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chchHello, I have Lubuntu 15.10 and does not run the video in VLC, smplayer, and if I sound .. some help02:23
borw3Hmm, what is minimum requirements for Lubuntu?12:51
hateballborw3: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/GetLubuntu#Checklist12:52
borw3hateball: which is best ext editor for lubuntu?12:54
borw3I mean text editor12:54
borw3Like gedit12:54
* hateball punches ubottu in the face12:55
hateballborw3: whichever you like, leafpad is default12:55
borw3hateball: OKay, since I thaught lubuntu was a less resource hogger, but it lags on gedit12:56
borw3So I was wondering if there was any better solution12:56
hateballwell the DE is lighter, of course if you are running heavy applications with different toolkits it will chug more resources12:57
borw3No, just gedit alone, on Ubuntu used to run smooth, but on Lubuntu lags12:57
borw3Also seems to use more RAM12:58
hateballwell it will need to load lots of GTK stuff12:58
hateballif you are on gnome already, they will be loaded12:58
hateballgeany is gtk as well, but perhaps it is lighter12:59
hateballI don't really know, I use KDE Plasma and Kate primarily12:59
borw3Dont those use GTK also? and if Lubunu doesnt use GTK what does it use?12:59
borw3Or it uses Qt?13:01
hateballyeah but I doubt it loads as many things as full blown gnome13:02
hateballupcoming lxde will be lxde-qt afaik13:02
hateballbased on razor-qt instead13:02
borw3KDE plasma and KATE run smooth?13:05
hateballOn *my* computers, yes13:06
hateballWhich are not low specced13:06
borw3KDE plasma is an editor?13:06
hateballNo it's a desktop environment. Kubuntu uses it.13:07
hateballKate is an editor13:07
borw3Which editor you use over there?13:07
hateball... I just said13:07
borw3KATE is the editor?13:11
hateballYes, when I said "Kate is an editor", that's what I meant. That Kate is an editor.13:16
borw3Help help, my lubuntu screen dims itself while watching videos local or youtube, How can I stop this?17:13
leszekborw3: you can try installing caffeine. Though it isn't available for the newest lubuntu releases: https://launchpad.net/~caffeine-developers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa17:15
borw3leszek: WHat does caffeine do exactly?17:15
leszekit turns off monitor powersaving features aswell as the systems ones17:16
borw3leszek: I forgot the command for adding repositories, please assist :-)17:17
leszeksudo add-apt-repositories and then the ppa:/ thingy17:18
borw3leszek, once I install it its done?17:22
leszekborw3: nope. You need to start the application. It will create a coffee like icon in the tray you can click that to disable powersaving features. It will however also recognize some apps I think17:23
borw3leszek: So just type in caffeine in terminal?17:24
* genii investigates the "coffee" highlight, then goes back to eating lunch17:24
leszekyeah for example17:25
borw3leszek: my caffeine is aking forever to load17:49
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Afdal_So why doesn't Lubuntu or LXDE come with Obmenu?22:21
Afdal_Openbox really needs every help it can get to make configuring it easier22:22

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