tdurakovgot question for cloud-init cloud-config usage for no-cloud case07:17
tdurakovI'm trying to set up static ip for vm, by setting it configuration over metadata. it works weel for ubuntu 14.04 but fails for 15.10, are there any known bugs for this?07:19
tdurakovoh, found one: https://bugs.launchpad.net/cloud-init/+bug/131550107:22
fxpesterhi all09:30
fxpestercan you help me to figure something out, is it possible to use cloud-init on already running system ?09:32
Odd_Blokefxpester: You can get it to re-run, but as it expects to run on first boot you might see some unexpected behaviour.09:43
fxpesterI see, I was about to pass some orchestration commands with openstack-heat...09:45
Odd_Blokefxpester: I don't really know enough about openstack-heat to know what that means. ^_^09:58
fxpesterlet`s say I running 1000 virtual machines with IRC client in it, but my IRC server is closing so I need to tell all my VMs that they need to change server - I need to execute from shell `connect 'new.server.org'` so if it was at server start, cloud-init could help me10:04
Odd_BlokeThere has been discussion of having cloud-init run as an agent, so it could do things other than at boot, but that hasn't yet happened.10:05
Odd_BlokeSo I think you're best off finding another tool better suited to the job. :)10:05
smoserOdd_Bloke, i'd love to move over to git right now.14:41
smoseryou want to do that ?14:41
Odd_Blokesmoser: What would be involved?14:42
smoseri realy just have to dig up notes from harlowja.14:43
smoseri've looked at this a couple times, and almost been there but never pulled the trigger.14:43
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