bshaherr... in kdeplasma-addons somehow scim stuffs are back04:10
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clivejobshah: regarding kdeplasma-addons it had a broken merger due to previous changes11:34
bshahclivejo: still broken? or fixed?11:35
clivejoI dont know11:35
clivejoPhil added those files to the install file11:35
bshahthis should not be in _unstable for sure..11:36
bshahas in master it was removed11:36
clivejohow is it removed?11:36
bshahwas moved to plasma-workspace11:37
bshahclivejo: https://quickgit.kde.org/?p=kdeplasma-addons.git&a=commit&h=c24ceb9eaf11795b750118c68a479da3303de2bd11:37
dokositter, Riddell: does kubuntu care about https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/plasma-widget-mail/0.3.1-0ubuntu9 ?11:52
Riddelldoko: no it's kdelibs4 stuff.  note neither me nor sitter are spending much time on kubuntu currently11:53
dokoRiddell, yeah, I noticed :-/ is there still anybody caring?11:57
Riddelldoko: you can try sgclark, yofel, clivejo11:58
clivejodoko: what the problem with it?12:00
yofelthat's not even in the packageset, so we "technically" never even supported that?12:00
yofelwould be one reason why we didn't know about it at least12:00
dokoclivejo, well, see the link above12:01
clivejoah FTBFS12:01
dokoclivejo, yofel: there's also a problem with kde4libs (main), wanting some dozen new deps in main ... see http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/component-mismatches-proposed.svg12:02
yofelbshah, clivejo: FWIW, I have no idea why I added scim back - maybe it got in during the debian merge..?12:02
clivejoyofel: I dont know either, just got fed up with KCI blaming me for it12:03
clivejoI attempted to fix it12:03
clivejothe changelog is a mess12:03
yofeldoko: hm, we'll look at that. That's far too much12:04
clivejoyofel: how come there is so much UNRELEASED stuff?12:05
yofelwe never released it?12:05
clivejoshould we not start getting it released?12:05
yofelsure, find someone that does it12:06
yofelI'll have time over the weekend - I hope12:06
yofelI wonder if we should tag frameworks as released so we can work on 5.1912:07
yofelI can generate packages from a tag..12:07
yofeldoko: regarding time, there's at least 3 of us devs left that care. But with all of us doing this in our free time only and working on some 300 packages things are not exactly going well.12:09
yofelwe should be able to reduce that amount next release - I hope...12:09
yofeldoko: and regarding plasma-widget-mail.. kill it please12:11
dokoyofel, please file a bug report to remove it, and subscribe ubuntu-archive12:11
clivejoyofel: I dont think I can do anything more with apps, the remaining ones are beyond me.  Anything else I can do?12:15
yofelclivejo: set frameworks to released, tag it and start with 5.1912:15
yofelor maybe a rebuild test would be a good idea before that12:16
yofelI would have to do that anyway12:16
clivejoset framewords to release, and tag it, I dont know how to do that12:17
yofelok, I'll do it12:18
clivejoif you walk me through it then Ill know for again :/12:19
yofelI can c&p what I do myself at least12:19
yofeloh right12:19
clivejoyeah please c&p12:20
yofeltesting 14.04 would be a thing - if you can afford the bandwidth12:20
yofelin kubuntu-automation: /git-clone-all -t /tmp/fwrb/ -r frameworks12:20
davmor2clivejo: 14.04.4 release is today12:21
clivejodavmor2: I’m dyslexic, numbers mean very little to me, especially remembering them!  What is at 14.04.4?12:23
yofelclivejo: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/356/builds12:24
davmor2clivejo: the forth point release for trusty LTS12:24
clivejoI was wondering why the bot was announcing iso builds12:25
clivejoThat explains it12:25
davmor2clivejo: and then next week 16.04 beta1 testing kicks in \o/12:26
clivejoIm afraid all of my boxes are on Senile12:26
clivejoyofel: fwrb = frame works re build?12:27
clivejoI wish I could watch you12:28
clivejoI bet you have tons of tricks to save time12:28
yofelnot really... or at least nothing I conciously think about. I do a lot of on-the-fly shell scripting if anything12:31
* highvoltage warps in12:34
clivejono running in the hallways!12:35
highvoltagerules are there to be broken.12:35
yofelhence the warp? ^^12:35
clivejoyofel: are you still cloning?12:37
yofeljust finished12:37
yofelnext: cd /tmp/fwrb; do-all git checkout kubuntu_xenial_archive; do-all git-buildpackage-ppa -s 5012:38
yofeloh dang, failing on uscan12:38
clivejohighvoltage: davmor2 is looking for 14.04.4 testers :)12:38
clivejocause 5.19 is out?12:38
yofelyeah, let me figure out an rsync command12:38
clivejoppa50 ?12:39
clivejoor is that a special number?12:39
highvoltagedavmor2: cool, I'm syncing kubuntu 14.04.4 20160217.1 and will give it a spin through its test cases12:39
yofel= 5012:39
davmor2highvoltage: awesome12:39
clivejoId pick 9912:39
clivejoyofel: is that a bug in uscan, or designed that way for a reason?12:41
yofelI think there's a bug report in debian for that12:41
clivejooh, International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) CEO Paul Druckman plans to step down this year.12:43
clivejoyofel: do you do a package list refresh?12:44
yofelno, the current one is 5.18, is it not?12:44
* yofel stares at the screen while oxygen-icons downloads.......12:45
clivejohow did you so the rsync?12:45
Riddellovidiu-florin: ping?12:46
clivejoteach me master yoda12:46
yofelI'll tell you that once it's done12:48
clivejoae you cheating? :P12:49
yofelrsync -avh ftpubuntu@depot.kde.org:/srv/ftp/pub/kde/stable/frameworks/5.18/ build-area; mv build-area/portingAids/* build-area/12:50
yofelalso fetches the zips though if you're concerned about bandwidth (I'm not)12:50
Riddellhow do I edit kubuntu.org? https://www-admin.kubuntu.org/ isn't working12:50
yofelRiddell: https://kubuntu.org/wp-admin - you'll need to be in the webadmin team on LP12:51
yofelmeh, stupid uscan12:52
clivejoyofel: so you are just grabbing a copy of all the frameworks tarballs?12:52
clivejoyofel: I think I staged those so should have them all locally12:53
clivejofor me Id just have to pull all changes from debian git12:53
yofelright, we'll I didn#t12:54
clivejoyofel: just thinking :P12:54
yofeluscan workaround: cd build-area; for file in *.xz; do ln -s $file ${file%-*}_5.18.0.orig.tar.xz; done; cd ..12:54
clivejoif I do a "do-all git pull"; would that work?12:57
clivejoeak qtbase5 has another update today 12:58
clivejoyofel: Im gonna go for lunch, but post the commands so I can see the process13:00
clivejoI think I see what you are doing13:00
yofelright now running git-buildpackage-ppa again13:02
yofelsome tarballs need renames though, so I'll do that once the run completes and re-run it13:02
BluesKajHiyas all13:08
highvoltageis it normal for kubuntu to have the lock screen enabled in the live session?14:17
yofelI'm fairly certain that's a bug that we never fixed14:18
BluesKajhighvoltage, just turn itoff if it bothers you :-)14:19
Riddellhighvoltage: can't be as bad as tanglu which I just discovered has lockscreen and blank password doesn't work15:02
Riddellximion: how do I get round that? ^^15:02
ximionRiddell: on the live-cd?15:08
ximionblank password should work, but actually, the lockscreen should be disabled15:08
ximionare you using the development version (dasyatis, T4), or the stable version (chromodoris, T3)15:09
ximionin the latter case, try "live" as password15:09
Riddellximion: stable, chromodoris, on virtualbox15:09
Riddellximion: I see you don't have uefi support in the images, do you get many complaints about that?15:09
ximionyes, which is the reason why it's a high priority task for the next release: https://tracker.tanglu.org/T15915:11
ximionUEFI on the live-cd works well already, but both installers have problems installing Grub correctly15:11
ximionwhile most people are fine with disabling UEFI, it's annoying to those who are using it in e.g. multiboot scenarios, and it's generally not nice if it doesn't work - so T4 will have UEFI support, secure boot is a different beast though, and much more complicated to do it right15:13
yofelclivejo: so, rebuild done and things look fine. Now to the releasing:16:02
yofeldo-all sed -e '1s/UNRELEASED/xenial/' -i debian/changelog16:02
yofeldo-all git commit -am \"Release to xenial\"16:02
yofeldo-all git-tagpkg16:02
yofeldo-all git push origin --follow-tags16:02
yofelthe sed stuff can probably be done with dch -r as well or so16:02
clivejowho broke kio!!16:04
clivejoyofel :P16:04
yofelI break all the things16:11
clivejolooks ok16:13
yofelclivejo: push done, you can start with 5.19 if you want16:15
BluesKajwasn't able to boot into 16.04 after the last upgrade , the recovery kernel and the older kernels fail as well and the journalctl log wouldn't load in the root VT prompt 16:15
yofelclivejo: I wonder if just merging in master for all repositories would make sense?16:16
yofelshould be next to no diff now that we merged already?16:16
clivejodebian already have 5.19 done16:24
clivejoI merged kio as maxy done the new kio gui package better that I did16:24
yofelthen this would be an application of "do-all git merge origin/master" ?16:28
yofeland figuring out the failures16:28
yofel+ adding changelogs16:29
clivejooh good lord16:35
yofelthis would be the last time that we would touch frameworks at all, so it might be worth it16:37
clivejobut is it wise to mass merge them?16:37
clivejoI guess try it and see how many conflicts pop up!16:38
yofelwell, you'll have to still read the diff16:38
yofelbut you can also 'do-all git diff' that ^^16:38
clivejoyou want me to do it :P16:39
clivejogive me enough rope and Ill hang myself!16:39
yofelas I said earlier, I love doing a lot of on the fly scripting :P16:41
yofelyou can just do it by hand if you want16:41
yofelframeworks is small enough that it's still reasonable16:41
clivejoIll look later, Im in a bit of a foul mood16:49
clivejojust got all four seasons in the space of an hour16:50
yofelbe happy, here I had grey sky and light mist for 3 days straight now. Kind of depressing -.-16:53
clivejoI was happily enjoying the sunshine, sawing sticks then there was heavy rain, sleet snow and driving wind16:56
clivejogot soaked to my skin16:56
yofelmparillo: did you mark the iso testdays that you did as passed?16:57
yofelhighvoltage: ^16:59
mparilloyofel: highvoltage: I did, but I did test on a prior release candidate, so my test is no longer on http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/356/builds17:13
yofelok, thanks for testing17:13
yofelone of the other QA folks did some testing for the new images17:13
mparilloBasically, it was brief. VMware using their easy install. Tested maybe two apps on each after successful install.17:14
yeehiTrying to run Kubuntu Xenial in a VM using KVM. It reaches the desktop, but won't install.17:53
yeehiError message: libvirt did not detect any UEFI/OVMF firmware image installed on the host17:54
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yeehiSomebody solved the not installing problem mentioned earlier. Thank you! Xenial is now installing in KVM!18:32
mparilloyeehi: I thought this was the root cause of the Xenial install bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/hundredpapercuts/+bug/152945018:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1529450 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "[master] AttributeError: 'PageKde' object has no attribute 'get_secureboot_key'" [Critical,Triaged]18:48
yeehiThanks, mparillo Why do you love Plasma / Kubuntu?18:50
mparilloLinux in general is what I need to run inside a VM on my work computer. Linux in general allowed me to recover my son's laptop after the Win7 to Win10 upgrade failed. Kubuntu feels to me the lightest KDE distro, and the folks here and on kubuntuforums.net are the best. So I help with Plasma 5, even though it is only now approaching Plasma 4.18:57
mparilloyeehi: But is sounds as you are successfully installing even though the underlying bug is not solved?18:58
yeehiThe daily today installed beautifully, mparillo!18:59
yeehiI was very happy18:59
mparilloTY. I will try myself again soon then.19:08
sgclarkclivejo: ping19:41
clivejosgclark: pon19:41
sgclarkare you working on kdepim-runtime?19:42
clivejonot any more19:42
sgclarkhmmm FTBFS kdesdk-kioslaves19:55
clivejoyofel: I merged master -> xenial_archive and I think all of them have conflicts :(19:59
clivejomainly changelog, control and rules20:00
clivejobut a few symbols and install files to make things interesting20:01
clivejowait, should I stage them first?20:01
clivejoif I bumped to 5.19 that *might* fix a few of the control file conflicts?20:02
sgclarkuh what is going on? kf5 was already merged20:05
yofelclivejo: just stage it normally then. Not worth the trouble20:05
clivejoactually I think if I staged first it would get rid of a lot of these conflicts20:06
clivejomost are :20:06
clivejo<<<<<<< HEAD20:06
clivejo               extra-cmake-modules (>= 5.18.0~),20:06
clivejo               extra-cmake-modules (>= 5.19.0~),20:06
clivejo>>>>>>> master20:06
yofelI don't think so.. but I wonder what the conflict in rules would be?20:06
sgclarkwhy are you merging kf5 again?!?!20:06
yofelah yeah, that'll happen20:07
yofelsgclark: I thought merging would be easy...20:07
yofelwell, it's not20:07
sgclarkI a mso confused, do you mean to sync?20:07
sgclarkkf5 merges have already been done, I am so confused ight now20:08
clivejothe other problems are symbols20:08
sgclarkapps however still have stuff to be done.20:08
yofelwell yes. So I thought just merging in 5.19 should be easier than doing stuff ourselves20:08
yofelwell, wrong idea20:08
yofellets revisit that thought next release20:08
sgclarkI see.20:08
clivejoours symbols are labelled 5.18+git.... , debians are 5.1920:09
sgclarkyeah symbol headers always seem to conflict20:09
sgclarkand the version bumps will be issue in control20:09
yofelah right..20:10
clivejoI dont mind going through those the fixing manually20:10
yofelI should not give advice while being absent minded20:10
yofeljust stage it yourself. Will be a lot less work20:10
yofelnote: I was already wrong once today XD20:10
clivejoyofel: is there a way to undo the merge locally, or should I just clear the folder and git clone again#20:10
sgclarkwell I merged kdenlive and it has repo in an off infa svn ... that was fun.. NOT20:11
yofelclivejo: git reset --hard origin/kubuntu_xenial_archive should undo stuff20:11
clivejoshould or definitely ?!? :P20:12
yofelit won't undo untracked stuff, and I'm not a 100% expert on git behavior20:12
sgclarkyofel: not sure what to do about kdesdk-kioslaves it is not packaging but and actual build fail.20:12
clivejoHEAD is now at 6604e11 Release to xenial20:13
yofelfile an upstream bug I guess.. and we'll skip it in the upload20:13
sgclarkyofel: ok20:13
clivejosgclark: could that be the debian/tmp thingie again?20:13
sgclarkclivejo: mm not sure what you mean. this fails with recipe svn.cpp not sure that has anything to do with debian/tmp20:15
clivejo$(overridden_command) --destdir=debian/tmp20:15
sgclarktotally unrelated20:16
sgclarkno product for kdesdk-kioslaves... on kde bugs20:18
sgclarkyofel: is there a way to delete a super seceded build in a PPA, I messed up and left an epoch that should have been removed. And now a new release will not publish.20:23
yofelyes, wait like a random time up to half a day until the janitor deletes the files20:24
clivejoyofel: staging-upload script is failing20:25
yofellog please20:25
clivejoin bump-build-dep-versions20:26
clivejoExpecting property name enclosed in double quotes: line 75 column 1 (char 273620:26
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clivejodid I mention everything seems to be going wrong for me today?20:29
yofelnow you did20:30
clivejoyofel: https://paste.kde.org/pkjl3r4rg20:30
yofelclivejo: remove the comma at the end of dev-package-name-lists/frameworks-xenial.json line 7520:33
yofelstupid json being over pedantic20:33
clivejook its staging at the moment20:40
clivejoshould I push that fix to KA?20:40
clivejothis script doesnt seem to be bumping build depends20:42
clivejoI thought it outputs a diff?20:42
clivejonope, its not bumping them :/20:45
yofelyes, push it20:47
yofelthe new script hardcodes the versions in the json files20:47
yofelunless you update *that* first, it won't do anything20:47
yofeland IIRC there's no automatic way to update those yet20:47
yofelsed is your friend20:48
clivejowhat json files?20:49
yofelthe one you just fixed20:49
clivejo"_comment": "This file was generated automatically by dev-package-name-list."20:50
yofeldoes that work *before* you upload stuff yet?20:50
clivejoLOL Ive deleted the workspace folder20:50
clivejoshould I bump these all manually?20:51
yofelas I said, sed is your friend20:51
clivejoI havent pushed the comma fix yet20:51
yofelor use perl if you're crazy20:51
clivejofind and replace?20:51
yofelor that20:52
clivejolibkf5identitymanagement-dev is apps20:53
clivejobump thats to 15.12.1?20:53
clivejoI guess not, we havent finished those yet, so wont be in the staging PPA20:54
yofelwe'll have to make sure apps deps are not higher than 15.0820:55
yofelor stuff won't build in the archive20:55
yofelI should probably throw stuff into a clean ppa before uploading..21:01
clivejoits currently 15.12.021:14
clivejoyou must have moved that to the staging PPA?21:14
clivejoIll bump it to 15.12.121:14
clivejoand pushed21:16
clivejolets try the staging script agian21:17
clivejothats better21:17
yofelyeah, but that will definiely fail in the archive21:22
yofelso that's something to be aware of when uploading21:23
sgclarkwhy are we working on new stuff when we have not finished old stuff?21:39
sgclarkclivejo: marble needs symbols update.21:40
sgclarkso does libkf5kipi21:41
sgclarkand again with libkf5kface21:41
clivejohummmmm Debian only do symbols for amd64?21:57
sgclark ask them?21:57
sgclarkclivejo: did you research the lintain error on ktp-text-ui? if not you need to.21:58
clivejo# SymbolsHelper-Confirmed: 4:15.12.0 amd6421:58
clivejolibmarblewidget-qt5.so.23 libmarblewidget-qt5-23 #MINVER#21:58

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