DomingoMontoyaIs it just me, or has network smb browsing been removed from nautilus?00:23
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haasnHow come abiword always starts itself after logging in? the only consistent solution seems to be “removing abiword”10:36
clivejowould anyone here be available for a lesson on how to file FFE's?11:46
BluesKajHiyas all12:08
haasnHmm. Trying to use Ubuntu 16.04 with NFS4 mounts. Sometimes, when logging in, it will randomly lock up the system's mounts. Seems to go into some sort of infinite loop of TCP connect -> RPCSEC_GSS_DESTROY -> TCP close forever13:38
haasnI traced the packets in wireshark and the last stuff it's doing is loading some stuff from $HOME, then it tries to open kdewallet.salt, then it sends a RPCSEC_GSS_DESTROY packet (that wireshark doesn't recognize, maybe malformed?) to which the server replies with AUTH_ERROR13:40
haasnthen the client closes the socket and goes into the infinite loop13:40
haasnDeactivating firehol seems to have done the trick14:53
hggdhlotuspsychje: just saying: I finally found the issue on the 403s-- I use apt-cacher-ng, and it was interfering14:56
lotuspsychje!yay | hggdh15:46
ubottuhggdh: Glad you made it! :-)15:46
lotuspsychjegood afternoon genii15:48
* lotuspsychje slides over a hot coffee to genii as its probably morning there :p15:49
* genii slides lotuspsychje a fresh beverage15:49
clivejogenii: may I have a whiskey please?15:50
* genii gets out the Glenfiddich and pours clivejo a double, neat15:50
clivejothanks bar tender15:51
geniiAny time :)15:51
clivejoI just visited their website15:52
clivejoI have to give my age!15:52
clivejoI guess theres a drive on to some underage virtual drinking15:53
geniiYeah, I think this is legislated15:53
clivejogenii: you need to be careful, you served me without asking my age!15:54
geniiI already know it roughly anyhow15:55
clivejoyou do?15:55
geniiMaybe not! But if I had to guess I'd 59-60ish16:01
* genii hides16:02
clivejonot even warm!16:02
geniiI was going by your AOL email16:06
clivejoyeah I regret using it to sign up for Ubuntu One!16:10
haasnI can't seem to connect via ssh to my ubuntu 16.04 machines as a regular user. `ssh` gets as far as “Offering RSA public key: /home/nand/.ssh/id_rsa” and then.. nothing19:39
haasnI can log in as root just fine, though19:39
haasnOh, I think I know the problem19:41
varxIs there some secret to getting Ubiquity to recognize zfs partitions for installation? From what I was reading, it seems like it has worked for other people...19:44
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haasnYeah, it was due to the NFS4 failure from before - I was testing on one of the machines that still had firehol running19:46
jushurusing http//se.archive.ubuntu.com has crc/hash errors on the apt-get update21:26
geniiChange repos21:33
k1ljushur: <genii> Change repos21:34

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