dholbachgood morning08:05
davidcalleMorning o/08:14
dholbachsalut davidcalle08:23
dholbachhey popey08:56
* dholbach relocates to the office, brb08:58
popeyOh! Happy Birthday dpm !09:30
dpmthanks :)09:31
dholbacharg.... hexchat didn't make it obvious that I wasn't connected...09:38
dholbachso here again:09:38
dholbachHAPPY BIRTHDAY, dpm! :-)09:38
davidcalleHappy birthday dpm !09:39
svijoh, alles gute zum Geburstag dpm ! :)09:39
dpmthanks all09:42
dpmdanke svij ;)09:43
willcookehappy birthday dpm!10:33
dpmthanks willcooke :)10:34
popeyfiled an RT 88948 because the wiki is getting spammed again12:33
popeywhich is the RT for help.ubuntu.com/community being read-only?13:30
josehappy birthday, dpm!15:05
josepopey: got that number? I'll look it up foe you otherwise15:05
czajkowskipopey: little one like all the stickers?15:07
josepopey: was that rt on rt.admin.c.c?15:08
popeyczajkowski: yeah, and the sweets! thank you!15:09
popeyOne bag of sweets went to ballet with sophie and her friend15:09
popeyjose: I dunno, I'm asking you guys15:09
dpmgracias jose15:09
josepopey: you said you filed an rt15:09
joseand gave #8894815:10
popeyI filed one for the wiki being spammed _today_15:10
popeyI'm asking about the RT for the other wiki being read-only15:10
joseyeah, was asking where that one you created was15:10
popeydoesn't matter, it's solved now15:10
mhall119dpm: I'm joing in late, but Happy Birthday :)15:13
popeyok jose https://rt.ubuntu.com/Ticket/Display.html?id=27950 got it15:13
joseyep, that's the one I was mentioning15:14
* popey pokes is15:14
dpmthanks mhall! :)15:15
dpmmhall119, that is :)15:15
popeypleia2: is my understanding correct that essentially you'd like h.u.c/c to be flipped to not read-only, but longer term there have been other suggestions for how it could be made less-spam-attack-vectory15:22
popey(despite there being very few attacks)15:22
popeypleia2: been chatting to IS, trying to push it along.15:23
jonodpm, are we still on for a call in 5mins?16:55
dpmjono, yep16:56
jonodpm, wicked16:57
jonodpm, just lob me a hangout link when you are ready16:57
dpmwrapping up an e-mail and ready in a minute16:59
pleia2popey: the documentation team has been cut off at the knees since h.u.c/c was made read only in January, RT 27950 has some details and proposals, including the addition of a non-admin ContributorGroup that can still edit when the wiki is locked down (currently only Editor and Admin can, and it's a lot of pressure on those two teams, we're accepting wiki page changes on the mailing list as diffs...)17:10
pleia2a ContributorGroup would get us to limping, since we could add our regular, known contributors easily17:11
pleia2but obviously a long term spam solution is needed, otherwise it's not a wiki anymore, there are a fair amount of drive by edits that we'd hate to lose17:11
dholbachhave a great rest of your day everyone :)17:40
pleia2conflating recent spam problems and the long term wiki performance problems, aahhh /o\20:45
mhall119pleia2: where?20:50
pleia2ubuntu-doc list20:52
pleia2https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-doc/2016-February/019731.html and I replied https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-doc/2016-February/019733.html20:52

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