Bernhard_LI want o produce a loop of my guitar verse. But I miss a program like freecycler or smasher.10:27
Bernhard_LIs there something like that or better?10:28
studio-user729hello :)14:43
studio-user729does anybody has a presonus audiobox usb?14:43
studio-user729is it working with ubuntu studio14:44
simplejackhey guys i used some time ago ubuntu studio, can u make 16 04 with kde or unity 8? this xfce look like shit, think about it or u want have 100-1000 user?16:38
simplejackiwant back but i cant wh these shit look. kde 5.5 is even faster than xfce. and dont cheat yourself. make this change pls. and all ll be all right for me and a lot of new user who dont want work on shit.16:38
simplejackgl hf bye16:38
OvenWerksme/ wonders if he has ever used KDE with dual monitors... if he has done any work on the computer beyond playing with the desktop.17:07
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Guest60557is it "normal", that a "normal" user can do "init 6" in a terminal in xenial?17:29
Guest65238Where is the different between: "init 6" and "systemctl isolate runlevel6.target", because, i can run "init 6" as a normal user ...18:16
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