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pstolowskicimi, tsdgeos hey, is either of you up for a review of https://code.launchpad.net/~stolowski/unity-scopes-shell/single-preview/+merge/286360 ? Marcus is off for paternity leave and in his absence you're the best candidates for this job ;)09:26
tsdgeospstolowski: there's a new api required for that, right? guess we need to update the mock code we have in unity8 too09:28
pstolowskitsdgeos i've just linked the new api to this MP09:28
pstolowskitsdgeos, cimi is going to work on unity8 changes i believe09:28
tsdgeoscimi: do you do the review or this too or want me to help here?09:29
tsdgeosgarg qmltestrunner::Preview::test_comboEnsureVisible still is unstable09:30
Mirvmzanetti: FYI lpotter's inputinfo patch set 20 ready for upgrade from silo 009 in roughly 15 minutes (build is done, waiting for publisher run)09:31
mzanettiMirv, you're the best!09:31
mzanettilpotter, I'll try to give it another try today09:32
mzanettithanks for updating09:32
lpotterthats what I'm here for09:33
cimitsdgeos, sorry I am late this morning, woke up with some headache and had to take some painkillers - i'm much better now09:59
tsdgeoscimi: no worries, get better10:01
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tsdgeospstolowski: still workin in progress or need review? https://code.launchpad.net/~stolowski/unity-scopes-shell/single-preview/+merge/28636013:39
tsdgeospstolowski: why 9 to 11  in https://code.launchpad.net/~stolowski/unity-api/single-preview/+merge/286359 ?13:40
pstolowskitsdgeos, i just keep it WIP because i want to test it with unity8 (not possible right now)13:40
pstolowskitsdgeos, to match scopes-impl-11 in unity-scopes-shell. not sure if this is important though.. and not sure why they don't match anymore13:41
pstolowskitsdgeos, the tests we have in shell plugin prove that is "should work", but you never know... things are slightly different in qml world13:45
balloonsChrisTownsend, kgunn, bregma, did anyone talk to you yet about mentoring for google summer of code? I'm curious if there is any interest in tasks within the realm of Unity8 or MIR. The mentoring is 1 on 1, over 3 months, so the projects can have some scope to them14:03
bregmaballoons, I'm up for mentoring (I've done it a couple of years previously), especially if a student proposes a Mir- or convergence-related project14:05
balloonsbregma, excellent! Do you have any ideas for things you could do? We're supposed to have a general list, but as you say, the final projects are a result of a student + mentors collective decision14:06
bregmaI don;t have any student-level-finish-in-4-months tasks I could suggest at the moment14:06
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balloonsthere was hope of creating a wm based on MIR; alan_g|lunch and alex proposed it for GCI, but it was kind of large in scope for that14:08
balloonsI think it might work now for GSOC14:08
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Saviq-devw00t, xchat-gnome on unity8 :D14:25
Saviq-devthis is fun14:25
bregmamterry, any chance you could update your use-ual-info branch?14:27
mterrybregma, ah sure14:28
bregmamterry, I'd like to slap it (or something similar) into silo 58 where we're trying to play with full-on Libertine convergence14:28
mterryyikes, 20 conflicts14:29
bregmabefore the dark and lurking horror that awaits us rises from the deep14:29
davmor2Saviq-dev: it's not fun.....it's very very serious :D14:30
Saviqwhy so serious14:30
davmor2Saviq, Saviq-dev: because xchat-gnome is a serious piece of software it's not there for fun, Are you trying to tell me you have fun on IRC, huh huh huh well are you?????!!!!????? :D14:32
Saviq-devno fun :(14:33
davmor2Saviq: hehehe :)14:33
balloonsSaviq, bregma, another idea might be to snappify up a set of desktop apps -- do you think that would work as a project? Adding some new application snaps and extending support for running snaps on the desktop?14:36
Saviqmhall119, btw, balloons speaking here, let's stick to one channel?14:36
balloonssorry, just trying to close up loose ends as the application has to be submitted tomorrow.14:37
alan_gballoons: if you spell my name correctly I'm OK with being a mentor14:37
Saviqballoons, two ideas came to mind here: DisplayLink (USB GPUs) support in Mir, or rather DL drivers suitable for Mir; and background processing services for GPS, accelerometer or some such14:37
Saviqballoons, what has to be done by tomorrow then?14:38
mhall119Saviq: I think we were going to try and get tvoss for the background processing services14:39
bregmaya know, I would love to see the accelerometer/gyroscope/magnetometer in most modern laptops working on the desktop, if someone is looking for a cool GSoC project.....14:40
balloonsalan_g, Excellent. I'll work on my inability to spell!14:40
Saviqbregma, yeah, and screen state detection - no idea how does my XPS12 communicate that the screen's folded so it should go into tablet mode14:40
alan_gballoons: BTW You also misspelt "alf_" above14:41
bregmathat's another IIO sensor, fix one and you fix 'em all14:41
bregmaI wish the keyboard on my Yoga 2 would disable when I fold it under so I could play Mahjongg without fear14:42
Saviqbregma, mine does disable... not the touchpad, though, meaning if I press the screen hard enough, I get events from it :S14:42
bregmaall it would take is a kernel module and some udev rules, it's really just that easy14:42
Saviqballoons, mhall119 ↑ you got a topic and a mentor it seems ;)14:43
bregmaright, it's the touchpad that ruins everything14:43
bregmanothing a pair of wirecuters won't fix permanently14:43
mhall119"kernel module", "easy", heh14:45
mhall119Saviq: which one is the topic?14:46
Saviqmhall119, <bregma> ya know, I would love to see the accelerometer/gyroscope/magnetometer in most modern laptops working on the desktop, if someone is looking for a cool GSoC project.....14:47
mhall119and bregma is volunteering to be the mentor?14:47
Saviqlooks like ti14:47
bregmaI can do that14:47
Saviqmhall119, I'm afraid unity8 isn't a project that makes sense for GSOC, we don't have big enough tasks for that14:48
mhall119no? Not even desktop features in the window management?14:48
mhall119Saviq: for example, we could give somebody the task of implementing all the keyboard shortcuts from Unity 714:50
ltinklmhall119, we have those already (most of them)14:50
Saviqmhall119, that's too small IMO14:51
mhall119really? I'll have to try it again then14:51
mhall119Saviq: enabling workspaces?14:51
ltinklmhall119, some of the stuff (like launcher) might have not landed yet tho14:51
mhall119oh, how about re-enabling the HUD, can we do that? :)14:51
Saviqmhall119, a lot depends on designs that we don't have14:51
Saviqand are unlikely to have in the time frame14:52
ltinklSaviq, mhall119: I think we have some (preliminary) workspaces designs, dunno how feasible is to share them14:52
Saviqpreliminary's the word14:53
Saviqone topic *could* be to refactor shortcut handling so it's configurable and centralized14:53
Saviqbut again, that's not a big enough task IMO14:53
ltinklSaviq, hmm, actually I think this won't be small either14:53
mhall119Saviq: assume there will be some time taken up getting them started and familiar enough with the codebase to make contributions14:54
Saviqmhall119, we're not really just reimplementing unity7 in QML ;P14:54
ltinklSaviq, if you'd also have to write the config for it (presumably system settings)14:54
ltinklSaviq, mhall119: fingerprint sensor support for the (un)lock screen? ;)14:55
ltinklthat would be nice14:55
Saviqltinkl, that's done in PAM14:55
Saviqltinkl, supporting it on android could be a topic, but I couldn't mentor that for sure14:56
ltinklSaviq, well ye but you have to integrate in various places, write a config GUI for the enrolllment etc.14:56
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ltinklI bet everyone knows by now which phone will have it :) http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2016/02/meizu-pro-5-ubuntu-edition-specs-price14:56
cimiarg was about to text him15:10
cimipstolowski, hey :) are your two branches still WIP? can we build them somewhere in a silo so I can start easily test them? otherwise I'll build local15:13
pstolowskicimi, hi, they're wip only because i want to test it alltogether with unity8. so yeah, let's create a silo15:13
pstolowskicimi, do you have a unity8 branch already?15:14
cimipstolowski, mmm I need little bit more work on my side, I did update mocks but I have to test them15:14
pstolowskicimi, ok, let me create a silo15:22
cimipstolowski, thanks, building locally for now15:22
pstolowskitsdgeos, i'll put https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity8/activtion-progress/+merge/284421 in the same silo as single-preview, any objections?15:26
tsdgeospstolowski: looks good15:27
pstolowskicimi, we have silo 76 for this stuff. also added acitvation-progress there15:51
cimipstolowski, thanks15:51
Saviqcimi, ltinkl, this is how my session looked like after having installed silo 64 https://imgur.com/cCmMqtl ;)16:30
Saviq*not* good :D16:30
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cimiSaviq, ah so you wanted me to test silo 64, cheers mate :D16:30
ltinklSaviq, when was it installed?16:30
Saviqltinkl, just a sec ago16:30
Saviqbut anyway, no time now, if it's not good straight away, won't dive in now16:31
Saviqit could very well be interaction between 10 and 64, although I purged the first16:31
ltinklSaviq, yeah... yours look weird, wrong colors, black stage, even the font is a bit jaggy16:31
Saviqltinkl, font jaggy is a known-ish problem16:32
Saviqbut yeah, all the rest looks like UITK went apeshit16:32
SaviqI don't have UITK installed, that might explain things16:33
Saviqwonder how that happened16:33
ltinklSaviq, yeah.. is that "legal"?16:33
Saviq-gles got installed16:34
Saviqtrying again16:41
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Saviqltinkl, fyi, the right UITK does not seem to have helped, will need to look into it later17:03
ltinklSaviq, ye no pressure but it seems like your local issue to me (unless others confirm otherwise)17:04
Saviqsure, still interesting to know where it came from17:04
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mterrybregma, I updated my use-ual-info branch.  Lots of changes, but it builds and tests cleanly now.  I didn't test full stack though, since I figured we might as well put it in a silo and test from that instead17:28
bregmamterry, thanks, I'll play with it in silo 58 then17:29
bregmaOK, Silo 58 works on frieza, I'm off to celebrate with a sandwich and a glass of milk18:46
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