qenghoI'm accustomed to having branches inside a project in bzr, say lp:~team/proj/kode00:11
qenghoSuppose I have a project that has two unrelated git repositories. Can I upload Git branches lp:~team/proj/trunk and lp:~team/proj/proj-dependency ?00:12
qenghoThe second is hosted somewhere else altogether, upstream.00:13
qenghoOn LP, the second might also be a packaging branch or something.00:13
qenghoOr the build-recipe skeleton.00:14
wgrantqengho: lp:~OWNER/TARGET/+git/NAME is the full URL to a git repository. Similar to bzr, one can be given an lp:TARGET alias, but there is also the lp:~OWNER/TARGET alias.00:14
wgrantSince most people only need one repo per project, they can just ignore that the long URLs exist at all.00:15
wgrantBut if you want multiple you can push them to a new full URL by tacking /+git/NAME on the end.00:15
wgrant(but in git you can also just have multiple branches in the same repo, of course)00:16
qenghoOne can't make packaging recipes from git branches, can one?01:38
qenghoI have a remote git branch that I want to automatically package. It has GPG-signed commits so I can't import to bzr branches. I can't seem to recipe-package if it's in git.01:39
qenghoLe sigh.01:39
wgrantqengho: They're currently in beta.01:40
qenghoOoo! beta team.01:40
wgrantIf you join the beta team you can use them.01:40
wgrantThere are some minor known bugs which I'm rolling out fixes for today, but the basics work fine.01:40
qenghowgrant: Upi01:41
qenghowgrant: You're pretty great. I'm glad you're with us.01:41
qenghoThank you.01:41
wgrantLet me know if you run into any issues.01:41
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bapoumbaping any Launchpad admin please :)11:17
wgrantbapoumba: Your account was probably caught in spam crossfire yesterday. #canonical-sysadmin can help you.11:19
bapoumbaOK thanks wgrant :)11:19
bapoumbaI thought so, next time I’ll leave the wiki spam alone ^^11:19
wgrantIt's best not to remove spam yourself.11:19
wgrantIf it sticks around then let someone know, but if our automated scripts detect it after you've been playing with it, they might decide you look like the spammer yourself.11:20
bapoumbaOK I’ll not remove any more, I just do not like people ruin community work ..11:20
wgrantYeah, it's not a good situation.11:20
bapoumbathanks again :)11:21
bookwarhi, can anyone ban the user and remove the blueprint here https://blueprints.launchpad.net/mos/+spec/jhjg ?14:34
tpham3783on LP git import; is it possible for it to import all branches (from a project on github ie)... then write 3 recipes, one for each branch?19:16
dobeyyou can import to different bzr branches19:28
dobeyor wait for git->git imports19:29
dobeyor mirror to git manually19:29
tpham3783dobey, thank you....i'll just build one branch then..19:51
tewarduhm... so a bit of a huge issue, i'm getting a lot of FTBFS on ppa uploads about ftpmaster.internal not being available20:24
tewardso it's causing a good portion of my PPA uploads jsut now to explode20:24
tewardalso a chroot problem20:24
Logan^ this, just came here to say it20:25
Loganseems to be transient20:25
Logandepends on the buildd, I think20:25
tewardit's also hitting quite a lot of my PPA uploads for nginx 1.9.1120:31
tewardso i'll have to rerun the builds that failed20:31
teward(7 and counting)20:31
dobeyyeah i just had some recipes fail because of it20:31
beunoteward, Logan, we're rebooting all our services due to the gcc bug announced20:34
beunoI'm raising this though in case it's not known20:35
beunobut there will be a bit of instability for a little while20:35
Loganthanks for the clarification!20:35
tewardbeuno: thanks for the clarification.20:41
cjwatsonteward: investigating, I don't think this is pure instability21:17
tewardcjwatson: yeah, it didn't appear to be21:19
tewardcjwatson: thanks21:19
cjwatsonteward: should be fixed now, I'll give back failures21:38
tewardcjwatson: thanks; should I be OK to rerun the failed builds?21:47
cjwatsonteward: I'll do it21:47
cjwatsonprefer doing this kind of cleanup en masse21:48
tewardindeed :)21:48

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