gsedejtjaalton, ipng10:59
gsedeji am trying nvidia Vulkan PPA11:00
gsedejthe nvidia 355 module does not build11:00
gsedejon 16.04 alpha11:00
tjaaltontseliot: ^11:00
tjaaltonfyi, I'm about to push a new libvulkan and an actually working vkcube11:01
tjaaltonand then looking into packaging https://github.com/SaschaWillems/Vulkan.git11:01
gsedejI first tried installing maually .run form nvidia site, but looks like some compiler error11:01
gsedejthere is thread on devtalk.nvidia https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/917451/255-00-26-installation-fails-on-linux-/11:02
gsedejtjaalton, should I wait here or contat via email?11:05
tjaaltonno idea when it will be fixed though11:06
tjaaltonthis is kinda a bad week11:06
gsedejis it known bug?11:06
tjaaltonI don't know11:06
tjaaltondon't have nvidia11:06
tjaaltonbut it's a beta driver in a testing ppa, so not high priority11:07
gsedeji have prime, so extra trouble11:07
tseliotgsedej: what kernel are you using?11:21
tseliotok, let me have a look here11:22
gsedejdid you see my link on nvidia talk?11:22
* tseliot looking11:23
KNROgsedej: what link?11:23
KNROI applied the patch and 355 installs11:23
gsedeji get the same error 11:23
KNROyes the patch works, I just installed NVdiai 35511:23
KNRObut the canonical-x 355 driver doesn't have the patch, it fails on kernel 4.411:23
tseliotwhatever that is, I'll fix it11:23
gsedej/var/lib/dkms/nvidia-355/355.00.26/build/nvidia/nv-procfs.c does not look pached11:24
KNROgsedej: exactly11:24
KNROgsedej: I was locked out of my system for the last hour because of that11:24
gsedejcan I help somehow?11:24
tseliotthe patch is in the packaging but it's not being applied11:25
KNROohh okay, well, better fix that because LOTS of people are going to use that package11:25
tseliotI'm on it11:26
gsedej"/usr/lib/dkms/dkms_autoinstaller start" recreates original file11:26
KNROtseliot: Thanks a lot!! appreciate it! :-)11:26
gsedejwhen can I expect fix?11:31
gsedejbtw, i have Optimus laptop gf940m+Haswell. Haswell does not run single demo on https://github.com/SaschaWillems/Vulkan11:32
tseliotin a few minutes?11:32
tjaaltongsedej: using the prebuilt binaries?11:33
gsedejthe ppa11:33
tjaaltonI'll try to wrap a package11:34
tjaaltonsee what's going on11:34
gsedeji am using prebuilt binaries from SaschaWillems github11:34
tjaaltonyeah I tried them too11:34
tjaaltondidn't work11:34
tjaaltonnew vulkan (libvulkan1, -dev) is now built, next up is new intel driver11:36
tjaaltonwith a new name & pkg11:37
gsedejis there a chance that Vulkan (intel) will be present in 16.04 LTS ?12:07
tjaaltonin 16.04.2 sure12:08
tjaaltonwith lts-y stack12:08
tjaaltonit's a duplicate mesa source tree, I doubt archive admins would allow that12:09
* ricotz sees tjaalton torn away by excitement ;)12:09
ricotztjaalton, I guess this is targeted for mesa 12?12:10
CheeryW: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/canonical-x/vulkan/ubuntu/dists/wily/main/binary-amd64/Packages  404  Not Found12:11
ricotzbe patient...12:11
tjaaltonwily.. not gonna happen12:12
tjaaltonricotz: 11.3/12, yes12:12
ricotzhaha, right12:12
CheeryI wouldn't really care and give a shit. I'd just want drivers that don't break down when I reboot12:14
tjaaltonthis is not the ppa you want12:14
Cheerytried manual install on vulkan nvidia drivers, but they did break down when I rebooted12:15
tjaaltonbecause the module fails to build, tseliot is on it12:15
Cheerythere's coming updated package when it works?12:17
tseliotyes, I'm almost done12:17
Cheerywhere it will come?12:17
tseliotany time now12:17
Cheerydidn't ask when. I did ask where. :)12:18
tseliotmy eyesight is not good today12:18
tseliotsame PPA12:18
Cheerywould ask whether they install to wily as well.. but I'm so much stressed out that I just keep a break anyway12:22
tseliotyes, the nvidia packages should work12:25
tjaaltongsedej: so the demo binaries aren't enough, they need to be put in the git repo bin/ or they won't find the shaders..12:27
gsedejtjaalton, I am trying to build gl_vk_chopper now12:29
gsedejI am using vulkan ppa, and also downloaded VulkanSDK from lunarg12:29
gsedejI am not able to install .deb in the sdk installer12:30
gsedejis this ok?12:30
gsedejdpkg: error processing archive vulkan-loader_1.0.3.1_amd64.deb (--install):12:30
gsedej trying to overwrite '/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libvulkan.so.1.0.3', which is also in package libvulkan1 1.0.3~git20160215-0.112:30
gsedej(and so on)12:31
tjaaltonso they ship their own libvulkan, nice12:31
tjaaltondon't install the ppa version then12:31
tjaaltonor the other way around12:31
Cheerycan you batsignal or smt. when I can try the driver install again?12:32
gsedejlike the ppa better12:32
tseliotnvidia is fixed now. Please give it some time to build in the PPA12:32
gsedejif i don't need sdk12:32
gsedejtseliot, thanks! i will try it12:32
gsedejtrynig to build chopper i get error .../lib/libAntTweakBar.a(LoadOGLCore.o):(.data.rel+0x618): undefined reference to `glCullFace'12:33
gsedej(many of such)12:33
gsedejtseliot, why 2 " nvidia-graphics-drivers-355 "12:34
Cheerytseliot: they seem to have appeared there now12:34
tseliotone for trusty, one for xenial12:34
Cheerynone for wily12:35
tseliotnope. Either should work in wily though12:35
Cheeryhow do I DL it from here?12:36
gsedejtseliot, 2 for xenial http://imgur.com/lT5fnOy12:37
tseliotdifferent revisions12:37
tseliot355.00.26-0ubuntu1~vulkan16.04.2 is newer than 355.00.26-0ubuntu1~vulkan16.04.112:37
tseliotwait until the former builds, and there won't be any ambiguity12:38
Cheeryoh it's still building.12:39
gsedejCheery, were you able tu apt-get upgrade? 12:40
Kanohi, why is libpng in the vulkan ppa?12:44
Kanobtw. i wanted to compile mesa anv but got an error12:44
tjaaltonbecause vkcube needs libpng1612:49
tjaalton(not there yet)12:49
Kanook, i dont need vkcube12:52
Kanobut whats the problem with mesa?12:52
tjaaltoni don't know, builds here12:52
Kanowhy is vulkaninfo in a lib package? thats wrong12:53
tjaaltonit just is12:54
tjaaltonthings are in flux12:54
Kanosomehow vulkaninfo does not work here12:55
Kanoi used the prebuild one form lunarg sdk first12:55
Kanoand that worked12:55
gsedejand idea why i get "undefined reference to `glCullFace'" ? 12:55
Kanoundefined symbol...12:55
Cheerycan I somehow plug non-wily ppa to wily?13:28
tjaaltonof course13:29
Cheeryhow does that happen?13:29
tjaaltondid you run apt-add-repository?13:29
tjaaltonor otherwise enable it13:30
CheeryI ran add-apt-repository, but it tried to get wily version of the ppa13:30
tjaaltonso you edit /etc/apt/sources.list.d/canonical-x-ubuntu...list and change wily to xenial13:31
Cheeryso I can now just get nvidia-355 and it should start working.. lets try13:32
Kanotjaalton: why do you need vdpau to build vulkan?13:37
tjaaltonI don't, too lazy to rip everything out, feel free to do it13:41
tjaaltonjust fyi, it's not going to be in the distro13:41
tjaaltonnot before upstream has it13:42
Cheeryok. the OS warns about a bug, but otherwise everything's all right13:46
Kanowell basically i wanted to build the complete mesa, but your approach is interesting13:47
Kanoif that works13:48
tjaaltonit only needs to ship the driver (with statically linked bits), json and the header13:52
Kanowould be nice if it would build ;)13:53
Kanowhich gcc did you use?13:53
tjaaltonwhatever is in xenial13:54
gsedejtseliot, i instelled nvidia_35514:03
gsedejbut trying to use bumblebee and its missing nvidia-smi nvdida-uvm14:04
gsedejany idea?14:04
gsedejsyslog http://pastebin.com/qaTYmuDr14:05
tseliotI don't know what bumblebee is trying to do but the module should be there (look in ls /lib/modules/4.4.0-4-generic/updates/dkms/)14:06
gsedejI have issue with nvidia-prime using vulkan 355.00.26 driver. 19:02
gsedejafter setting "prime-select nvidia", logging out, it does not log in or it has bad graphics. works with gnome-flashback-metacity but no glx19:03
tjaaltongsedej: do you have other ppa's enabled?19:04
gsedejsomething wishes to load "nvidia" kernel module, but "nvidia_355" should be loaded19:04
gsedejjust vulkan ppa19:04
gsedejoh... maybe I should first full remove bumblebee since bumblbee needs special version of nvidia driver19:05
gsedejbut also lightdm...19:06
gsedejFeb 18 18:22:14 usb-tmp lightdm[20946]: rmmod: ERROR: Module nvidia is not currently loaded19:06
gsedejtjaalton, i did purge bumblbee but still problem19:37
gsedejthe module "nvidia" is loaded while module "nvidia" does not exist (modinfo nvidia -> not found) but shoudl be nvidia_35519:38
gsedejlsmod http://paste.ubuntu.com/15117273/19:40
gsedejsyslog http://paste.ubuntu.com/15117308/19:44
gsedeji found out that /etc/modprobe.d/nvidia-graphics-drivers.conf sets alias nvidia nvidia_35519:48
gsedejso nvidia module should be ok19:49
gsedejmaybe nvidia-prime (nvidia's prime method not the open source one) does not support DRI3 (req for vulkan)19:58
gsedejlooks like nvidia-settings does work properly, just GLX doesn't20:20
gsedejwhere could I search for problems?20:20
tjaaltoncheck xorg log20:33
slavik81Is Intel on Ubuntu 14.04 going to be supported?20:37
slavik81For the new vulkan drivers, I mean.20:37
tjaaltonnot sure yet20:39
tjaaltonthings need to settle on xenial first20:40
OerHeksslavik81,  yes, the ppa gives trusty & xenial drivers20:42
tjaaltonnot intel20:43
tjaaltonnot even the loader20:43
OerHeksoh, my bad, then you would need the intel ppa20:44
tjaaltonwhat intel ppa?20:44
OerHekshmm just checking https://01.org/linuxgraphics/blogs/jekstrand/2016/open-source-vulkan-drivers-intel-hardware ..20:45
OerHeksI thought they had intel drivers ready20:46
tjaaltonthey? vulkan ppa has the intel driver but only for xenial20:46
tjaaltonand the pkg name will change20:46
slavik81OerHeks: Unfortunately, the Intel Graphics Installer dropped support for Ubuntu 14.04 due to issues with LTS updates conflicting with their updates.20:47
tjaaltonthat has nothing to do with vulkan though20:50
OerHeksI would wait 2 months for xenial release.20:50
slavik81I would wait, but I'm impatient and it's reading week so I have time. If the missing pieces are just packaging, I may instead try to build from source.21:01
slavik81Maybe if I succeed and learn something I can contribute back.21:01
slavik81Or maybe I'll fail miserably and wait for xenial. We'll see, I guess.21:02
gsedejglxinfo gives me error:  libGL failed to load swrast 21:02
gsedejX Error of failed request:  GLXBadContext21:02
gsedejhow to get more info?21:03
gsedejdoes xorg.0.log look ok? http://paste.ubuntu.com/15122026/ 21:03
gsedejif someone can check21:03
tjaaltonlooks normal to me21:15
gsedeji am not in "video" group. trying now...21:18
tjaaltonyou don't need to be...21:20
gsedejdarn... what else could go wrong21:22
gsedejthere are some issues in syslong21:22
tjaaltonbroken package I guess21:25
gsedejhow to add nvidia-bug-report.log.gz on nvidia forum?23:16
tjaaltonbest to wait for tseliot to confirm if it's a packaging issue23:16
slavik81Thanks for the help, btw. I appreciate it.23:17
gsedejtjaalton, tseliot, here is text I intent to post on nvidia-forums  http://paste.ubuntu.com/15126342/23:47
gsedejI will post it if it's not packiginig issue23:48

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