Saviqrobru, I will need to ask you to upload oxide to silo 10 after all, do you need .orig file if it comes from the archive?00:48
robruSaviq: please just put it in a PPA and I'll use copyPackage rather than trying to dget and dput it myself00:48
Saviqrobru, ack, makes sense00:48
robruSaviq: did you put it in a ppa somewhere? I'm heading out in 30 mins and won't be back for 2 hours01:56
Saviqrobru, hopefully will be done within that time02:00
Saviqrobru, have all kinds of troubles with this fucking thing02:00
robruSaviq: that's why I didn't want to do it ;-)02:00
Saviqrobru, I know! :)02:00
Saviqbut it's looking hopeful now02:01
Saviqthat source is just too big02:01
Saviqbtrfs choked on that on my laptop02:01
Saviqnot sure if it will recover02:01
Saviq40G free and ENOSPC, btrfs is great at that02:03
Saviqfortunately tbird offers to free 600G on this 256G drive by purging folders... wonder what else would it purge02:11
Saviqvivid uploaded, now xenial02:14
Saviqrobru, ok, ppa:saviq/train - oxide-qt for vivid (building) and xenial (should show up within a minute)02:22
Saviqinto silo 10, that is02:23
robruSaviq: ok, hopefully that shows up within 7 minutes ;-)02:23
robruSaviq: check your email for rejection notices02:24
robruSaviq: ones' 0.12.6 and one's 0.12.5?02:25
Saviqrobru, yeah, xenial got an upload just a few hours ago02:26
Saviqrobru, and the same for vivid is waiting in silo02:26
Saviqso decided to not jump the gun02:26
robruSaviq: ok copied, train should notice them within 15 minutes.02:26
Saviqrobru, THANK  YOU02:26
robruSaviq: you're welcome!02:27
robruSaviq: I'll be back in 2hrs for when you inevitably find a problem and need me to upload the second iteration ;-)02:27
Saviqit's only gonna take 8h to build now, it's fine ;)02:27
robruah ok02:27
robruSaviq: you should probably cancel the builds in your PPA02:27
Saviqrobru, right, will do02:27
robruSaviq: IIRC we added chris as a person who has permission to upload directly to train packages, i guess we might also consider adding you to that if this happens a lot. even better would be getting oxide-qt train-ready so you can just use MPs like everybody else ;-)02:28
Saviqrobru, I don't intend to touch oxide EVER AGAIN02:29
robruSaviq: TOUCHED IT LAST!!!!!!02:29
robruSaviq: it's yours forever now, as it is written!02:29
robrualright, I gotta bounce. bbl02:29
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chrisccoulsondbarth, I published the Oxide 1.12.6 security update yesterday10:30
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sil2100Saviq: hey! From what davmor2 is saying things look good in OTA-9.1 so we probably won't need silo 46 anymore11:26
sil2100Saviq: any objections for freeing it?11:26
Saviqsil2100, please merge, first, thanks!11:26
sil2100Oh, merge? You have a valid trunk for cherry-picks like this?11:27
Saviqsil2100, yeah, lp:$project/stable11:31
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dbarthchrisccoulson: i validated it for webapps in silo 7713:23
dbarthshould approve today13:23
dbarthchrisccoulson: well, i'll do the browser smoke testing now13:30
rvrpstolowski: ping14:54
pstolowskirvr, hey14:54
rvrpstolowski: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15132112/14:55
rvrpstolowski: I got a crash testing silo 8014:55
rvrpstolowski: Take a look, I don't think it's related to the changes, but just in case14:55
pstolowskirvr, it's a scope crash right? no, there no chance for this to be related to the changes in the silo14:56
rvrpstolowski: Ok14:57
rvrpstolowski: The crash was reported by _usr_lib_arm-linux-gnueabihf_unity-scopes_scoperunner14:58
pstolowskirvr, yeah, noticed that in the backtrace. do you know what scope crashes? Apps?14:58
rvrpstolowski: El Pais (news)14:59
dobeyToyKeeper: any luck?14:59
pstolowskirvr, something for kyleN's team then15:00
rvrpstolowski: Silo approved15:03
pstolowskirvr, thanks!15:03
dbarth_hey guys, just a quick heads up about https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/923 (silo 036)15:11
dbarth_getting this landed would help us unblock further OA / oxide build issues and empty our own silo queue15:12
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alesagerobru, is it possible to un-pass a QA signoff?17:36
robrualesage: if you clear the lander signoff it'll clear the other ones too17:52
robrualesage: or if you do a build it'll clear the signoffs17:52
alesagerobru, just clearing the "qa signoff" doesn't have the effect I want?17:53
alesagerobru, comfortable with that control :)17:53
robrualesage: oh do you have permission to clear it yourself?17:57
alesagerobru, unknown17:58
robrualesage: it's restricted who can touch the qa field. Are you qa? I literally just woke up, can't brain yet17:58
alesagerobru, I'm QA, able to edit the "qa signoff" field17:59
alesagerobru, just trying to prevent breaking the world if this goes into the build17:59
alesagerobru, here's the request FWIW https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/101318:00
robrualesage: OK you can set it then. Setting it to failed doesn't actually prevent it from being published, but it does make the whole page turn red18:00
alesagerobru, I'd like to "take back" my approval, also I'm assuming this means I want it not to be published--can you help?18:01
robrualesage: yeah that approval is taken back. The qa field is just advisory, so if somebody felt like publishing they can. I won't ;-)18:02
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robruI should really step up train security. Currently anybody can delete anybody else's silos18:03
alesagerobru, ok I was imagining a colossal machine spinning into action18:03
robrualesage: nope the colossal machine monitors the situation at all times but nothing if triggered by qa approval. Humans need to click publish18:04
popeyrobru: what rights does a community person need to submit to citrain?18:16
robrupopey: they would need to be **EXTREMELY** well trusted as being granted train permissions means they can rebuild or delete any silo at any time.18:37
robrupopey: also core devs have full train power already.18:37
popeyThe people I'm thinking of are long time contributors, who would obviously be careful.18:38
robrupopey: in terms of "careful", mistakes are ok, it's actively malicious people I'm concerned about18:38
popeysure, none of these people are18:39
popeyI'm only thinking one or two18:39
popeybut they aren't currently beating down the door to have this authorisation18:39
popeyI'm just speculatively asking :)18:39
robrupopey: so basically they need to be added to ci-train-users team, and told to read the documentation about it.18:39
popeyDanChapman: ^18:39
robrupopey: but I'd probably want to run that by steve18:39
popeysure. no problem.18:39
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camakorobru, just wanna confirm my understanding, on silo 051, is Britney stuck due to the autopkgtest for unity8?20:19
robrucamako: everything in excuses.html that says "Not considered" prevents out from being approved20:41
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