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dpmah, davidcalle, I did some more edits to the community ports page yesterday and I created an anchor to it: https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/start/ubuntu-for-devices/devices/#community-ports12:06
davidcalledpm: oh nice edits!12:06
dpmwell, you did all the work revamping the page :)12:07
davidcallepopey: dpm: mhall119: balloons: dholbach: do we have a good way of recording the phone screen at "at least" ~20fps and no lag? I've tried many things without success. Maybe there is a brand new method I'm not aware of?12:11
popeythe way I do it, I get ~4fps12:15
popeyhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/15130508/ that's the script I use12:16
popeyplug phone in over usb cable and run that script12:16
davidcallepopey: excellent! I've tweaked it a little and I get the perf I need12:41
popeypatches welcome davidcalle :)12:41
davidcallessh $SSH_OPTS -C -c aes128-ctr phablet@localhost mirscreencast -m /var/run/mir_socket --stdout --cap-interval 1 -s 360 640 |  mplayer -framedrop -demuxer rawvideo -rawvideo w=360:h=640:format=rgba -12:42
davidcallepopey: ^12:43
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sverzegnassiballoons: ping15:36
dpmballoons, can you remind me... core app click packages are built on every commit of a MP, or only when it's been approved and merged into trunk?16:14
balloonswe build on every commit16:14
dpmok, cool thanks16:14
balloonsso we get a click everytime. However, what goes into the store / gets reviewed is built seperately16:14
balloonssverzegnassi, pong16:15
dpmand what does it mean that it's built separately?16:15
balloonsI mean, popey builds them however he wishes :-) I don't believe he takes the click from the a jenkins MP, but maybe he does :-)16:15
popeyI was building locally for a while for numerous reasons. 1) When jenkins failed, 2) When I wanted a fat package, 3) When jenkins builds a click without the right version number in the filename16:17
popey(3) is the only one that still applies now16:17
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popeydue to the rather ropey chroot we have, which doesn't have bzr installed due to dependency hell16:17
balloonsahh, well presumably you just kick off a build of trunk to get your click then?16:18
popeyI build every core app every day anyway16:19
popeybut if I am about to upload and one of the above issues arises, I'll build on demand16:19
balloonsso dpm, the workflow is covering the upload to the store. The first bit happens on every commit, the second is the store upload. I had them broken up better, but left them as bullet points since I wanted to make a visual anyway16:22
dpmpopey, but I guess that (3) is simply a bug? Is it still present and affects all apps?16:24
balloonsdpm, afaik it's an issue with how cmake is built. I'd call it simply a bug that could be fixed16:28
popeyyes, it's a bug16:30
popeyits a bug in the samba packaging which means we have to do a bit of a packaging dance16:30
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lets_go_surfingappdevs: Hi there, I'm quite new to QML development and I hope I can find some help here. Imagine I'm writing a client to some rest API, so the question is: how much should I implement in C++ and how much in QML?18:33
lets_go_surfingAt the moment I have a rest client implemented using JS via XMLHttpRequest and it works fine, but the question is how to implement for example loading of images, how to persist them, is it possible from QML?18:34
lets_go_surfingSince Ubuntu apps are being written using QML, I hope some of you guys can help me a bit here, thanks in advance!18:35
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