waltmanMaking another attempt at resolving my dependency issues from last week. Turns out it's preventing the install of today's libc6 security update.02:30
jthanoh god. still happening!?02:30
waltmanI just asked on #ubuntu but so far no response :(02:30
waltmanYes, amazingly if you don't fix it, it stays broken!02:31
jthanUgh. I thought you'd figured that one out.02:31
jthanare you on 15.04?02:31
waltmanNo, I kinda hit a brick wall and moved onto other things.02:31
waltmanYe Gods. #ubuntu. One helpful person, and half a dozen folks getting in the way.03:12
jthanUsually how it goes03:12
waltman22:09 < Madhumper69> Have you ever installed mysql on the machine prior?03:13
jthanIs he helpful or in the way?03:13
jthanhe's a mad humper...03:13
waltmanThe whole frickin' issue is in trying to UPDATE mysql!03:14
waltmanHe also asked me if I had sudo access.03:14
waltmanafter I'd already pasted a bunch of sudo output.03:15
waltmanI finally fixed it!03:39
princedimondhow did u do it ? what was the missing link?03:40
waltmanprincedimond: Nothing I tried in apt-get worked, but it turned out just installing the .deb manually with dpkg -i worked! I thought I'd tried that last week when I first discovered the problem, but I guess not?12:24
teddy-dbearMorning peoples, critters and everything else13:10
princedimond(rmg51): always good to go back and retrace the steps :)22:16
jedijfUbuntu 14.04.4 LTS released23:16
jedijfWe recommend that all users read the 14.04.4 release notes, which23:17
jedijfdocument caveats and workarounds for known issues, as well as more23:17
jedijfin-depth notes on the release itself.  They are available at:23:17
jedijfespecially waltman thanks Mark S. ;-)23:17
jedijfdrat, where's the takeback button23:17

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