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beisnerthedac, ack on that.  driven by the mitaka template @ http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~openstack-charmers/charms/trusty/nova-cloud-controller/next/view/head:/templates/mitaka/api-paste.ini#L11102:35
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jamespageurulama, morning - our /next branches under https://jujucharms.com/u/openstack-charmers-next appear to have stopped injesting  - could you take a look?09:13
urulamajamespage: will do09:13
urulamajamespage: https://api.jujucharms.com/charmstore/v4/changes/published?start=2016-02-1709:15
* jamespage scratches his head09:15
jamespageurulama, not sure whey https://jujucharms.com/u/openstack-charmers-next/neutron-api/trusty09:16
jamespage!= https://code.launchpad.net/~openstack-charmers-next/charms/trusty/neutron-api/trunk09:16
urulamajamespage: https://api.jujucharms.com/charmstore/v4/~openstack-charmers-next/neutron-api/meta/extra-info/bzr-digest shows it is the last revision ... however, the revision history is different. we did migration of some legacy services from PS3 to PS4.5, there might still be some issues09:19
urulamajamespage: also, https://api.jujucharms.com/charmstore/v5/~openstack-charmers-next/trusty/neutron-api/archive/tox.ini shows the change in code you did on Feb 16th09:20
jamespagehmm so its probably just the change history that is foobar right?09:21
urulamajamespage: yes09:21
jamespageurulama, ok thanks09:21
urulamajamespage: sorry for the confusion, but we're currently focused on new publishing process, keeping legacy ingestion alive but no improvements09:23
jamespageurulama, np - understand09:23
jamespagecan't wait to switchover tbh09:23
urulama:) as do we09:24
magicaltroutokay I'm new to EC2 VPC having come from EC2 Classic. But whats Juju supposed to do wrt to firewalls and routing?09:55
magicaltroutif I expose a service I would assume I can connect to it from the outside world09:55
magicaltroutbut I've had to slap on a custom rule in my VPC security group09:55
magicaltroutexpose seems to be doing absolutely nothing09:56
gennadiyhi everybody. i have got some issues with my bundle again - new version doesn't appear in charm store -10:07
gennadiybut it's pushed to launchpad - https://code.launchpad.net/~tads2015dataart/charms/bundles/tads2015-demo/bundle10:07
gennadiyhow much time do i need to wait until new version will be published?10:08
magicaltroutlast night was taking a couple of hours10:09
gennadiythanks, do i need to attach bugtracker to bundle ? point #4 - https://jujucharms.com/docs/1.25/charms-bundles10:12
magicaltroutare you trying to get it into the recommended name space?10:14
gennadiyno, i need userspace only10:14
magicaltroutthen you can ignore that10:15
magicaltroutthe bundles will update eventually, I think its just running a bit slow10:15
smartbitHow do I verify the version of juju-gui? I want to test https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-gui/+bug/154265210:51
mupBug #1542652: juju-gui hangs on "Connecting to the Juju environment" <juju-gui:Fix Released by bac> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1542652>10:51
magicaltroutsmartbit: can you do juju status --format yaml juju-gui10:53
magicaltroutand get the charm version back?10:54
magicaltroutsome people make me so sad, a company I work for deem it acceptable to have an 11 minute Hive query running in a reporting tool10:56
* magicaltrout whips out the shotgun10:56
marcoceppimagicaltrout: welcome to the bleeding edge10:56
smartbitWhich .box files do you recommend downloading with the newer juju-gui?10:56
magicaltroutits fun10:56
magicaltroutalthough a way to "export" running nodes and import them into a newly bootstrapped environment would be cool10:57
bacsmartbit: if you follow the same vagrant instructions you'll get the new juju-gui charm.  look forward to hearing if it now works for you.12:27
smartbitbac: Thanks will give it a try. Tried ubuntu/trusty64-juju' (v20160210.0.0) and that had juju-gui/0 agent-version:
bacsmartbit: that is the version of the juju agent, not the juju-gui12:32
smartbitbac: all the output I got from "juju status --format yaml juju-gui"12:33
bacsmartbit: the default charm at cs:juju-gui has the fix and is the one that vagrant pulls12:36
bacsmartbit: you can check the version of the gui that is running by going to http://<your gui IP>/version12:39
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smartbitbac: https://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/vagrant/trusty/current/trusty-server-cloudimg-amd64-juju-vagrant-disk1.box works like a charm :-)13:18
smartbithttp:// showed "version": "2.0.3"13:18
smartbitThanks for helping out.13:18
bacsmartbit: good news!  thanks for the bug report.  sorry for the inconvenience.  we'll keep an eye on vagrant in the future.13:26
smartbitbac: took me quite some time. Fixed now.13:35
smartbitTwo other inconvenient items: 1) "Installing Virtualbox Guest Additions 5.0.14 - guest version is 4.3.36" which takes quite some time.13:35
smartbit2) after "You have not informed bzr of your Launchpad ID, and you must do this to13:35
smartbit==> default: write to Launchpad or access private data.  See "bzr help launchpad-login".13:35
smartbit==> default: Branched 19 revisions." the output scrolls some 200-500 lines in bold-red mostly with a single character, while receiving some data.13:35
smartbitShould I file a bug for each of these? If so, what would be most appropriate topic?13:35
bacsmartbit: those should be filed against the vagrant image project...but i'm not sure where that is on launchpad13:48
bacsmartbit: i'll find out13:48
rick_h_aisrael: ^ do you know?13:50
jamespageicey, sorry but can you rebase https://code.launchpad.net/~chris.macnaughton/charms/trusty/ceph-osd/storage-hooks/+merge/284445 as well? showing a conflict14:06
iceyack jamespage14:07
iceydone jamespage14:13
jamespageicey, ta - I'll let osci run and then take a look14:17
aisraelrick_h_: bac: Vagrant bugs can be opened here: https://launchpad.net/juju-vagrant-images14:24
rick_h_aisrael: ty14:25
rick_h_smartbit: ^14:25
bacthanks aisrael14:25
smartbitrick_h: thanks14:25
smartbitbac: added comment to https://launchpad.net/bugs/1542652 regarding description of ws-secure. It seems to me ws_secure has three states (trivalent, ternary, or trilean) now: True, False and Unset. The description says it is Boolean.14:29
mupBug #1542652: juju-gui hangs on "Connecting to the Juju environment" <juju-gui:Fix Released by bac> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1542652>14:29
bacsmartbit: juju does not support such a type.  sorry for the imprecision but i think the description does adequately describe it.14:32
smartbitbac: understand. No prob.14:32
lazyPowerkjackal o/ heyo14:46
lazyPoweri hear you're having an issue with your OpenStack deployment?14:46
kjackalyes indeed14:47
lazyPowercan you re-paste the bits about the symptoms?14:47
kjackalrequest (https://cyclades.okeanos.grnet.gr/compute/v2.0/os-availability-zone) returned unexpected status: 400; error info: {"badRequest": {"message": "API endpoint not found", "code": 400, "details": ""}}14:48
kjackalthis happens when I try to bootstrap this private Openstack cloud14:48
lazyPowerbeisner jamespage ddellav - have either of you seen this happen after standing up the openstack bundle?14:48
kjackalI am not sure if this cloud runs on the latest release14:48
kjackalno no wait14:49
kjackalI didn't setup this cloud myself14:49
lazyPowerah so this isn't charmed openstack?14:49
kjackalno, it is not14:49
lazyPowerwell that changes things a bit14:49
beisnertrying to juju deploy something on top of an openstack cloud using the openstack provider?14:49
kjackalthe cloud already exists14:50
kjackalthey claim they offer an openstack API14:50
beisnerkjackal, what cloud is it?14:50
kjackalI am wondering how does juju figureout the API version to use when talking to openstack14:50
beisnerkjackal, also any idea what openstack release it's running?   also, whether it's got keystone v1/v2 support?14:51
kjackalthe cloud is this one: https://okeanos.grnet.gr/home/14:51
kjackalI am not sure about the versions14:52
kjackalis there a way to check this?14:52
kjackalAhh wait14:52
kjackalauth-url: https://accounts.okeanos.grnet.gr/identity/v2.0auth-url: https://accounts.okeanos.grnet.gr/identity/v2.014:53
kjackalsorry auth-url: https://accounts.okeanos.grnet.gr/identity/v2.014:53
kjackalso this should indicate it is a 2.0 ?14:53
beisnerok good, there are some known issues w/ keystone v3 at the moment so that's not it14:54
beisnerkjackal, at this point, i'd tend to export the openstack credentials and poke around their cloud as your user with openstack clients.  there are a ton of variables in play.14:55
kjackalsounds like a plan14:55
kjackalany suggestions on the client?14:56
beisnerpython-openstackclient python-novaclient python-keystoneclient14:57
kjackalah I see what you are saying! I got myself a weekend project then :)14:57
kjackalare there any "hidden/special" config options that can be used in environments.yaml ?14:59
beisnerkjackal, yah, basically inspect the keystone catalog   keystone endpoint-list   and use nova to create/delete instances and security groups in the same way that juju would.   fyi --debug on the client cmds for eyebleeding detail.15:00
beisneri'm not sure of any undocumented enviro options on this15:01
jamespagedosaboy, re https://code.launchpad.net/~hopem/charms/trusty/cinder/default-to-glance-v2-api/+merge/28475215:01
jamespagewhere is the cutoff for use of v2? if its icehouse, lets drop the config option altogether and just set v2 please15:02
jamespageessex did not have cinder...15:02
beisnerrockstar, zul - i've got a 2-node lxd deployment topology in the amulet test, and i'm seeing inconsistency on lxc config options on units:15:05
beisnerstorage.lvm_thinpool_name: LXDPool15:06
beisnerseems like it should be on both units15:06
beisnerdoh.  the 2nd unit also has an empty `lvs` whereas the first unit has the LXDPool volume group as expected15:07
dosaboyjamespage: good point, and the only < I version we support still is E so i'll drop the config option15:08
dosaboyjamespage: is it safe to just remove the config option altogether?15:08
beisnerrockstar, issue:  i can't file a stinkin' bug against the lxd charm until it promulgates some time down the line.  where do we track/file bugs?15:08
dosaboyi guess if you upgrade it will ignore it and complain if you try to set it again, so should be safe15:09
gennadiyhi everybody, i pushed my bundle 5 hrs ago - but it have not updated in store yet - https://code.launchpad.net/~tads2015dataart/charms/bundles/tads2015-demo/bundle15:14
gennadiyi used juju bundle prof before commit, everything was ok15:14
jamespagedosaboy, +1 yes - we may need to update bundles to reflect that change but I think that's fine15:15
jamespageno point having a knob that's useless15:15
jamespagebeisner, updated my os dash mp - testing ok with the default bundle on xenial - lets see what amulet says...15:18
jamespagedosaboy, only people we might annoy is those with that set in a bundle15:19
jamespagebut we can release note this15:19
rockstarbeisner: I'm not sure where we track lxd charm bugs.15:19
rockstarlxd proper bugs are handled on github.15:19
jamespagecan someone do me a quick +1 on https://code.launchpad.net/~james-page/charm-helpers/fixup-midonet-liberty-nonmem/+merge/28652415:22
jamespagetesting ok with neutron-api15:22
lazyPowerjamespage - approved15:23
jamespagelazyPower, ta15:23
thedacbeisner: nova-cc merged15:31
beisnerthedac, thx sir15:31
stokachulatest juju 2.0 beta1 login api started giving me this error on login: this version of Juju does not support login from old clients (not supported)15:33
stokachuI do pass Version: 2 into the parameters to utilize the older login api15:34
stokachuhere is the request parameters used: https://github.com/Ubuntu-Solutions-Engineering/macumba/blob/master/macumba/api.py#L59-L6415:35
stokachuI also tried version 3 but same error message, any ideas?15:35
magicaltroutI found similar today15:36
magicaltroutthe solution from the people that know was tear it down and start again ;'(15:36
magicaltroutso I did :)15:36
magicaltroutclient <-> server mismatch15:36
stokachumagicaltrout: that directed to me?15:37
stokachuok ill try again with a fresh bootstrap15:37
stokachumagicaltrout: did that work for you? what api client are you using15:38
marcoceppistokachu: what do you use to draw the full screen openstack-installer stuff from python?15:40
stokachuurwid is the toolkit15:40
stokachumarcoceppi: ^15:41
rick_h_marcoceppi: we used the same python tool in quickstart15:41
stokachumarcoceppi: i also have a library for widgets i commonly use https://github.com/Ubuntu-Solutions-Engineering/urwid-ubuntu15:41
rick_h_ooh, custom widgets ftw15:41
* marcoceppi wants to take a crack at juju-top15:41
stokachuthat would be cool15:42
stokachumagicaltrout: doesn't look like that works for me15:43
stokachufresh bootstrap and the login api is failing15:43
magicaltroutsoory stokachu clearly I lied :(15:44
stokachuwallyworld: https://github.com/juju/juju/commit/472e2d83a4edceea11e7dbee28c5bde78a920ce2 i think this is what is affecting me15:45
stokachuwallyworld: i attempted to set my version to 3 but i must still be doing something wrong15:46
jamespagedosaboy, so the multi l3 networks stuff - did you see my comments on the ceph one?15:52
dosaboyjamespage: yeah i fixed it already15:53
stokachuwallyworld: ok i got it worked out now16:25
stokachudisregard last messages16:25
jamespageoh lookling now then dosaboy16:30
jamespagedosaboy, not sure that's quite what I mean't16:31
* jamespage looks some more16:31
jamespagedosaboy, you still need get_network_addrs to deal with resolution of public address when multiple l3 nets are in use16:33
dosaboyjamespage: otp, i'll take a closer look after, i might have rushed that one :(16:39
jamespagedosaboy, you went to far!16:40
dosaboyjamespage: oops now i see it ;)16:49
kwmonroelazyPower: what's the right way to deal with a layered charm that has no unit_tests dir? layer-basic has it in the Makefile, but if the consuming charm doesn't include a unit_tests dir, lint gives this "unit_tests:1:1: E902 IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'unit_tests'"17:13
lazyPowereither provide a makefile that doesn't look for unit_test, or write unit_tests i suppose17:14
kwmonroekjackal just ran into that ^^  i see in one of your charms, you used an empty __init__.py.  i'm curious if that's the best way to do it.17:14
beisnerjamespage, your dashboard MP test hit bug 1546209 for wily17:20
mupBug #1546209: Wily: apache2 Address already in use: AH00072: make_sock: could not bind to address <uosci> <openstack-dashboard (Juju Charms Collection):New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1546209>17:20
jamespagebeisner, I saw17:20
beisnerjamespage, ack.17:20
jamespageI'll take a peek now17:20
gennadiy can somebody help me with ? "i pushed my bundle 5 hrs ago - but it have not updated in store yet - https://code.launchpad.net/~tads2015dataart/charms/bundles/tads2015-demo/bundle"17:21
jamespagebeisner, https://bugs.launchpad.net/charms/+source/neutron-gateway/+bug/154712217:25
mupBug #1547122: xenial: nova-api-metadata not running post deployment <openstack> <xenial> <neutron-gateway (Juju Charms Collection):New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1547122>17:25
beisnerjamespage, hah.  oh neat17:27
dosaboyjamespage: sanity hopefully restored to l3 patches17:29
* jamespage peeks17:29
dosaboyjamespage: i'm deploying now to test but let me know if that is what you were after17:29
jrwrengennadiy: i'm looking into it.17:38
jrwrengennadiy: bundle verification failed: ["cannot validate service \"restcomm\": configuration option \"sms_proxy\" not found in charm \"cs:~tads2015dataart/trusty/restcomm-4mesos-1\""]17:39
balloonsmarcoceppi, how's the list looking today? I have down charms for haystack and parse.17:57
marcoceppiwhat are those?17:57
balloonsno idea, it was just in the pad of old ideas.17:58
marcoceppiballoons: we want layers17:58
marcoceppiso we want a rails layer, php layer17:59
marcoceppito start17:59
balloonsok, brillant. I'll add those18:00
balloonswhat can we quantify as the deliverable. A published layer?18:01
marcoceppiballoons: i'll ahve a few more18:01
marcoceppia layer that's published and used by one charm18:02
marcoceppitypically to prove the layer is good the author will publish a charm using it18:02
balloonsahh, makes sense18:06
jamespagebeisner, I think the wily/liberty failure is a restart race on apache218:10
beisnerjamespage, yup looks like it18:10
metsukedoes juju support multi-user environments?  I know we can make users, but can they be segregated between environments?18:10
beisnerjamespage, trying to bind before the old proc has let go18:10
jamespagebeisner, I think so but I can't repro on the box18:12
jamespagebeisner, well anyway i've disable that test for now - I'd like to see if we get the same on xenial18:18
beisnerjamespage, clearly this is a lie :-)   Feb 13 04:14:33 ubuntu systemd[1]: Stopped LSB: Apache2 web server.    i'd suspect that bit in apache2 init scripts (validating that it has stopped).18:19
beisnerjamespage, ack thx18:20
gennadiy2jrwren thanks a lot18:20
pmatulisi tried to 'create-model' and got this: "cmd supercommand.go:448 opening model: "controller-resource-group" config not specified" - what is that about?18:43
Razvais there any way to tail a juju deployment via autopilot? I cannot really find any logs of the ingoing installation...18:46
pmatulissomething to do with the azure provider18:47
pmatulisaxw: do you know?18:48
pmatulisthis is the first time i hear of a parameter for azure called 'controller-resource-group'18:49
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beisnerhey coreycb - any clue of topology, config, relations, etc., for the barbican + aodh thing?19:09
beisneralso, what u:os release combos should they be used for?19:09
coreycbbeisner, I think we still need charms for those 219:10
coreycbbug designate I believe would be ready for putting in bundles19:10
beisnercoreycb, oh ok.   /me ignores card until charms exist with amulet tests.19:10
coreycbddellav and I are just working through package updates so we can get the packages into main and I realized we don't have a great way to test them19:11
coreycbbeisner, ok19:11
cloudguruCan anyone confirm the latest version of the layer/docker charm fully supports and has tested DOCKER_OPTS ?20:15
firllazyPower any updates on kubernetes and the charming progress?20:37
lazyPowerfirl mbruzek and i are on a hangout right now debugging the etcd bug we thought we had squshed20:40
firlhaha ok20:40
lazyPowerif you want to join we can riff on some k8s20:40
mbruzekfirl: What parts are you interested in?20:40
firlI have 20 minutes; don’t mind getting on20:40
lazyPowerthe more the merrier20:41
beisnerzul, o-c-t merged20:44
beisnerzul, i get an error instance when i use raw instead of root-tar for the image format.20:48
beisnerit works with root-tar20:48
lazyPowericey - did you get a PR formed for consul?20:52
iceylazyPower: I'll send you an MP today, I need to make 2 actually :)20:52
iceyfix the install, and then one to integrate with a consul-agent20:52
lazyPowerok just curious - i went and looked. are you planning on proposing against upstream github or the ~zoology lp repo or?20:53
iceyI can do whichever you'd rather, where is the GH repo?20:55
lazyPowermbruzek ^20:55
mbruzekicey: https://github.com/mbruzek/consul-charm20:56
mbruzekicey: that was written before I knew about layers20:57
iceymbruzek: I know :) I'm going to send a couple of PRs that are fairly small :)20:57
iceymbruzek: you already did the updates to change the release path21:07
mbruzekicey: we are working on different stuff21:07
mbruzekmy bad21:07
* icey sadface21:08
mbruzekicey: truth be told I want to rewrite it in reactive.21:08
mbruzekI find those charms much easier to read and maintain.21:08
mbruzekbut you want what is in my github in the charmstore?21:09
mbruzekicey: I am running the bundletests now if they work I will propose that as a new charmstore branch21:18
iceymbruzek: the version currently in the charmstore cannot deploy so yes, that would be nice :)21:19
mbruzekicey: well then *you* can review the changes to expedite the process21:19
iceymbruzek: I can say they're nice but I'm community ;-)21:20
iceyand I think the one in the charmstore is namespaces under zoologists21:20
mbruzekyeah that is the right place for it, I never got it proposed to ~charmers21:20
mbruzekI don't want to until it is a layer21:21
mbruzekbut I can put it in the zoo21:21
iceymbruzek: let me know where you'd like me to look at it and I'm happy to do so21:23
cory_fulazyPower: Hrm.  https://github.com/juju/charm-tools/pull/103 is missing a way to remove values from merged lists.21:26
cory_fuI feel like we need an extension to or a generalization of the "deletes" functionality in layer.yaml: https://github.com/juju/charm-tools/blob/master/doc/source/build.md#layeryaml21:27
lazyPoweryeah i had made mention during my 1x1 that the PR was probably not a full fix for what we were looking at trying to do21:27
lazyPowercory_fu lets back that out until its gotten a proper round of tests yeah?21:49
lazyPowercory_fu would you prefer i submit an uncommit or do you want to peel it back?21:49
cory_fuHrm.  This merged into master and not road-to-2.0, so I'm guessing it won't go into the next release anyway?21:51
cory_fuOr is that backwards?21:51
lazyPowerI'm not certain tbh21:52
cory_fuWhat further testing are you wanting to do, though?21:54
lazyPowerfind out what is actually happening to metadata.yaml thats causing the sum mismatch in the test21:58
cory_fuI think it's pretty clear that the categories list is getting combined and the "databases" key is duped21:59
cory_fuDue to it being present in both layers.  I'm actually ok with that, now that I've thought about it for a while, but we do need some way of removing list values set by lower layers if we're going to do merging22:00
lazyPowerok, de-dupe by default right?22:00
axwpmatulis: controller-resource-group is an internal thing. if it's complaining about that not being set, there's a bug - you shouldn't need to set it23:04
pmatulisaxw: ok, i opened a bug23:09
axwpmatulis: thanks23:09

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