Kinetix242valorie: Hi!  I asked briefly a day or two ago in #kubuntu about something you mentioned about looking for packagers, you said you'd talk about it here... Curious to see if you're around.04:18
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kkinetixAnd apparently I reconnected at some point earlier.04:20
valorieI'm here04:20
valorienice to see you04:21
kkinetixHi, how are you?04:21
valorieit would be great if you joined the Kubunt-devel list too04:21
kkinetixYes, I can see that would make sense04:21
valorieI'm good, and you?04:23
valoriewe have the beginnings of a packaging doc in the topic, which you can see by typing /topic if your client doesn't display it04:24
kkinetixI'm pretty good thanks... have been doing some kubuntu installs lately as I've been looking to get some systems over to a useful binary-distribution-based KDE setup lately04:25
valorieit's a good time to do some testing04:25
valoriewe've got the brand new 14.04.04 LTS04:26
kkinetixThat's interesting... I've been reading a lot the past couple of days about Kubuntu & Ubuntu development, the methods for package development, etc.04:26
valorieand of course the 16.04 is what we're trying to finish for release time04:26
kkinetixBut the notes.kde.org link in the topic requires a login04:26
valorieyes, your KDE identity04:26
valorieif you don't yet have one: https://identity.kde.org04:27
kkinetixAh... I'm all setup in LP, hadn't done a KDE account yet04:28
kkinetixAnd how are things with kubuntu volunteering lately?  I presume kubuntu's still got to be a very popular distro04:29
valorieyes, very04:35
valoriebecause two of our most active developers are now working in a new project (neon), we're struggling right now getting everything together for the LTS04:36
valorieother versions are somewhat less work04:36
valoriewe're all volunteer at this point, so more help is always welcome!04:37
kkinetixI'd love to be able to help out a bit.  I'm new to the debian way of package builds (no stranger to .debs from a user/administrator point of view, just not development).  I've spent time assisting other distros in the past, and for some reason as I get older I appreciate debian and some of it's derivatives more.  heh04:39
kkinetixThe LTS releases take more work than the non-LTSes?  Is that due to heavier test requirements?04:42
valoriepartly, and also because it seems like this time the plasma team has been releasing *often*04:51
valoriethe Debian merges this time were time-consuming as well04:52
valoriewe have an extra challenge this time because something broke the installer, and nobody has time to fix it until all our uploads are done04:53
DarinMillerHi valorie04:53
valoriewhich hampers our testers04:53
valoriehi DarinMiller04:53
kkinetixI see... and yes, there's been quite a bit of kde releasing lately, I think that's great except for the load that others have been having to deal with because of it04:54
DarinMillerI have been eves dropping on your conversation and was hoping you could explain why the Debian merges are more time consuming this time vs others.  I read these logs daily trying to better understand this process and I am still very much in the dark.04:54
valoriebecause we had fewer packagers this time around04:56
valoriepreviously we're usually had at least one full-time paid developer04:57
valorieif not two04:57
valorieso it's more of a challenge with 3 part-timers04:57
kkinetixThere's just 3 volunteers? Wow... I wish I'd come by a few months earlier04:58
valoriewell, some other people volunteer for various stuff, some of them even packaging occasionally04:59
valoriebut three people working pretty damn hard04:59
kkinetixI will get after the kubuntu packaging info, see if I can't find a way of helping05:32
acheron88feature freeze for xenial. does that mean going to stay on plasma 5.4 for the initial release?08:29
maxyzsgclark: pong08:33
valorieacheron88: 5.5.408:35
valorienot sure why it still says landing08:36
valoriemaybe because it's still in backports-landing for wily08:37
acheron88that's in the landing ppa for the updates ppa, but it's not 'landed' yet in the main archive, which is what I was querying.08:44
valorieI'm not sure what the hitch is08:45
valorietesting is long done08:45
acheron88at least LTS means that a lot of stable stuff will go into the main archive over time, so it's not a huge deal08:50
acheron88I know there's been great efforts, and all contributors have worked their bsides off08:52
acheron88still, feels like kubuntu is still sliding backwards even with that :(08:54
acheron88that's not a criticism or dig. just how it feels as a long time user. I know it's far from easy at the moment08:55
yofelthe current workload is frankly too much for the amount of time we can invest in the release08:55
yofelmissing permissions to get stuff done is another issue08:56
yofeldoes someone have time to file the FFE's btw?08:59
yofelit would be great if someone could do it today. Otherwise we'll probably have to wait with uploading until after Beta 109:00
clivejosgclark: yes there are problems with applications, but Im afraid they are beyond my skills to fix.  libkf5kipi is complaining about symbols which seem to be to do with a private library.  I have no idea how to fix that. I wish I could do more but I dont know how :( 12:00
clivejoyofel: I would file FFE's, but again I dont know how!  I've asked in #ubuntu+1 for help but nothing yet12:02
ubottuFeature Freeze Exception. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess for the freeze exception process.12:03
yofelI wonder if we need 3 seperate ones for the main kde stuff12:04
clivejobut what does that mean?!?  Do I have to go into each of the suite packages and file a bug for each one?12:04
yofelin theory. What we usually do is pick a core package and file a meta bug for the whole set using that12:05
yofelthat's how SRU's are handled for example12:05
yofelwe'll need to note that we need to upload everything around the same time..12:06
BluesKajHiyas all12:08
clivejodoes anyone else know how to do it?  ovidiu-florin ahoneybun et al ?12:10
clivejohi BluesKaj12:10
BluesKajHi clivejo, Congratulations btw, just in case you missed my post from a few days ago :-)12:12
clivejothank you12:12
BluesKajnow the pressure is on 12:12
BluesKajjust kidding :-)12:13
clivejoI know, its a steep learning curve12:15
BluesKajwonder if that glibc patch is in the repos...supposedly it's already been applied to 'buntus12:16
clivejo!info libc6 xenial12:18
ubottulibc6 (source: glibc): GNU C Library: Shared libraries. In component main, is required. Version 2.21-0ubuntu6 (xenial), package size 3960 kB, installed size 9550 kB12:18
clivejoBluesKaj:  http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/main/g/glibc/glibc_2.21-0ubuntu6/changelog12:20
BluesKaja steep learning curve for me would be totally vertical, I have no computer language education and I'm lazy :-)12:20
clivejoso 2.21-0ubuntu6 is the fixed version12:20
BluesKajok thanks, clivejo12:21
clivejono prob12:24
sgclarkclivejo: symbols from private libraries are safe to remove if that is the issue.13:29
sgclarkyofel: clivejo: can we please finish these applications before we get distracted by shiny objects.13:30
yofelexcept that if we finish apps and have no approved FFE's we can't really do much with it13:31
sgclarkSo we file FFe? what is the problem? Are those banned now?13:31
sgclarkI have filed FFe before, I don't recall it being overly difficult. Will do it if need be. But we need to finish first.13:34
yofelsgclark: we're in Feature Freeze since yesterday 9PM UTC13:35
sgclarkyeah I am aware. But we have put exactly nothing in archive for this release. I expect that is not what we want?13:36
yofelI was just hoping that someone has time for it today so we could get something approved for the weekend13:36
yofelbut we'll probably not be ready over the weekend anyway, and monday is beta freeze13:37
yofelso we have the whole week to finish stuff before we can think about uploading13:37
sgclarkyofel: I  am more than happy to file.13:37
yofelsgclark: and regarding clive doing frameworks. He said he can't do pim and was looking to do *something*13:38
yofelI tagged 5.18 as released. So if need be, we can upload that13:38
sgclarkhe has his own uploads that are still orange, I am working on pim13:38
yofelok, thanks!13:39
sgclarkI did clean up a bunch last night though13:39
sgclarkclivejo: please pastebin the issue with ktp-text-ui perhaps we can help. All stuff you need to learn :)13:40
sgclarkyofel: so kf5 5.18 , application 15.12.1 and plasma 5.5.4 for FFe sound ok? And do I need a new meta for each stack or is one ok you think?13:45
yofelone is probably fine. Stuff is broken if we don't upload all 3 anyway13:46
clivejosgclark yofel: W: kde-telepathy-text-ui: shlib-without-versioned-soname usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libktpchat.so libktpchat.so14:36
clivejoW: kde-telepathy-text-ui: shlib-without-versioned-soname usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libktpimagesharer.so libktpimagesharer.so14:36
clivejoI dunno what to do with those, this makes no sense!14:48
sgclarkclivejo: join in debian-qt-kde for this exact discussion.14:49
* clivejo stares at sgclark in bemusement14:51
sgclarkclivejo: you are in the debian irc channel? we are/were discussing the so version problem there.14:54
clivejoI am14:54
clivejobut Ive nothing to say :/14:54
sgclarkfair enough14:55
clivejodebian arent uploading it, but we have to14:55
clivejoI dont know enough about the problem to offer a solution to it, I dont even understand why the library is public when it looks to be a private one14:58
sgclarkclivejo: no worries, I am still learning all that stuff too. yofel knows more thankfully.14:59
clivejoin my mind it shouldnt even be installed :/14:59
sgclarklintian agrees with you!15:00
yofelit's people writing libs without caring how to do it properly15:00
sgclarkso should we file a bug upstream?15:01
clivejohow do other distros deal with it?15:02
yofeldebian: don't upload. us: complain, fedora and suse: EDONTCARE I think15:04
clivejoI spoke to Jonathan about it last night and he talked about adding a override dh_makeshlibs and to add -Xpath/to/privatelib.so ?15:05
clivejodoesnt solve the problem but would stop lintian complaining :/15:06
yofelright, that would work too....15:06
clivejoyofel: what do you prefer?15:08
yofelfixing the damn issue, otherwise just making lintian shut up would be easiest15:08
clivejothe package *seems* to be building ok15:09
yofelI remember when we had a patch in smokegen that added a 0.0.0 version to the lib...15:09
clivejoa lintian override then?15:09
yofeljust do it15:09
yofelit'll work fine15:09
yofelit's just that an unversion lib is a potentially unmaintainable lib - hence the warning15:09
yofelbut private libs don't have that problem. They should just not be in the public lib path15:10
clivejoadd it to not-installed?15:10
yofelno, then the app won't work15:10
clivejo*face palms*15:10
yofelit's ok as long as *JUST* the app uses it15:10
clivejoIm going a bit crazy over here15:11
yofelif something else uses it it's not private anymore and needs a stable interface15:11
yofellike akonaid *cough*15:11
clivejosgclark: congrats on kdenlive!15:29
sgclarkhehe thanks, that was a pain15:30
clivejosounds like it!15:30
sgclarkhmm seems I can no longer open files with kate in dolphin, can anyone else reproduce?16:03
mamarleysgclark: Works fine for me with Xenial and all the staging PPAs.16:04
clivejosgclark: works for me, Xenial and Landing PPA's16:04
sgclarkok, I probably broke something16:04
clivejomamarley: are you using apps staging?16:05
mamarleyclivejo: Yes.  I know it might break my system, but I am confident enough in my ability to fix it.16:05
clivejomamarley: how are things looking?16:06
clivejoIm not brave enough !16:06
mamarleyclivejo: I haven't had any problems.  Is there anything specific you want me to test?16:06
clivejomamarley: we are working on apps at the moment16:06
clivejojust wondered how it looked16:07
clivejoI use PIM very heavily and I know its not working right yet16:07
clivejodoes marble work?!?16:08
mamarleyI don't use PIM at all.  I use Dolphin and Konsole heavily, but that is about it.16:08
mamarleyI haven't tried Marble.16:08
sgclarkyeah we need libkgapi for pim, I submitted a FFe hopefully we can sync16:08
sgclarkyofel: clivejo: kde-meta FFe has been submitted. 16:11
sgclarkwe can finish up last few while that is in the works.16:11
yofelsgclark: *hugs*16:33
sgclarkuh something went boom21:18
sgclarkawesome launchpad cannot connect to archive ftp servers 21:19
* genii scans backlog for "Yippee" and makes more coffee22:44

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