silvianlet us know if any other issues occur23:57
craftxboxwhere is GRUB usually stored?23:57
craftxboxbecause before i upgraded windows only my linux partition was active23:57
Guest211714.04 lts, how do i install like windows software "wubi"?23:57
reisiocraftxbox: and you want only it active still?23:58
reisioGuest2117: hrmm?23:58
reisioGuest2117: /nick anythingelse23:58
reisiocraftxbox: ?23:58
mhmdlubbadAn error ocurred: extraction faild with code:223:58
xanguawubi is not maintained or recommended Guest211723:58
k1lGuest2117: dont use wubi. that will break ubuntu and windows and doesnt work with modern windows.23:58
Guest2117ah ty xangua23:59
mhmdlubbadwhat does that mean?23:59
Guest2117how well does installing to a usb work now days?23:59
=== Guest2117 is now known as ubuntuuser1
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent23:59
ubuntuuser1awesome! thanks23:59

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