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pittiGood morning06:36
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pittiLaney: offline updates> is that about installing at shutdown? that's a really bad idea IMHO06:37
happyaronmorning hikiko, pitti06:38
hikikohi happyaron pitti happy new chinese ywar06:41
happyaronty, :P06:41
pittihey happyaron, hello hikiko!06:42
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happyaronseb128: hey seb07:20
seb128good morning desktopers07:20
seb128hey happyaron07:20
happyaronfcitx's gtk3 support requires gtk2 one to be present, but qt4 and qt5 are seperate07:21
happyaronso you want to drop qt4 from image?07:21
seb128why does gtk3 requires gtk2 (just curious, we are not going to drop gtk2 this cycle since firefox/libreoffice still use it)07:26
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happyaronbecause gtk2/gtk3 share the same environment variable, when the variable is set but gtk2 support isn't present, the user has no way to input anything07:36
happyaronI'll propose an MP for dropping qt4 then07:37
pittididrocks: bonjour ! ça va ?07:46
pittididrocks: just FYI: we can now run autopkgtests triggered by github PRs (https://plus.google.com/u/0/+MartinPitti/posts/fjGYfENHo15)07:46
didrockshey pitti, ça va07:47
didrockspitti: oh nice!07:47
pittididrocks: in case this is useful for u-make07:47
didrockspitti: the results point to the artefacts directly?07:47
* didrocks looks at the post07:47
pittididrocks: took me some time to implement the plumbing etc., but now it should be simple to enable it for more projects07:47
didrocksyeah, sounds good! :)07:47
pittididrocks: I send the link to log.gz for now, statuses_url only accepts one result URL07:48
didrockspitti: we should do that on Ubuntu Make after mwc07:48
pittididrocks: yeah, I'll watch systemd PRs for the time beingn, and there's still some small cleanup to be done07:50
didrocksgreat! thanks for the head's up?07:51
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Laneyword up ma gangstaz09:02
happyaronhey Laney09:03
willcookemorning all09:03
willcooketgi Friday09:03
happyaronhey willcooke, :)09:03
seb128hey Laney willcooke09:05
seb128how is u.k today? still holding to the UE?09:05
Laneypitti: https://wiki.freedesktop.org/www/Software/systemd/SystemUpdates/09:05
Laneyhey seb12809:05
* happyaron supper time09:05
Laneyoh yeah the news was all about this09:05
Laneyhey happyaron!09:05
Laneythe next fun part is that the conservatives get to shit themselves over it for a few months09:06
willcookespent a few hours just playing with 16.04 on my Inspiron last night.  I know it's a fresh vanilla install, but man it felt fast.09:11
willcookeFound some bugs too09:11
seb128reported them?09:12
seb128oh, and which ones? ;-)09:12
willcookenot yet, want to check them with you first09:12
willcookeit's only a few09:13
willcookeand on of them is certainly opinion09:13
willcookeThe first one is the Bluetooth "add a device" windows and the "Set up a mobile broadband connection"09:14
willcookethere is no padding it seems.09:14
willcookeIs that "just" styling?09:14
seb128unsure, needs investigation09:15
seb128but it's a gtk thing09:15
seb128it does the same in gtk3-demo -> assistant09:15
willcookeah, oki09:15
willcookeI'll log it then09:15
willcookewhich project is best?09:15
willcookeIn my opinion, when you use the mouse wheel over the playback position indicator in Rb, it goes the wrong way09:16
willcookemouse wheel down goes back, up goes forward09:16
willcookeit seems the opposite in 14.0409:17
seb128up for forward seems to make sense to me?09:18
willcookeI think of it as a long document.  Up to get to the top.09:18
willcookeain't no thing09:18
willcookejust opinion09:18
willcookeLibreOffice menus.  The ugly09:19
willcookeI'll speak to Bjoern about that when he's on09:19
seb128what's wrong with those?09:19
willcookeMASSIVE right arrows (to indicate sub menus) , white border around the menu09:20
seb128are you menu integrated to unity?09:21
willcookeah, no, that's a good point09:21
seb128you likely have libreoffice-gtk3 installed09:21
seb128try without it09:21
seb128we discussed it the other day, it got pulled in by error, going to be remove in the next upload09:21
willcookeyeah, I remember now09:22
willcookeand finally :) ...09:22
willcookechrisccoulson, can we drop the default U1 bookmark from Firefox?09:22
willcookeUbuntu and Free Software -> Ubuntu One - The personal cloud that brings your digital lif..............  dead09:23
seb128willcooke, I think the gtk/padding issue is due to https://git.gnome.org/browse/gtk%2B/commit/?id=cfd85de09:27
seb128mclasen wrote on https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=75063109:28
seb128"Unfortunately, I'm not convinced this is compatible enough - it will visually break quite a few assistants out that that assume the padding."09:28
ubot5Gnome bug 750631 in Widget: Other "GtkAssistant: Allow to set a page with no padding" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]09:28
seb128I wonder why he commited anyway09:28
seb128sometimes their logic fails me :-/09:28
pittiLaney: ah, that's applying them on boot, not on shutdown; that's better IMHO09:29
seb128pitti, -109:29
pittiLaney: btw, I didn't yet find out what's up with teh trusty/ppc64el tests (the "libc6 not found blabla")09:29
seb128pitti, I like better my laptop to be stucked in the evening when I stop working that having it to block me in the morning when I want to start working09:30
pittion shutdown is just about the worst possible time09:30
pitticonsider: when do people shut down their computer?09:30
seb128like I can walk away and let it shut down 10 minutes later09:30
pittieither not at all (suspend) -> then you don't get updates09:30
seb128me? every evening after work09:30
pittior, when they actaully want to *leave*09:30
pittithe last thing you want to do then is to twiddle your thumbs for 15 minutes09:30
pittiyes, me too09:31
pittiand when I have to leave, I want to leave *now*, not wait for an indefinite time09:31
seb128well, I'm fine walking away knowing the computer is going to turn down after 10 minutes09:31
pittiand if your computer is stuck, people will just switch it off09:31
seb128there is a chance that you are not taking the computer with you09:31
seb128especially on a desktop09:31
seb128but when you turn on the computer there is all chances that it's because you want to use it09:31
seb128and not sit watching updates being applied09:32
tjaaltonTrevinho: ping09:32
pittiseb128: well, that's cf "no good time"09:32
pittiTBH, I still prefer the in-place updates most09:32
seb128in session updates ftw :p09:32
pittiit hardly ever breaks even for the devel series09:32
pittiand a lot of things change there09:32
pittifor a stable release we don't reorganize files or drop packages or what not09:33
Laneyyou update system libraries and want them to be used09:33
Laneythat's exactly where the benefit of offline updates lies09:33
pittiso holding up the rather theoretic case of "in-place might disrupt your session" against "annoy everyone who wants to leave when they shut down", is a bad trade IMHO09:33
seb128seems people are working the reverse way now though09:33
seb128they are teaching the kernel to reload bits without reboot09:33
pittiLaney: different use case09:33
pittiLaney: servers and even many laptops are rarely booted09:34
seb128ideally you want to never have to reboot09:34
pittiso for those, applying them on boot or shutdown doesn't work anyway09:34
Laneythe option in gnome-software is "restart and upgrade"09:34
pittiLaney: that actually sounds like a good solution for interactive upgrades09:35
pittii. e. if you trigger them through a knob, if ubuntu then tells you "you need to reboot to apply this security update", then the user has control over that09:35
pittiworks less well on servers, of course -- there, doing it in-line is still the least bad way IMHO09:35
pitti(inline and cron'ed)09:35
LaneyI just got an email fro IS telling me to restart to upgrade glibc09:36
pittiyeah, me too (for prodstack)09:36
Laneyit's the safest way to upgrade libraries09:36
Laneydoesn't particularly matter at which exact point they are installed09:36
Laneythe restart is the important bit09:36
LaneyI should go do that actually O:)09:37
Laneygood to see that landscape is working09:38
willcookeseb128, should I still open a LP bug?09:42
seb128willcooke, about libreoffice no, it's being handled, the gtk issue yes please, the rb one ... as you wish but I'm unsure it's a bug, would need to see what other platforms are doing09:43
willcooke@ padding ^09:43
meetingologywillcooke: Error: "padding" is not a valid command.09:43
willcookelp timeouts09:44
Laneyhmm, that didn't quite come back up cleanly09:44
seb128willcooke, same here09:45
Laneymissing a line to mount the ceph volume09:45
seb128pitti, sorry I probably asked that in the past, but are autopkgtests supposed to autoretrigger on new versions uploads?09:46
seb128pitti, like sphinx has failed pyresample and a new pyresample version has been uploaded09:47
seb128is it going to retry by itself with the new pyresample?09:47
pittiseb128: we want them to, yes, but it's not currently working (there's a bug)09:47
seb128or does it need to be manually nudged?09:47
seb128so let me manually retry it then09:47
Laneyhttps://git.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/+git/appstream-cloud/commit/?id=055ab0887fedd8bbfef82751d6c75f106700b964 fix0r3d09:52
tjaaltonseb128: turns out it's the same commit that broke display scaling,  and lightdm starting with nvidia prime09:53
seb128tjaalton, ah, good09:54
tjaaltondunno what unity-greeter et al do, but it doesn't bend to randr-1.509:54
ubot5Launchpad bug 1547423 in gtk+3.0 (Ubuntu) ""Assistant" type window UI components lack padding" [Undecided,New]10:02
seb128willcooke, thanks10:02
seb128hikiko, hey, happy friday!10:03
willcookehikiko, did you fix your computer?10:03
hikikoyes willcooke :) in case you have rge same problrm the solution is: boot from somewhere else, run update-gtub and reboot (or copy the conf files and reboot if you boot from flash/live cd)10:06
hikiko(becayse it happened after dist-upgrade)10:07
seb128willcooke, want to try http://people.canonical.com/~seb128/software-properties-gtk_0.96.17_all.deb ?10:10
willcookeseb128, sure.  Did you just patch in the padding again?10:11
seb128willcooke, no, that's the proposed source thing10:11
willcookesorry, didnt read that10:11
seb128sorry, I didn't give you context ;-)10:11
willcookeI should have read it10:11
willcookeseb128, perfect :)10:13
tjaaltonis Trevinho out today?10:14
willcooketjaalton, no, just starting later10:14
Laneyhe'll be working alllllllll night long (all night)10:15
willcooke\o\ /o/10:15
willcookeTIL: Emeinmen sampled a 70s track for "My name is"10:16
willcookeSo Ubuntu Firefox bookmarks are done in a patch.  Should I make a patch for that patch, or just a whole new patch file?10:19
LaneyI would branch the bzr repository and make the fix in there, then merge propose that10:20
willcookeLaney, ack, thanks10:20
Laneywhich seems to be lp:~mozillateam/firefox/firefox.xenial10:21
willcookeI got the right one10:21
Laneylooks like Vcs-Bzr in debian/control.in debian/control says wily though, you could fix that while you're there10:22
willcookeLaney, just a simple substitution for xenial?10:22
Laneyit makes apt-cache showsrc firefox show the wrong thing10:23
seb128willcooke, https://code.launchpad.net/~seb128/software-properties/newtab-enable-proposed/+merge/28662610:28
willcookethanks seb12810:29
willcookechrisccoulson, check it!  https://code.launchpad.net/~willcooke/firefox/bookmark-and-control-changes/+merge/28662710:31
willcookeI think I proposed it in the wrong place10:32
willcookeundo undo10:33
chrisccoulsonwillcooke, you proposed it in the right place, but from the wrong branch :)10:33
willcookeso I need to take the main firefox branch?10:33
willcookenot the xenial one10:34
chrisccoulsonwillcooke, yeah, that's the one that we build nightlies from and where I pick changes to other branches from10:34
willcookechrisccoulson, https://code.launchpad.net/~mozillateam/firefox/firefox-trunk.head ?10:34
chrisccoulsonwell, when we're actually able to build nightlies10:34
chrisccoulsonyeah, that's the one10:34
Laneyyou should put something in README.source10:35
Laneyor fix Vcs-Bzr10:35
willcookeyou = me ?10:35
Laneythe maintainer :)10:35
willcookechrisccoulson, fixed: https://code.launchpad.net/~willcooke/firefox/bookmarks-update/+merge/28663310:40
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seb128willcooke, I reported the gtkassistant padding issue as https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=76231510:45
ubot5Gnome bug 762315 in Widget: Other "Assistant pages have no padding which looks weird" [Normal,New]10:45
seb128I've the feeling they are going to say that all the gtkassistant consumer needs to be "fixed"10:46
seb128well they at least need to fix gtk-demo in this case10:46
seb128but another annoying case of slight behaviour change which breaks existing softwares10:47
willcookeShould I start adding the padding back in now?10:52
willcookeignore, I read the bug10:56
Trevinhotjaalton: hey11:04
tjaaltonTrevinho: display scaling is broken with xserver 1.18 and I bisected the commit to https://cgit.freedesktop.org/xorg/xserver/commit/?id=7e1f86d42b54fb7f6492875e47a718eaeca3069b11:06
tjaaltonTrevinho: so I guess unity needs some fixing?11:06
tjaaltonthe same commit also broke nvidia prime (greeter crashes)11:07
tjaaltonor is it u-s-d11:08
tjaaltonthat needs something11:08
Trevinhotjaalton: mh. Well unity handles the scaling by its own, so... What you mean by "broken"?11:09
TrevinhoThere's no automatic recognition?11:09
Sweet5harkseb128: in case you didnt notice the MIR/team-subscriptions thing on bug 1487148 started a nice bikeshed ... justsaying ...11:09
ubot5bug 1487148 in fonts-stix (Ubuntu) "[MIR] fonts-stix -- to replace xfonts-mathml" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148714811:09
tjaaltonTrevinho: using the slider does nothing11:09
TrevinhoWell, that's pretty weird since that has nothing to do with X....11:10
TrevinhoIt's just a GSetting we listen and then we resize the UI based on that11:10
Trevinhowhat could be... Is the name of the montitors that have changed11:10
Trevinhowhat's the output for gsettings get com.ubuntu.user-interface scale-factor ?11:11
Trevinhoonce you changed the scaling?11:11
TrevinhoSo maybe there's a mismatch between them... I really wanted to change this thing anyway (so using the edid, instead of plug names). So... Maybe it's the right moment11:12
tjaaltonI think the names lost the dash11:13
TrevinhoSo the problem might be caused by a mismatch of what GdkScreen returns and the gnome_rr code which we use to set these at U-C-C level11:15
tjaaltonTrevinho: {'HDMI2': 8, 'eDP-1': 12, 'eDP1': 10, 'eDP-0': 11}11:18
willcookemorning desrt andyrock11:19
desrtgreetings willcooke, andyrock11:20
desrthappy friday :)11:20
tjaaltonTrevinho: reset to defaults, then munged it a bit and now it's "{'eDP-0': 18}"11:23
Trevinhomh, ok, so let me see something else11:23
Trevinhotjaalton: what you get instead with python -c 'from gi.repository import Gdk; print(Gdk.Screen.get_default().get_monitor_plug_name(0))' ?11:25
Trevinhoor change the plug name based on what you're using11:25
TrevinhoMh, nice11:27
Trevinhomaybe gdk has to be fixed then?11:27
Trevinhotjaalton I guess print(Gdk.Screen.get_default().get_n_monitors())' gives you the right output, isn't it?11:28
Trevinhoyeah, and so python -c 'from gi.repository import Gdk; print(Gdk.Screen.get_default().get_monitor_geometry(0).width)' I guess11:29
TrevinhoI think gdk has some troubles with that then11:29
tjaalton"3200" so yes :)11:30
tjaaltonwhere's gdk these days?11:31
tjaaltonah, gtk11:32
Trevinhowell, actually.. https://github.com/GNOME/gtk/blob/master/gdk/x11/gdkscreen-x11.c11:32
Trevinho(or in gnome git)11:32
tjaaltonno updates upstream11:34
Trevinhotjaalton: I think init_randr15 has to be fixed to set plug_name11:38
Trevinhooutput_name actually11:39
TrevinhoThis is what is set for randr 1.3 http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/15130288/ and this is for randr15... http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/15130291/ Something is missing11:40
tjaaltonhmm I was looking at the wrong file from git..11:48
tjaaltonbut all commits from master seem to be there11:51
Trevinhotjaalton: what you mean?11:52
tjaaltonnevermind, our gtk is patched with the top commit from master to that file11:52
Trevinhotjaalton: when is new server supposed to land?11:55
tjaaltonTrevinho: when this is fixed :)11:56
tjaaltonit's in ppa:canonical-x/x-staging11:56
Trevinhotjaalton: so... fixing gdk would be nice...11:56
Trevinhotjaalton: is there a ppa or something I can use?11:56
Trevinhowithout rebuilding x11:57
tjaalton13:56 < tjaalton> it's in ppa:canonical-x/x-staging11:57
tjaaltonI need to head off soon12:02
tjaaltonTrevinho: should I file a bug upstream?12:02
tjaaltonI don't mind if you have time to look at it :)12:02
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Trevinhotjaalton: well, I can look at it, but not sure I can today...12:03
seb128Sweet5hark, we subscribed desktop-bugs so it should be good anyway, right?12:39
andyrockseb128: where should i propose a debian patch for gnome-software?12:42
seb128andyrock, Debian or Ubuntu? what does it do12:42
seb128Debian BTS & launchpad is probably best12:42
andyrockintegration with unity-launcher on the apt plugin12:42
andyrock*in the12:42
tjaaltonTrevinho: ok, I'll file it upstream12:42
andyrocki cannot find the branch in launchpad12:43
Sweet5harkseb128: yeah12:44
Trevinhotjaalton: ok, post it here as well the12:44
seb128andyrock, launchpad then12:45
Laneyrobert_ancell has a branch on gnome git12:45
seb128andyrock, ^12:45
Laneyso probably supply a format-patch on top of that12:45
Laneyor I guess just push your own branch if you have commit there and ask him to merge it12:46
seb128woot, new gstreamer tarballs!12:47
seb128and slomo already uploaded to Debian :-)12:47
Laneypitti: is there something wrong with the apt update?12:55
Laneyyou're trying to get 6.6 but 6.7 is latest12:55
Laneyand the update only shows proposed being fetched12:56
tjaaltonTrevinho: is this accurate :P https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=76231912:56
ubot5Gnome bug 762319 in Backend: X11 "issues with randr 1.5" [Normal,New]12:56
Sweet5harkseb128: FWIW, pushed some minor fixes to the libreoffice .deb to a ppa, which should go to xenial (but not on a friday)12:57
seb128Sweet5hark, ok12:58
Sweet5harkseb128: arrgh, still need to do the indic-fonts-foo12:58
seb128Sweet5hark, right12:58
seb128Sweet5hark, also you can upload on friday so it builds over the w.e, just tag a bug to block in proposed?12:58
flexiondotorg_Trevinho, I've updated a merge proposal as you requested - https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mate-dev/compiz/marco-gsettings/+merge/28288213:15
Trevinhoflexiondotorg_: thanks13:16
flexiondotorg_Trevinho, I aslo have another small one for MATE - https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mate-dev/compiz/fix-1067951/+merge/28303913:17
willcookeTrevinho, andyrock hikiko, seb128 - just updated the meeting with a hangout13:29
Trevinhowillcooke: ah i  was about to ask that13:29
seb128willcooke, k13:29
Sweet5hark.oO(There is a special place in hell for people who xkcd927 "abbreviations" for l10n .... "nono, in addition to the full name and a two letter l10n code, we need to have a 4 letter abbreviation. this is important.")13:41
flexiondotorg_Trevinho, Thanks for the Approvals.13:53
Trevinhoflexiondotorg_: yw13:55
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ricotzhello desktopers14:19
ricotzis this a known gtk3 bug in trusty? -- a GtkStack loosing its background -- https://launchpadlibrarian.net/240539411/g.png14:20
seb128ricotz, hey14:20
seb128did GTK has GtkStacj in trusty?14:21
seb128it might be due to the theme or the overlay-scrollbars14:21
seb128try to LIBOVERLAY_SCROLLBAR=014:21
seb128and see if that fixes it14:21
ricotzyeah, it is a GtkStack (since 3.10)14:21
ricotzI didnt see it myself here, I assume it is compiz related14:22
seb128I doubt it is14:22
ubot5Launchpad bug 1478175 in gtk+3.0 (Ubuntu) "Gtk.AboutDialog credits background becomes trasparent" [Undecided,New]14:22
seb128right, that bug is known14:22
ricotzthis one claims similar is fine on trusty but happens with 3.14.x14:23
seb128which matches what I remember14:23
seb128we had those issues after trusty14:23
ricotzI see14:23
seb128maybe your user/report has a new gtk from a ppa or such?14:23
ricotzcould be a usual it lacks information14:24
ubot5Launchpad bug 1547473 in Plank "When changing back from Docklets Tab background gets transparent" [Undecided,New]14:24
seb128yeah :-/14:24
ricotzalright :\ , thanks :)14:27
xnoxLaney, pitti, desrt - i can't remember who else was with us at systemd sprint, but we fixed highdpi unity at that point and login screen. However my lock screen is now partially correct - indicators and logo on the bottom left are good, but the password input is 1x dpi.14:59
xnoxis lock screen hiding somewhere separate? different user and/or codepath? to fix that too?15:00
seb128xnox, it's part of unity15:05
xnoxunity7 i take it, ok. will poke some time.15:05
seb128and should scale15:05
xnoxi think it's just a one off miss-calculation, or a missed place.15:06
xnoxor some such.15:06
Trevinhoxnox: lockscreen or unity-greeter?15:06
xnoxTrevinho, lockscreen.15:06
xnoxGreeter is good.15:07
Trevinhothe lockscreen scaling is there since forever...15:07
Trevinhoexcept that...15:07
xnoxand it does indicators and background right, not the input field.15:07
seb128xnox, you changed the scaling factor from the control center?15:07
xnoxseb128, yes.15:07
xnox(and manually hackery to twiddle greeter scaling factor)15:07
seb128that shouldn't be needed in xenial15:08
xnoxby the way, it takes too long for scaling factor to kick on the greeter. it loads, small and then resizes.15:08
xnoxseb128, autodetection was totally disabled in greeter at fosdem time.15:08
seb128I guess it takes too long for xorg to provide the infos about your screens and their resolution15:08
seb128yes, I re-enabled it since15:09
seb128we fixed the gtk menu positionning issue that made us disable it15:09
Trevinhoseb128: I think it might be the u-s-d that takes longer to load..15:11
Trevinhoseb128: like it gets loaded later than the greeter, might be the case?15:11
Trevinho(while it should be other way around)15:11
seb128it could be15:12
Trevinhoxnox: can you check that^?15:12
seb128it shouldn't take more than 1s to load on xnox's modern laptop though15:12
TrevinhoYeah... In fact no. But then readapting the UI, rescaling... Might be visible15:12
seb128I don't have a good solution to that15:12
seb128out of having a file on disk with a static config that could be read15:13
seb128doing the dynamic computation is always going to be slower15:13
xnoxi used to have a scale x2 theme in plymouht, but latest merges from some sales guy broke it unnoticed. I guess sales people don't have high dpi.15:13
xnoxand to be honest i'm now thinking a kernel command-line parameter something like15:13
xnoxdpi.scale=2x or dpi=<integer> -> such that everything keys on to that: plymouth, greeter, lockscreen, user desktops.15:14
xnoxand we calculate that at install time, and record it in /etc/defaults/grub, or in one of the generators.15:14
xnoxthis stuff should work by default.15:15
ricotzLaney, hi, could you adjust the desktop-file patch while processing the current update of evolution? X-Ayanta-* should really be replaced with FDOs DesktopActions15:27
seb128xnox, yeah, it's a bit more complex than that though, unity has scaling by monitor and it's sort of an user preference as well, some people like tiny UI elements some don't (depend of how good your eyes as well I guess)15:37
xnoxand how high the dpi is.15:37
xnoxcause e.g. on 1.2x screens -> 2x is too big, and 1x can be too small. =(15:38
xnoxper monitor you say, on jodh's laptop with external screen it was not per screen.15:38
xnoxoooh, i can test that!15:38
* xnox totally forgot that i have hdmi output on this brand new laptop, instead of mini display port.15:39
seb128well, I said "unity"15:40
xnoxseb128, right, i see what you mean now.15:40
seb128that applies to the Unity shell15:40
seb128GTK does int scaling and for all monitors15:40
xnoxyeah.... cause e.g. my cursor is either "normal" or "XXL Pimp My Ride" size15:41
xnoxindicators look good -> but then you open the menu it's "Pimp my Ride size sub-boofers pull out"15:42
xnoxseb128, why does GTK not have float scaling or per screen scaling?15:42
xnoxdid they really think, people will plugin "high-dpi" projects for many years to come?15:42
seb128I think the int scale is because using non int value looks less good with pixmaps&co15:43
* bregma questions the sanity of the GTK designers on that point15:43
seb128the per screen might be resolved under wayland15:43
seb128I didn't look at it for a while15:43
seb128I don't remember the reason (if they had one)15:43
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Laneyricotz: got patch?16:01
ricotzLaney, it should look like https://paste.debian.net/plain/39940916:04
ricotzthose need similar treatment /usr/share/applications/inkscape.desktop /usr/share/applications/unity-activity-log-manager-panel.desktop16:06
Laneyricotz: and this could go upstream now too ;-)16:12
* Laney wonders why no accept mail for eds16:12
seb128Laney, forgot to include the orig (-sa)?16:15
* seb128 takes a guess16:15
Laneyjust dak being shit I guess16:15
seb128I just uploaded thing16:15
seb128oh, you mean to Debian?16:15
Laneynot to the same place I did :-)16:15
Laneylaunchpad is a beautiful place16:16
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xnoxLaney, seb128 - so if software-centre is gone, does that mean that qt4 sso authenticator is no longer pulled in on the desktop, and it means we can try to kill qt4 from ubuntu-desktop?17:29
xnoxalong with gtk2?17:29
xnox(ISO and the default install)17:29
seb128xnox, yes, see #ubuntu-desktop backlog from yesterday17:30
seb128xnox, and no for gtk2, libreoffice&firefox still use it17:30
xnoxah, darn.17:30
Laneyplease reply to my previous ping17:30
xnoxi thought there is firefox with gtk3?17:30
xnoxLaney, hm, where/what?17:30
Laneyxnox: could you send a second cfn for the dmb please?17:31
xnoxLaney, ack.17:31
xnoxwhy is libreoffice still in the dark ages? =)17:31
seb128xnox, there are firefox&libreoffice ongoing gtk3 ports, they are just no LTS quality/stability yet17:31
xnoxseb128, ok.17:31
Laneyis qt4 just for fcitx?17:31
seb128no, cf log from yesterday :p17:31
xnoxlooks like fcitx-frontend-qt4 holding it up.17:31
LaneyI thought you might like to tell us17:32
Laneybut I'll go look up the look17:32
seb128we have fcitx/sni-qt/appmenu-qt17:32
seb128sorry was typing17:32
xnoximho, we should make qt4 core library depenend on those?17:32
seb128and looking for the seed mp from happyaron to drop fcitx17:32
seb128that's what we discussed with mitya57 yesterday17:32
xnoxthat way, if something needs qt4, qt4 fonts/menu/et.al get pulled in.17:32
Laneynot going to get fcitx off the iso17:32
seb128Laney, -qt417:33
Laneyit is installed on demand from there, that's some work we did last cycle17:33
seb128we currently seed allfrontends17:33
xnoxseb128, i wish there was "WantedBy" equivalent for package dependencies =)17:33
seb128which depends on gtk2/3 & qt4/517:33
seb128Laney, https://code.launchpad.net/~happyaron/ubuntu-seeds/drop-fcitx-frontend-qt4/+merge/28661317:33
seb128xnox, ^17:33
seb128xnox, Laney, it's a bit annoying for sni-qt/appmenu-qt17:34
seb128we don't have conditional recommends17:34
seb128so either we recommend them and have other flavor to pull those in17:34
seb128or we suggests and users are going to miss them and have their qt4 apps not integrated17:35
xnoxbut like mumble is qt4, no? and so is like skype.17:35
Laneydoes it have loads of deps or something?17:35
xnoxseb128, i thought appmenu-qt is an "inert" package, if one doesn't have appmenus in the right desktop it does nothing.17:36
Laneyseems like fcitx is going to be more annoying to handle17:36
xnoxno idea what sni-qt or fcitx is like.17:36
seb128Laney, what's the issue with fcitx?17:36
Laneyhow do you give people the qt4 thing?17:36
seb128ah, that's what you mean17:36
seb128I though you meant dropping the dep from fcitx17:36
seb128yes indeed :-/17:36
Laneyit's nice now17:36
Laneythat it is only installed if you pick chinese17:37
xnoxi have an idea.17:37
xnoxwe have this ubuntu-drivers-common thing, that can totally checkout which packages one has, and pull those qt4 things if a certain set of stuff is installed.17:37
* xnox hides17:37
Laneyyou can do this kind of thing with language-selector17:38
xnoxthat too.17:38
LaneyI'm not exactly sure when that gets triggered though17:38
Laneyevery login?17:38
xnoxsome say qt4 is a language, and others say his name is stig.17:38
Laney# Column 3: dependency package(s). Only install the package in column 4 when this dependency package is already installed.17:39
LaneyGunnarHj is never around when you need him :P17:39
seb128I don't think it's a service starting at logging17:41
seb128at least I hope not17:41
seb128it's python and slow :p17:41
Laneywhat triggers it?17:41
seb128you manually starting language-selector17:41
seb128I wonder if we have a one time thing autostarted on first logging as well though17:42
seb128no autostart in the deb17:42
seb128hum, I would need to test again17:42
xnoxi thought it was an upstart session thing, no?17:43
seb128not afaik17:43
xnoxhm, don't see it either.17:43
Laneywell that would be good17:43
seb128what would that do?17:44
seb128check if you have libqt4-something17:44
LaneyMaybe something like an apt/dpkg post hook thingy to run check-language-support17:44
seb128and suggest that you install sni-qt/appmenu-qt/fcitx-qt4 (if fcitx is installed) if you do17:44
Laneythen show the incomplete dialog if needed17:45
seb128well, check-language-support doesn't have a doesn't ask again I think17:45
seb128it would need to win that17:45
Laneya what sorry?17:45
seb128a way to tell him to shut up :p17:45
seb128like I don't install the full packs on purpose for some of the locales17:45
seb128and I don't want to be prompted after every package install or loging17:45
Laneybut it seems like a feasible problem to solve17:46
* Laney wonders if a language guy wants to work on that ;-)17:46
* Laney just ate a fork full of hot sauce17:47
* Laney dies17:47
seb128I wonder if making some qt4 lib recommends appmenu/sni-qt and having the chinese install pull in fcitx-qt4 would be good enough for this cycle17:47
* seb128 hands some bread to Laney17:47
Laneydepends how much you want qt4 off the iso17:47
Laneyor if just out of the default install is ok17:47
seb128out of the iso is nice17:47
xnoxseb128, yeah i don't think people will complain about a stray fcitx-qt4 / sni-qt / appmenu-qt too much.17:47
seb128but we don't need it there to have ubiquity to download it if you are online17:47
xnoxLaney, the size decrease will be lovely, plus less obsolete / CVE buggy packages on the iso.17:48
Laneymeh, undoing our cool work17:48
* xnox wants libqt4core or what not, just recommend those three packages.17:48
Laneyxnox: what's the difference?17:48
Laneyin 'live' on the iso or installed on demand by language-selector17:49
Laneyslash recommended by qt417:49
Laneythey should be as supported as each other17:49
xnoxLaney, either langauge-selector or depends route, will get the qt4 stack off the ubuntu-desktop iso. And both routes will make sure the three extra packages are there, if and when any qt4 app is installed (e.g. skype).17:50
xnoxhowever language-selector is quite obscure, and i don't think it will run e.g. straight after "apt install skype"17:50
xnoxin that sense recommends is the most reliable thing to do.17:51
Laneywe were just talking about fixing that17:51
xnoxor we can continue ship it on the CD, and thus force install qt4 by default, when no apps use it anymore by default. and only obscure ones remaining.17:51
LaneyI buy CD size arguments but not support arguments if we have it pulled in by some other mechanism17:52
xnoxeven if langauge-selector is fixed, it is still kind of an abuse to install appmenu-qt via language selector =)17:52
Laneyappmenu-qt and sni-qt would be recommended17:52
xnoxi'd be ok with that.17:52
robert_ancellseb128, should bug 1547608 say "without actions" ?17:53
ubot5bug 1547608 in gnome-software (Ubuntu) "use notifications with actions" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154760817:53
robert_ancellor "uses notifications with actions"17:53
Laneyprobably "uses"17:53
seb128robert_ancell, uses17:53
seb128robert_ancell, I knew I should have titled it "shouldn't use actions in notifications"17:53
seb128would have been easier to read :p17:54
robert_ancellseb128, watch my renaming skillz :)17:54
robert_ancellseb128, is the issue the buttons don't work in notify-osd or they're not appropriate?17:55
seb128robert_ancell, they look like that http://i.stack.imgur.com/FQjdC.png17:56
seb128it's just not a nice experience17:56
seb128also "launch" didn't work in this case17:56
seb128but maybe that's specific to vim and it tried to start the command line utility or something17:56
Laneyyou get a cool persistent notification in gnome shell :)17:56
seb128one with buttons17:56
seb128no "launch" button?17:57
* Laney screams at the huge Shutdown icon in the dash now17:57
seb128I wonder why notify-osd acted like that then...17:57
* Laney is getting a screenshot17:57
Laneyif it's still there17:57
seb128now we know that Laney uses gnome-shell :p17:57
Laneyvirt-manager baby17:58
Laneythat's why I saw that grim icon17:58
seb128ah, cool18:00
seb128ohoh, g-s segfault!18:04
seb128it doesn't like to be denied polkit auth, every few tries it goes down18:05
seb128I guess I'm going to report some other bugs next week18:05
seb128robert_ancell, btw I reported https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=762314 upstream18:05
ubot5Gnome bug 762314 in General "The review buttons (was useful yes/no/report abuse) have too much importance" [Normal,Assigned]18:05
robert_ancellseb128, nice18:06
seb128hum I've aptdaemon warning in my unity log that could be due to gnome-software as well18:17
seb128  File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/aptdaemon/client.py", line 623, in _on_property_changed18:17
seb128    self.emit("progress-details-changed", *value)18:17
seb128TypeError: could not convert type dbus.Double to (null) required for parameter 418:17
seb128going to play more with that next week18:18
seb128but enough for this week18:18
seb128have a good w.e everyone!18:18
willcookecheers seb12818:18
willcookeoff myself now.  I'll y'all a post card18:19
Laneyhave fun!18:21
Trevinhotjaalton: I've the fix for gdk... Did you open the bug then?18:37
Trevinhooh, sorry... Missed the link18:38
Laneyhappy weekend!18:43
Trevinhoseb128: get ready to backport https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=762319 this next week 😃18:54
ubot5Gnome bug 762319 in Backend: X11 "issues with randr 1.5" [Normal,Assigned]18:54
TrevinhoHappy we anyone18:54
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tjaaltonTrevinho: whee, great!20:01
robert_ancellseb128, Is there an appropriate method to check the notification system? GNotification doesn't seem to have any API for that20:06
robert_ancellandyrock, is there a LP bug for the GNOME Software Launcher integration?20:28
robert_ancellAnd is that patch all that is required for G-S or will there be more patches20:28
robert_ancellI'm writing the debian/changelog for it, looking to attach the change to a bug number20:28
robert_ancellandyrock, I opened bug 154767621:35
ubot5bug 1547676 in unity (Ubuntu) "GNOME Software Unity launcher integration" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154767621:35
robert_ancellseb128, when do you think we should demote u-s-c in universe? Should we do it now and MIR it back in a disaster situation?22:05
robert_ancelloh, it is done I see22:05
seb128robert_ancell, libnotify has an api to query the server capabilities, dunno about gnotification22:05
robert_ancellMoving your trello card...22:05
seb128robert_ancell, right, things get semi-auto demoted when nothing keep them in main22:06
robert_ancellhuh, I did not know that.22:06
seb128robert_ancell, rb code example22:07
seb128/* ask the notification server if it supports actions */22:07
seb128caps = notify_get_server_caps ();22:07
seb128if (g_list_find_custom (caps, "actions", (GCompareFunc)g_strcmp0) != NULL) {22:07
robert_ancellseb128, thanks, that's just what I was looking for22:07
robert_ancellLaney, the "set org.gnome.software require-appdata false" action - is that just an override file in the gnome-software package?22:07
seb128robert_ancell, we tend to use ubuntu-settings for overrides that are ubuntu choices22:08
seb128rather than patching the source22:08
seb128easier to maintain and let derivatives opt out22:08
robert_ancellseb128, do you know what the require-appdata option is for/does?22:10
robert_ancellI'm guessing that shows all apps, even those with broken data?22:11
seb128I don't, but that seems it could be that22:11

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