sakrecoer_i've been following the process for kdenlive and i get lost in the path debian=>ubuntu=>flavours11:37
sakrecoer_i think i'm unclear on what this feature freeze means. 11:38
sakrecoer_hm.. the wiki is weird today13:05
sakrecoer_i seem to have lost editing priviledges...13:08
sakrecoer_probably some maintainances got some werid error messages13:09
flocculantsakrecoer_: page? 13:10
flocculantit was all read only yesterday - should be ok now afaik13:10
sakrecoer_well, i'm struggling finding a page i can edit at all :D 13:11
sakrecoer_flocculant: so all pages :D13:11
flocculantoh right - well ctrl+r or f5 or whatever :)13:11
sakrecoer_i should have in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/Documentation at least...13:11
flocculantoh god13:12
sakrecoer_well.. i tried that, yes, but... not working13:12
flocculantit's all immutable again13:12
sakrecoer_seems so.. 13:12
flocculantasked in sysyadmin channel - should be normal *soon*13:14
sakrecoer_thanks flocculant 13:26
sakrecoer_\o/ flocculant 14:00
sakrecoer_back to normal14:00
zequenceZak har ju varit art lead och har gjort ett väldigt fint jobb med design osv. Men, han är lite speciell, alltså15:16
knomezequence, on other news, did you check the website updates yet?16:30
zequenceknome: No, I haven't. I will probably not do that so much until some time after FF16:34
zequenceBut, I will come back to it. We are working on a unified design for our artwork, so some of that will be implemented there, I'm sure16:35
knomefair enough16:35
knomei've got interest from other teams and people now too, and they seem to be happy with it (so not so many bugs at this point)16:35
knomei hope to get this moving forward this month16:36
zequenceok, sounds good16:36
zequenceI'm pretty happy with the latest version I tried, so should be fine16:37
knomeyep, good16:37
knomeand pushing the theme to production does not mean it can't get any updates; it just means it will be considerably slower16:38
Rosco3OvenWerks: Thanks for giving 386 a spin. That saved me some time18:30
Rosco3I have marked the ISOs for studio as ready after a quick smoke test on amd6418:30
sakrecoer_knome: I realy like the look so far! what i'm concerned about is the feature tour19:45
sakrecoer_knome: blogroll in wikiformat is good for documentation and news, but if it is possible to break out of the format for the feature-tour, i think it would be very sweet19:48
sakrecoer_maybe the feature tour could be subdomain: xenial.ubuntustudio.org which lands on feature tour and leadsback to ubuntustdio.org19:48
sakrecoer_i'm just spinning ideas19:49
knomei'm not sure i know how to help you; i don't know what you are looking for from the feature tour, so i can't support doing that19:49
sakrecoer_with a subdomain we can have static html5 site for displaying sexy creative suit19:49
sakrecoer_..without bothering our good wordpress engine with funky modules19:50
knomesure, if you want to maintain that subdomain separately19:50
knomeremember, if it's within canonical hosting, all file changes go through IS19:50
sakrecoer_knome: then the "feature-tour" link on frontpage would only need to be updated for current release subdomain.19:50
sakrecoer_knome: mini html sites are easy to back up also19:51
knomei'm not disagreeing19:51
knomeif you want something completely different, it's likely best to do so19:52
sakrecoer_knome: right, through IS, that would imply submiting request in good time19:52
sakrecoer_you are more experienced in me with the time-frames :) knome, what do you reckon? is it making things easier or more complicated?19:53
sakrecoer_knome: perhaps you have a module-magic ace in your sleave, designed for sexy feature tour? :)19:54
knomewhenever you bring in another person/team that is responsible for anything, it's always more prone for errors and slows the progress down (not only with IS)19:54
sakrecoer_not that the website is not sexy, missunderstand me right19:54
knomeagain, it really depends what you are looking for19:55
knomei can support *some* features from within the theme reasonably19:55
knomeoutside that, you'll likely want to set up something else, whether it was a minisite outside wordpress or something different19:55
knomei mean i don't think it's very sensible to try to fit something very dynamic in nature into a wordpress plugin19:56
knome(or theme)19:56
knometoo much modularity means the plugin/theme will just get bloated and doesn't really serve any purpose well19:56
sakrecoer_that is why html5 minisites are great19:57
knomethe aim of the theme i'm building is to offer an easy way to get a good-looking theme with an integrated look set up19:57
knomesure, but then it means you will need to edit the files anyway19:57
knomewhether it was somehow from within wordpress or directly19:57
sakrecoer_not if it is not ment to be edited19:57
knomeIS won't allow forms which directly allow you to edit files on the filesystem19:57
sakrecoer_i'm talking about the feature tour19:57
knomeme too19:57
sakrecoer_yeah, but i'm not talking about editing them19:58
sakrecoer_i'm talking about having a static site19:58
knomei'm talking about editing them in the sense that when you create anything, it's editing19:58
knomeand tbh, you *will* end up wanting changes to your static site19:58
knometrust me19:58
knomeso you want to account for that19:58
knomeor you can get a server set up somewhere else and ask IS to point a subdomain there19:59
sakrecoer_i understand :)19:59
knomethey can do that too19:59
knomebut then you're obviously responsible for maintaining that server19:59
knomewe have several xubuntu.org subdomains pointed at a server we set up some time ago20:00
sakrecoer_hm, i have to ask my budy, but i might be able to host such thing for a few years20:01
sakrecoer_i'll have to think about this20:01
sakrecoer_thanks for informing me knome 20:02
knomeno problem20:02
knomegenerally, the IS is willing to do "anything" for you; as long as you don't ask for silly things20:02
knomeand some requests might take time20:02
knomebut subdomain redirection isn't a problem20:02
sakrecoer_:) but hosting it longterm is :)20:03
sakrecoer_unless of course, we go thou IS each time20:04
sakrecoer_but that, like you say imply slower process, and reduce editing possibility to ~020:04
sakrecoer_hehe, so it would be publishing a website, like publishing a newspaper: better not have a typo, cuz there ain't no undo20:05
knomepretty much so20:06
knomethat's why putting the content within wordpress makes sense20:06
knomebecause at least you have control over the content20:06
knomeone thing we also do, which you might be interested of or not20:06
knomeon the main website, we link to a css file that is on the subdomain we control ourself20:07
knomewhich means we have access to fix critical CSS issues when we need20:07
knomeand do some other updates20:07
knomeof course we then try to push them to the main server ASAP, but this leaves us some breathing space20:07
knomeMAYBE with something like that you could almost set up the minisites even with wordpress as the backend20:08
sakrecoer_knome: interesting20:11
sakrecoer_knome: altho i'm open to work with the wordpress, magic can be made with images20:11
sakrecoer_how would you go about for a feature tour on this wordpress theme?20:12
sakrecoer_obviously there would be a post about the features,20:12
knomecurrently, it supports no thrills20:12
knomeso you would have to tell me what you are looking for20:12
sakrecoer_i'm thinking about site like these: http://ardour.org/20:13
sakrecoer_this one is funy (music on pageload, music is funy) http://cinelerra.org/2015/20:13
sakrecoer_ardour is way simpler, perhaps that is possible to achive in a wordpress post20:13
sakrecoer_displaying only the post, and have it nicely layed out with good pictures20:14
knomeon the ardour site, there's nothing you can't do with the theme except the sections that have a different color background that spans to the edge of the page20:14
knome...though you can modify the theme to allow to do that20:14
knomethe cinelerra site just looks weird to me20:16
knomethey did parallax scrolling, which would be hard to do within a wordpress theme that didn't specifically support that20:16
sakrecoer_ok :)20:16
sakrecoer_knome: i'm thinking more fullframe imagery, Title fonts and flash rubricus. website-content gets to background. in the feature tour the main menu is about the feature, the rest of the space is for sexy feature display20:18
sakrecoer_fullframe image with sweet titling, minimal but effective i think20:19
OvenWerkssakrecoer_: remember also that xubuntu has more people helping to begin with. (it doesn't take many people to make it double)21:38

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