craysiiiwent into the computer store for screws, came out with a 4 bay hotswap cage01:17
craysiiii made a grave mistake01:35
craysiiitar'd my ~, forgot i had a bunch of 10GB steam games..01:36
craysiiiits copying my trash too noooooooooo01:41
amjjawadhi craysiii :) how about helping us to test Ubuntu GNOME 14.04.4? rather than posting off-topic stuff here? :)02:00
amjjawadWould you mind sharing useful information about Ubuntu GNOME or helping us? I don't find what you're posting here is useful to anyone :)02:01
craysiiilol no :)02:01
craysiiidarkxst i'm in the install process of 16.04 and with the option "install third party software" it's telling me i have to disable secure boot in order to use the drivers. ive never had to disable secure boot before, if i don't do so will i not be able to install nvidia drivers etc?04:11
craysiiiafter the installation04:11
darkxstcraysiii, maybe, not sure, but the nvidia modules won't be signed04:13
darkxstso you would no longer have secure boot anyway!04:14
darkxstI didnt think anything changed re secure boot since 15.10 though04:14
craysiiihmmm i guess i will preemptively disable it and restart the process so i don't have to remember silly password04:14
darkxsthuh? secure boot shouldn't requite a password!04:16
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craysiiiDisks doesn't have the ability to create partitions within a disk?05:03
* berglh raises eyebrow05:04
craysiiiI have a new SSD and i can't seem to create multiple partitions on it05:04
berglhduring the 16.04 installer?05:05
craysiiiin either Disks or GParted05:05
berglhare you booting off it?05:06
craysiiioh finally got it to work in GParted05:06
craysiiiand no im on a USB drive05:06
berglhyou are crazy05:06
berglhoh i see05:06
berglhlive usb boot05:06
craysiiiyes and yes :)05:06
craysiiiis there a preferred partition table type05:11
craysiiigpt vs msdos vs ..05:11
berglhyou only need GPT for > 2TB i believe05:12
berglhmsdos would be fine05:12
berglhare you booting off efi?05:12
berglhinstead of bios?05:12
craysiiii think so?05:12
berglhyou may need to create an EFI partition of like 200 MB05:13
berglhand assign it boot flag05:13
craysiiidoesn't the installer normally take care of that?05:14
berglhit can, i'm pedantic05:15
berglh[ -d /sys/firmware/efi ] && echo "EFI boot on HDD" || echo "Legacy boot on HDD"05:15
darkxstcraysiii, if you do an "entire disk" install it should05:15
craysiiipedantry is good, and darkxst im not so i guess i will do it manually05:15
craysiiiso in the free space of the drive, i selected efi partition, but i don't see anywhere to set flags05:18
craysiiiwhats the point of the EFI partition option05:20
berglhyou'd have to right click on the partition and choose manage flags05:20
craysiiiif you do it through FAT and set a mount point05:20
berglhit's how EFI boots your system from the disk05:20
berglhin a general linux case, you'd configure the EFI partition to load grub on boot05:21
berglh(which is what the ubuntu install wil do for you)05:21
berglhin my case it's a macbook05:21
berglhso i have El Capitan on there as well05:21
craysiiihttp://i.imgur.com/XpSbmZF.png this is what i see05:23
craysiiii cant just use that instead of creating the FAT partition and manually doing the mumbo jumbo?05:23
craysiiihttp://i.imgur.com/zEvXVX1.jpg i went ahead and tried to install and got this msg and it kinda softlocked05:30
berglhpretty sure i partitioned it with gparted first and then did the installer05:51
berglhdid the ssd have an os on it previously?05:52
craysiiigetting closer but no cigar.05:52
craysiiiubiquity is very buggy to say the least06:18
mgedminwhoa, ubuntu's going to use gnome-software instead of ubuntu-software-center?  even the main unity build?  nice06:21
* mgedmin tried to test some 14.04 images yesterday, but the rsync kept timing out06:25
mgedmintestdrive is quite horribly unmaintained, isn't it?06:54
* mgedmin weeps14:18
mgedminit's been how many years since I tried to get the "Install Ubuntu GNOME" boot menu entries translated?  xenial still has them in English14:18
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craysiiienjoying 16.04 so far. why does gnome come with thunderbird instead of geary?20:01

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