YikesI want to attach my IRC username on my ubuntuforums account since I never check the associated email anyway.  Do I have to specify the  server as well?00:19
daxfreenode's the largest IRC network and where all Ubuntu stuff is normally, but if you'd like you could mention chat.freenode.net i guess00:20
Yikesbtw why is my server rajaniemi.freenode.net instead of irc.freenode.net?00:24
daxirc.freenode.net is a pointer to chat.freenode.net, which is a "round robin" pool of different servers. from that pool, your computer picks one to connect to. in this case, you got the untypable finnish one00:26
YikesIs there a server backbone and it depends on where you are?00:26
Yikesokay, thank you.00:27
dax(which one it chooses is random)00:27
YikesI filed an IC3 report just because it  has been happening for over a year now.  It  would be nice if I actually had an IP address or something, but they can be spoofed anyway.00:32
YikesThe things that have been happening are just too weird, and they only got weirder after I was diagnosed and put on anti-psychotics which I reluctantly took at near full dose.00:36
daxare you still on them?00:38
YikesSo the altered Web content has gotten even more blatant such that now I know it's human intent.  Prior to this, I was in the nearby CVS at night, the only one there, looking for a wire to unlock my car with, and somebody played a series of short music clips that seemed to pertain to some thoughts that I spoke out loud recently while at home.00:38
YikesNo, I have lots of extra because I was taking just below normal dose for over 6 months, but I'm not on them currently.00:38
Yikesand I was being over-prescribed anyway.00:38
daxpsychiatrist is happy about that?00:38
YikesI stopped seeing him after the deductible was renewed.  I'll see how the payments are going through soon enough.  I was diagnosed after all of this began, in part because of this.00:39
YikesIn large part because of this.  In fact this is what stressed me to the point of self-harm.00:40
YikesThat thing at the CVS happened while I was on a high dose of the meds.  One mood stabilizer and one anti-psychotic.00:42
YikesBut that's unrelated to Ubuntu isn't it, unless it can provide insight into what the hacker may be doing.00:43
YikesIt's odd that somebody would try to let me know without actually coming up to me and telling me.00:43
YikesMaybe my dad is under investigation or something.00:53
YikesNo, how would random people know?00:54
Yikesand now it's on my isolated devices, and it seems like the hacker despises me, or used to.00:55
YikesI was apparently free of him when my laptop had a wired connection to the hotspot, but that hotspot became obselete.01:02
YikesIt was the freedompop hub burst, now replaced with the netgear mingle, which lacks ethernet ports.01:02
YikesDoes anybody know of any other low cost wired internet solutions?01:07
YikesIn fact, freedompop is no longer 100% free, and I've been goin over lately.01:07
YikesPlease help me despite my diagnosis!  It's a shame that I got diagnosed largely because of this and now people assume I need medication rather than technical support.01:09
YikesThe fact is my family thought I was autistic, and was shocked.01:10
YikesMy room doesn't have a phone jack, so I've been using 3G/4G modems.01:36
YikesBut that would only be for a dial-up connection, wouldn't it?  They have connections that run over power lines now.01:44
Yikessatellite is too expensive.01:44
Yikesas is 3G/4G01:45
YikesHomePlug goes over powerlines01:46
YikesI just can't find the cost of service.  It seems like it would work!01:54
YikesDon't worry.  I notified my father.01:56
YikesApparently "fixed wireless" is a cost effective solution, but will it require a phone jack?02:02
YikesIt uses an antenna!  Does the antenna just hook up to the modem and it works?02:04
YikesI just love all the different types of ways to connect to the Internet!  I considered stealing public hotspots with a powerful antenna, but realized it would probably be illegal as a long-term solution.02:07
YikesBut neither computer science nor physics, but biology, is what I know the most about.02:08
Yikesfiber-optic internet service sounds like it will probably be expensive if it's available at all.  I don't know whether HomePlug or fiber-optic will be available for my home, so I might have to resort to fixed wireless.02:15
Yikesor 4G of course, if I can find another 4G modem with an ethernet port.02:15
hggdhYikes: your monologue is out of topic for this channel. Please go elsewhere for it.02:17
YikesI'm sorry.  Thank you.02:17
YikesI usually cut out the monologue whenever other conversations are sparked.02:18
Yikesbtw I'm haplorrhie on UF02:19
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