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alkisgIs the recovery mode broken in xenial for everyone, or just for me? :)06:18
lotuspsychjecoolmouse: hello mate, did your card have better support now on xenial?06:50
lotuspsychjemorning k1l06:51
haasnTrying to make Ubuntu 16.04 use lightdm instead of gdm as the login manager, but `systemctl start lightdm` just fails with the nebulous message “Failed with result 'exit-code'.”. How can I figure out what's happening?11:04
alkisghaasn: isn't lightdm the default?!11:05
haasnalkisg: No, on a fresh install I just have gdm installed.. hmm11:06
alkisghaasn: is that normal ubuntu (unity), or something like ubuntu-gnome?11:06
alkisgMaybe you downloaded the wrong cd?11:07
haasnalkisg: I don't know, I'm installing via debootstrap. It's just set to install “xenial” from the normal ubuntu mirror11:10
alkisghaasn: I don't think debootstrap includes a default desktop environment, so you're probably telling it to install some package like ubuntu-desktop?11:11
haasnalkisg: ubuntu-desktop, yes11:12
alkisgubuntu-desktop depends on lightdm, not gdm11:12
haasnHmm, I tried forcibly deinstalling gdm, installing lightdm and rebooting the system, now I'm stuck on a VT and can't actually type anything (but I can still switch  VTs with ctrl+alt+Fn)11:12
haasnalkisg: I'm also installing ubuntu-gnome-desktop, maybe that's what pulls in gdm?11:13
alkisgYup, most likely11:13
haasnApparently SSHd doesn't start itself on boot, now11:13
haasnI can ping the machine but not SSH11:14
alkisgAnd since gdm is installed after lightdm, that's what you're seeing11:14
alkisgUse the recovery console to fix it11:14
alkisgAnd don't purge gdm if you want ubuntu-gnome-desktop11:14
alkisgUse update-alternatives to select a DM11:14
alkisgIf lightdm was uninstalled, then ubuntu-desktop was uninstalled too, as it depends on it11:15
alkisgSo it sounds like you have a pretty broken installation now, maybe it would be best to reinstall properly11:15
haasnOh, lightdm *is* installed11:16
haasnI'm just trying to get it to run lightdm instead of gdm3 on boot11:16
alkisgupdate-alternatives is the command for that11:17
alkisgAnd there's also /etc/X11/default-display-manager11:18
vitimitiHuge upgrade today, it seems, including the new software center, I like it11:20
haasnalkisg: Hmm, just setting /etc/X11/default-display-manager didn't help (it just displayed graphical error messages claiming “graphics/keyboard/mouse not configured correctly” and asking me to reconfigure them, which did nothing) but removing ubuntu-gnome-desktop definitely changed something11:27
haasnNow on booting I get this purple login manager with a scrollable user list down the left sided11:27
haasnIs that ubuntu's lightDM config?11:27
alkisghaasn: I think your issue is broken packages, I don't think it's worth to spend time to troubleshoot a broken installation11:28
alkisgIt should be much easier to reinstall11:28
haasnalkisg: I'm running a fresh install ATM on another machine already11:28
haasnalkisg: These are installed with an auto-deployment system11:28
haasnIf there's something broken now, it'll be broken on future fresh installs too11:28
alkisgAnd that system needs both ubuntu-desktop and ubuntu-gnome-desktop?11:29
alkisgThat doesn't sound right...11:29
haasnalkisg: Well, I didn't add those entries to the package list. Somebody else did. So I don't know what the rationale behind it was. But we provide multiple window managers for users to use11:29
alkisgIf installing gnome-desktop breaks unity desktop, you should probably contact those projects then...11:30
alkisgFile bug reports etc11:30
haasnI never claimed installing gnome-desktop breaks unity desktop11:30
haasnI don't know how you're arriving at this unreasonable conclusion. It just sets gdm3 as the default login manager, and I wanted to revert back to lightdm (with our own custom theme)11:31
alkisgOK, I thought you were in the place were your system was broken:11:33
alkisg(01:12:49 μμ) haasn: Hmm, I tried forcibly deinstalling gdm, installing lightdm and rebooting the system, now I'm stuck on a VT and can't actually type anything (but I can still switch  VTs with ctrl+alt+Fn)11:33
alkisgTry sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm, it might take care of alternatives for you11:34
haasnalkisg: Another reboot solved tht, apparently11:42
haasnAnyway, I'm back on lightdm now11:42
haasnI'll probably just install the gnome etc. WM separately instead of pulling in the whole ubuntu-gnome-desktop11:43
haasnOr maybe reverse their install order in the package listr11:44
haasnAh, I found the reason it was set to gdm311:57
haasnthe debconf file contained gdm3 as the disambiguation question for the DMs11:58
haasnOkay, pretty much everything is in a working state now (fresh install, udpated configs) - only thing I still need to debug is why unit-shell needs about 5 lightyears to start. (Like, it sits frozen for like half an hour with very high load averages according to `uptime`)12:57
haasnHow can I find out what it's doing?12:57
haasnIt spawns a billion subchilds and none of them seem to be doing anything that would cause a freeze12:57
haasnIs there a log file or something for unity shell?12:57
haasniotop shows no CPU load, iftop shows no network load, top shows no CPU load12:58
haasnbut `uptime` shows a load average >1012:58
haasnAh, after it starts, clicking on the “gear” icon (some sort of settings manager?) also causes it to freeze up12:59
haasnOnly seems slow the first time around13:01
haasnAh, dmesg shows a ton of errors related to drm_intel13:02
haasnGPU might be bad13:02
BluesKajHiyas all13:08
bjornarShould it be possible to run upstart together with systemd?14:40
lotuspsychjebjornar: why would you do that?14:41
bjornarI wouldnt14:41
bjornarbut some of my playbooks would14:42
ubottusystemd is the default init system for Ubuntu 15.04 onwards. For information on transitioning from upstart to systemd, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemdForUpstartUsers14:42
lotuspsychjebjornar: i dont think its meant to run both at the same time...14:43
lordievaderSystemd is a replacement for upstart, but there is a compatibility layer available. As in, run upstart services through systemd.15:14
hggdhanyone doing apt-get update & getting a 403?15:29
lotuspsychjehggdh: connected directly with cable/wifi?15:30
hggdhlotuspsychje: wifi; but these are internal apt-get errors: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15111348/15:32
lotuspsychjehggdh: did you add weird ppa's from somewhere?15:34
hggdhlotuspsychje: nope, this is a brand new install (3 days ago), standard Ubuntu15:35
lotuspsychjehggdh: no other sources enabled then default neither?15:35
hggdhlotuspsychje: none other. /etc/apt/sources.list.d is empty15:36
lotuspsychjehggdh: ok mate can you try ask in #ubuntu-mirrors to doublecheck if there are known issues for your country?15:37
lotuspsychjehggdh: togheter with your paste15:37
hggdhlotuspsychje: ah, #ubuntu-mirrors, had forgotten about that channel. Thanks15:37
lotuspsychjehggdh: not sure its your case, but lets find out :p15:37
hggdhallin all, this is interesting. 16.04 is the first time I had to ditch my install for a fresh install in 5 years.15:47
lotuspsychjerunning stable as rock here15:52
hggdhmine was stable-ish. Only nit was unity (and compiz) would not start on login16:29
jtaylorhm unity performance seems very bad in 16.04, though its a super crappy nvidia quadro 28518:49
ChibaPetjtaylor: FWIW, similar graphics card on one of my boxes, and running xdm/openbox is snappy, and DVD/video playback is good. Might be apples and oranges, but the binary nVidia drivers seem to work well enough in Xenial.18:54
jtaylorChibaPet: which driver?18:55
ChibaPetUm. Let me check. I think 340.18:55
jtaylor3.04 is the latest the card supports unfortunately18:55
ChibaPethrm, that's odd18:55
jtaylorother de's probably work fine, didn't test them yet18:56
ChibaPetnvidia-340 here on G86 [Quadro NVS 290]18:56
jtaylorbut unity is unusable :/ (not a big issue its a remote machine anyway)18:56
jtaylor290 supports 340, 285 not18:56
ChibaPetYeah, I thought mine was older, but evidently not.18:56
jtaylorI have another machine with 290 but its still on 14.04, theres quite a big difference between the two cards18:57
jtaylorChibaPet: have you tried unity?18:58
jtaylorChibaPet: I do plan on upgrading the 290 machine at some point and that is actually my desktop, so it would be good to know if its usable18:59
ChibaPetjtaylor: Sporadically in the past, but I usually gut it and just run Openbox. That said, I'm transitioning a few folks to Ubuntu/Unity before long and will have more firsthand experience.18:59
ChibaPetWhat I can say is that I had to do my install using the Desktop ISO, and Unity runs there. It didn't feel at all sluggish.19:00
jtaylorChibaPet: good, thanks19:00
ChibaPet(I was working out root-on-ZFS-on-LUKS for Xenial, and the server install sadly lacks tools for that.)19:00
ChibaPet(root-on-ZFS-on-LUKS with boot-on-MD-RAID1 to be precise. :P )19:01
jtaylorhave they fixed boot from raid1 in the meantime?19:02
jtaylorthe bug in wily is still open ...19:02
ChibaPetWell now. That's interesting. What was broken? I didn't know to be wary, so I just did it.19:02
ChibaPetI'm guessing it's either fixed or what I did sidestepped it somehow.19:02
jtaylorin wily the initramfs is missing the raid module19:02
jtaylorits a quite simple fix19:02
jtaylorbut annoying19:03
ChibaPetOh, that sounds like root on MD-RAID, not boot. Can't answer that one, as once I'm in the initrd it fires up ZFS and goes from there.19:03
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sergio_br22too late to see vulkan in 16.04 ?22:23
spm_dragetI saw that there are .box images (vagrant) for the cloudimages of xenial.22:23
spm_dragetAre there also official .box images for the desktop or server version of xenial?22:23

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