* bregma sadfaces03:35
* bregma gives up and crawls off to watch bugs die03:46
jameshwell, at least it's not jut your build03:52
robrubregma: jamesh: apparently scheduled downtime for ppa.launchpad.net so no builds currently possible. not sure when it's back up04:01
robru#is is handling it04:01
robrubregma: jamesh: should be fixed now if you want to retry05:00
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jameshso the new sqlite3 upload to xenial-proposed hoses mediascanner :(08:24
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popeyjamesh: :(09:00
popey(although given mediascanner murders my desktop on every boot, I'm in mixed mood about it being broken)09:00
jameshpopey: I'm working to improve that09:01
popey(my desktop is completely unusable on boot because all IO is consumed by ms2)09:01
jameshIt looks like there is a compile #define to get sqlite3 not to break things: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sqlite3/+bug/154691109:01
ubot5Launchpad bug 1546911 in mediascanner2 (Ubuntu) "Please recompile sqlite 3.11 with -DSQLITE_ENABLE_FTS3_TOKENIZER" [Critical,Confirmed]09:01
jameshI'm wondering if thunderbird is also affected, if it is using system sqlite09:02
jameshsil2100: the recent sqlite3 upload to xenial-proposed is causing test failures for mediascanner2.  Who should I talk to to get it fixed quickest?09:21
jameshthis seems to be an automatic sync from Debian by the look of it09:21
sil2100jamesh: hey! hm, did the ABI change or something?09:22
sil2100jamesh: usually it's best to poke on -devel, I could try looking into that in the nearest time09:22
jameshsil2100: I put what I know in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sqlite3/+bug/154691109:22
ubot5Launchpad bug 1546911 in mediascanner2 (Ubuntu) "Please recompile sqlite 3.11 with -DSQLITE_ENABLE_FTS3_TOKENIZER" [Critical,Confirmed]09:22
jameshsil2100: it seems the new version disables some functionality by default unless you compile with a new #define09:23
sil2100We'll have to patch it then09:23
sil2100jamesh: thanks for the bug09:23
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ToyKeeperdobey: Is silo 41 (trust-store, pay-service, ubuntu-system-settings, ubuntu-push) still working for you?  I can't get any Paypal purchases to complete (can't even get far enough to see the Paypal site).13:39
ToyKeeperdobey: I'm not sure if it needs a rebuild due to sitting idle for too long, or if there's a server issue, or if it's a bug, or something else.13:39
Saviqtrainguards, any idea bout hash sum mismatches ↑ :[14:05
Saviqshall I just try again14:05
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dobeyToyKeeper: hey. that sounds like a server issue perhaps. or at least, something outside that silo.14:28
sil2100Saviq: I suppose a retry might help, but I see you're already building it14:28
Saviqsil2100, yeah, it was the second try, third's time the charm, apparently14:29
Saviqsil2100, can you cancel https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-010/+build/9032285 for us please, s390x's been getting stuck since yesterday, WG said they'd look into it14:31
Saviqbut we should cancel until then14:31
cjwatsonSaviq,sil2100: don't cancel any more of those unless you really have to please, I'll want a test case shortly :)14:40
sil21002x ACK14:40
Saviqcjwatson, ack14:40
dobeyhrmm, seems all the servers might be slow or something15:54
rvrMirv: ping16:13
Mirvrvr: pong16:14
rvrMirv: Hi, I'm testing silo 2316:14
Mirvrvr: I pre-see your questions and refer you towards zsombi :)16:14
rvrMirv: lol16:15
rvrzsombi: ping16:15
Mirvzsombi: ^ tab fencing is in QA testing now16:15
rvrzsombi: Mirv: I don't quite understand how to test it, can you provide a test case?16:16
zsombirvr: you would need a special MR to do that16:18
zsombirvr: however, to land it, it is enough to see nothing breaks there16:18
zsombirvr: as this only adds a new feature that noone uses16:18
rvrzsombi: I see16:19
zsombirvr: so from your point of view, everything should work as usual16:20
Mirvzsombi: I think he might be interested in how to validated that QQuickItem isn't regressing in any way - which is being touched in code16:20
zsombirvr: as no component uses the tab fencing yet, there shouldn't be any difference16:20
zsombiMirv: rvr: well, run Qt tests then :D16:21
zsombiMirv: rvr: we do not have any test for Qt itself, all you coudl do is to run those they have16:21
rvrzsombi: Mirv: What did you check to validate the silo, then?16:22
zsombirvr: I have a new feature that is an OTA10 bug, and I used that to verify it16:22
zsombirvr: you coudl do the same if you like16:23
zsombirvr: but that MR cannot be landed without this one16:23
rvrzsombi: But this silo is landing alone, and you have marked it as Ready for QA, which means that you have tested it.16:23
rvrWe need to be sure that it doesn't break anything16:24
zsombirvr: I just told you how I have tested: took the silo, mplemented the featire with it, and tested with it16:24
zsombirvr: you can install the silo separately so you can test it16:25
zsombirvr: my MR doesn't even build without this silo16:25
rvrzsombi: But that's a different type of check. If you are landing this silo, then you should look for regressions.16:26
zsombirvr: again, Qt has its own tests, if those do not fail, then we are good16:27
rvrzsombi: And do they fail or not?16:27
zsombirvr: I had not run those, all I did I tested that all other tests pass which were not requiring tab fencing16:28
zsombirvr: plus the new feature I had16:28
zsombirvr: have you ever asked Mirv whether he ran all Qt tests? becaus ethat woudl be the only and best way to say there's no regression there16:29
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Mirvzsombi: rvr: unit tests pass since they pass as part of the build. I didn't detect Autopilot regressions either.16:32
rvrMirv: Great16:32
rvrzsombi: Can you tell me some places where QQuickItem is used?16:33
sil2100jamesh: hey!16:38
sil2100jamesh: you around?16:38
zsombirvr: everywhere :D16:45
zsombirvr: every single QML element is derived from it16:45
zsombirvr: and the tab fencing only affects the Tab/Shift+Tab functionality IF is explicitly requested16:46
zsombirvr: so if you have an app where the Tab/Shift+Tab is implemented, you will see no difference16:46
rvrzsombi: Ok, I'll run some sanity tests to look for regressions.16:46
zsombirvr: for instance some places in the UI Toolkit gallery do use that16:47
zsombirvr: but you need a keyboard to test that, OSK doesn't have these keys16:47
rvrzsombi: I have16:47
zsombirvr: ok so you coudl test te tab/backtab on Toggles page for instance16:48
dobeyToyKeeper: fwiw, i just used paypal for some other non-ubuntu thing, and it was incredibly slow for me18:01
Saviqrvr, hey, when you were testing youtube auth on Monday, mardy gave you a patch to make it unstick, right?18:28
rvrSaviq: Hmmmmm18:30
rvrSaviq: Right, a one liner18:30
rvrSaviq: Should be linked in the silo card18:30
Saviqrvr, ah, going, thanks!18:31
Saviqrvr, hmm nope https://trello.com/c/ySJM8qql/2765-938-ubuntu-landing-051-unity-api-unity8-qtmir-saviq18:31
* Saviq grabs IRC logs from Monday18:31
rvrSaviq: I can check in the browser history too18:32
Saviqfound it18:32
rvrI usually add those tips :-/18:34
rvrzsombi: Mirv: Silo 23 approved19:17
zsombirvr: oh, thank you!!!19:26
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