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dholbachgood morning07:49
* dholbach relocates to the office, brb08:14
popeyGood morning09:00
davidcalleGood morning :)09:19
svijmorning all09:20
joseweehee, only 4 hours till the GSOC applications period closes!15:09
dpmjose wohoo! :)15:52
dpmballoons, it seems alex-abreu in ubuntu-webapps is interested in becoming a mentor15:53
dpmyou might want to ping him if he didn't ping you already15:54
balloonswill do, thank you15:54
dpmah, it seems jose is onto it now :)15:54
balloonsdpm and popey, did you guys manage to have a glance at the doc??16:05
dpmballoons, ah, I saw the link this morning but didn't have the chance to. I've got time now, so opening it16:06
popeylink me pls16:07
dpm"Community Core apps QA"16:07
popeyjcastro: if someone wants to join slack but doesn't have an @ubuntu address, how can we invite them?16:20
jcastroYou can send them an invite from the UI iirc16:22
jcastroby the "Ubuntu" top left there is a down arrow16:22
jcastroclick "Invite people"16:22
dholbachall right my friends... I call it a day16:52
dholbachhave a great weekend everyone!16:52
balloonsso conceptually is are you on board popey and dpm? If so, we can do the cleanups on the doc and update the workflow image. But I'd like to get started on the actual work today too :-)16:55
popeyballoons: dpm i just hit "resolv" on one of dpm's comments by mistake, sorry16:59
popeyI have _no_ idea how to get it back16:59
popeyfound it!  😃16:59
dpmI'm sure it was one involving a work item for you :)17:00
dpmballoons, +117:00
popey+1 from me too balloons17:00
popeythank you for pulling this together17:00
popeyBe aware I'll be afk most of next week (Embedded World in .de) and I don't know what my connectivity will be like, but I'll have telegram, and get notifications when people ping me on IRC.17:01
balloonsbrillant. So I'll finish it up and start hacking away17:01
dpmballoons, although I've just added a comment that might mean a bit more of work, but perhaps it's more on the "cleanup doc" department17:03

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