* chesedo silently waves a greeting03:58
Kilosmorning everbody05:05
thatgraemeguymorning peeps06:05
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Kiloshi dlPhreak 06:17
Kiloshi there thatgraemeguy 06:17
dlPhreakKilos, thatgraemeguy 06:18
dlPhreakHow are you all doing?06:19
Kiloswell ty and you?06:19
dlPhreakStill sleepy, haven't had coffee yet.06:20
unlaudableso.... http://blog.dustinkirkland.com/2016/02/zfs-is-fs-for-containers-in-ubuntu-1604.html06:52
superflyi saw06:53
unlaudablehappy sad?06:53
superflyneither to me, I know of ZFS's reputation, but I have no experience with it06:54
inetprogood mornings06:56
inetproKilos: 11mm06:56
superflyunlaudable: I know that the reason it's not included in the kernel by default is licensing issues06:56
superflyunlaudable: Canonical seems to think that there are none, but others disagree06:57
inetprothat licensing has been messy indeed06:57
unlaudableI thought this was interesting... http://news.slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=8130489&cid=5067693707:15
unlaudablesee the reply... 3rd comment07:15
unlaudablewell that whole thread... unhide07:16
unlaudablelots of bleeting on slashdot about we should rally around zfs/btrfs, btrfs/zfs development is stagnant, btrfs/zfs has x feature the other doesnt, btrfs lost my data (no one complained about zfs losing data :D)07:20
unlaudableok I lie found someone complaining about zfs corrupting there data... but what a weird setup...07:26
unlaudablethis also makes me want to side with ZFS... http://news.slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=8130489&cid=5067553107:39
unlaudablealso this... http://news.slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=8130489&cid=5067462307:41
Kilosinetpro 20mm ek wen die keer ne07:41
Kilosinetpro got an sms with clearance ref number07:43
superfly"But as you said in your comment that it's "rapidly getting there". That's been the story since day one. And it's not got there. Not even close."08:16
superflyThat's how I feel about Wayland.08:16
superflyMir is already out there. Where's Wayland?08:16
superflyI'm no fan of exactly how the Mir debacle played out, especially not Canonical's attitude, but the reality is that they actually have working code out there.08:17
unlaudableWayland is just the protocol though right?09:40
unlaudableso its up to gnome and kde to just tart using it?09:40
unlaudablestart even09:40
* Padroni waves10:11
Padronihi thatgraemeguy 10:11
Padronilong time10:11
Kiloshi oad10:25
KilosPadroni 10:26
Kilosdunno what happened there10:26
Kilosmin dae yet Padroni 10:27
Padronihi Kilos 10:31
Padroniyeah - min dae10:31
Padroni2 - 6 weeks10:31
Kiloshow can it be 2 to 610:31
superflyunlaudable: negative, Wayland is a display server10:32
Kiloshi qwebirc14648 10:32
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Kiloshi tailon 10:32
tailonhowdy 10:32
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-za10:33
Kilosif you need help withj something just explain what you are battling with10:33
Kilossomeone will have a cure10:34
tailonthankfully no issues , just poking around . See whats what 10:35
Padroniit's either 2 more weeks, or 6 more weeks10:35
Padronihi tailon 10:35
superflyunlaudable: the reality is that both Gnome and KDE already support Wayland. It's just that Wayland doesn't work.10:37
unlaudable... ok...10:40
unlaudable"Wayland is a protocol for a compositor to talk to its clients as well as a C library implementation of that protocol."10:41
unlaudablefrom https://wayland.freedesktop.org/10:41
unlaudablejust throwing that out there, I'm no expert by any means...10:42
unlaudableits all rather confusing...10:42
superflyunlaudable: yes, it's technically BOTH10:44
unlaudableI think the issue is all X apps need to support it... thats going to take a looong time10:47
unlaudableas in X apps need to rewritten to support it... maybe?10:47
Kilosstorming, power cut once already18:07
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Kiloswb superfly 18:33
superflythanks Kilos18:34
Kilos<phillw> Kilos: kudos to your team!18:48
Kilossuperfly thats for your 2 sites18:48
Kilosthat comment was from the xubuntu dev guys18:49
Kilosx or l , i get mixed up18:49
inetprowhat did we do wrong oom Kilos18:49
inetprogood mornings18:49
Kiloshi inetpro 18:49
inetproor is it, what do they want from us?18:50
Kilosyou guys made sites too cool i spose18:50
Kilosno man18:50
Kilosone was looking at static site generators so i told him try nikola18:50
inetpro7mm here18:51
Kiloshe said why do i like it so i showed or sites18:51
Kilosi havent checked18:51
Kilosnight all. sleep tight18:53
superflyhey, cal_py. Just some IRC etiquette: if you want to PM (private message) someone, generally it's regarded as bad form if you PM them without asking first.19:25
superflycal_py: also, as an aside, sometimes if you're looking for help with something, the channel might benefit from it too19:25
cal_pyapologies  i guess.19:27
superflyhi cal_py, have you ever used Telegram?20:54
cal_pyYeah superfly, looks like a good app20:59
superflyOK, might come back to that later. What where you wanting earlier?21:00
superflycal_py: how can I help?21:04
cal_pyjust wanted to chat about python is all, no real agenda21:06
superflycal_py: sorry, I'm busy with a dozen things here this evening :-( ask me again tomorrow? I'd be glad to help you.21:55

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