bluesabreochosi: will try to submit it this week. If I don't get to expose the setting, I at least want to make the default icon-only (as 1.4.x)02:28
_SpongeBonjour tout le monde !06:07
ochosibluesabre: alright, fine by me07:07
=== knome changed the topic of #xubuntu-devel to: Xubuntu Development | Support at #xubuntu | http://ubottu.com/y/xx | Wiki: https://wiki.xubuntu.org/ | Daily testing with results: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/
=== knome changed the topic of #xubuntu-devel to: Xubuntu Development | Support at #xubuntu | http://tracker.xubuntu.org/ | Release Schedule: http://ubottu.com/y/xx | Daily testing with results: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/
knomehttp://dev.xubuntu.org/ points to the new integrated style now, but is still WIP11:19
knomeeverything should work though, might just look silly11:19
Akxwi-davelooking good knome .. Although the calendar doesn't show in Midori.. shows up fine in Firefox..  :-)11:25
Akxwi-davedoesn't show in Chrome either...  11:28
slickymasterWorkknome, the calendar isn't showing in Chrome, also11:28
bluesabreI can confirm that11:31
bluesabreJS errors...11:32
knomeisn't showing as in the tab doesn't seem to load at all or the calendar iframe isn't visible?11:32
knomealso, is the calendar showing in tracker.xubuntu.org?11:32
knome^ there's been some weird "doesn't load" issues for me too11:33
bluesabrestatus_workitems.js:296: Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token =11:33
bluesabrestatus.js:102: Uncaught ReferenceError: wi_clear_all_filters is not defined11:33
bluesabreknome: tab opens, big blank area for the calendar11:33
knomei don't see those js error either11:33
slickymasterWorkthe iframe isn't visible at all knome 11:34
slickymasterWorkno getting any js errors either11:34
knomebluesabre, your line:11:35
Akxwi-davesame as slickymasterWork for me .. completely white where it should be11:35
knomefunction wi_clear_all_filters( refresh = true ) {11:35
knomethat's standard definition11:35
knomewell, for a new version11:36
bluesabreknome: just saying what chromium tells me11:36
knome(eg. ecmascript2015)11:36
knomeyeah, but that's also why you get the other message11:36
knomeslickymasterWork, Akxwi-dave: so is it visible in tracker.xubuntu.org?11:36
knomebecause if you do, then that's weird11:37
Akxwi-daveno its not for me..11:37
bluesabreknome: also does not work on tracker currently11:37
slickymasterWorknopes, also11:37
bluesabresame js errors displayed11:37
slickymasterWorknot getting any11:38
Akxwi-davethats on both Xubuntu versions and windows versions.. both whitespace..  FF works fine on both OSes11:38
bluesabreworks fine in firefox11:39
slickymasterWorksame here knome, both in windows and xubuntu11:39
* slickymasterWork doesn't have ff :P11:39
knomeright, so chrome-specific11:40
knomeok, i'll look at it11:40
knomebut now, lunch time11:40
Akxwi-daveit actually looks really good in FF with the new style11:40
slickymasterWorkenjoy knome 11:40
Akxwi-daveenjoy lunch..11:40
bluesabreenjoy knome lunch11:40
knomeslickymasterWork, does wiki or irc work for you? :P12:00
slickymasterWorkno knome 12:00
knomegood job chrome12:01
knomedo they work now?12:01
slickymasterWorkgive me a second, please12:02
knomei'm not on the back of a rabbi(t)12:02
slickymasterWorkstill the same, knome :(12:02
knomei don't believe12:02
knomedo a hard refresh12:02
slickymasterWorknone of the three work12:02
slickymasterWorkno difference knome 12:04
knomeslickymasterWork, and you are looking at dev.xubuntu.org?12:05
slickymasterWorkthey're working now12:05
knomeyeah, wait; the loading is happening only when you open the tab12:05
knomeso there will always be a small delay the first time you go to one of those tabs12:05
slickymasterWorkyeaps, the three are functional now12:05
knomegood good12:05
knomeso it was actually what bluesabre said12:05
knomechrome can't handle the parameter, so it'll just decide none of the JS should work12:06
knomeok, so next i'll ask you for your opinion on a few things12:08
slickymasterWorkok, I'll be around for another 45 minutes12:08
knomesince we've been using the ubuntu wiki, does anybody else of you feel like the wiki edit button should be at the left top? :P12:08
slickymasterWorkI'm not particularity vehement about its position 12:09
knomeyou'll notice if you are when you edit 20 pages12:10
slickymasterWorkbottom right would be my choice, if you'd ask me12:10
bluesabredef not bottom12:10
bluesabreor maybe a second one at the bottom12:10
knomeyeah, not bottom :|12:10
bluesabreknome: like <nav> [Edit]12:10
knomei'm actually thinking of getting rid of the whole bottom bar as it is now12:10
knomebut it isn't nav really :)12:10
bluesabre<breadcrumbs> [Edit]12:11
bluesabre^ much longer to type12:11
knomei don't even know if it's meaningful to show the page filename12:11
knomethe other thing i don't know if we need is the breadcrumbs :D12:11
bluesabreI think they can be handy here, since there is not an easy way to get back up otherwise12:12
knomeyeah, for that i'm considering to creating a dokuwiki plugin12:12
knomethat shows all the siblings/children/parent on all pages12:12
knomein a somewhat compact form12:13
knomethe whole wiki is hard to navigate now12:13
knomebecause we haven't used to link to all pages from all pages12:13
knomeonly the header - but that just gives you the "start" pages anyway12:13
bluesabregotta run, bbl12:14
flocculantleaving this while I *am* connected - rebuilds up - would like to see *some* results on the tracker which aren't mine :)12:35
knomenoble thought12:36
flocculantfollowed by a sighing one :p12:36
flocculantknome: re edit button position - I logged out and logged in because I thought I wasn't - because I couldn't see the edit button :D12:38
flocculantjust thought I would add my pennyworth :)12:39
bluesabreflocculant: I'll trade you, 100 tests from me for fixing the clutter integration in parole13:08
knomei'll trade the website code maintaining too :P13:09
bluesabrethats all i've done for the past few days13:09
knomebut not for the clutter stuff13:09
=== qwebirc125715 is now known as slickymasterWork
flocculantbluesabre: if I could I would :)16:31
flocculantjjfrv8: are you still seeing bug 1395323 - cos I'm not16:52
ubottubug 1395323 in abiword (Ubuntu) "Abiword opens multiple windows when spacebar is pressed, until a new file is opened" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/139532316:52
flocculantbluesabre ochosi - I'll be ahppy to mark trusty ready whenever - just need ack's17:42
flocculantbluesabre: bug 1546695 19:01
ubottubug 1546695 in thunar (Ubuntu) "USB remounted following eject" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154669519:01
flocculantnot sure what anyone wants me to provide19:01
dkesselflocculant: USB stick or harddisk? I always thought it was a problem with my harddisk...19:53
dkesselMaybe dmesg? Sometimes contains info about mounting and such19:54
pleia2in case others haven't seen yet: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-desktop/2016-February/004785.html20:33
pleia2not sure how much we can get directly involved in supporting bits of the move to gnome-software, but worth a look if we have bored devs (hah hah)20:33
knomeand i guess we should fix our own packages if/where needed20:33
pleia2seems like decision time regarding the installer in general is due soon20:35
pleia2but I haven't had the bandwidth to keep up :\20:35
knomethat's fine, we have bots... i mean people like Unit193 taking care of it20:36
pleia2<3 Unit193 20:36
knomeoh right, we have a meeting today20:37
pleia2we do20:37
knomego me20:37
knomewednesday is my board gaming evening20:37
pleia2the wiki is read only, so we can't add anything to the agenda20:37
branauknome: Is that a Xubuntu community meeting ?20:37
knomeso i might normally only free about these times, and be kind of exhausted20:37
knomebranau, yes20:37
pleia2unless we moved that? :)20:38
branauknome: What time is it? I keep meaning to attend them but I always miss the times20:38
knomebranau, in 1 hour, 22 minutes20:38
pleia2branau: 1hr 20 minutes, here20:38
branauSweet, thanks20:38
pleia2branau: we'd be glad to have you :)20:38
pleia2moar participants \o/20:38
branauknome: Not sure if you remember or not, I talked to you a few weeks back about helping out with the site20:38
knomepleia2, i was thinking whether there should be some community force in an EditorGroup in the ubuntu wiki20:38
branaupleia2: Thanks! >D20:38
knomebranau, now that you say that, i can vaguely remember20:38
pleia2knome: should be, I'm thinking similar to what we proposed for the help wiki20:39
branauknome: Olin suomessa myös20:39
knomebranau, oh right :)20:39
knomebranau, we just got a few fixes landed on the website at the beginning of this week20:39
branauknome: Ah I missed em?20:39
knomeand i've been working with dev.xubuntu.org the last few days20:39
knomemostly small ones, probably the most prominent one is the header art change (no image now, just rotated elements)20:40
branauknome: You got a list somewhere of tasks that still need to be taken care of?20:40
knomeand when i say elements, i mean div::before and div::after20:40
knomethere aren't any outstanding bugs or features TBD at the moment20:41
knomebut this page: http://tracker.xubuntu.org/#tab-details/spec=xubuntu-x-web20:41
knomeor http://dev.xubuntu.org/#tab-details/spec=xubuntu-x-web for the more integrated (but WIP) looks20:41
branauknome: Well cool, feel free to ping me if you need/want any help on anything specific. Looks like all these tasks have been distributed already, no unassigned ones haha20:43
knomebranau, so anyway, welcome to join the meeting20:43
knomebranau, well, even being assigned to somebody doesn't mean "don't touch it"20:43
branauknome: Thanks! I'll be sure to stick around and participate a little, I am at work so I don't make any promises haha20:44
branauknome: And fair enough20:44
knomeand all work items need to be assigned to *somebody* (or some team)20:44
branauGotcha. Well sign me up! I'd love to help out. 20:45
knomebut granted, some of the work items might be a bit cryptic or at least not all clear regarding what you should do...20:45
branauYeah, is there anywhere that has a bit more descriptive tasks?20:46
knomebranau, we were creating a webapp for handling wallpaper contest submissions, but that's quite halted atm, and we're not sure if the codebase we have will be useful20:46
knomeno, not really; usually when the work item is cryptic it means somebody is probably on top of the issue20:46
knomefor some items which seem to be broad ones, there can be a description in the whiteboard20:47
knomeyou can access them from the overview page in the tracker20:47
branauknome: Gotcha. And what happened with the wallpaper contest? I remember you telling me about that20:47
knomewe probably will talk about that on the meeting today...20:47
knomebluesabre, ping! :P20:48
knomekrytarik, ughh.20:48
krytarikI laughed.20:48
flocculantdkessel: yea - external drive20:49
knomekrytarik, if you are subbed, please reply to them saying we object and that we will touch our own packages ourself when we know what we want to do20:49
krytarikI'm not.20:49
knomeor if you are planning to subscribe20:49
krytarikI'm not.20:49
flocculantI is - I can sya whatever we need20:51
knomeflocculant, say what i said above20:51
knomeflocculant, basically, "The Xubuntu team will take care of updating our own package (xubuntu-desktop, xubuntu-default-settings), so no need to touch those packages. Thanks!"20:52
knomeand maybe s/touch those packages./touch those./20:52
Unit193I was going to poke him, but he's not on IRC.20:52
knomei like people who are not on IRC20:53
Unit193Nono, he's on, I've talked to him before.  Just not now.20:53
knomeas i said... i don't like people who are not on IRC20:53
Unit193Haha. :P20:53
knomethinking of you bluesabre and ochosi 20:53
Unit193I've not been on IRC...20:54
krytarikflocculant, knome: Don't forget about xubuntu-docs, btw.20:55
knomekrytarik, it's not listed on the list he put up though20:55
Unit193And the brokenness of fop?  Yeeeah...20:55
flocculantoh buggar - in moderation ... 20:56
flocculantwe know about this issue and will deal with any of our (Xubuntu packages etc) once we know what it is we want to do. 20:56
knomeflocculant, lol, i was referring to "being subbed" because i wanted to avoid that :D20:56
knomeor are you saying the filters found unwelcome words in your mail :P20:56
flocculantI thought I was subbed20:57
flocculantha ha 20:57
knomei wonder how we are supposed to interpret that20:57
flocculantsent it direct to the OP too now21:09
flocculantjust woken up to the fact there's a meeting soonish21:09
knomegood morning, flocculant's brain21:11
pleia2right, so meeting agenda is still on uneditable wiki, should we move that now/soon?21:42
pleia2(for those not keeping up, wiki.ubuntu.com has been locked down for a day)21:42
knomeif we need to edit, there's a "Meetings" start page on the new wiki already21:43
pleia2that made the wiki explode when I went to it21:43
knomebut we can't do includes yet (i haven't installed/enabled a plugin that does that)21:43
pleia2oh :)21:43
pleia2Server error21:43
pleia2when I clicky on meetings21:43
Unit193You can likely talk to Canonical about it, saw one pop in to #ubuntu-ops the other day.21:43
_SpongeHiya pleia221:44
pleia2o/ _Sponge 21:44
* knome goes look what's wrong with the page21:44
* _Sponge thinks he's cseen pleia2 on flickr :-)21:44
pleia2Unit193: yeah, there's a big loop happening with discussion on the status (on ubuntu-community-team list too)21:44
pleia2_Sponge: no doubt :) I post a lot21:44
Unit193Fun, fun.21:45
_Spongegood to talk, to you. Any books in the making ?21:45
pleia2_Sponge: working on an openstack book right now, and 9th edition of official ubuntu book after that21:45
knome23:44 @neale: okay, wiki should be read-write again21:46
* _Sponge wonders if he could get a signed ubuntu book off ple21:46
slickymasterit doesn't appear so, knome 21:46
* _Sponge wonders if he could get a signed ubuntu book off pleia2 ??21:46
knomeslickymaster, i'm thinking you might be hitting the cache again, as usually :P21:46
knomeslickymaster, so i won't believe you until you repeat that 10 times in the next 10 minutes21:47
slickymasterno, I'm on my laptop now21:47
pleia2_Sponge: drop me an email when the 9th edition comes out and I'll see what I can do :)21:47
_Spongecheers !21:47
knomepleia2, the meetings page seems to work now21:47
* _Sponge slides pleia2 a warm mocha :)21:47
knomepleia2, on the new wiki, that is21:47
pleia2knome: thanks21:47
pleia2knome: oh yes, lovely21:48
knomeit might be related to the plugin that i wrote that allows us to use moinmoin-style comments21:48
_Spongepleia2: Do you have www.xubuntu.wiki  ...yet ?21:48
knome(only # required and only on the beginning of the line, the dokuwiki plugins all seemed to require an opening and closing tag)21:48
pleia2_Sponge: wiki.xubuntu.org21:49
knome_Sponge, http://wiki.xubuntu.org/21:49
pleia2knome: I think it's ok to use the doku wiki syntax, yeah?21:49
Unit193pleia2: BTW, you don't need server stuff help, right?21:49
Unit193At least, not from me.21:49
* _Sponge was just interested if xubuntu had bought it :)21:49
knomepleia2, actually dokuwiki doesn't support comments by default21:49
pleia2Unit193: I can handle day to day keep-system-upgraded, but if we add more services I tend to like having support running those21:49
pleia2Unit193: currently knome seems to have all that under control though21:50
knomepleia2, but there's also a usability issue with the comments; when you quickly want to remove/add a comment, it's so much better that you can do that by editing the first character of the line21:50
* flocculant wanders off for a bit21:50
pleia2Unit193: it would be good to have a backup admin with keys to the castle (both linode and root)21:50
Unit193Great!  I had asked if I was slacking somewhere that I'd forgotten, and he said poke you.  Glad I'm not!21:50
knomethat was ultimately what made me write the small plugin21:50
pleia2Unit193: so if you want to volunteer there, happy to share those keys :)21:50
pleia2knome: I see21:51
pleia2flocculant leaves right before the meeting, I see how it is21:51
Unit193pleia2: I'll do whatever you need me to do.21:51
Unit193...I should likely pickup a wiki account sometime.21:51
_Spongethere's a meeting ??21:51
knomepleia2, now! dump ALL the work to him!21:51
knome_Sponge, in 9 minutes21:51
pleia2Unit193: gpg key in lp current? (will send encrypted file with creds)21:52
Unit193knome: Oh, so meetingology output is moinmoin, that doesn't match dokuwiki I'm going to presume.21:52
* _Sponge runs to the fridge for munchies.21:52
pleia2((may not do it today))21:52
knomeUnit193, that's the other thing.21:52
Unit193pleia2: Yes it is.  I can also toss you a ssh key.21:52
pleia2Unit193: okie, that will help with setting up user account21:52
knomei'm clearly a lost cause, no gpg mails :P21:53
flocculantknome can join flocculant's club21:53
Unit193I sign random things sent to xubuntu-devel@ :321:54
pleia2knome: I don't sign or encrypt emails really anymore, just send encrypted files21:54
knomenot to me!21:54
pleia2I do it for persistent credentials, not "change this when you log in or I'll send in the hounds"21:55
* _Sponge returns with coffee & Danish ;-)21:57
_Spongehave we started yet ?21:59
flocculantare we there yet? 21:59
knomeyou would have noticed if we did :P21:59
_SpongeI'd like to free political prisoners !21:59
=== Unit193 is now known as ucode
meetingologyMeeting started Wed Feb 17 22:00:13 2016 UTC.  The chair is slickymaster. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.22:00
meetingologyAvailable commands: action commands idea info link nick22:00
slickymasterWelcome all to the Xubuntu community meeting.  The agenda is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Meetings22:00
slickymasterWho's here for the meeting?22:00
=== ucode is now known as krycek
_SpongeI'm happy to volunteer to run the 16.04 Community Wallpaper contest, if anyone's interested.22:02
slickymaster#topic Open action items22:02
slickymasterVolunteers for running a 16.04 Community Wallpaper contest22:03
knomeso basically, here's where we are now:22:03
slickymasterknome, I think that is one of yours22:03
knomebluesabre was seting up a webapp that would be used to handle the submissions22:03
knomethat's been set up, and i've worked with it a bit too, but...22:03
_Spongeyeah ?22:03
knome...it's likely not what we want to use for submissions22:03
slickymasterwhat are the issues with it, knome?22:04
knomeso basically we'll need a new webapp, or we need to use something that is ready to use22:04
_Spongeso it's broke ?22:04
knomeslickymaster, the biggest issues are that it doesn't really do what it is supposed to do, and there's a lot of overhead in the code22:04
_Spongeflickr ?22:04
knomeflickr means the people submitting their images should have an account22:05
_Spongeand ?22:05
knomeand it's not open source.22:05
_Spongemost photographers do.22:05
_Spongemediagoblin ?22:05
knomewe aren't only looking for photographs, and we also are trying not to exclude people22:05
knomethe starting point with the webapp was that it would be accessible with a launchpad account22:06
pleia2do we have a list of criteria for what we need? (I know we've talked about this a bunch of times)22:06
pleia2licensing, preference for open source, etc22:06
_Spongeyeah, but it's broke, right ?22:06
knomewhich is something you pretty much need to contribute anything anyway22:06
knomepleia2, for the webapp or the submissions?22:06
pleia2knome: yes :)22:06
knomeyes to what?22:06
pleia2they are one in the same22:06
pleia2the webapp should support our criteria, or we should find something that does22:07
knomei meant the submissions as in the images22:07
knomebut yeah, the webapp...22:07
knomei'm happy if it's open source22:07
knomeif it can handle the voting, that's a bonus22:07
_Sponge** me too.22:07
pleia2ubuntu uses flickr, I think ubuntu studio has been as well22:07
slickymasterthe studio folks used flickr for theirs, but as knome pointed out it's not open source22:08
krycekTheir last one was on flickr, yes.22:08
slickymasterhttps://www.flickr.com/groups/ubuntustudiocreations/pool FWIW22:08
flocculantlubuntu do as well afaik22:08
_SpongeCrumbs, 10 minutes in, and we've not changed anything, yet.22:09
knomeif we do flickr, then we might as well support all social media outlets - as long as we can access the submission somewhere...22:09
_SpongeXubuntu G+ ?22:09
knomeincluding google+, but not limited to22:09
* _Sponge means the google community.22:10
pleia2I'm going to draw the line there, using a bunch of services just makes it horrible22:10
knomebecause we really don't want to lock in to any specific platform, especially if it's not controlled by us22:10
_SpongeWho's in charge of the Xubuntu Gplus community ?22:10
knomepleia2, i don't think that's optimal either.22:10
pleia2either we use one proprietary, or we keep on track for writing our own22:10
knomeand i'm going to draw the line here - we won't use g+22:10
branauSomething like that could be set up with WordPress pretty easliy22:10
pleia2_Sponge: a few or us have admin access, but the G+ has very poor image support these days, I don't think they even have the concept of licensing22:11
pleia2and it's hard to collect for something like this22:11
branauWordPress is open source :D22:11
knomei believe that we should still write our own22:11
pleia2knome: me too22:11
_Spongeyeah, do a wordpress :)22:11
knomeit would "only" need to support openid login (for launchpad), and uploads22:11
branauknome you mean like completely custom? No frameworks period?22:11
flocculantknome: that's fine - but it's almost b1 - how long do we wait? 22:12
knomeframeworks are okay as long as they don't get in the way they did with the current one22:12
branauwhich framework was used?22:12
flocculantand will people be around right at the last minute to decide which we use22:12
* _Sponge wanders off to OSS bed22:12
knomethe problem was that bluesabre was the only one who really got familiar with it, and i would say even his level of familiarity wasn't very convincing22:13
_Spongenight night22:13
knome(sorry bluesabre!)22:13
knomenight _Sponge 22:13
slickymasternight _Sponge 22:13
knomebranau, what would you suggest?22:13
flocculantcya _Sponge 22:13
slickymasterflocculant, did raise a valid point, which is time22:13
branauLooks like there's a WP plugin for openid logins22:14
pleia2yeah, the xubuntu site certainly uses one (not sure which)22:14
knomewe are using that, but tbh, writing a wordpress plugin for the submissions itself sounds like a bigger job than creating the whole app from the scratch22:14
branauI've done extensive work with WP and even done some custom plugin work for a few sites, so even if this plugin doesn't work, it shouldn't be too much work to get it up and running22:14
pleia2knome: that's my worry too, but if branau wants to volunteer :)22:14
knomepleia2, it's that one, plus some specific launchpad integration ones22:14
pleia2knome: I think we'd run our own wordpress install for this though, not try to get the plugin accepted for xubuntu.org22:15
knomepleia2, totally22:15
pleia2we can even tear it down at the end and start new each cycle22:15
branaupleia2: I'm happy to volunteer :D22:15
branauI don't think we'd need a plugin for submissions though22:15
knomebranau, with what kind of schedule?22:15
pleia2so it's not a long term maintenance problem, we can back up the photo submissions themselves somewhere static22:15
branauA simple form should suffice.22:15
pleia2would this require the user to have a login to wordpress?22:16
pleia2(or openid)22:16
pleia2and would they be able to review/adjust their submission?22:16
knomei actually just read about the file uploads in wordpress, and the right way (tm) to do it...22:17
knomethat said, if it's not going to be long-term storage, i think we could just do with a simple form22:17
knomewithout logging in22:18
pleia2knome: I'm inclined to agree, but I also want it to be a decent experience for submitters, did it actually go through? are they on the list of nominations?22:18
knomewell, we likely want people to log in...22:18
pleia2black hole submissions are not a good user experience22:18
knomeand no login means anybody can spam the site potentially22:18
pleia2with no way to block them22:18
knomebranau1, did you drop out? what was the last comment you saw?22:19
branau1Sorry, I think I got disconnected a minute22:19
branau14:15:51 PM - pleia2: […] o it's not a long term maintenance problem, we can back up the photo submissions themselves somewhere static22:19
branau14:15:58 PM - branau: A simple form should suffice.22:19
branau14:16:38 PM - branau: knome: Depends on when we need this. I work 9-5 usually so in the afternoons I'm generally free.22:19
branau14:16:42 PM - branau: Weekends I have tons of free time22:19
branau1That's the last I saw22:19
knomeok, i'll PM you what you missed22:19
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knomeok, done22:20
knomeso my thought here is22:20
knomethe user logs in to wordpress using their launchpad account22:20
knomealong with the requirements we just set22:20
knomenow, to do things right, and since the user is logged in, they should use the built-in media manager in a way22:21
pleia2which makes them agree to terms and licensing for the submission22:21
knomebut potentially extended in a way that allows them to select license/attribution/etc22:21
knomein other words - a custom form that uses the media uploader22:21
* pleia2 nods22:22
branauSounds good22:22
knomeonce that's done, they should see their submissions - but only their submissions - on the admin - on another custom view22:22
knomeand edit them22:22
knomeagain, if possible, via the built-in media manager22:22
flocculantcan I just say something here22:22
krycekAlso, UIF is March 10th.22:22
branauDoesn't sound too tough to set up, I'd be willing to bet that half of these can be managed via plugins22:22
knomekrycek, these aren't default wallpapers, no need for UIF22:23
knomebranau, that's the problem; the plugins are designed to do what they do, not this custom case22:23
flocculantit is now almost week 18 of 26, so we need to see this all up - then advertise it - hope to get people send things in - choose which one(s) we use - get that in the seed22:23
knomeflocculant, ack.22:23
branauknome: Plugins can be modded :D22:23
flocculantI'd be a lot more interested if we were in week 8 22:24
knomeflocculant, if we start taking submissions on week 20, we can allow them for 2-4 weeks and still have time to drop them in the seed22:24
knomeflocculant, i know that isn't ideal, and my target is ASAP22:24
pleia2flocculant: indeed, it's unfortunate that it's so late for an LTS22:24
pleia2but here we are22:24
pleia2maybe it'll make it more exciting :D22:24
flocculantknome: right - so 2 weeks to get it all set up - and hope we get submissions22:25
knomeflocculant, if we don't, then there will be no community wallpaper package22:25
knomebranau, true, but all that makes me think that it would be simpler to create our own22:25
* flocculant just shakes his head - we should have had this discussion properly weeks ago 22:25
knomeflocculant, actually, we did, then bluesabre took his time and the path didn't lead anywhere22:26
flocculantnot that I'm blaming anyone - I'm just as capable of shouting that we should be sorting something out 22:26
knomeflocculant, but as pleia2 said; here we are22:26
flocculantknome: ack - I know that :)22:26
knome(and i'm not blaming bluesabre either)22:26
knomebranau, so again about the schedule... do you think you could have a PoC setup for us this weekend?22:27
pleia2branau: no pressure ;)22:27
branauknome: PoC?22:27
knomeproof of concept22:27
pleia2proof of concept22:27
* knome high-fives pleia2 22:27
* flocculant types slower ... 22:27
branauAh, you mean like a demo?22:27
pleia2branau: yeah22:27
knomewell, like a demo that can be iterated to the final version22:27
slickymasterknome, will you look into the WP plugins possibility with branau?22:27
knomemy point of view is that we should write our own, so i'm kind of reluctant to do that ;)22:28
knomebut i can help with it22:28
branauSure, where exactly would I host it?22:28
branauI have a personal website22:28
branauWith unlimited storage22:28
knomethat works if you are willing to use that22:28
pleia2might start with a personal site, we'll move to our community server when it's ready for production22:28
branauYeah, it won't be a problem22:28
knome^ what pleia2 said22:28
knomeand i can test it on my host once it's in a point where we start thinking of moving it to make sure it can be moved22:29
* pleia2 thumbs up22:29
branauCool, if anyone else wants to contribute to it then I can get ftp credentials set up22:29
knomebranau, if you can be around in this channel, that would be *very* good22:29
knomebranau, i would actually prefer if we had a repository for it22:29
branauknome: I usually am, just not actively. I have it open22:29
slickymastercan I action this knome, so we can move along?22:29
knomei'm fine with bzr in launchpad or git in github22:29
slickymaster#action knome and branau will look into the WP plugins possibility with branau?22:29
meetingologyACTION: knome and branau will look into the WP plugins possibility with branau?22:29
branauknome: I was going to set it up in git, have a preferred VCS?22:30
knomebranau, i have a github account (knomepasi), that works22:30
slickymastercan we proceed?22:30
krycekAnd, Launchpad does git too now.22:30
pleia2we tend to use bzr on launchpad, but it's not a blocker (I can use github too)22:30
knomelet me think for 30secs22:30
pleia2krycek: indeed22:30
pleia2and launchpad is open source, github is not ;)22:31
branauknome: I'm much more familiar with git, but I can set it up however you prefer22:31
* pleia2 stops being a problem22:31
knomebranau, git works, no problem for me22:31
pleia2yeah, git's fine22:31
knomebranau, so, to summarize:22:31
knomelet's be in touch (daily, if possible)22:31
knomeand if you need something, feel free to ping me22:31
knomefrom finding a plugin to writing code22:32
knomeand from the webapp requirements to whatnot22:32
meetingologyRemoving item from minutes: ACTION22:32
knomelet's set sunday night as the deadline for a PoC that is functional in some way22:32
branau_Got disconnected again22:33
knome#action knome and branau to collaborate with setting up a wordpress instance for the wallpaper submissions by sunday, feb 2122:33
meetingologyACTION: knome and branau to collaborate with setting up a wordpress instance for the wallpaper submissions by sunday, feb 2122:33
branau_Last I saw was let's stay in touch daily 22:33
knomeok, i'll paste you in PM again22:33
branau_Thanks 22:33
slickymasterok, moving on22:34
slickymaster#topic Updates and Announcements22:34
slickymasterVivid was EOL on February 4th <- https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2016-January/000203.html22:34
Nairwolfknome: what is a PoC ? 22:34
knomeNairwolf, proof of concept22:34
slickymasteralmost two weeks now22:34
knomeis there something we didn't cover with the EOL stuff?22:34
Nairwolfbranau: in which language you want to write this plugin ? Maybe we can talk about that later22:34
knomeNairwolf, wordpress, so php22:35
flocculantknome: we didn't website it in the end 22:35
branau1Nairwolf: WP is strictly PHP as far as I know22:35
slickymasterI think that eveyrthing was taken care of, knome 22:35
Nairwolfok, so, not for me22:35
knomeflocculant, as a blog article, yeah22:35
knomebut i've removed vivid from the support page22:35
knomeand from the docs startpage22:35
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krycekAll PPA packages for vivid are gone too.22:35
knomethat's also up-to-date (since the beginning)22:36
knomei think we're fine22:36
slickymasteranyone else has any update or announcement?22:37
flocculanttrusty point release tomorrow22:37
flocculant#info trusty point release tomorrow22:38
slickymasterthere's still time for some late testing22:38
knome#info knome moved a lot of the wiki pages to the new xubuntu wiki; the old ones are redirected correctly to both the wiki and the contributor docs22:38
flocculantslickymaster: I'll be randomly marking it ready at some point tomorrow - after another rebuild lands22:38
krycekknome: Got a template page for the meetings yet?22:39
slickymasteryeah, saw your ping to ochosi and bluesabre re that earlier today flocculant 22:39
knomekrycek, no, and we only get the meeting output in moin markup22:39
knomeso let's keep the meetings archive in the moin wiki for now...22:39
flocculantis that an update, announcement or just offtopic :p22:40
slickymastera mixed of the three22:40
slickymaster* mix22:41
slickymasteranything else?22:42
flocculantanything I've done is on tracker afaik22:42
pleia2knome: anything we should talk about?22:42
pleia2Two article series to lead to the 16.04 LTS release22:42
pleia2this is a thing22:42
knomeyes, it's a thing22:43
pleia2so if anyone not pitching in wants to, please do22:43
flocculant#info 2nd IRC testing session ran - not likely to run those again22:43
knomebasially, the media manager stuff is almost taken care of except getting the answers from people22:43
* pleia2 nods22:43
knomefor the other series (small details, faq-like series), we will likely need more ideas to choose from and writers too22:43
knomeas the mail says, the planning happens at http://wiki.xubuntu.org/website/series22:44
knomeand again, if any questions, i'm available here or via email22:44
pleia2flocculant: sorry to hear the testing sessions didn't work out, but thank you for trying them22:45
flocculantmore or less concurs with testing we get done tbh 22:45
knomei think it's great that we did the sessions22:46
knomeand tbh, if there is any motivation left, we should probably try to organize more later22:46
knomenot necessarily only for testing22:46
flocculantmost people aren't interested until they install a new version and something doesn't work for them - nothing new there :)22:46
pleia2tbh people keep telling me they want videos, which breaks my brain, but I guess I understand22:47
flocculantknome: not much of that tbh22:47
flocculantpleia2: and absolutely none of that :)22:47
knomewe can do videos, but i don't know how they will help...22:47
pleia2maybe next cycle we find someone who is not camera-shy to do that :)22:47
knomethey will just point to boring stuff (sorry flocculant, but i guess you agree)22:47
knomei mean, meh22:47
flocculantyup totally22:48
knometesting *is* not exciting22:48
pleia2knome: the point is that people want to see a video of someone clicking through and explaining step by step how to do it, on a video22:48
slickymastercan we move along?22:48
knomea video doesn't make it exciting22:48
pleia2knome: I hate videos, so I don't understand it, but it's totally a Thing22:48
knomeflocculant, maybe screencasts with no voice but overlays22:48
flocculantslickymaster: I thought we were in discussions without the #discussion22:48
pleia2anyway, just tossing that out there, as feedback from the social medias22:48
flocculantknome: possibly - but who'd want to watch someone adding a ppa for 5 minutes when it takes 30 seconds to read the words22:49
flocculantpleia2: ^^22:49
flocculantthat worked then :p22:49
knomeflocculant, those who like the videos...22:50
pleia2flocculant: the videos should probably be edited to skip through that kind of thing :)22:50
flocculantpleia2: why? That's what it would be about22:50
pleia2there are people in the world who are good at this stuff22:50
Guest79749hi, I just installed xubuntu and updated etc etc, all was fine until I rebooted and the top panel/taskbar has disappeared...can anyone help me sort it out please?22:50
flocculantGuest79749: #xubuntu22:50
pleia2Guest79749: we're having a meeting right now22:50
Guest79749ok ta, soz22:50
slickymaster#topic Discussion items22:51
flocculantpleia2: there might be - but there appear to be 3 or 4 people active in *test* - not sure any of us are them :)22:51
pleia2flocculant: fair enough, just tossing it out there22:52
flocculantyea - understand that :)22:52
flocculantit is a dry subject :)22:52
flocculantinstall this - did it work? 22:52
slickymasterI know it's not in the agenda but there's something I'd like to ask which is what are our plans regarding USC replacement?22:53
pleia2slickymaster: yeah, I was just asking about that before our meeting22:53
flocculantpleia2: I'd love to have so many people testing that I had to manage it - as everyone should know 22:53
slickymasterI'm asking this mainly concerning about the -docs side of this, because there will be a need for a lot of rewording22:53
flocculantperhaps subtopic it 22:54
pleia2Ubuntu is making progress on using gnome-software as a replacement22:54
knomeslickymaster, no idea yet for the final decision22:54
flocculantI haz quote22:54
pleia2I think our decision needs to be gnome-software vs. synaptic22:54
slickymaster#subtopic USC replacement22:54
knomepleia2, likely22:54
flocculant[18:14:35] <alkisg> one, when will gnome-software actually replace software center?22:55
flocculant[18:14:57] <alkisg> and two, I'm upstream + debian maintainer for 2 packages, can I sync them with ubuntu (with the appdata changes) even after the debian import freeze tomorrow?22:55
flocculant[18:15:13] <Laney> within days and yes22:55
pleia2from today: 22:55
pleia2that's about fixing packages related to it22:55
pleia2but work is being done22:55
flocculantpleia2: yep - catalyst for the above quote from Laney22:55
* pleia2 nods22:55
flocculantand re USC or not 22:56
pleia2I think USC makes no sense for us22:56
pleia2tbh, never did really :\22:56
pleia2but it worked so long as Ubuntu used it too22:56
flocculantif USC has been more or less unmaintained for *a while* - would using it for 3 years unmaintained be that much of a problem for us? 22:56
pleia2I think so22:57
knomeslickymaster, what's your take on the deadline for the decision to make sure we have time to change the docs and allow translators to work with it?22:57
pleia2until now vital problems have been fixed, with Ubuntu really pulling support we wouldn't even get that22:57
slickymastermid march at the most knome 22:57
pleia2I also think there's a problem with the dependencies (python?) but I'm not positive22:58
knomeslickymaster, can you info that so it gets specifically saved to the minutes22:58
flocculantpleia2: currently g-s still fails to see anything for me - so until it does - hard to decide22:58
slickymasterwhat exactly knome? the deadline?22:58
flocculanton the other hand - I never use USC and am extremely unlikely to use g-s22:58
pleia2flocculant: yeah, it may mean we go back to synaptic22:58
knomeslickymaster, yes22:58
pleia2flocculant: same22:58
knomesame here22:58
knomebut we are not the regular users22:58
pleia2knome: right22:58
flocculantI use synaptic when I'm not sure of a package22:58
flocculantknome: ack22:59
knomewhen i'm not sure, i use apt-cache search22:59
pleia2yeah, I only use the cli22:59
flocculantand synaptic afaik doesn't worrk with those bought things22:59
knomeno idea22:59
pleia2I don't know if bought things are much of a thing anymore22:59
knomethough we can just tell that the people who have bought things they should install g-s22:59
krycekAnd there's translations to keep in mind.22:59
flocculantright - that's probably the issue we need to worry about more for 'users' 22:59
flocculantpleia2: ok - really not sure - never did that :)23:00
knomei don't think it's a majority of our users anyway23:00
slickymaster#info Mid March should be the the deadline for a decision regarding the USC replacement, taking in consideration the needed time to change the documentations and allow translators to work with it23:00
flocculantI guess as a fallback position I would be happy with synaptic - plus a wiki page of some sort > if you need the things USC had - install g0s23:00
knomeslickymaster, great!23:00
knomeflocculant, wiki o.O?23:01
knomeflocculant, you don't mean docs?23:01
knome :P23:01
pleia2flocculant: +123:01
flocculantknome: whatever we want to call it - you know what I mean 23:01
slickymasteryeah, that falls more on the -docs that on a wiki page23:01
flocculantmissing :)23:01
knomeflocculant, i don't ;)23:01
flocculantknome: ok - so as long as it is written somewhere somehow - I am happy with that fallback position23:02
pleia2who is assigned to tracking gnome-software progression in ubuntu so we can intelligently make this decision in a few weeks?23:03
flocculantwhile slickymaster is happy with mid-march for docs we need input from bluesabre or whoever - likely that date is sooner23:03
knomei don't think anybody can be assigned to make sure we make intelligent decisions23:03
bluesabrehey all23:03
knomethere he is23:03
flocculantbluesabre: hi there :)23:03
slickymastersooner the better flocculant 23:03
slickymasterhey bluesabre (speaking of the devil)23:03
bluesabretrusty.4 +1 from me23:03
knomeof course, everything is ASAP23:03
bluesabreif thats the question23:03
flocculantbluesabre: thanks :D23:03
flocculantno it isn't :D23:04
flocculantor rather was earlier :)23:04
slickymasterUSC bluesabre 23:04
slickymasterwhat's your take23:04
flocculantbluesabre: basically slickymaster is happy with mid-march for docs if we use it - what about you? 23:04
knomeor in other words, when do we need the decision about the default package manager for 16.04 from your point of view23:04
bluesabretoo early to tell since it's still not functional, right?23:05
knomeregardless what the decision is23:05
bluesabrebut overall, if its good to go soon, I'll be +123:05
knomeeg. when do you need to know how to change the seed23:05
flocculantbluesabre: don't know about you - but it still shows nothing not installed23:05
flocculantand isn't good at showing what I do have23:05
krycekIf fop is ever fixed this cycle. :D23:06
bluesabrewhat's the current status overall, or is it still dead for all flavors?23:06
flocculantbluesabre: the other option on the table is revert to synaptic + a wiki/page/something along the lines of 'if you need things USC gave you - install g-s' 23:06
flocculantbluesabre: hard to tell tbh23:06
flocculantI've seen nothing from anyone other than people in -desktop trying to get it sorted and landed properly as default23:07
knome*i* would still just want to know when bluesabre needs the decision (whatever it was)23:07
* slickymaster too knome 23:07
bluesabregive me a sec....23:07
knomeanswer now please23:07
flocculantha ha 23:07
bluesabretomorrow is feature freeze, but I can imagine an exception would be granted for this case (since its still broken)23:08
flocculantalmost a cast-iron guarantee :)23:08
bluesabreMarch 10 is UI freeze23:09
knomehow long are we comfortable to push back?23:09
knomewe don't have to worry about the UI freeze23:09
knomethey always want us to contact the art, doc and web teams of xubuntu to make sure they are ok with the change23:09
knomethat's pretty easy for me23:09
bluesabremaybe March 7 would be a good milestone23:10
knomebut yeah, maybe it's a good target anyway23:10
bluesabregives us 2.5 weeks for testing before final beta23:10
* slickymaster agrees with that time frame23:10
bluesabreor maybe March 10, just to line things up nicely23:10
flocculantbut does it give us time to pull out? 23:10
flocculantfor g-s23:11
flocculantif we said 'noooooooooope' we'll use synaptic thanks 23:11
bluesabreI think that's enough time to pull out23:11
bluesabrechanging the seed is usually reflected by next day, easily within 223:11
knomeflocculant, and for QA, are you comfortable with that schedule?23:11
knome(likely the answer is no anyway, but is it in any way non-utopia)23:12
flocculantha ha ha 23:12
flocculantwell 23:12
flocculantthe thing is - it's not really something I would be comfortable with if the only person I get reports from is me in my sleep23:13
flocculantwe'd all need to try and use it if we had it23:13
kryceksynaptic it is!23:13
slickymastermm mm23:13
knomei guess the idea is that we would all try it before making the decision23:13
flocculantotherwise I'm not going to be +1'ing it if it is just me 23:13
knomeeg. before the deadline :P23:13
flocculantwhich relies on it actually working23:14
flocculantso - meet rock and hard place :)23:14
bluesabreflocculant: do you know where we stand on that? Are there plans for it to start working soon? :D23:14
flocculantbluesabre: mini Laney quote for it landing "<Laney> within days "23:15
flocculantbluesabre: did you see https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-desktop/2016-February/004785.html yet? 23:15
bluesabrenot yet23:15
bluesabrecame in here in a hurry when I saw my pings23:16
bluesabreoh that23:16
bluesabreyes, saw that23:16
flocculanthttp://appstream.ubuntu.com/xenial/universe/issues/index.html is the only bit I've seen that get's a hit from 'xub'23:16
bluesabreseveral xfce components have support for that now23:16
bluesabrewe just have to confirm things are good in the packaging23:16
bluesabreand fix otherwise23:16
bluesabre(me, Unit193, Noskcaj)23:17
bluesabreit's an interesting position currently23:17
flocculantanyway - back to g-s - I'll be happy if I see people using it and them being happy with it :)23:17
flocculantbluesabre: it is 23:17
pleia2flocculant: same23:17
bluesabregnome-software is going to be the new standard, but isn't ready right before b123:18
bluesabreusc probably won't be supported going forward23:18
bluesabresynaptic is a crappy experience for new folks23:18
bluesabreand advanced folks just use apt23:18
flocculantnowhere for me 23:18
slickymaster#action Team members to take the solemn commitment of using g-s from now until March 10th23:18
meetingologyACTION: Team members to take the solemn commitment of using g-s from now until March 10th23:18
meetingologyRemoving item from minutes: ACTION23:18
bluesabrethanks slickymaster23:19
flocculantslickymaster: we can't until it actually works :p23:19
bluesabrehopefully sooner than later23:19
flocculantyea 23:19
bluesabreI'll try to get the packages up to snuff before then23:19
bluesabrejuggling a lot of things at once lately23:19
flocculantbut from my pov - ok for ubuntu to decide all is hunky dory in April cos they have autotesting - without xfce23:20
krycekAnd free SRUs.23:20
flocculantso atm we are in the unenviable postition of not knowing quite yet :)23:21
flocculantslickymaster: I'd do an action starting with Once it works23:21
bluesabrewe find ourselves here once every other cycle23:21
flocculantha ha ha 23:21
bluesabrecomes with the -team membership ;)23:21
slickymasterok, does any one has anything else to say?23:22
flocculanton that I am all talked out for the time being :)23:22
bluesabreanything else I need to answer before we conclude?23:22
flocculantnot that I know of immediately 23:23
knomebluesabre, what color underwear are you using right now?23:23
slickymasterbeing so, the only left to do is23:23
slickymaster#action pleia2 to schedule next meeting23:23
meetingologyACTION: pleia2 to schedule next meeting23:23
pleia2aw man23:23
meetingologyMeeting ended Wed Feb 17 23:23:53 2016 UTC.  23:23
meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/xubuntu-devel/2016/xubuntu-devel.2016-02-17-22.00.moin.txt23:23
bluesabreknome: looks like blue :P23:23
knomebut my question was immediate :P23:23
bluesabrewaited for meeting to end23:24
knomenot straw man23:24
flocculantha ha ha 23:24
slickymasterthanks all23:24
flocculantthanks slickymaster 23:24
knomebluesabre, well done dodging that one :P23:24
bluesabrethanks slickymaster, you rock23:24
knome"you rock"23:24
knomethat's rude23:24
pleia2btw, I'm traveling next week, so next meeting will be first week of march23:24
knomecalling other people rocks...23:24
bluesabresorry I mostly missed another meeting you guys23:24
slickymasterI will, come May23:24
pleia2(I think we're ok to wait that long)23:24
slickymasterAC/DC are back in Portugal23:24
knomeif we want a meeting in between, i can chair that23:24
=== Unit193 is now known as kryten
=== krycek is now known as Unit193
flocculantor I23:30
knomenow we only need to decide whether we want that meeting :D23:30
flocculantor I guess whoever decides we should get one in :)23:30
knomei don't have anything special, so...23:31
flocculantrebuild is off 23:33
flocculantfor those of you not thinking of horses - but a finish :p23:33
knomeas long as the horses stay their stalls..23:34
slickymasterminutes are up23:34
flocculantI see I was noisy again23:35
flocculantwhy do we suddenly get the whole logs in the page? 23:35
knomei think because slickymaster copied it23:35
* slickymaster likes to give knome the stage23:36

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