GridCubefor some reason my screen setup is not being remembered when i reboot the computer, both monitor go back to mirrored mode with the smallest monitor resolution, i made an arandr script with the desired configuration and added it to the autorun at login area of configs but still doesnt do it00:05
GridCubethis is the script http://pastebin.com/rDmCAn2q00:06
GridCubei checked the sh created by arandr and says -rwx------ 1 grid 190 feb 13 16:44 base.sh so i went and made a chmod +x and now it looks like -rwx--x--x maybe this is it?00:14
GridCubemmm im reading around and the problem seems to be lightdm messing with the screens, its suggested that i add the xrandr script to the lightdm.config file00:26
GridCubei dont know how safe that is00:26
GridCubethis would be the suggested script http://pastebin.com/mgfYYUZp00:31
GridCubeno luck00:41
GridCubei dont understand why the script doesnt get autoexecuted at the login00:41
GridCubei dont get why it doesnt autorun the script00:59
GridCubewell i made a launcher on the panel and ill run the script from there, but thats just silly01:16
GridCubeit worked so fine until i upgrade01:16
ubottuHi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!01:18
knomeGridCube, patience!01:19
knomemaybe it helps if you sleep over it01:19
GridCubei tried01:19
GridCubeit seems xfce is not autorruning any script at all01:19
GridCubei tried creating a different script that just created a file on the home folder but nope01:20
GridCubewhat bothers me too is that xfce is completelly disregarding ~/.config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/displays.xml as well01:25
knomemaybe something else is overriding that01:25
GridCubei just dont get it02:01
ep0naxfce4-terminal is being a PITA06:58
ep0nacan i disable hotkeys/shortcuts in it?06:58
ep0nafor example, F11 opens it full screen06:58
ep0nabut i need to use F11 in the terminal06:58
Unit193ep0na: Edit → Preferences → Advanced06:59
ep0naomg ty Unit19307:00
ep0nawait, that didn't do it07:00
ep0nathat only disables F1007:00
ep0naF11 still makes the terminal full screen07:00
Unit193ep0na: Eh, right.  For that, edit  ~/.config/xfce4/terminal/accels.scm adding  (gtk_accel_path "<Actions>/terminal-window/fullscreen" "")  and relog.07:03
ep0nayou're kidding, right?07:05
ep0nathat's a huge pita07:05
DiamondSwordI have this: http://i.hizliresim.com/yLYpr9.png09:51
DiamondSwordI just install the Xubuntu09:51
DiamondSwordthere is some people talk about this but they are very old, like 2011-201209:51
DiamondSwordtried some of them, didn't work out.09:52
DiamondSworddouble mouse icon, double battery icon09:53
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DiamondSwordwhat can I do to fix it, please?09:53
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well_laid_lawnDiamondSword:  that looks ok to me09:58
DiamondSwordwell_laid_lawn, do you see there 2 mouse icon?10:02
DiamondSwordand it doubles when I add battery icon too.10:02
well_laid_lawnDiamondSword:  I don't see one mouse icon in that image10:04
DiamondSwordwell_laid_lawn, :) one on the right and the on on third at left10:05
DiamondSwordtwo are icon for mouse10:05
well_laid_lawnwhy do you think they are for the mouse ? there's not normally a staus bar icon for the mouse10:06
well_laid_lawnbut I do see the two icons that are the same10:07
DiamondSwordwell_laid_lawn, there is a battery icon there10:07
DiamondSwordthey are both for mouse or something, anyway one of them is extra, I want to remove it10:07
well_laid_lawnwhen you put the mouse over one of the icons does it give an indication of what it is ?10:08
DiamondSwordmouse, battery, show time in menu bar, show percentage in menu bar, power settings10:09
DiamondSwordI'm going to ubuntu ~10:11
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django_hey all13:38
django_when i hit print screen it gives me the option to upload to imgur, which account does it upload to though?13:38
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dkesseldjango_: they are uploaded without an account. At least here.14:56
sim642would be nice though to be able to set up your own account15:00
sim642that other weird service it has allows that15:02
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dkesselsim642:  sure. you're free to file a bug for xfce4-screenshooter - that is the application name18:23
dkesselmaybe on of the xfce developers will pick it up18:24
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Guest79749hi, I just installed xubuntu and updated etc etc, all was fine until I rebooted and the top panel/taskbar has disappeared...can anyone help me sort it out please?22:47
krycekGuest79749: Check to see if the panel is running first.  Can do that from a terminal with   ps ux | grep xfce4-panel   if it isn't, alt+f2 and  xfce4-panel22:52
Guest79749hi krycek, can't even open a terminal :/22:53
Guest79749no such luck22:53
Guest79749super+t or alt+ctrl+t both not working. I know they're both set to open it as I checked, but nothing is happening in the gui when I press those22:54
branau_Guest79749 are you able to open a terminal by right clicking on the desktop?22:55
Guest79749hi branau. Nope.22:55
branau_How about alt+f2?22:56
branau_Sorry, ctrl+alt+f222:56
Guest79749opens something called "application finder"22:57
branau_With control + alt + f2?22:57
Guest79749asks me for login info, I'm not sure of username...22:58
Guest79749I have both passwords22:58
Guest79749(not my laptop, my friend who is not here right now)22:58
branauGuest79749: Ah, you'll need to know his username for that to work22:59
Guest79749I'll message her now, she should be awake...hold on22:59
branauYou can press ctrl + alt + f1 all the way to like f7 to get back to the gui again22:59
Guest79749thanks branau, I'm there already ;)23:01
branauCool, haha. Just making sure. If you can get her username and password, you could login to another shell session like that and then check the processes running23:02
Guest79749that could help! ....if I can get the login username!23:02
Guest79749she might be working...hmmm. Right I'll come back here later when she replies. Thanks everyone: branau and krycek, really nice to have the support :-)23:03
branauSure thing, feel free to ping me when you're back if you're still stuck with it23:04
Guest79749thanks branau, i just tried a thing: went to logout and it said Logout Squeek, so Squeek must be the username, right? so in a shell session it gives me the name of the computer and the word login and then a ":"23:07
Guest79749I entered Squeek and the password but it didn't work23:08
Guest79749That seems to have me stumped23:08
branauyeah, Squeek is more likely than not her display name23:08
Guest79749but not the username?23:08
branauThey're not necessarily the same23:08
Guest79749so many names so little login!! LOL23:08
Guest79749ok branau, I'm off now, will ping you back when I find out m ore. Cheers again :-)23:09
branau_Sounds good, good luck!23:11
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