robert_ancellelopio, did lots of talking here, it looks like we might be able to use macaroons to validate the user thus avoiding the need for PolicyKit (at least initially). So it may be possible to avoid adding these tests.01:34
robert_ancellelopio, thanks for the info01:34
elopiorobert_ancell: cool.01:34
elopionow we need to figure out how to test macaroons authentication :)01:36
robert_ancellelopio, yeah, hopefully that wont be my problem! ;)01:36
sergiusenselopio, kyrofa in case you get bored https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/pull/32802:20
dholbachgood morning07:49
didrockshey dholbach!07:51
dholbachsalut didrocks07:53
zygagood morning :)08:04
zygafgimenez: hey :)o/08:04
fgimenezgood morning zyga :)08:04
zygafriday, I cannot believe how quick this week was08:05
shuduo_hello, i'm working on a snappy lights-on on a rockchip board. i'm reading the doc from https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/guides/porting/. the first step in "Getting started" section but wonder if there is an official document regarding how to build oem snap. i can read code by referring to https://github.com/longsleep/snappy-odroidc but would like to know if official/internal doc exist. Thanks.08:21
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shuduoogra_: ping08:51
longsleepGood morning snappy, so my snap for 16.04 from yesterday was reviewed and accepted, but the new version shows as "unpublished" while the top of the myapps page says it is published. Any suggestions?09:05
longsleepah just found the Publish button at the very bottom of the page after all the history :)09:06
ogra_shuduo, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~snappy-dev/snappy-hub/snappy-systems/files has our official gadgets, note that trhis is for 16.04 and already uses the all-snaps setup for images though09:30
shuduoogra_: i'm reading on it too. i tried to build them but only pi2.moved be made successfully. i can refer to pi2.moved too but wonder why others don't work. Or should I need switch to 16.04? Another question is where i can download 16.04's decice.tar.xz armhf version? I tried u-d-f query but can't get it as I don't know what 16.04 channel exactly is.09:37
ogra_shuduo, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-core/daily-preinstalled/current/09:39
shuduoogra_: got it. thanks.09:39
zygahmm, my pi updated last night09:43
zygabut crashed (didn't reboot successfully)09:44
ogra_capture the serial log (if you can)09:46
ogra_thats not the all-snaps one i assume ?09:46
longsleepogra_: when i start with getting 16.04 on the odroidc1 should i look for that all-snap thing you are talking about?09:52
* longsleep might have some time on the weekend09:53
ogra_longsleep, yeah, the old system-image stuff is dead, we'll default to all-snaps in 16.04 very soon09:55
longsleepogra_: ok cool, and what tool would i use to create a device snap or whatever it is called :)09:56
ogra_longsleep, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mvo/snappy/mksnap-os-kernel/files09:58
longsleepogra_: awesome thanks!09:59
ogra_longsleep, you need xeinal for this (for the --squashfs support in snappy)09:59
ogra_longsleep, also: http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/snappy/all-snaps/dragonboard/ you need this u-d-f10:00
ogra_(see the README for the options, --gadget, --kernel and --os all also take a local path to a snap)10:01
longsleepgreat, i will have a look tomorrow. I also have the Pine64 and might try that one first10:02
popeyStill can't quite figure out how to do network client (not server) from my snappy app. examples seem to mostly be services/servers... any clues?10:33
ogra_you'd do it the exactly same way10:33
ogra_i.e. define the skill under "apps:" and just dont set "daemon:" for the app10:34
popeygot an example of something that's a client?10:35
didrockspopey: 16.04?10:36
ogra_popey, http://paste.ubuntu.com/15130014/10:39
ogra_try something like this10:39
popeydidrocks: yes10:39
didrocksyeah, ogra beats me to it :)10:40
ogra_well, untested :)10:40
didrockslooks like typo free :)10:40
* popey tries this10:42
ysionneauany idea what could be the origin of this error? http://paste.ubuntu.com/15130024/10:43
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=== faenil_ is now known as faenil
popeyhm. "Bad system call" from the application 😖10:46
ogra_popey, check syslog, i bet there is a seccomp error10:46
popey[262021.832942] audit: type=1326 audit(1455878770.782:89): auid=1000 uid=1000 gid=1000 ses=30 pid=32171 comm="whois" exe="/snaps/whois.sideload/INCRgCAKgHXE/usr/bin/whois" sig=31 arch=40000028 syscall=282 compat=0 ip=0x76ed2348 code=0x010:46
popeywonder if it's trying to write to /tmp or something10:47
ogra_scmp_sys_resolver 3110:48
ogra_check that10:48
ogra_(tells you the syscall)10:48
ogra_all apps can write to /tmp ... the yhave a transparently mounted one that they own10:48
ogra_oh, wait10:49
popeyscmp_sys_resolver 31 returns UNKNOWN10:49
ogra_scmp_sys_resolver 28210:49
ogra_i picked the wrong thing from your line10:49
ogra_not sig ... buts syscall= (obviously)10:49
ogra_ysionneau, never seen that10:50
ogra_but data.tar.gz sounds like a debian package somehow10:50
ysionneauI've built a .snap package with snapcraft, it contains data.tar.gz inside10:51
ysionneauthe .snap seems to be pretty close from a .deb10:51
ogra_that might not be allowed10:51
ysionneauwhy would snapcraft generate something not allowed? :o10:52
ogra_(not sure though)10:52
didrocksysionneau: that's the case in 15.04, it's using the same format (ar)10:52
didrockswhich has the control and data.tar.gz10:52
ogra_ah, 15.0410:52
ysionneauyes 15.0410:52
ysionneauok, let me explain what I'm doing, I'm adding support for cross compilation to snapcraft10:53
ysionneaubut in the control/manifest it still shows "amd64" instead of "armhf"10:53
ysionneauso I modified the ar archive (extracted control.tar.gz, modified the amd64 to armhf, put back control.tar.gz in the .snap)10:54
ysionneaubut now I get this error10:54
popeyogra_: scmp_sys_resolver 282 returns "bind"10:55
popeyit's whois, so it's doing a dns lookup I imagine10:55
ogra_popey, hmm, then you might need more network- skills ...10:55
popeyI need more skills for sure ㋛10:56
popeyare they listed somewhere?10:56
ogra_try adding "network-listener, network-service" to the caps line10:56
ogra_servuice might be a bit much though, since you dont run a server10:56
ogra_ysionneau, i'm pretty sure snappy creates checksums of the files it carries internally ...11:05
popey$ whois.whois
popeygetaddrinfo(whois.arin.net): Servname not supported for ai_socktype11:05
ogra_well, check syslog, there might be more11:05
popeyonly the profile replace when it was installed11:06
ogra_well, whois surely tries to access a socket it isnt allowed to (yet)11:07
popeyI guess.11:07
popeyis there no "give it all network access" like we do with clicks?11:07
ogra_dunno, i'm still learning about skills11:08
ricmmlongsleep: hey simon11:31
ricmmlongsleep: I'm trying to run the webrtc client running on the arm64 device11:31
ricmmworks fine in local lan, over internet it cant stablish the call11:31
ricmm"peer connection failed" but we can chat just fine11:31
ricmmI'm exposing 8443 over the internet through a reverse ssh tunnel to a VPS of mine11:32
ricmmcould that be getting in the way? does spreed attempt to open other ports on demand for the peers?11:32
ogra_you probably need other ports for the webrtc11:32
ricmmhmm I cant reach it from my phone11:34
ogra_i did a call from laptop to desktop yesterday11:35
ricmmoh, jesus11:35
ogra_can you ping it from your phone ?11:35
ricmmlongsleep: yea I guess it opens more ports on demand11:45
kyrofaogra_, classic dimension doesn't seem to work for me on the dragonboard. Is that a known issue?12:10
ogra_bug 154376412:10
ubottubug 1543764 in Snappy "snappy classic must use officially supported lxd images from simplestream; not unsupported ones from linux-containers.org" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154376412:10
kyrofaogra_, ahh, right I remember that one now12:22
kyrofaogra_, no known workaround?12:23
ysionneauogra_: would you know where those checksums are stored?12:23
ysionneauogra_: I found hashes.yaml which contains sha512 of the files in data.tar.gz , but nothing for files in control.tar.gz12:24
kyrofaogra_, I seem to remember you mentioning setting up a chroot?12:27
ogra_kyrofa, scp http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-core/daily/current/xenial-core-amd64.tar.gz to the board ... create a dir under /home/ubuntu and extract it there ... then copy /etc/resolv.conf to etc/ and you can chroot ...13:07
ogra_ysionneau, no, i have no idea, but i doubt you can safely hack an already assembled snap like you try to13:07
ysionneauhmm too bad :/13:11
ysionneauis snapcraft doing the .snap? or is it calling snappy?13:11
kyrofaogra_, sweet, okay. Hopefully this kernel doesn't have the swap deadlock bug that the linaro image had :P13:12
kyrofaysionneau, depends on the version of snapcraft13:12
ogra_kyrofa, i have been using a 2G swapfile here, worked fine13:12
kyrofaysionneau, Version > 2, snapcraft does it. < 2, snappy13:12
kyrofaogra_, awesome :)13:12
kyrofaogra_, that should unblock the owncloud snap13:12
kyrofaogra_, and I'm crossing my fingers for ROS13:13
ogra_haha, yeah13:13
ysionneauok I'm using snapcraft 1.0.2 so it's snappy doing it...13:13
ysionneauthanks kyrofa !13:13
ysionneaucool now I can see in snappy code where is the error message "Can not handle"13:15
ysionneauI had to checkout the 15.04 branch!13:15
ysionneauit means it does not understand which kind of compression algorithm to use...13:16
zygagood afternoon :)13:18
zyga(lovely day here today)13:18
ysionneauok, it seems that when I use ar rD to replace control.tar.gz in the .snap by another one, it changes data.tar.gz name to data.tar.gz/ (at least that's what the sappy code sees, even if ar tv does not show the '/' suffix)13:24
ysionneauthis extra / makes the code fail to recognize a tar.gz13:24
ysionneauby hexdumping I can indeed see extra / in the ar file header ...13:25
ysionneauso that would be a bug in the ar tool? :o13:25
nessitakyrofa, hi! I'm looking for a specific information and perhaps you can help. You know how snaps for 15.04 are totally incompatible with snaps for rolling-core, right? I wanted to know if there is such a clear difference between snaps targetting rolling-core and rolling-personal13:30
kyrofanessita, great question13:30
kyrofanessita, as of now, I don't believe so. Snappy (and snapcraft) don't do anything special for Personal right now. For example, there are no .desktop files, etc13:31
nessitakyrofa, we are improving the Store UI and we are gonna restrict the releases a developer can choose for his uploads13:31
nessitakyrofa, so you are saying that targetting both -personal and -core is safe, correct?13:32
kyrofanessita, right now I'd say yes, but it's important to point out that there isn't even a personal image right now13:32
nessitakyrofa, I understand, so you are implying we should remove the rolling-personal release (or disable)?13:32
kyrofanessita, while there will be eventually, I'm not sure hiding that option would be a bad thing right now13:32
nessitaunderstood, thank you!13:33
kyrofanessita, though you probably want to check that with someone who knows more than I do13:33
nessitakyrofa, yes, no worries, you will not be blamed :-)13:33
kyrofanessita, ha! I just mean I don't want you to do any work only to find out I was wrong and you have to put it back :P .13:34
ysionneauok I found the origin of the issue13:41
ysionneautrailing slashes are legal in ar format : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ar_%28Unix%29#System_V_.28or_GNU.29_variant13:42
ysionneaubut the deb.go part of snappy does not handle them13:42
noizerHI guys, just a short question. Is it the same when how I can communicate with gpio's from my raspberry pi with ubuntu-snappy14:24
zyganoizer: hmm, can you ask that again please>?14:27
zyganoizer: I've implemented a skill that allows to expose gpio's as "bool-file"14:27
zyganoizer: but this is not the full GPIO, no way to set direction, etc14:27
ogra_most likely via the skills system ... in 15.04 hw-assign worked for that, but this got moved into skills now14:27
zyganoizer: (though that's east to add, bool-file was just the very first skill I made)14:27
zyganoizer: easy* not east :)14:28
zyganoizer: this week I also created an i2c skill and a demo snap that uses it14:28
zyganoizer: I plan to expose subsequent hardware feature of the pi as we progress14:28
zyganoizer: some things are not ready so you cannot still use skills for real, with released version of snappy14:29
zyganoizer: if you want you can try my development branch that allows you to do more14:29
ogra_zyga, the question is if the store already knows about these new skills, i guess noizer would like to upload his snap at some point14:30
zyganoizer: have a look at http://github.com/zyga/snappy-pi2-piglow and https://github.com/zyga/snappy/tree/skills-demo-i2c14:30
zygaogra_: no, the store doesn't currently know but at the same time, it never will know about particular skill types, just what snaps declare and what devices declare14:30
zyganoizer: so if you tell me more about what you need then perhaps I might be able to help you, perhaps not immediately but still14:31
noizerogra_ zyga when will the store know this skills?14:31
ogra_perhaps it already lets them through ... i was just asking too :)14:31
noizerI need i2c for an sensor and other gpio just for settings things14:31
zyganoizer: cool, stay in touch and we can talk14:32
zyganoizer: I can create a simple gpio skill that exposes both the value and direction of a particular pin14:32
noizerzyga So its not possible at this moment to use the gpio's14:32
noizerzyga ok14:33
noizerzyga how long does it takes to make this skill?14:33
zyganoizer: no, skills are not "glued" to the rest of snappy, that's our focus14:33
zyganoizer: depends on what you mean, it takes minutes to create a new skill but it will be a while before you can really use them with stuff in vanilla images14:33
noizerzyga but it this snap won't be in the store. So I think14:35
zyganoizer: if you develop it now with me14:35
zyganoizer: you can be ready for skills in 16.0414:35
zyganoizer: and you can help us iron out issues14:36
zyganoizer: there's nothing better that I can think of, all of this will be live soon, just not today14:36
noizerZyga So when I'm developing it and pushes to the git it will be in 16.0414:36
zyganoizer: but you can get the skill side to work, starting now, by working with me14:36
kyrofaelopio, gah, I'm sorry, I lost track of the time14:37
kyrofaelopio, oh wait, you're off14:37
zyganoizer: I'm not sure I understand what you just said about git14:38
zyganoizer: if you can, please tell me about your devleopment setup14:39
zyganoizer: and about your needs for i2c and gpio14:39
zyganoizer: I can also show you how to run my branch to see if your snap will work with what I'm building14:39
noizerzyga Ok, I am making a device with many Sensors . On my OS there is Ubuntu Snappy with a snap that needs to connect with the gpio's of my raspberry pi14:41
noizerThese sensors need to interact with some status leds14:42
noizerI know there needs to be I2C but for what. Thats now a mistery because my colleague knows that and is not at the office at the moment14:43
noizerZyga maybe that we can talk in a private conversation how we can make this14:44
longsleepricmm: Hey, did you ping me?14:56
ogra_longsleep, yeah, he tried to run a spreed install behind a NAT ... and while we could see each others users we couldnt really establish a call14:57
ogra_(i assume just opening 8443 wasnt enough)14:57
longsleepogra_: well you need a TURN server somewhere outside14:57
longsleepor at least STUN14:57
longsleepso the peer to peer connections can work14:58
ogra_well, it works fine doing it in my LAN14:58
longsleepyes peer to peer in LAN works14:58
longsleepbut to bridge the NAT some external help is required14:58
ogra_i assume P2P on two realy internet IPs too ...14:58
ogra_right ... but our usecase is LAN only anyway ... so we're fine14:59
longsleepthe browsers have real internet addresses?14:59
ogra_hah, no, the server does :P14:59
ogra_anyway, we'Äll only use it in LAN setups anyway14:59
ogra_so all is fine14:59
longsleepok in LAN its easy. It depends on the firewall for the browsers if and what external help is needed. Most of the time STUN is good enough if the firewall allows UDP15:00
longsleepif not, a TURN server is required (which is essentially a proxy) where all peers connect to15:01
longsleepYou could set this up easily on the server as well15:01
ricmmlongsleep: how can I set one of these servers up?15:01
ricmmif I'd like to try15:02
longsleepogra_: https://github.com/coturn/rfc5766-turn-server/15:02
longsleepricmm: ^^^15:02
longsleeplet me check if we have some instructions15:02
ricmmspreed exposes config to point it to the server?15:02
longsleepmight have a miss in the config hook15:02
longsleepbut the server.conf has it15:02
longsleepricmm: the repository for the TURN server moved here it seems: https://github.com/coturn/coturn15:03
longsleepfor our public services we provide this (configured with shared secret authentication)15:03
ricmmgot it15:04
ricmmok, we'll keep demos to LAN only then15:04
longsleepricmm: we have this ticket to get better docs how to set up TURN :) https://github.com/strukturag/spreed-webrtc/issues/19915:04
ricmmif we run into issues at setup at least I know how to set one up ;)15:04
longsleepyeah - i can certainly also help if there are issues15:05
longsleepricmm: we recommend 2 public IP addresses for the TURN server and at least one of the listeners to use port 44315:06
kyrofanessita, the name collisions apply to 15.04 as well?15:13
kyrofa(just got your email)15:14
* zyga -> tea15:17
nessitakyrofa, yeah, otherwise the store-side implementation gets super more complex and, as per my talk with martin, we prefer to apply this to 15.04 as well15:23
kyrofanessita, ah okay. I ended up responding to that email, so sorry for the redundancy15:23
kyrofazyga, I just built a new vanilla edge image, and ubuntu/ubuntu isn't letting me in. Any clues?15:38
zygakyrofa: o_O?15:42
zygakyrofa: any serial ports to see what's going on15:42
zygakyrofa: does it boot15:42
zygakyrofa: can you ping it15:42
zygakyrofa: do you have a screen attached to it?15:43
ogra_kyrofa, that happens if cloud-init didnt run properly15:43
kyrofazyga, it's virtualbox. Yeah, it boots and I have the ability to login, it's just not accepted ubuntu/ubuntu as valid15:43
kyrofazyga, ah, okay15:43
kyrofazyga, I'll toast it and run again, see if I can spot any errors15:44
zygakyrofa: man, why virtualbox15:44
zygakyrofa: just use kvm15:44
ogra_did you build it with u-d-f ? check if it was properly built actually15:44
kyrofazyga, because you can't do both and I already have vbox machines15:44
zygakyrofa: ah15:44
kyrofazyga, long story :P15:44
kyrofaogra_, yeah. How would I check that it was properly built?15:45
ogra_first of all by seeing no errors during building :)15:45
kyrofaogra_, ahh15:45
kyrofaogra_, the uber-technical way15:45
ogra_kpartx is a constant source of pain ...15:45
ogra_(i cant build any all-snaps image on any of my trusty systems ... they all fall over when loop mounting for example)15:46
ogra_(they still produce an image though ... but with only half the content)15:46
kyrofaogra_, yeah I'm using a xenial VM. Can't make an image in an lxc container either... weird partition errors15:47
ogra_yeah, needs an actual /dev for kpartx i guess15:47
ogra_the worst part is that if you screwed that up once you *have* to reboot15:48
ogra_and indeed my trusty machines run tons of scripts ... rebooting my desktop is 1h of work to get everything back in order15:48
ogra_super annoying15:48
kyrofaogra_, you would die with my flaky multi-monitor setup, then :P15:49
kyrofaogra_, I have to reboot multiple times a day because my mouse pointer decides to go on vacation until I do15:49
zygakyrofa: man, why do you use stuff like that15:50
kyrofazyga, haha, two monitors?15:50
zygano, stuff not working15:50
* ogra_ has three on his desktop 15:50
* zyga has one, and two children with their own computers now ^_^15:50
ogra_but a proper nvidia card :)15:50
zygaogra_: I was super surprised how stable amd has gotten lately15:51
kyrofazyga, I'd love to solve those problems, but then I wouldn't get my job done15:51
nessitakyrofa, do you confirm I can remove your owncloud?15:51
ogra_zyga, nah ... i like to play a game occasionally ... no more amd for me15:52
zygaogra_: on windows or ubuntu? he uses xenial and plays games all day15:52
zygaogra_: I have a wintendo for my games :(15:52
kyrofanessita, sure. Though do you know the answer to my question? Who's in charge of that Canonical ownCloud snap?15:52
ogra_i use trusty for playing15:52
ogra_but i honestly didnt manage to play anything since november or so15:53
zygaogra_: though I use ubuntu for playing casual games with my son :)15:53
kyrofazyga, ogra_ huh, regenerated the image and it works fine16:04
ogra_well, good then :)16:04
nessitakyrofa, you mean the owncloud from the canonical shared account?16:09
kyrofanessita, yes16:09
nessitakyrofa, the account is generic, and I think many have access: snappy-canonical-storeaccount@canonical.com16:10
nessitakyrofa, I can't not identify an individual16:10
nessitakyrofa, is whoever can access that account in myapps16:10
kyrofanessita, very good, thank you!16:10
nessitayou are welcome!16:10
zygakyrofa: magic16:11
zygaand I tell my children everything is rational16:11
zygawhile we deal with magic all day16:11
nessitakyrofa, all reldeted! :-)16:15
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* zyga feels sleepy16:28
dholbachelopio, is there anything blocking landing https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/pull/318?16:37
kyrofadholbach, I'm afraid he's out today and Monday16:39
dholbachoh ok, no worries16:39
dholbachthanks kyrofa16:39
kyrofadholbach, it looks good, but since he's been looking at it I'd like to wait for him to review one last time16:39
dholbachright, makes sense16:40
didrocksballoons: all good on the Ubuntu Core front for gsoc?16:41
balloonsdidrocks, I think everything looks good.16:41
didrocksthanks :)16:41
balloonsThank you. We'll see what the students think soon enough :-)16:41
didrocksyeah! ;)16:43
kyrofaogra_, what's with the dragonboard wifi driver and its handling of broadcasts?16:50
ogra_kyrofa, working on that16:52
tbrkyrofa: there have been claims that it was fixed on the linaro side16:53
tbrkyrofa: it used to be horribly b0rken16:53
tbrone reason why my board is collecting dust16:53
kyrofatbr, still seems kinda horribly broken :P16:53
tbrno doubt16:53
tbrthe RE'd driver doesn't seem to be getting much love16:54
kyrofaogra_, alright cool. I've been reading blog post after blog post about yucky workarounds, and not one person discussed fixing the thing.16:54
tbrlinaro has other priorities16:54
ogra_kyrofa, well, no idea yet how much the patch we have fixes it ... thanks to squashfs my turnaround time for doing tests did massively increase ... so its a very slow process now16:55
kyrofaogra_, yeah I feel ya16:55
kyrofaogra_, glad you're working on it though, thanks for your efforts :)16:55
zygakyrofa: what is the issue? wonky driver?16:58
ysionneauallright I can now install my cross compiled .snap o/16:59
kyrofazyga, I assume so. It doesn't respond to ARP requests, so you can't reach it unless, say, it pings you first :P16:59
zygathat explains some stuff :D16:59
kyrofazyga, so people are writing startup scripts to nmap the entire network16:59
zygawell, non mainline kernel16:59
zygacould be worse17:00
zygacould be another blob17:00
kyrofazyga, true enough17:00
tbrthat only works in case of IPv4, IPv6 remains pretty much broken17:02
kyrofatbr, ah, I hadn't thought of that17:02
ogra_who uses that anyway :P17:02
tbrI've been complaining about this b0rkenness since last summer to the linaroooo people17:02
kyrofaogra_, haha, my lack of knowledge of ipv6 is staggering17:02
tbrin the beginning they were blissfully unaware as everyone used usb-ethernet17:03
zygatbr: https://xkcd.com/865/17:03
tbrbtw: if you urgently need it to work, you can probably just transplant the closed source module from the android images17:04
ogra_heh, i'm working on an official image ... cant really do that :)17:05
tbryeah, but someone else might not17:05
tbrthe whole 96boards thing seems like dead on announcement anyway. there are two official boards, none of them compliant with official specifications. no enterprise boards. Meh, I'm starting to rant again.17:06
ogra_tbr, i must admit i really like the dragonboard17:12
tbrogra_: if you successfully ignore all the closed source boot-loaders that it requires, the missing software support for a lot of the hardware, ...17:13
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sergiusensjdstrand, snappy dimmension problem [jue feb 18 20:33:58 2016] audit: type=1400 audit(1455912316.447:48): apparmor="DENIED" operation="open" profile="shout.sergiusens_server_0.52.0-1" name="/run/resolvconf/resolv.conf" pid=13224 comm="node" requested_mask="r" denied_mask="r" fsuid=0 ouid=020:15
sergiusensChipaca`, https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/pull/32820:16
jdstrandsergiusens: are you using the network-client cap?20:39
sergiusensjdstrand, I think I am; this works fine on ubuntu-core proper20:43
sergiusensjdstrand, it fails with the snappy dimmension on classic20:43
jdstrandsergiusens: can you file a bug with steps to reproduce?20:44
sommarHi, have a quick snappy question. How can I oweride the : failed to install: Signature verification failed, at installation of a package?20:59
sommarI have seen som switches on a vid-clip on youtube, but cant remember it.21:00
sommarWhere can I find information about this switches?21:00
jdstrandsnappy install --help21:01
jdstrandthere is also https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/21:01
jdstrandI'm not sure if all of the switches are documented outside of the help system21:02
sommarI feeling a litlebit stupid, why dident i try that one (snappy install --help).21:03
sommarI manage to install the package.21:03
jdstrandcool :)21:03
jdstrandand no need to feel stupid. this is a whole new system :)21:04
qenghoI'm worried about differing behavior on identical runs of snapcraft. I can get an error message once, and run snapcraft again and get a different result.21:29
qenghoIt could be related to another problem I'm working on, I suppose. I'll solve other first.21:32
qenghoOh man. That's ugly. Found it.21:42
qenghoSo, should parts be used as a kind of flow-control between discrete stages of building one thing? download and unpack tarball, then configure source, then build source and package?22:23
qenghoOr, are parts supposed to be discrete sources of code that are used to create a package?22:24
qenghoI see a "copy" that makes me think the source of one part could be the output of another part.22:24
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qenghoAh, I guess they are all discrete units of code. Dang.23:02

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