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dufluOK, I can connect a secondary client to USC but it never comes to the front. Do we have any hack or workaround for that?09:25
duflualf_: Have we implemented any key combo or other hack for session switching within USC?09:30
* duflu imagines funky carousel animations in the future09:33
alf_duflu: No session switching, just some debug modes to set the active session name09:34
duflualf_: Switch at runtime?09:34
alf_duflu: no, at program start time09:35
duflualf_: Fair enough. Thanks09:35
alf_duflu: But it shouldn't be too hard to hack something for runtime. Instead of using a NullDMMessageHandler we could have a DebugDMMessageHandler listening to a socket or whatever09:37
duflualf_: I'm thinking more like a key combo as the demo servers have. Don't bring to front by default because that would be a security risk, but if the user asks for it09:37
duflualf_: We would first need to decide what modifier combo is reserved for USC use I guess09:41
dufluIt's curious how often I end the day bisecting bugs09:58
dufluAlmost done09:58
zzarrhello duflu, just saying hello because it's  a nice thing to do ;-)10:12
dufluzzarr: Hi10:12
dufluzzarr: And bye... I'm logging off10:12
zzarrokey, bye10:12
tjaaltonwhy are mir headers split like they are? I'm building vulkan loader but it can't find <mir_toolkit/client_types.h> because it's under mirclient10:17
tjaaltonso need to set CFLAGS, fine10:17
tjaaltonthen it fails because apparently libmirclient-dev needs to depend on libmircommon-dev, and I need to add another -I/usr/include/mircommon10:18
tjaaltonsorry, the pkg dep is there10:19
tjaaltonbut the question remains, why this pain for app packagers?-)10:19
tjaaltonor am I doing something wrong10:19
tjaaltonlooks like the build will fail anyway, so I won't add mir support to libvulkan at this point10:20
mcphailtjaalton: aren't you using pkg-config to set the cflags?10:30
alan_gtjaalton: pkg-config is your friend10:31
alan_g$ pkg-config --cflags mirclient10:33
alan_g-pthread -I/usr/include/mirclient -I/usr/include/mircommon -I/usr/include/mircookie10:33
tjaaltonthat would be swell, yes :P10:43
tjaaltonso it's just the build env that's broken10:44
tjaaltonand it's cmake, meh10:45
* alan_g thinks "magic" is great when it works. ;)10:49
* mcphail hugs pkg-config10:49
tjaaltonyeah, barking at the wrong tree again10:49
tjaaltonfyi, https://launchpad.net/~canonical-x/+archive/ubuntu/vulkan will have an updated libvulkan soon, with working demos10:50
tjaaltonso since it was announced that xenial will have vulkan support in Mir, maybe someone could fix the loader first :)10:50
tjaaltonand send patches upstream too10:51
* alan_g assumes bregma has a plan10:53
* alan_g discovers his mako doesn't boot today. :(11:26
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jerryGany1 online?19:14
jerryGanpok: any way to disable mir cursor in mir_demo_server?19:17
anpokthere is yet no command line switch to do that19:19
jerryGanpok: anyway to fix the cursor at a certain position.. or otherwise hide it?19:20
jerryGanpk: or... can i make changes without using comaand line?19:21
anpokyou can hide it server.the_cursor()->hide()..19:21
anpokyou can write a client that disables the cursor19:23
anpoki mean .. depends on whether you want to do that as a compositor or as a client on a specific surface..19:23
anpokjerryG: whats your use case .. which API are you using.. then I can point you right to the example code..19:26
anpok(most of which can be found in the acceptance-tests directory)19:26
jerryGanpok: im using X11 client with snappy ubuntu mir server19:26
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anpokjerryG: then xmir should do that for you..  hmm19:30
anpokjerryG: you could try running xmir with -nocursor..19:31
jerryGanpok: thanks.  the problem is i have two cursors... one for mir and one for xmir19:31
jerryGanpok: the xmir cursor is correct, however, the mir cursor is distracting19:32
anpokstrange .. i only get one cursor..19:35
anpokjerryG: i will add an option for that.. we already quite a few examples related to cursor.. one more will not hurt..19:36
jerryGanpok: ok thanks.  what file should i add the cursor-> hide command to on the server side?19:38
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