axwwallyworld: almost there, but I need to duck out00:11
axwwallyworld: I'll push the code now, and fix the remaining bugs when I get back00:12
wallyworldaxw: no problem, ty00:12
axwwallyworld: https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/446900:13
mupBug #1547268 opened: Can't bootstrap environment after latest lxd upgrade   <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1547268>00:26
thumperfwereade: are you still lurking?00:29
axwwallyworld: bugs fixed, PTAL01:07
wallyworldaxw: did you see my last question about map/slice?01:11
axwwallyworld: I didn't. no, it won't work, goyaml will unmarshal it as the default types (MapItem is (interface{}, interface{}))01:12
wallyworldand we can't do a type assertion?01:13
axwwallyworld: no... that's never going to work. goyaml just sees a MapSlice, it doesn't know you want it to be a region01:13
wallyworldaxw: also, change the version to beta1 in the PR so we land one change01:14
axwwallyworld: sure, just about to rebase on master, will do that01:15
wallyworldaxw: and just for sanity since we need this to get blessed with one run, test live?01:15
axwwallyworld: will do01:15
katcoaxw: o/01:17
axwkatco: heya01:17
katcoaxw: don't need anything, just thought i'd say hey while the opportunity presents itself :)01:17
axwkatco: :)01:17
axwkatco: I was looking forward to having standups with you and the others, timezones suck01:18
katcoaxw: that they do. i'm positive we'll be in one together sometime in the near future01:18
axwmaybe I'll get up before the crack of dawn one day01:19
katcoaxw: haha, that will be a nice surprise, but certainly not expected01:19
katcoaxw: wallyworld said, "we'll all just move to st. louis" which i think is an awful idea01:19
katcoaxw: of course i'm not sure i'd like to live in the land of giant spiders either :|01:20
axwkatco: heh :p01:20
axwthey mostly just sit there and watch you01:20
katcothat's even worse!01:21
axwwallyworld: what magic do you use to preserve the line ending in setup.iss when updating the version? or does it not matter?01:25
wallyworldaxw: i think my IDE respects what is there01:26
sinzuiaxw, in every editor I have used to edit setup.iss, all is fine, but git's diff makes the line ending look scary01:29
axwsinzui: ok, thanks. I'll sed it and hope for the best01:29
axwwallyworld: https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/4470   <- same changes + delta1->beta101:33
wallyworldaxw: lgtm01:34
=== beisner- is now known as beisner
axwwallyworld: I'm going to copy&paste the bootstrap release notes as a reply to your email02:28
axwwallyworld: so people know how to bootstrap... and thye can vet the notes at the same time02:28
wallyworldaxw: ah yes, good idea, ty02:28
wallyworldaxw: i am so used to the new syntax i forgtot others wouldn't be :-)02:29
wallyworldother devs02:29
axwwallyworld: I can update the list-clouds output if you like02:34
axwif you're not already doing it02:34
axwwallyworld: list-clouds output order is not right :/   must be another map somewhere02:36
wallyworldin the cmd i guess02:37
axwwallyworld: yep, in cmd/juju/cloud/show.go02:37
wallyworldaxw: but the default regon is correct. so we can add a note in the release notes02:38
wallyworldthat list-clouds will be fixed next beta02:38
wallyworldaxw: i'm out for a bit so will pick up any remaining release notes issues when i get back unless you get to them first02:38
axwwallyworld: sure02:38
axwenjoy lunch02:39
natefinchgaaaah uniter tests02:50
menn0thumper and/or waigani: http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/3907/03:43
thumperpending tests, I *think* I have relation imports working03:46
thumperwell, haven't tried to compile yet03:46
thumperbut the theory seems sound03:46
thumpermenn0: I'll take a look now before writing tests03:47
waiganimenn0: oh, was just going to look ....03:47
menn0thumper: I like your optimism :p03:48
* menn0 facepalms03:48
thumperwaigani: you can look too03:48
thumperthat's fine03:48
waiganithanks :)03:48
menn0some people I know in Brisbane (acquaintances) just called their son "Pheonix"03:49
menn0at least check the spelling of a word before calling using it for your child's name...03:50
thumperare they going to "fix" it?03:52
natefinchfriends of mine called their kid Orion... she's a girl03:52
thumperor is this one of those new alternative spellings?03:52
thumperat least not "north" or another direction03:53
natefinchanother friend named their kid Aoife... which is evidently irish and pronounced eefah ... but yeah, good luck kid.03:54
thumpermenn0: done04:12
menn0thumper: thanks04:13
menn0thumper: man, I'm clearly tired. lots of stupid stuff04:21
davecheneyAll, what is the client facade in the api server ?04:37
davecheneyis the apiserver a client of itself ?04:37
davecheneyis this a version of the human centepede ?04:37
davecheneyno, seriously04:49
davecheneywhat is the Client facade that the API exports04:49
davecheneyaxw: do you know04:49
axwdavecheney: it's the facade that does all the things that the CLI client wants to do. we've been slowly splitting bits out into new, more specific facades04:50
menn0davecheney: what axw said. It has (predictably) grown into a kitchen sink of functionality.04:51
axwdavecheney: e.g. the Service facade for deploying. that used to be on the Client facade04:51
menn0davecheney: nothing new should be added to Client now04:51
davecheneyso apiserver/client04:51
davecheneyimports api/ to get api.CharmInfo04:52
davecheneythis is 3 inches away from an import loop04:52
davecheneyclient is a shitty name for an api endpoint04:52
davecheneyit would be like me having a child and calling it "person"04:52
menn0thumper: review responded to: http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/3907/04:57
davecheneyhey can anyone get to ap-southeast-2 at the moment ?05:02
davecheneyok, so trying to hit aws.amazon.com is routing via tokyo05:07
natefinchyour packets have a hankering for sushi, I guess05:08
davecheneyom nom nom05:08
natefinchwell, I've officially added a new test to the uniter.  And it only took 3 days.05:09
natefinchthat's not fair.  The test only took a day, it was 2 days of wrestling with the existing tests to figure out why they were failing.05:10
natefinchbut the test is only 3 lines, which obviously saved me a lot of time.05:11
davecheneywe have two CharmInfo structures delcared in the client05:32
davecheneyTHEY ARE IDENTICAL05:33
thumperbah, extra tests can wait05:33
davecheneyand in fact they have the same method on their type05:33
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davecheneyaxw: what the F05:35
axwdavecheney: I suspect the one in api should have been deleted05:36
davecheneytrying to figure out which one is unused now05:36
axwdavecheney: it should be in the params package anyway05:37
axwwait... there is one in the params package05:37
axwnever mind.05:37
davecheneythe api/charms package's CharmInfo method is not used05:40
davecheneyif I remove the method05:40
davecheneythen api/charms no longer needs to import "gopkg.in/juju/charm.v6-unstable" as charm05:40
davecheneywhich undermines the name of the whole package05:40
axwdavecheney: sounds good. that apiserver/client code for CharmInfo might still be required for the GUI, not sure. should be safe to remvoe the api code tho05:42
davecheneyif the gui needs it05:43
davecheneyall it cares about is the json form05:44
davecheneywhich is what I was checking05:44
davecheneybut it turns out that no copies of CharmInfo have any json tags05:44
davecheneyso we can just replace them with an anon stryct05:44
davecheneyso we can just replace them with an anon struct05:44
davecheneyaxw: besides i'm removing code from api/05:47
davecheneyso the gui won't be affected05:47
axwdavecheney: yeah, I'm saying that's fine, but we should check before going further and removing the backend from apiserver/client05:48
axwnot that you said you were going to, just in case05:48
davecheneyaxw: https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/447405:53
davecheneyyeah, i won't remove that method05:53
davecheneyjust it's dependency on a type defined in it's client05:53
davecheneyjust its dependency on a type defined in its client05:53
axwdavecheney: uh sorry, lost in translation. I thought you were removing them from the api/client.go code. I'm pretty sure the code should be changed to use api/charm instead of api05:56
natefinchman, I'm going to start squashing all my branches down to a single commit... it makes rebasing and cherry-picking and all that garbage so much easier.06:04
natefinchaxw: on that review where I'm trying to get API params to show during tests... you said to tweak the logging instead. Do you know where that would be done?  JujuConnSuite or something?06:11
axwnatefinch: if it's for a full stack test, which I assume it is if you need logs, that'd probably be the appropriate spot06:12
wallyworldaxw: looks like CI is borked so lets sneak this one in http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/3911/06:45
axwwallyworld: ... http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/3906/06:46
wallyworlddamn :-)06:46
wallyworldaxw: but does map slice work as expected for json06:47
axwwallyworld: it'll come out as a [{Key:name, Value:{...}}]06:58
axwwallyworld: not ideal. hadn't thought of JSON06:58
wallyworldaxw: i think my solution works for json06:58
wallyworldi could add you test stuff to my branch06:59
axwwallyworld: yes please06:59
wallyworldsure, will do06:59
axwwallyworld: except mines based on formatting/parsing the YAML...06:59
axwwallyworld: maybe the YAML format could use Regions instead of RegionsMap?07:00
wallyworldaxw: to preserve order, yeah, good point07:01
wallyworldi'll rework it a bit07:01
dimiternwallyworld, axw, just running make check now on master triggered my chrome to open up and ask for credentials - could it be related?07:16
wallyworldcredentials for what?07:16
dimiternwell, the sso screen07:16
axwdimitern: nothing to do with our changes. *maybe* related to macaroons?07:17
dimiternaxw, ah, could be07:17
axwwallyworld: what version of lxd do you have?07:17
axwI dist-upgraded and now lxd provider doesn't work.07:18
wallyworldaxw: sadly i updated today and so i suspect i am borked07:18
wallyworldyep, known issue, casey files a bug07:18
wallyworldthey don't test juju with their stuff it seems07:18
wallyworldbug 154726807:19
mupBug #1547268: Can't bootstrap environment after latest lxd upgrade   <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1547268>07:19
axwwallyworld: lxd_2.0.0~beta2 is OK, FYI07:21
axwjust uninstalled and installed the deb from cache07:21
wallyworldaxw: yeah, i think i was running that one priot to the upgrade07:21
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wallyworldaxw: PTAL, also fixed a bug where we were printing storage endpoint in region details even if it was the same as the cloud default storage endpoint07:30
axwwallyworld: the same applies to Endpoint07:32
wallyworldof course07:33
axwwallyworld: are we pushing the register one through as well, or wait till after?07:42
wallyworldaxw: it seems pretty safe doesn't it07:43
wallyworldwill only fail in unit tests07:44
axwwallyworld: yeah, also pretty safe to leave it out tho. assuming people don't expect to be able to upgrade from a beta to release...07:44
wallyworldwe don't support upgrade, and models.yaml is changing also anyway07:45
axwwallyworld: I'll just leave it till later. no need to rush it through07:46
wallyworldi hope this current change gets through CI in time07:46
wallyworldshoudl do07:46
frobwaredimitern: ping09:09
dimiternfrobware, pong09:12
frobwaredimitern: can we do standup now? james is out, as is michael, and I want to futz with my hosts /e/n/i. :)09:12
dimiternfrobware, sure, why not - omw09:12
frobwaredimitern: ah, I suspect I'm in the wrong HO... tis Friday.09:15
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cmars https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/154726814:04
mupBug #1547268: Can't bootstrap environment after latest lxd upgrade   <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1547268>14:04
cmarslatest lxd (2.0.0~beta3) upgrade seems to break the LXD provider ^^14:05
cmarswily does not seem to be affected, but if you're installing lxd from the lxd-stable PPA on trusty, or testing xenial, you'll see it14:06
cmarsalso, i can't seem to juju init with latest master. gonna open a bug...14:06
katcoericsnow: hey i left several comments on your download resource metadata pr... lmk if you want to chat about it15:04
katconatefinch: how goes the uniter tests?15:04
natefinchkatco: got them working last night, finally.15:05
katconatefinch: woohoo! ah i see your review now15:08
katconatefinch: moved your card for you15:08
katconatefinch: can you give ericsnow's prs a review?15:08
natefinchkatco: will do15:09
ericsnowkatco: thanks15:29
katconatefinch: review up15:44
natefinchkatco: thanks!15:44
mupBug #1547186 changed: Cannot create model with Azure provider <docteam> <juju-core:Invalid> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1547186>15:58
perrito666does anyone know how livetests work?15:59
natefinchperrito666: nope16:04
perrito666they seem to be mocking ec2, not sure where16:05
katcoperrito666: hey i know a bit how they work16:06
perrito666katco: can you give me a hint? :)16:07
katcoperrito666: no, i just wanted to let you know i knew :) 1 sec16:07
katcoperrito666: https://github.com/go-amz/amz/blob/v1/ec2/ec2test/server.go16:07
katcoperrito666: except you probably want latest, so make sure you hit the v3/v4 branch16:08
dimiternfrobware, hey16:08
niedbalskiperrito666, mfoord do you guys know if LP 1435283 is entirely fixed? we are seeing a weird behavior with 1.25.0 (http://paste.ubuntu.com/15132753/) , basically is picking any address as the public-address instead of using a sticky one since first election.16:09
dimiternfrobware, I've proposed the next step: https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/4481, a few things still remain around tests, but I need to go out, so I'd appreciate if you have a look later16:09
perrito666niedbalski: have no clue16:09
niedbalskidimitern, can you take a look ? ^^16:10
dimiternfwereade, if you're around, I'd very much like your thoughts on that as well ^^16:10
perrito666katco: thanks taking a look, I am pretty sure the filter I need is not implemented, because such is my luck16:10
* dimitern reads scrollback16:10
katcoperrito666: =/ lmk if you need anything else16:10
dimiternniedbalski, well, the fix for that bug in 1.25 IIRC was to ensure whatever gets picked for private/public address sticks for the lifetime of the machine16:12
dimiternthe story for 2.0 is a lot better though16:12
* dimitern needs to step out, perhaps back later16:13
niedbalskidimitern, well, it doesn't seems to be the case with 1.25.0 http://paste.ubuntu.com/15132831/16:16
fwereadedimitern, sorry, I don't think I have any special insight -- did I michael EOWing the other day?16:20
katcoericsnow: review on your other pr16:27
ericsnowkatco: thanks!16:27
ericsnowkatco: you're tearing it up!16:27
katcoericsnow: uninterrupted blocks of time!16:27
ericsnowkatco: get used to it :)16:28
ericsnowkatco: (and the consequences <wink>)16:28
katcoericsnow: natefinch: master merged into the feature branch cleanly. merge PR CI run underway16:31
katco(god bless the component oriented approach)16:32
perrito666katco: btw, thank you for the pointer it was very helpful.16:32
katcoperrito666: np, i'm hear for anything you need in the future16:32
katcoperrito666: i am the ian of the western hemisphere16:32
katcoperrito666: bleh... s/hear/here/g16:33
ericsnowkatco: +1 (long live the component-oriented approach!)  :)16:34
natefinchkatco: awesome about merging master16:36
katcoericsnow: natefinch: 7 line change: http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/3916/16:50
dimiternfwereade, sorry for the mix up, I meant if you can have a look at this PR https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/448117:10
lazyPowerhi o/17:16
lazyPowerdid we nuke kvm as a provider option when we nuked the local provider?17:16
mbruzekI am trying to set up juju 2.0 and I really need kvm17:16
lazyPowermbruzek really wants to know17:16
mbruzekI get an error when bootstrapping kvm.17:16
mbruzekERROR model "kvm" has an unknown provider type "local"17:17
mbruzekDoes anyone know how I can use kvm in 2.0?  We need that because containers currently don't run in lxd.17:17
katcolazyPower: mbruzek: if we did, that was unintended17:18
katcotych0: do you have any insight? ^^^17:18
lazyPowermbruzek - app-containers *ftfy17:18
mbruzekkatco: I tried changing the provider to "kvm" that did not work either.17:18
mbruzekkatco: I was really happy with the kvm support in juju 1.25 it was nearly as fast as the lxc provider, and it let me run docker containers inside kvm machines.17:19
katcombruzek: good to hear. we'll figure out what's going on. it should still work, so either an oversight or we've changed how you interact with it17:20
mbruzekkatco: Yeah if there is a new way to configure it I would be willing to test those instructions out.17:21
mbruzekkatco: I checked the docs and seem to be configuring it properly17:22
katcoericsnow: natefinch: master merged into feature-resources. i don't expect you to have conflicts, but might want to rebase all the same.17:28
ericsnowkatco: k17:28
* katco lunches17:28
ericsnownatefinch: I just reviewed your patch19:27
natefinchericsnow: thanks!19:27
natefinchericsnow: in theory, resources in the DB shouldn't ever change unless their bytes change, right?  It would be kind of bad if a resource got updated with a different origin or type or something19:48
ericsnownatefinch: that's mostly true19:50
natefinchericsnow: there's two logical parts of a resource - the definition as exists in the charm metadata, and the bytes + metadata about the bytes19:50
ericsnownatefinch: if I remember right, there's also info for a resource that will have bytes stored soon19:51
ericsnownatefinch: e.g. charm store resource where no unit has called resource-get since the last time we synced up with the charm store info for that resource19:53
katcoericsnow: you got a pile of comments dumped on you. working through them? disagree?20:25
ericsnowkatco: working on it :)20:25
katcoericsnow: kk20:25
ericsnowkatco: I'll let you know20:25
katcoericsnow: natefinch: just keep in mind we have 4 points to complete next week to stay on track. i have 2 of those in-flight, but waiting to see how ericsnow's poller patch turns out20:26
katcoericsnow: also, i think i'll need to ask you to migrate the state stuff since you're most familiar20:27
ericsnowkatco: k20:27
natefinchkatco: I think that other 2 pointer will be pretty quick.  I think we're in good shape, but definitely if we can get ahead of the game and get more delivered than scheduled, we should try to do that.20:32
katconatefinch: i agree on all counts20:33
ericsnowkatco, natefinch, rick_h_: doesn't there need to be a way to tell the controller to use a different charmstore revision of a resource?20:33
katcoericsnow: what's the use case for that?20:34
natefinchI thought it was juju upgrade-charm, to use the latest in the charmstore...20:34
katconatefinch: ericsnow: ditto20:34
natefinchI'm not sure the charmstore even exposes anything other than the current tuple20:35
katconatefinch: well, i think we're defining that20:35
ericsnowkatco, natefinch: ah, the charm revision in the charm store isn't tied to a particular set of resource revisions20:35
ericsnowkatco, natefinch: but on the controller it is20:35
ericsnownever mind then20:35
katcoericsnow: i think we will be coupling those concepts in our new set of api endpoints20:36
ericsnowkatco: k20:36
katcoericsnow: honestly, i probably need to spend next week digging into that20:36
ericsnowurulama: ping20:41
ericsnowurulama: we need to talk about resources in the charm store API (e.g. that charmrepo PR I put up)20:42
urulamaericsnow: sure ... i've already pinged the team about that20:43
ericsnowurulama: k20:43
urulamaericsnow: sorry, but it's 10pm here and i really want to finish :)20:44
ericsnowurulama: no worries :)20:44
urulamaericsnow: so, talk to Francesco and Roger next week20:44
mupBug #1547665 opened: juju 2.0 no longer supports KVM <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1547665>21:08
rick_h_ericsnow: katco natefinch yes, this is all tied to the charmstore apis and updates required there.21:29
katcoericsnow: standup time21:32
perrito666seems that I drew the short straw for all neverending tests...21:55
perrito666meh, hangout died no me22:04
katcoperrito666: i think it kicked us all out22:04
perrito666oh I feel better now22:04

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