amjjawadhi infinity when I go to: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-gnome/trusty/daily-live/20160217.1/trusty-desktop-i386.iso .. I get an error message "Not Found"00:22
amjjawadinfinity, "The requested URL /ubuntu-gnome/trusty/daily-live/20160217.1/trusty-desktop-i386.iso was not found on this server."00:22
amjjawadsame for "Ubuntu GNOME Desktop amd64"00:23
jderoseyeah, i've been noticing weird things too... in the trusty/daily/ folder, 20160217.1 keeps appearing and disappearing but only have the i386 oversize warning file there00:25
infinityamjjawad: It's probably rsyncing.00:26
infinityjderose: ^00:26
wxlexcept that it doesn't show rebuilding on the tracker00:27
wxlwhich is what i'm accustomed to00:27
wxllike Lubuntu's still building00:27
infinityIt's syncing from the primary build machine to the mirror frontends.00:27
infinityIt marks it as done when it's done on the primary.00:27
amjjawadinfinity, thanks for your reply. Any idea how long that would take? I'm on +11GMT and it's a huge hassle for me to keep up with those who are in your time zone for example ..00:27
infinitySo, just be patient.00:27
amjjawadOk, guess no other option but to be patient :)00:28
infinityIt's trying hard to push the bits around. :)00:29
infinitywxl / amjjawad: Those images should be all happy now.01:08
amjjawadinfinity, seems so, many thanks :)01:11
* highvoltage checks in for testing time07:02
davmor2infinity: \o/ wifi on a mac \o/ \o/ \o/ and now back to testing10:36
Adri2000I just got filezilla 3.15 and libfilezilla (NEW) uploaded into xenial, the latter being needed by the former. a bit feature freeze rush :)10:51
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flocculantinfinity: marked xubuntu ready - grabbing the kubuntu images now - if no-one's touched them when I get back I'll at least make sure the images load in vbox and install13:09
tgm4883Wild question and possibly not the right place to ask, but is there any way for a flavor to have a PPA enabled (either via asking the user, or automatically) in the ISO?15:58
cjwatsonAll a flavour's packages have to be in the primary archive - that's part of the definition of being a flavour16:05
lamontdoes poilicy say that main should not Recommend: universe?16:09
lamontcjwatson: remind me of update-excuses url?16:09
lamontlooking at why maas is still sitting in proposed (1.10 -> xenial)16:09
cjwatsonlamont: recommend> yes16:10
cjwatsonlamont: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html16:10
cjwatsonbut you need http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_output.txt here16:10
cjwatson    * amd64: maas-test16:10
lamontcjwatson: as in recommend: never recommend universe? or it's ok to?16:10
cjwatsonlamont: as in main is meant to be closed under recommends16:10
lamontcjwatson: what's the proces forgetting maas-test dropped from the archive?\16:12
cjwatsonlamont: file bug, subscribe ubuntu-archive16:12
cjwatsonlamont: I can't quite see what the actual problem here is - oh, is it that python-maas-client is dropped?16:13
lamontyeah - and maas-test is deprecated and dead to us with python316:13
tgm4883cjwatson: I know. I was trying to find a way to get more users mythtv fixes builds16:15
tgm4883currently, my plan is to bombard them with "you really should be using blah"16:16
spleakQuick Q: Wondering about release date of 14.04.4. Wiki says today, that still holds?16:21
infinityflocculant: Thanks in advance for the help with kubuntu.16:34
infinitylamont: main is closed WRT recommends because we install them by default, and it would lead to different behaviour if you have universe enabled or not.16:35
infinity(Hence why we don't make it a closed set for suggests, since those require purposeful action)16:36
stokachuwhat time today will the archive close?16:50
infinitystokachu: If by "archive close" you mean feature freeze, somewhere vaguely around 2100 UTC.16:50
stokachuyea feature freeze16:51
stokachuok cool thanks16:51
infinitystokachu: Noted at the top of every ReleaseSchedule page: "Freezes normally happen around 2100 UTC time of the given date"16:51
stokachuah i see that now :)16:51
cyphermoxinfinity: finishing the Changes report now...16:52
infinitycyphermox: \o/16:52
infinitycyphermox: Is the wiki r/w this morning?16:52
cyphermoxlooks that way16:52
cyphermoxcan you confirm the last USN included was USN-2902-1 ?16:53
infinitycyphermox: I have a call with Leann and $customer in 8 minutes, but after that I'll fix up the release notes, backup 14.04.3, create 14.04.4, and point to your summary page.16:53
infinitycyphermox: 2903-1 (NSS)16:53
cyphermoxah, cool16:53
cyphermoxI wasn't sure, so I went conservative16:54
cyphermoxthe page will be at TrustyTahr/ReleaseNotes/ChangeSummary/14.04.416:54
cyphermoxyah, it's saved now. I have a local copy of the whole file, if anything breaks.16:57
yofelflocculant: we had one person testing kubuntu 14.04 yesterday or so. I just asked him again whether he had actually updated the iso tracker (I think he didn't)16:58
yofelflocculant: thanks for the help!16:58
flocculantyofel: welcome ofc - I did entire disk + livesession (just to make sure it worked) for both 64 and 32 bit17:03
flocculantyofel: did you see ^^ - results on tracker anyway17:05
yofelflocculant: didn't, thanks!17:07
flocculantinfinity: which one of you good guys is helping out next week for B1 ?17:14
infinityflocculant: Not sure right now, but if no one's signed up, it might end up being me.  We'll see.17:14
flocculantI'll leave you in peace with trusty now :)17:15
smbinfinity, I am a bit despairing now. Since yesterday at some point (cannot pinpoint it exactly) sbuild of Xen in Xenial fails at a stage that has not changed (in fact the version currently in the archive now fails at the same stage). Manually entering the chroot and running the same command succeeds. And when building in my PPA succeeded as well I hoped the archive would succeed there as well. But sadly not.17:45
smbI am at the end of my wits about what is going on there...17:46
wxlwhat's the word, birds?18:04
infinitysmb: Colin's new sbuild upload should fix it.18:05
infinitysmb: Err, oh.  I didn't read your log. :P18:06
infinitysmb: I have no idea what's broken your build...18:06
infinityjibel: We seem to be lacking any testing for server.18:10
infinitydavmor2: ^18:10
infinityI'll do ppc/ppc64el.18:11
davmor2infinity: don't the server team handle that normally18:11
infinitydavmor2: I like the theory, I'm unsure it's working in practice today.18:12
davmor2infinity: well we'll just blame them when it doesn't work properly, I'll just tickle the last of these desktops that are running and then I'll have an install but it will be rough and ready as I say we don't normally touch server18:14
infinitydavmor2: Yeah, it doesn't need to be thorough, just a run-through with defaults and a reboot to make sure it boots/installs/reboots, and has the right kernel installed.18:14
infinitydavmor2: That's all I'm doing on ppc*18:14
infinitydavmor2: AFAIK, they're meant to have automated testing that is much more thorough, and they fill in the results, but I see no results filled in...18:15
infinitysmoser: Que pasa with 14.04.4 testing from your team?18:15
cyphermoxinfinity: I can start some server install tests18:16
infinitycyphermox: Sure.  I've got the powerpcs covered.18:17
cyphermox0218 is the right one?18:20
infinitycyphermox: 217.1  There is no 28...18:23
infinityErr, no 21818:23
infinitycyphermox: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-server/trusty/daily/20160217.1/18:24
cyphermoxI'm an idiot, I was looking at xenial18:24
davmor2infinity: aren't server team the ones with access to s390x18:25
infinitydavmor2: A few of us do, not that that relates to trusty...18:26
davmor2right tea is called so I will pick up when I get back18:34
BeretI'd love to live where tea is called18:36
wxlinfinity: precise had 5 point releases. will trusty? or will 4 be it as with lucid?18:39
wxloh yikes looks like someone needs to update https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReleaseSchedule/LTStoLTS too18:40
infinitywxl: It'll have 5, with .5 including the lts-xenia kernel and X stacks.18:44
wxlinfinity: is that to be the *expected* trend from here on out?18:45
infinitywxl: Yeah.18:45
wxlinfinity: thank you as always. :)18:45
infinityAlright, core all tested.18:47
wxlok lubuntu's ready to go with release notes and everything18:52
wxlwell, i just got to uncommon the drafty bits18:52
smbinfinity, Somehow the only explanation for the error seen would be that the invocation of gcc only gets a partial file. But why is that always happening under sbuild control but not when using the exact same command (grep'ed from ps) when re-entering the exact same chroot environment that sbuild was using. I even threw away the whole build directory and re-created it with dpkg-source and still this would not break on18:56
smb the manual run.18:56
infinitysmb: Point me at the source package?18:58
smbinfinity, well as it is now, just do a pull-lp-source xen xenial18:58
infinitysmb: Oh, it's just the distro package?  Kay.18:58
smbinfinity, yeah. and since that now fails but did build in the past its at least some little proof that the "it was not me" has some reason18:59
davmor2infinity: right last i386 test completed server images downloading now19:04
davmor2infinity: right I have i386, amd64 and mac on the go now19:08
infinitydavmor2: Ta.19:08
davmor2infinity: running check disk on amd64+mac, amd64 and i386 I'm just testing the installed selections are installed19:30
davmor2infinity: done20:07
cyphermoxI have a preseed test running for server, the mandatory and run-one are already done for amd64.20:11
cyphermoxah, well :D20:11
davmor2cyphermox: yeah I got all excited and hit them with a hammer20:14
cyphermoxdavmor2: good20:14
davmor2infinity: so are we good?20:15
infinitydavmor2: Image-wise, yes.  Doing a bunch of pre-publishing and mirror bits and such now.20:24
infinityAnd contemplating a quick lunch.20:25
davmor2apparently the one guy is really desperate for us to know that intel 4500 gma gfx have an odd effect for him, but the intel part of my lenovo had no issues so no idea unfortunately20:26
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infinityOkay, mirrors syncing, lunch while that settles out, then announcements and web site updates.20:30
coreycbinfinity, can I get access to an s390 instance to test a dep8 failure?20:53
wxlwe there yet? :)21:03
infinitycoreycb: Possibly, but not by asking me.21:07
coreycbinfinity, ok doko maybe?21:08
dokocoreycb, that would be xnox21:09
spleak_14.04.4 out of the oven soon, I presume? :)21:09
coreycbdoko, ok thanks21:09
wxlspleak_: that's the plan, but we';re waiting on the official go ahead.21:17
coreycbxnox, I found an s390 machine21:32
wxlinfinity: thanks for the heads up about us going live!21:40
infinitywxl: We're basically live.  I'm sending the announce now.21:42
wxlinfinity: you mean you just sent it :)21:42
infinityOh, was it moderated?21:42
wxlluckily i'm on #ubuntu-news as they noticed it first :)21:43
* pleia2 on top of things21:44
pleia2(it's on the fridge now)21:45

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