arosaleshello, is there a version of the juju-gui that I could try that works with juju 2.0 alpha2?00:33
* arosales tried deploying cs:~yellow/trusty/juju-gui but that also looks like it hangs on log in00:33
hatcharosales: only with a custom juju-core branch 00:33
* arosales completely fine with custom branches :-)00:34
hatchthe tip of the GUI supports about 50% of the functionality but the charm hasn't yet been updated to work with 2.000:34
arosaleshatch: ok so suggestion at this point is to back up to alpha1 or 1.25?00:34
arosalesthis is for a demo on stage at IBM interconnect next week, so I don't want it to blow up but using 2.0 would be nice00:35
hatcharosales: yes unfortunately the core api was only finalized earlier this week00:35
hatchyeah don't use 2.0 for that :)00:35
arosalesunderstood, and I know you guys are working hard on that00:35
arosales1.25 is dead to me00:35
hatch2.0.3 version of the gui on 1.25 is quite stable - no one has had any complaints there _yet_ :D00:35
* arosales slouches shoulders and installs 1.2500:36
arosalesthanks hatch 00:36
hatch:) sorry arosales check back this time next week, we should have a beta gui 2.1.0 for you00:36
arosaleshatch: no worries at all :-)00:38
arosalesappreciate the replies here00:38
hatchno problem00:41
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jcastrofresh bounty on this one!15:44
hatchjcastro: I already answered him15:45
hatchoh woops I didn't add the link :)15:45
jcastrogive me a good answer so it's documented to help the next person15:45
hatchI'll add the comment to the issue15:45
hatchI don't have an 'answer'15:46
hatchjcastro: there :) answered15:47
hatchjcastro: sorry we're just too busy trying to get 2.0 support to spend time investigating this issue atm 15:49
jcastrono worries15:49

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