vhosakotHi, I have a question about cloud-init in OpenStack images.02:21
vhosakotAnybody there ? :)02:26
Odd_Blokesmoser: Where are we on moving 0.7.x to git?  I've got a few bzr branches hanging around that I'll hold off on merging/proposing if it's happening...11:23
Odd_Blokesmoser: Unrelately, the clear_dhcp and if_down_up methods in https://code.launchpad.net/~sankaraditya/cloud-init/topic-stanguturi-vmware-support/+merge/277933 make me a little nervous.  Do you know if there is a "proper" way of doing this via the OS?12:23
jgrimmOdd_Bloke, fyi, smoser is out on vacation today, will be back tomorrow tho15:10
Odd_Blokejgrimm: Ah, thanks. :)15:10
vhosakotHi, would it possible for cloud-init to make a cloud instance join a multicast group by sending an IGMP join message while the instance boots ?  This will enable cloud instances receive multicast traffic in a cloud.15:53
vhosakotHello, anybody there :)16:07
vhosakot? :)17:50
Odd_Blokevhosakot: o/17:53
vhosakotOdd_Bloke: \o/17:53
Odd_Blokevhosakot: cloud-init can run any scripts you give it, so you should be able to make it do that. :)17:53
Odd_Blokevhosakot: So if you construct appropriate user-data and pass that in to the instance, it should work.17:54
vhosakotOdd_Bloke: ok, so I can use the --user-data or --user-data-file argument of cloud-init to make the instance send IGMP join message while it boots. Is this right ?17:54
Odd_Blokevhosakot: Yeah, assuming that the cloud you're on will allow it etc. :)17:55
vhosakotOdd_Bloke: Yes, OpenStack's nova has --user-data argument that is passed to cloud-init when the instance boots17:56
Odd_Blokevhosakot: Oh, yeah, I mean assuming that IGMP multicast-y things work. :)17:56
vhosakotOdd_Bloke: yes, there will be a multicast sender in our cloud that responds to the IGMP join message sent by the instance17:58
Odd_Blokevhosakot: Cool!  Good luck getting it set up!17:58
vhosakotOdd_Bloke: thanks!  do you anyone that has tried/done multicast with cloud-init17:59
Odd_Blokevhosakot: I don't know anyone who's tried it, no.17:59
vhosakotOdd_Bloke: wow, I'm the first one.. thanks! have a great day :)18:00
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