mhall119pleia2: I was reading through the email thread on https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-doc/2016-January/019674.html and you said you weren't sure about the feasibility of 2-factor auth, was that because you didn't know if it could be enabled, or because you didn't know if casual editors would have a 2-factor device/app?17:48
pleia2mhall119: it's just not my call, it may be tolerable on the community side but I don't know all the stakeholders here17:49
pleia2I think it would be ok to enable 2-factor on *just* the wikis maybe, it would be a barrier but tolerable, that's not something I think IS would do for *all* SSO things though (lots of people in the world using Ubuntu's SSO)17:50
pleia2certainly would be a lot better than what we have now :)17:50
mhall119yeah, but SSO already has the ability for individual sites to request/require 2-factor on login17:51
pleia2yep, it does exist17:51
pleia2I don't use it17:51
mhall119I don't know if the moin auth stuff has that ability though17:51
pleia2I do a lot of work with openstack and it's not all awesome with 2-factor17:51
pleia2(we are moving off of Launchpad/Ubuntu SSO some day...)17:51
pleia2anyway, yeah, I don't know either re: moin17:52
mhall119not to github I hope :)17:52
pleia2no, we can't use proprietary software in our infra, we have our own openstackid project+service17:52
mhall119ah, cool17:53
pleia2and I'm pretty sure captcha was one of the ideas in the ticket17:53
pleia2we have lots of ideas, but no feedback loop from IS about what's reasonable to expect17:53
mhall119anyway, I worked on SSO and 2FA while in ISD, so if you want me to look more info the feasibility of it for the wiki I'd be happy to17:53
pleia2if IS thinks that's the path to follow, I think it would be fine17:54
mhall119ack, popey and I are continuing to poke people in IS about it17:54
pleia2just don't want anyone wasting their time if it won't pan out because $reasons17:54
pleia2like, political reasons17:54
knomemhall119, i acknowledge it's a side issue, but re: the logging in issue; no, it was not fixed "many years ago", it was not until recently that ubuntu sso accounts had a username (without having been linked with launchpad)18:25
mhall119knome: I had to deal with this in summit (and LTP I think) which I've barely touched in the last 3 years, so unless we're talking about different things, it was a while ago18:26
knomethis affected logins to the wikis and the qa trackers at least, it had a recent IS ticket18:28
knomepleia2 can confirm18:28
knomeor might have a handy link to the ticket or sth18:28
pleia2I think loco.ubuntu.com too, but I could never properly confirm with someone who cared enough and had never logged in18:28
knomethis totally wasn't "many years ago"18:28
knomeso maybe it has something to do with this issue18:29
* pleia2 nods18:29
mhall119pleia2: knome: can you see ifyou can edit help.ubuntu.com/community/ now?20:19
mhall119or, rather, that the people who could edit itbefore it was locked down can edit it agian?20:21
pleia2will have to ask someone not in the https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EditorGroup (or AdminGroup)21:20
pleia2(I am)21:20
pleia2mhall119: you could try :)21:27
mhall119do I have the right set of permissions (and non-permission)?21:37
pleia2I don't know, I don't know what you're trying to get by asking me to edit a page (I already know I can)21:38
pleia2I assumed IS had made a change :)21:38
pleia2since January 4th, only people in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EditorGroup and AdminGroup can edit21:39
pleia2that's only a few of us, so for the past month and a half the wiki has only been edited by those people, and people sending us diffs and things on the mailing list (very tedious, I don't have time for this)21:39
pleia2since both EditorGroup and AdminGroup give administrative access, we don't want to just hand this out to everyone (the team has a process in place for building up a body of work as a trusted contributor for admin powers)21:40
mhall119pleia2: I was poking IS and was told: 15:16 < neale> mhall119: known users now have read/write21:41
pleia2I don't know what "known users" are21:41
mhall119so I just wanted to have someone here check that it was all back to how it was21:41
mhall119pleia2: I'm guessing people with accounts already on the wiki21:41
pleia2I assume he means EditorGroup and AdminGroup? We got no word back on the non administrative ContributorGroup that we requested in the ticket21:42
mhall119not sure what that means for new accounts though21:42
pleia2we should probably figure out what they mean, there's been no communication in the ticket21:42
mhall119ack, I'll ask neale to update the ticket21:43
mhall119hmmm, they all show as ImmutablePage to me21:44
pleia2so you're not a "known user", whatever that means :)21:45
mhall119it means IS is pretending they don't know me :)21:49
mhall119pleia2: In theory, a new user should be able to edit https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation right?21:51
pleia2mhall119: not since the lockdown21:53
pleia2mhall119: but in a properly functioning wiki, like we want back, yes21:53
pleia2just like wiki.ubuntu.com21:54
pleia2mhall119: update from neale just now indicates you (normal people) should be able to edit pages now22:00
pleia2it's heavily cached, so may need to do a hard refresh when logging in to see things Edit-able22:00
mhall119pleia2: yeah, something was wonky for a bit, but I can edit pages now22:00
pleia2if it continues to be Immutable, welcome to our world, it's a nightmare22:01
pleia2this gets us to our second topic, moinmoin sucks and is slow and is wonky :)22:01
mhall119keep an eye out for more spam, but hopefully they've all moved on by now22:01
* pleia2 nods22:01
mhall119yes,but moinmoin is editable again, baby steps :)22:01
pleia2not sure I want to do a splashy announcement on ubuntu-doc in case spammers are watching :\22:02
pleia2maybe people will just start to notice they can edit again22:02
mhall119yeah, I was thinking that same thing, let the folks who regularly edit know it's back22:02
mhall119but otherwise not advertise it too much22:03
pmatuliswiki.ubuntu.com was attacked just a few days ago. it will probabl happen again to the help wiki23:33

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