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acoastalhey there; i just bought an asus c300 chromebook and wanted to install kubuntu on it; i found some links directing me to use chrouton but they all then lead to installing ubuntu; i'm new to all this so i know i'm missing something here; any help would be greatly appreciated01:22
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QBeesomeone with Kubuntu 14.04 32bits has problems with libvncclient0?08:35
QBeewas removed last update from repositories08:35
josef_hi, how to find out what os versioan am i using from the terminal?08:54
chr1suname -r08:57
josef_no that isnt it reports me something powerpc-smp but i want something like ubuntu number09:00
mishaor2005Guys, where is a KDE Github repo? I want to pull request the desktop list widget.09:00
josef_by the way does smp means simultanious multiprocesing09:00
mishaor2005Also, Kubuntu is beatiful!09:01
chr1sjosef_: uname -a then, that way you get everything09:01
chr1sjosef_: ah you want the kubuntu version, that's not the same thing at all :)09:02
chr1sit does means your box supports multiple cores09:03
josef_yes the number like for example 12.0409:03
chr1sopen kicker (the K menu), it should be reported at the top of the panel09:04
josef_ah symetric multi cores09:04
mishaor2005in KInfoCenter you can find out Kubuntu version09:04
chr1smight need to put your mouse up there somewhere09:04
mishaor2005it is in Menu > Apps > System09:05
mishaor2005or you can type kinfocenter in konsole or terminal09:06
mishaor2005ubuntu number is called ubuntu version09:06
josef_hm kinfocenter is not installed09:07
QBeejosef: lsb_release -a09:08
josef_ah qbee that sounds good09:08
mishaor2005Where is a KDE repo on Github?09:09
QBeeanyone notices libvncclient0 is missing from trusty repositories?09:10
QBeethat means vnc isnt possible from KRDC... snif09:10
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QBeeok, solved, for whom who share my problem: krdc (and some other software who uses libvncclient0 removed from trusty repos)09:17
QBeehave to remove krdc, libvncclient0, libvncserver0 (dont care about unresolved dependencies)09:18
QBeeremove "mc3man-trusty-media-trusty.list" repository09:18
QBeeapt-get update09:18
QBeeapt-get install libvncserver0 krdc09:19
QBeeafter that everything should work again (broken dependencies should be solved too)09:20
noaXesshey all..10:17
hateballhello noaXess, do you have a question?10:30
noaXessyeah ;).. there are bugs in plasma about multi monitor stuff.. bug reports are existing, good so far.. waiting until fixed and pushed to backports ppa.... but.. i also have a problem with power management.. cause if it works in any case, it does set laptop monitor to suspend mode or what i configured, but not external monitor..10:32
noaXessi wanted to know, if any of you also have this problem with laptop and multi monitor setup... or also with only laptop display..10:32
BluesKajHiyas all12:08
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noaXesshey BluesKaj13:24
noaXessand others.. what does that mean? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/wily/amd64/ktimetracker/4:4.14.6-0ubuntu113:24
noaXessis ktimetracker available for wily or not?13:24
noaXessim searching something similar then ktimetracker for plasma 5... to record times on different desktops13:25
BluesKajnoaXess, check out charmktimetracker in the repos13:30
BluesKaj!info charmktimetracker13:30
ubottuPackage charmktimetracker does not exist in wily13:30
noaXessyes.. not existing.13:30
BluesKaj!info charmtimetracker13:31
ubottuPackage charmtimetracker does not exist in wily13:31
noaXessthis one? https://github.com/KDAB/Charm13:31
BluesKajodd, it's listed in muon13:31
noaXessi can't find it on mne13:32
noaXessbut here13:32
BluesKajnoaXess, ok , then it's back for 16.04, that's what I'm running13:33
noaXess16.04? beta?13:33
noaXessther eno ppa for charmtimetracker?13:35
BluesKajit's not beta 'til next week13:38
noaXesshm.. charmtimetracker installed but can't add any task or start any13:40
noaXessAHA.. found ;) LOL13:41
WhispPinesTimSomewhat off topic I know --- hoping you can point me in the right direction -- I need an online HTML- PDF Converter that will drill down levels of the html -- I have an online set of docs, I need to make to pdf -- any idea?13:53
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valorieWhispPinesTim: check out Calibre14:09
WhispPinesTimvalorie -- thanks14:09
valoriedunno about the online part14:09
valoriebut maybe14:09
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ravl1084_hello. I'm running trusty and from time to time my wifi disconnects. I know it's not my router because I have a windows laptop sitting right next to my kubuntu and the connection still remains available there. The only way to restore the wifi that I have found is to switch off the wireless button, then switch it back on. Is there a log that I can check to see what's going on?14:46
BluesKajravl1084_, /ver/log/syslog14:48
ravl1084_BluesKaj thank you14:55
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OctreeHi. I'm having an issue with unlocking my session (amongst other things). Can anyone help?15:27
BluesKajOctree, lockscreen on?15:30
OctreeBluesKaj, KDE locks screen after inactivity. HP ZBook G215:32
OctreeWon't unlock, can't switch to console login15:32
lapionhateball, hi, remember the upgrade problems I was having.. it was due to the kde-kubuntu upgrade , now that I did an upgrade using do-release-upgrade the question was asked even without needing access to the console of the upgrader15:46
BluesKajOctree,   http://superuser.com/questions/699857/save-session-using-shell-command-in-kde15:46
lapionhateball, upgrading through muon has a bug15:47
lapionhateball, a showstopping bug15:47
BluesKajlapion, the upgrader/package manager is merely a gui for apt15:47
BluesKajusing muon here, works fine15:48
BluesKajlapion, make sure you have libmuon installed as well as muon15:48
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lapionBluesKaj, the problem was with a question that was supposed to be asked by the gui at the moment that a cinnamon pacakge was supposed to be unpacked and settings files replaced15:51
lapionBluesKaj, the question would not appear and the console of the frontend could not be opened15:52
BluesKajthat sounds like aquestion for #ubuntu if you are dealing with cinnamon, lapion15:53
lapionBluesKaj, I had the very same problem twice when upgrading a system ( I made a backup beforehand )15:53
lapionBluesKaj, no it's specific to the upgrade while it is being done from within muon15:53
lapionBluesKaj, this time I did it from commandline with the generic gui and it worked now15:54
BluesKajlapion, well maybe using the sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade then do-release-upgrade in the terminal should work15:56
BluesKajok lapion as I suspected15:59
lapionBluesKaj, like I said an upgrade done from within muon borked from commandline works16:19
BluesKajlapion, that's why I use the commandline and not a gui16:28
BluesKajlapion, I use muon strictly for referncing information about packages16:29
eeoskdeconnect is fantastic .... has anyone used it for presenations even?16:42
clivejoeeos: used it for presentations?16:53
clivejoyou mean as a remote control?16:54
eeosclivejo: yes16:58
clivejoI use the file transfer ability more16:58
eeosclivejo: yes I am using it .... I need someone with experience of using it for presentations and for Whatsapp bcause we do not seem to be able to make it work17:06
eeosclivejo: so I can present if the presentation is on the PC, but cannot present videos or presentation from the phone to the pc17:16
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dougielI can pair connect and test my bluetooth headset but the only sound that ever comes out of them is the test sounds no audio output to headset where is this configuration option hiding?20:26
BluesKajdougiel, check alsamixer for automute enabled, and the headphone vol control, make sure it isn't muted with (MM), use the M key to unmute to (00) setting20:29
BluesKajafter changing your settings usw the escape key then do , sudo alsactl store20:30
dougielthank you BluesKaj they were muted but unmuting them did nothing20:33
BluesKajyeah, then it's abluetooth problem20:33
BluesKajautomute is disabled with doen arrow key, dougiel ....forgot to mention that20:36
BluesKajdown even20:36
dougielIt is a KDE problem... I hear voice saying right out of the right ear and the same voice saying left out of the left headphone and music when I hit the test volume - I concluded it was the system not a bluetooth issue BluesKaj ?20:46
GreatEmeralddougiel: Did you set the bluetooth headset higher in the priority list?20:47
dougiel... really the way I know this is a setting issue is because I have... GreatEmerald - it is the prefered device in every list I found it in.20:48
BluesKajdougiel, then your audio/media player needs to be setup, the outputs could be wrong20:48
dougiel... I have fixed it before but have forgotten; I have forgotten more than most people will ever know.20:49
GreatEmeralddougiel: Check pavucontrol just in case20:49
dougielit is youtube I want to hear20:49
GreatEmeralddougiel: Make sure the programs are connected to the right outputs20:49
dougielthanks guys :)20:50
BluesKajok, looks like you're in good hands dougiel , I'm closing up shop for today...later20:51
dougielthanks blu... and GreatEmerald...20:51
dougielthe setting is in pavucontrol -  CRS...20:53
dougielthanks GreatEmerald :) appreciate the non-google reply as all my google reading was about ubuntu which is usually fine but this had me stumped20:54
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Guest44682Hi guys, i've got a question about the future of kubuntu.21:20
Guest44682Do you thing that kubuntu has got a future?21:20
clivejoGuest44682: why wouldnt it?21:21
Guest44682Because they kick out of the repo of ubuntu main to universe therefore they locked out21:24
Guest44682It is very sad because i love kde.21:25
sithlord48kubuntu is not hte only kde client21:25
Guest44682i know21:25
genii...I'm still not quite sure what that was about21:32
* clivejo shrugs21:34
clivejoprobably a troll21:34
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AzrathudWould anyone have an idea why konversation disconnects when I switch to another parallel user session and come back later?23:51
GreatEmeraldI'd guess because switching to another session suspends everything23:53

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