mariogripmhall119: ping00:36
mhall119mariogrip: pong04:00
nhainesmhall119: on the one hand I'm surprised and disappointed to hear that OTA-10 won't be until the end of March.04:02
nhainesOn the other hand, I run rc-proposed anyway so trololol.04:02
mhall119nhaines: yeah, same here :)04:02
mhall119there's likely to be a 9.x OTA between now and then though04:02
nhainesSure, with the glib hotfix and nothing else.  :)04:03
talonzwhat happened to 9.5 ?05:49
nhainestalonz: a far more important security update came up and that was more important than the three other things the devel team are juggling.06:02
lotuspsychjelookin good!06:53
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dacorr_I had the E5 Aquarius for a while now06:54
lotuspsychjedacorr_: still have it?06:55
lotuspsychjeim on bq 4.5 and real happy with it06:55
dacorr_it replaced my android, some of my firends compare it to apple and android06:56
dacorr_mostly app store size06:56
lotuspsychjeim also glad i dumped android myself06:56
dacorr_it seems more about info at finer tips than apps06:57
lotuspsychjewhat you mean06:57
lotuspsychjemore news then apps?06:58
dacorr_finger tips rather,06:58
dacorr_news, feeds, social media etc.06:58
dacorr_The os is quick and consistent and i get 186hrs between charges06:59
lotuspsychjei love security and ease the most07:00
lotuspsychjeeasy apps access and scopes you want07:00
lotuspsychjeon android its such a mess finding stuff07:00
dacorr_i think android and apple are heading in a different route than ubuntu touch. will be interesting to see how the os develops07:02
lotuspsychjedacorr_: ubuntu getting alot attention worldwide07:02
lotuspsychjeand 16.04 comming our way, will expand even more07:03
dacorr_should be interesting. I remember when 4.04 was out. Canonical seems to have more focus than years ago and mobile device plays well for them07:05
lotuspsychjeand now the new BQ tablet also07:06
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mcphailAny news on release date for OTA9.1? I'm still on 8.5, and keen to update so I can use the new dekko ;)09:46
MCMicmcphail: Update to 909:48
mcphailMCMic: not with the current stability issues09:48
mcphailMCMic: I need the "carsh during calls" fix09:49
MCMicNever had this one, did not know about it ^^09:53
MCMicI needed thai character badly so I updated to OTA9 right away09:53
mcphailMCMic: yes - that's what 9.1 is scheduled to fix (plus the libc vuln)09:53
MCMicThanks for the info09:54
MCMicUbuntu touch is concerned by the glibc vulnerability?09:54
popeymcphail: switch to rc-proposed ㋛09:55
mcphailpopey: can't. On-call this week. need to be on stable09:56
popeyits where the cool kids hang out ㋛09:56
popeyah okay09:56
popeythe cool kids who have two phones ofc09:56
* mcphail looks at the cool kids enviously09:56
mcphailpopey: so if the cool kids have 2 phones, you must be ice cold ;)09:57
JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Thursday, and happy Battery Day! 😃09:58
mcphailMCMic: yes - the glibc vuln is a bigger issue on mobile devices than desktops10:13
mcphailMCMic: on a desktop, you can be fairly sure you're connected to a trusted nameserver10:14
MCMicok :-/10:15
davmor2popey: pfff you and your old fashioned 2 phones pfff10:17
davmor2popey: you need some spares there are 4 pockets in jeans for a reason you know ;)10:19
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davidcallesil2100: hi, do we still support manta as a "reference" device? (working on: https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/start/ubuntu-for-devices/devices)12:44
ogra_davidcalle, no, completely dropped recently12:44
sil2100davidcalle: hey! No, we're not :) We're actually slowly removing it completely from our Ubuntu world soon12:44
davidcalleogra_, sil2100: that's what I thought, thanks :)12:45
ogra_we have our own tablet soon !12:45
davidcalleogra_: you now my shipping address! :)12:45
davidcalleknow* :)12:45
ogra_haha, once someone sends me two you'll get one of them ;)12:45
* ogra_ will have to go the normal customer route this time like everyone else though ... :)12:46
davmor2ogra_: you don't need one yet, it doesn't run snappy :P12:46
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_Spongemariogrip: You had a donation for the A200. Please update the donations bar, thank-you.13:49
peat-psuwitmariogrip: How can I update info for my device on devices.ubports.com?14:06
mariogrippeat-psuwit: https://devices.ubports.com/admin/#/14:07
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mariogrip_Sponge: done14:07
peat-psuwitmariogrip: Thanks!14:08
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cbainesI have installed an app on my device through the store, and would like the coresponding source. Can I just find this online?14:36
mcphailcbaines: is the app open source?14:37
cbainesmcphail, No, its free software (licenced under the GNU GPLv3) (at least according to the ubuntu store)14:39
popeywhich app?14:39
cbainesIts called WorkMate14:39
cbainesI tried searching for it here, but with no luck https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/search/?q=WorkMate&op=14:40
popeynot sure, but it's qml so you have the source on your phone14:41
popeyin /opt/click.ubuntu.com/14:42
cbainesInteresting, thanks popey :)14:44
popeynp :)14:44
popeyobviously that wouldn't work with a C++ app, but happens to work in this instance14:44
mcphailIt would be nice to have an "apt-get source" equivalent for the store14:45
mcphail(or a convention to have a src/ subdirectory in the click package)14:48
popeyyeah, can't see that being added for click, don't know what the plan is for snap14:51
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stakewinner00how to list modules in the terminal? lsmod doesn't work15:14
popeylsmod only shows loaded modules15:19
popeynot built-in ones, or ones that have not been loaded15:20
bshahsil2100: hi, around?15:46
sil2100bshah: hey, sure15:46
peat-psuwitIs there anyway to disable input devices (front buttons) in mir? It creates buggy event if I touch them.15:46
mariogripmhall119: ping15:47
bshahsil2100: so this config should not generate any delta, right? https://paste.kde.org/pjmsq319k ?15:47
sil2100bshah: it should be 'deltabase = ', not delta_base15:48
sil2100But besides that, yeah ;)15:48
bshahokay.. next time then15:48
mhall119mariogrip: pong15:48
mariogripmhall119: Do you have time to join now, I just want to discuss  general information about google summer of code15:49
mhall119mariogrip: not just yet, we can discuss it after if you can stick around15:50
charles_jgdx, could you give me a ping when kenvandine approves https://code.launchpad.net/~jonas-drange/ubuntu-system-settings/lp1533835/+merge/285603, I'll rebuild, reconfirm it works, and pass it along to QA :)15:50
mariogripmhall119: Ok15:50
anpokpeat-psuwit: unity-system-compositor only opens devices markes as input devices15:50
anpokpeat-psuwit: hm there are a few udev properties that would be relevant15:51
anpokpeat-psuwit: i.e if ID_INPUT is not set or set to zero .. libinput should ignore the device15:52
anpokpeat-psuwit: or if it has ID_INPUT_ACCELEROMETER .. it would be ignored too..15:53
peat-psuwitanpok: Thanks! Will try that.15:54
dobeyhmm, i can't seem to update my phone15:55
dobeyit just keeps spinning on "Checking for updates…"15:55
ogra_network or server down ?15:55
dobeys-i.u.c is?15:56
ogra_oh, i thought you talk about N515:56
dobeyno, my mako15:56
dobeythere's a notification for new update, and system-settings just sits there spinning :-/15:57
mcphaildobey: you on 3g or wifi? I get that on 3g16:01
dobeyseems u-d-m was stuck or something16:01
dobeymcphail: wifi16:01
dobeyno sim in this phone16:01
mhall119tvoss: call?16:02
tvossmhall119, joining16:03
kenvandinecharles_, that's approved16:08
ogra_chrisccoulson, what was the js engine we use in oxide ? i seem to remember it wasnt v816:22
chrisccoulsonogra_, it's definitely v8 :)16:23
ogra_oh ok, i thought there was something else flanged to blink in oxide16:24
peat-psuwitanpok: it turns out that front buttons send events from the same device as touchscreen.16:27
NycticebuscoucanHi Guys, since the OTA-9 one app (namely OSM Scout) crashes every time I press the download map button. But it began already to behave strangely before the update. Simple unistalling and reistalling did not change anything.  Do you think that a complete removing of the app (via the console?!) might change anything and if yes how can I do that? Otherwise would it be possible to somehow "unisntall" only OTA-9 without loosing16:27
Nycticebuscoucan data?16:27
peat-psuwitNow, the question is, how to ignore some event from a device?16:27
charles_kenvandine, woot16:30
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IZhHi! What components/services are responsible for MTP/PTP in Ubuntu Touch?16:30
tvossIZh, mtp-server16:31
IZhtvoss: Thanks.16:32
anpokpeat-psuwit: ah.. no idea..16:32
anpokpeat-psuwit: is the hardware broken... or the driver fails to debounce?16:33
tonypHi everyone, I am trying out creating a webapp. I have created one with Webapp generator and want to try it out on my BQ phone. I have copied it to my phone and run <adb shell pkcon install-local --allow-untrusted path-to.click> but it does not appear in my apps scope.  Any ideas why?16:34
ogra_tonyp, try a pull down refresh16:34
tonypDone that16:35
ogra_manually sideloaded apps are not automatically picked up16:35
IZhtvoss: Could you please point me to its git?16:35
ogra_bzr ... not git :)16:36
peat-psuwitanpok: When I pressed on the button, then slide the finger out off the button (it's touch screen button), it'll always repeatedly press that button.16:36
anpokpeat-psuwit: ah ok .. best thing you could do is look inside the kernel.. those android button faking touchscreen usually have configuration options to ignore touches outside the screen area16:37
anpokmaybe even a runtime option16:37
peat-psuwitanpok: looking in dmesg and kernel's code, it seems like it'll emit BUTTON_CANCLED event when that happen16:37
popeytonyp: pull down the scope to refresh16:37
anpokpeat-psuwit: oh a specific event for that.. hm can you install evtest and paste the logs for such a scenario16:38
tonyppopey: I have done that hundreds of times :-)16:38
peat-psuwitanpok: I'll try.16:39
tonyppopey: and just rebooted16:39
mhall119tvoss: mariogrip:it looks like the FP2 rev 9 might already be using Mir 0.19.3 (checking apt-cache)16:39
IZhtvoss: But why it is not on the https://code-review.phablet.ubuntu.com/#/admin/projects/ page? What is the page containing all phone's packages?16:39
peat-psuwitanpok: also, the buttons' mapping seems strange. For example when I press 'menu' button, I'll get character 'e'.16:39
ogra_IZh, thats only the android container contents ... has nothing to do with the actual OS16:40
mariogripmhall119: Can you check /var/log/lightdm/unity-system-compositor.log16:40
IZhogra_: Ah... And is there the page about actual OS?16:41
mariogripmhall119: at the top it will say  the version16:41
ogra_IZh, not really about the middle ware ... https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Avengers is there, but for the higher level (UI and all)16:41
IZhogra_: Thanks.16:42
popeytonyp: did it install okay? I mean, do you see it in /opt/click.ubuntu.com/16:42
ogra_IZh, there is a manifest file for the image contents at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/vivid/daily-preinstalled/current/vivid-preinstalled-touch-armhf.manifest ... but thats probably already to much detail again :)16:42
IZhogra_: And as I see, it's not the git but the bazar? :-)16:43
ogra_IZh, well, launchpad recently got git support, so i assume over time projects might move ... today it is mostly bzr still though16:44
tonyppopey: yes it is there16:44
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peat-psuwitanpok: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15112114/16:51
popeytonyp: in .cache/upstart, is there a log for your app?16:52
popeytonyp: which should detail why it failed to start16:52
peat-psuwitanpok: at time 75.605520, I pressed the menu button, slide a finger up, and then release the finger. Then 'e' start to appear repeatedly in a text field.16:53
tonyppopey: do you mean /cache/upstart ? I don't have that folder.16:54
popeytonyp: no. in your home directory, ~/.cache/upstart16:57
popeytonyp: or if you prefer /home/phablet/.cache/upstart16:57
popeytonyp: try and start your app and then ls -ltr and look for most recent file16:57
_Spongemariogrip: Thank you for updating the donations page :) https://devices.ubports.com/#/17:06
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mhall119mariogrip: I see mir:android (version 0.19.3)17:24
mariogripmhall119: ok, it seems that still power/sleep issue17:25
mhall119right, and not caused by the deadlock that was fixed in 0.19.217:26
mhall119tvoss: ^^ FYI17:27
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tonyppopey: can't find anything that looks relevant17:29
NwSOh come on!17:30
NwSMeizu Pro 5 won't support convergence17:30
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popeyNwS: depends on your definition of convergence17:31
popeytonyp: can I have a copy of your click package and I'll take a look at it?17:31
tonyppopey: what is the best way to send it to you?17:33
mhall119oh, check this out: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/nexdock-turn-your-smartphone-into-a-laptop--2#/17:35
popeytonyp: email, whatever, alan.pope@canonical.com17:36
popeytonyp: got it17:38
popeytonyp: capital letters in the name, get rid of those17:39
popeydavidcalle: the webapp generator allows people to create webapps which fail click-review - we should probably not let that happen17:39
popey(convert capitals to lower case)17:39
tonyppopey: just in the file name? or everywhere?17:40
popeyit'll be inconsistent otherwise17:41
NwSpopey, I thought it will support convergence like the tablet will (haven't seen that either but yeah)17:41
popeymy point is that "convergence" doesn't just mean "does it do HDMI out?"17:42
popeywe're working on wireless display which would be another way to display stuff on a monitor17:42
NwSWhich could be ready in X time17:42
popeyThere's plenty of bits and pieces which aren't quite ready, that's just one.17:43
_Spongepopey, I just spoke to a web developer that said he's seen a Convergence Phone from India for $5 - have you heard 'bout this ?17:45
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NwSDang I just noticed it is 5.7inch..17:48
NwSI better get the tablet then lol17:48
ogra_NwS, just get a cosmetic surgery on your thumb and have it streched17:50
NwSogra_, that could work I guess17:50
ogra_evolution will make that happen anyway within the next few decades :)17:50
ogra_so you are just ahead of time :)17:50
popey_Sponge: I have seen PR about a phone for ~5$ for india17:51
popeyYou get what you pay for.17:51
ogra_wasnt that $3 ?17:51
ogra_they nearly doubled the price since i heard of it !!!17:51
_SpongeI'm eMailing that web developer for the link as we speak.17:51
NwSAre you talking about the Freedom phone?17:52
_SpongeCan it do SMS though ?17:52
* mcphail searches the Ubuntu Store for the "beowulf cluster" app17:53
Stskeepsogra_: https://twitter.com/Joydas/status/700224507345182720 is the supposed phone.. sometimes you can go too far with preparing a demo :P17:53
tonyppopey: that worked! Thank you.17:53
ogra_Stskeeps, well, it is fine if you dont give the device out of your hand i guess ;)17:55
tonyppopey: could do with a note on https://developer.ubuntu.com/webapp-generator/ that appname and Developer namespace need to be lower case.17:57
dobeylol; white-out on the name17:58
davidcalletonyp: Developer namespaces you register on myapps must be lower case, no? Regarding the app name, it can be any case you want.18:00
davidcalletonyp: not that it's a bad idea to say it explicitely, but still, I don't think there is a need for it.18:01
_Spongepopey, Perhaps you could mention it on the Ubuntu-podcast, or have we missed it for another week ?18:02
popey_Sponge: yeah, will add it to the news18:24
popeydavidcalle: check logs and see how many people submitted things with upper case name :)18:25
_Spongepopey, cheers.18:25
NycticebuscoucanHi Guys, since the OTA-9 one app (namely OSM Scout) crashes every time I press the download map button. But it began already to behave strangely before the update. Simple unistalling and reistalling did not change anything.  Do you think that a complete removing of the app (via the console?!) might change anything and if yes how can I do that? Otherwise would it be possible to somehow "unisntall" only OTA-18:38
Nycticebuscoucan9 without loosing data?18:38
tonypdavidcalle: I didn't have to register a namespace - probably because I logged in using my launchpad id. So I just put in TonyP first time I generated the webapp.18:48
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davidcalletonyp: oh, I see19:35
davidcallepopey: logs? :)19:35
davidcalletonyp: then yeah, it should be clearer that you need a myapps account first. (well, if you want to submit to the store)19:36
dobeyNycticebuscoucan: you could use system-image-cli on the phone to flash to a different image build #, but it's probably best to contact the developer of osm scout to get the issue fixed.19:38
timeaxHallo peoples19:39
timeaxI'm trying to port ubuntu touch to my phone...but i'm noob...can somebody link me some guide for learn the basics on how to make a port?19:41
dobeythe porting guide is linked in the channel topic19:42
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timeaxI already red the ubuntu touch porting guide but its not exactly for beginners19:43
timeaxI already setted up my pc19:43
timeaxInstalled ubuntu on it19:44
dobeyit has links to xda iirc, which should provide some more help19:44
dobeybut really, yes, porting is an advancded thing. it's not a trivial task19:44
k1l_uhh, porting is not a beginners task. you need some knowledge about how ubuntu, android and drivers work.19:45
dobeythe basics are pretty much "learn how to do things by building for an already ported device"19:45
timeaxI was able to make the first step of the ubuntu touch official porting guide19:45
timeaxBut there are a lot of things i don't understand,i miss the basics knowledge to complete my port19:46
timeaxI was able to set up correctly my pc19:47
timeaxAnd launched the lunch program for make the build for nexus device19:48
timeaxNow i dont know what to do...19:48
timeaxI dowloaded the git of my phone19:49
taiebotwhen will we get the new today scope!! following the marketing material http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/meizu-pro-5-chart-mixed-750x613.jpg it should get a revamped? It looks much better than what it is now19:49
timeaxIts a xiaomi mi2s,i spent my last day witing for the download finished but had fetching erros19:50
timeaxI dont wanna bore all of you for solving my problem,i just want ti solve them by myself19:51
timeaxSo how can i learn all the basics parts for make the porting?19:52
taiebottimeax you should ask mariogrip and have a look here https://forums.ubports.com/19:52
timeaxTnx a lot taiebot19:53
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dobeyi don't know what to do. i tried to build for nexus and it failed, so meh :)20:03
oSoMoNmhall119, I’m about to add two project ideas to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GoogleSoC2016/Ideas#Ubuntu_Touch , it’s not too late, is it?20:06
oSoMoNballoons, ^20:07
balloonsoSoMoN, not at all! Edit away :-)20:08
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_Spongehi mariogrip20:15
mhall119oSoMoN: is it keyboard shortcuts in the browser? :)20:16
_Spongei shall add 'nother $20 next week to the Iconia20:16
mariogrip_Sponge: Thanks!20:17
mhall119FWIW, I tried to fix my alt+# code for webbrowser-app, but I can't get the focus scopes right for it to work all the time, other then putting it where I originally did20:17
k1l_on the browser a "swipe down for refresh" would be nice. like chrome on android does.20:18
oSoMoNmhall119, the project ideas are not for keyboard shortcuts, but I’ll gladly ignore the fact that you’re not a student any longer, and mentor you :)20:18
oSoMoNmhall119, how about we take some time to discuss your branch after the dust for MWC settles?20:19
oSoMoNballoons, mhall119: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GoogleSoC2016/Ideas updated20:19
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_Spongehi Guest9613020:22
mhall119oSoMoN: I would appreciate that, I suspect I just need to grok FocusScope20:22
_SpongeHi OerHeks :)20:22
chloe123456now i thing that username will not change...20:24
_Spongechloe123456: OK, all is well ?20:24
chloe123456yep :3 (Not accustomed with Irc...)20:27
chloe123456someone here have zenfone 5?20:27
chloe123456(and sorry for my bad english)20:27
timeaxSomebody know how to fix the dimension of the emulator of ubuntu touch?20:39
mhall119timeax: try asking in #ubuntu-app-devel20:41
timeaxOk guys tnx20:42
timeaxBye all peoples have a nice time ;)20:54
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mariogripthis seems to good to be true http://freedom251.com/ phone to 2 USD....22:05
mariogrip4 USD22:05
talonzno convergence on meizu 5 pro just seems like a waste of time ;[  i hope Bq come up with something just as good but with convergence22:14
k1l_mariogrip: the indian one?22:15
lpotterno convergence on pro 5?22:16
k1l_lpotter: no, the chip cant do mhl, iirc22:16
mariogripk1l_: Yeah, i think it is. I just saw it in my local news22:16
popeyhttps://twitter.com/Joydas/status/700224507345182720 mariogrip22:16
popeyvia Stskeeps above22:16
popeyapparently that phone22:17
talonzthe usb c connector can support mhl but meizu chose not to support it ;\22:17
popeySaying "no convergence" on a phone is misleading. convergence isn't just "does it do HDMI"22:17
popeyIt's way more than that22:17
talonzif you cannot use convergence via usb and wireless convergence is not implimented yet then i would say theres no convergence22:18
k1l_so its not soldered internally? or softwarewise?22:18
k1l_i thought ubuntu guys were working on aethercast22:19
talonzi do not know k1l_22:19
talonzyeah they are working on some kinda cast solution and i hope they succeed so much better than dealing with wires22:19
mariogrippopey: oh, that no cool... the phone seems to be in every norwegian news site22:20
k1l_talonz: the chip in the bq phones could do mhl, but its not soldered on the devices.22:21
popeytalonz: there's a ton of stuff that's not finished yet22:23
popeyeven if you did have hdmi out, there's still a load of stuff that isn't complete. the "Convergence" story isn't finished yet22:24
popeyit's not like apple or google where the code gets thrown over the wall at WWDC or Google IO. We develop in the open, so while you can get a device today, tomorrow (or next month) you might get the wireless display22:24
popeyso again, saying "no convergence" is misleading22:25
popeybecause the whole thing is "not yet", not "never"22:25
kkiis there anyone who can help me to recover my E5? I spent several hours to find solution, but i was not successful.22:25
talonzyeah i know popey but selling a device to developers and enthusiasts with out the ability to explore convergence is upsetting22:25
mariogripkki: Do you want to fully reflash the device?22:26
talonzand yeah im sorry i should of used my words more acurately ... "the inablility to use convergence at launch..."22:27
mcphailtalonz: The more phones, the merrier imho. I don't mind if some will not (easily) support convergence as long as some will... eventually22:28
popeyi give up22:28
mariogripkki: Then reboot into bootloader (fastboot mode) and run ubuntu-device-flash touch --channel=ubuntu-touch/stable/ubuntu --bootstrap from your pc22:29
mcphailtalonz: the new meizu doesn't appeal to me, but if someone was looking to buy an Ubuntu phone as a phone (i.e. what I've been using the bq for for the past 10 months) it looks like a good bet22:29
mariogripkki: if that doesn't work try this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/602035/how-do-i-use-ubuntu-device-flash-with-the-bq-aquaris-e4-5-and-aquaris-e522:30
dobeymariogrip: the bq recovery image will also be required as documented on the devices wiki22:30
dobeythe recovery-vegetahd.img22:30
mariogripdobey: Yeah, i just saw that,22:31
mariogripkki: use the last link i sendt to you, that should work22:31
kkimariogrip: I fond it too, but i get this error, and I can't foundout how to solve it: mkdir /root/.cache: permission denied22:31
talonzmcphail: the 5 pro looks like a great phone and i will probably buy it soon but as i mentioned earlier not having convergence is a little disapointing. popey sorry if i frustrate you i dont hate just hope for so much more22:32
mariogripkki: try running it as sudo22:32
popeysure, sorry22:32
k1l_biggest issue is: to get more phones out in the wild.22:33
talonzit has been a long time since an mobile operating system has truely excited me. sailfish and firefox got nothing on this22:33
popeyso far today I have seen complaints that the pro doesn't have a) convergence, b) wirless charging, c) fast charge, d) full-capability usb-c, d) removable battery....22:33
popeyeveryone has their wishlist22:33
mcphailtalonz: if plugged-in convergence is important to you, wait a little longer and see if a new device supports it. If you're simply looking for a cool Ubuntu phone, it would be nice to support Meizu. I think it is cool both bq and meizu have gone for a 2nd device22:33
k1l_microsoft only did this while paying a lot of money.  others completly failed at it. look at webos, or firefox os or jolla.22:33
popeyPersonally I think it's nothing short of astounding that a tiny company like Canonical can do this22:33
k1l_so every new phone is a good phone right now.22:33
kkiperfect, It is works, but i did it as root. so I don't understand22:33
kkiThank you22:34
mariogripkki: np :)22:34
talonzcanonical is awesome22:34
k1l_talonz: if you want a convergence capable phone by a used nesxus4 :)22:35
talonzk1l_: i got a nexus 4 and love it but thanks22:35
talonzmcphail: bq are on their 3rd device now with a 4th on the way ?22:36
mcphailtalonz: hope so22:37
popeyfingers crossed22:38
popeyI heard more devices were going to be demo'ed at MWC next week22:38
dobeypopey: i'm so upset the pro 5 doesn't have unicorns22:38
popeyI'm not, I hate unicorns22:38
dobeyk1l_: lol. i wouldn't say webos failed exactly.22:39
mcphailtalonz: I'd love an Ubuntu device with a Psion Series 5 form factor. I suspect I'm not ever going to get it, but I can dream ;)22:40
dobeyk1l_: more like, webos was murdered.22:40
k1l_dobey: well, i got a hp touchpad tablet. so i would say: yes :)22:40
k1l_dobey: i dont know what hp did think when selling that for the ipad prices.22:40
dobeyk1l_: that's a poor attitude to have22:41
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k1l_dobey: webos was quite good actually. but because the devices were way to expensive there wasnt enough users to get more developers to do apps etc. etc. and when the firesale went on everyone just wanted to put android on it.22:42
lpotteras far as I know, pro 5 will have convergence, not through hdmi, but through Jedi mind tricks22:42
popeymcphail: you can buy clip-on keyboards, I bought one for an iphone 4s, it was a bizarre experience22:43
dobeyk1l_: the devices were not that expensive. they were no more expensive than other phones.22:43
popeybe nice for someone to make a nice slimline clip on keyboard for an ubuntu phone, but that's only likely with very wide adoption22:43
dobeywould be nice for someone to make a phone that's a decent size, and has a built-in slide out keyboard22:44
k1l_dobey: the touchpad was ipad pricerange back then.22:44
mariogrippopey: are you going to mwc?22:44
popeynope, I'm going to Embedded World next week22:45
popeyI'm not pretty enough to go to MWC :)22:45
mariogrippopey: Awww, i'm sure you are :)22:45
* lpotter remembers when everyone wanted small phones22:45
k1l_i have given up on wanting a qwertz slider smartphone :/22:45
dobeyk1l_: and your point is? if HP didn't kill everything, you'd be complaining the iPad was priced at the same point as the touchpad, instead.22:45
dobeylpotter: it was 5 minutes ago22:45
popeyi still want a small phone22:45
lpotterseems that way22:45
popeyiphone 4s was (IMO) the best form factor22:45
popeybut the OnePlus X is close22:46
lpotteri feel the pro 5 is a bit too big, really. hard to navigate with one hand22:46
mariogrippopey: the opo is perfect size, anything smaler than that is had to use22:46
k1l_dobey: no. hp priced it to high. that made sell it not good enough. then they pulled the  trigger and got rid of it in the firesale.22:46
talonzi loved and still love the n90022:46
popeyOPO feels like a door in my hands22:46
k1l_dobey: ipad like pricing as a newcomer was the main issue, imho.22:46
popeyyeah, i loved the idea of the n90022:46
mcphailpopey: 7 inch screen, desktop mode and fold-out keyboard would be perfect for me22:47
popeylets make a phone!22:47
mariogriplike the bq 4.5 i have to have to have to phone 4cm from the face to see a youtube video22:47
dobeyk1l_: no. hp killed it all like the day after the touchpad was released22:47
* mariogrip cannot spell22:47
popeyi cant focus 4 cm from my face :)22:47
* popey is old22:47
k1l_popey: i got used to my nexus6 better than i thought.22:47
popeyi bought a one plus x and love it dearly22:47
dobeyk1l_: main issue is that HP had no bloody idea what the hell they wanted to do22:47
mariogrippopey: got ubuntu touch on that ;)22:48
k1l_dobey: i totally agree on hp ruined it.22:48
lpottern950 was better than n900, imho22:48
lpotterbut I might be biased22:48
popeymariogrip: i will when you port it ㋛22:49
popeyn950 was a really nice device22:49
lpotterya, sadly I had to turn in my dali when they fired us22:49
dobeyiphone 4s is probably the perfect size. it just needs to be a slider, and have a good OS on it22:49
mariogrippopey: that's next on my list :) I kinda want to use that as my daily driver, it's so pretty :)22:49
talonzlpotter: i never had the n950 ;[22:50
popey:( lpotter22:50
popeythere's still a few canonicalers who hang on to their n9 and 95022:50
lpotterit was actually ok, because the one I had had no bluetooth22:50
k1l_dobey: it was one1,5 months after the touchpads start. yes, that is not enought time.22:50
lpottersomeone wanting a phone w/ keyboard could get a jolla with that keyboard TOH attachment22:51
* mcphail needs an Ubuntu device opening like this - https://d262ilb51hltx0.cloudfront.net/max/800/0*04pEuXPD9veCdeb7.gif22:51
dobeylpotter: nope. that is awful22:52
k1l_the motorola milestone was quite nice. the locked bootloader was a pain.22:52
lpotterdobey: never had the keyboard22:52
k1l_mcphail: that looks like a lot is going to break22:54
mariogriplpotter: you could buy a 3D printer and make a mount for a bt keyboard and mount that on the phone22:54
popeymcphail: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psion_Series_5#/media/File:2005-04-16_Psion_Serie_5mx_PRO_24MB_beschn_unscharf_scharf.JPG22:54
popeythat kinda thing?22:54
popeymariogrip: that would be awesome too22:54
mcphailk1l_: you'd be surprised. There was a weak ribbon connector from body to screen which had a tendency to break, but post-hoc replacements fixed that flaw22:54
dobeylpotter: i can't stand the sideways keyboards22:55
mcphailpopey: yep - you ever used one. Best keyboard on a PDA _ever_22:55
lpotterI'm waiting for T9 keyboard22:55
popeyI bought an interesting portable device with a built in keyboard off ebay recently22:56
popeyruns on AA batteries...22:56
popeySinclair Z88 :)22:56
mcphailI'd love a Z88!22:56
popeyits a hilarious device :)22:56
popeywhen i got my Logitech K480 bluetooth keyboard it made me think of the Z88 and they're very similar sizes22:57
mariogripthe question, will it run ubuntu touch22:57
popeyI used to love writing Z80 assembler22:57
mcphailI love anything with a Z80 chip, tbh.22:57
popeyi have 3 CPCs and a couple of speccys in the loft :)22:57
popeywish I had a z80 co-pro for the bbc micro22:57
mcphailI regret binning my speccy, but it did turn into a smouldering heap as I bodge-fixed the keyboard membrane...22:58
mcphailpopey: you going to get a vega+ ?22:59
mcphailI need to find some way to sneak that one past t'wife23:00
popeyPart of me wants to build a portable gaming device with a pi2, screen, joystick etc23:00
popeybut then realise I'll never get enough tuits23:01
popeystill watching that psion gif btw23:01
popeymuch better than BBC QT23:01
mcphailooh - forgot about QT23:02

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