OvenWerksGa, that looks wierd. Nothing to do with jack I think.00:05
OvenWerksDLing 14.04 32 bit iso. 64bit seems to be passed already.21:50
Rosco2OvenWerks: Excellent. There was a note on -release just before, that a new ISO will soon be spun up22:09
flocculantfor bcmwl - I'll be ignoring it 22:10
Rosco2Contains bcmw fix apparently22:10
flocculantthink it was davmor and mac image problem 22:11
sakrecoer_yo guys! :) ff -5 :)22:55
sakrecoer_eventually, UTC, erm..22:56
sakrecoer_i'm downloading the iso's and getting the testing going22:57
zequenceUsually these point releases are pretty straight forward, since we usually don't make any changes ourselves.22:58
zequenceSo, I usually just make sure the ISO boots, generally23:00
zequenceAs for the upcoming beta, really nice that we have application testing now23:01
OvenWerksAnyone else check for Bug #1546328 on 16.04?23:18
ubottubug 1546328 in qjackctl (Ubuntu) "Systray option does not work." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154632823:18
zequenceOvenWerks: I noticed that. Haven't got around to see if that affects anything else23:19
OvenWerksI would just like someone to confirm more than anyhing23:20
sakrecoer_OvenWerks: i'll subscribe to it.23:32

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