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smbinfinity, Holy grep it's crap! I mean the other way round (my build failures of Xen seem to be caused by grep in the sbuild environment deciding in the middle of a file to switch from text to binary mode)10:11
apwsmb, in the middle of a file ?10:51
smbapw, yep10:52
smbwell not middle but after around 43 lines10:52
apwsmb, could you just switch to grep --text, or something 10:57
smbapw, as a work around, yes10:57
apwoh its "text" is it, like utf8 or something, sigh10:57
jdstrandrtg: hey, curious, looking at the 4.4.0-7.22 changelog, I see 'rebase to v4.4.2' and 'Miscellaneous upstream changes'. does the latter include all of the changes that went into 4.4.2 over 4.4.1?13:18
jdstrandrtg: talking about the upstream changes13:19
jdstrandI've got an external displayport issue that I've been meaning to report that downgrading to 4.3 fixes13:19
jdstrandso I keep looking at 4.4 kernel changes. I don'13:20
jdstrandt see anything related to this, so curious if the list of upstream changes is complete13:20
jdstrand(it is something I've always wondered about)13:20
rtgjdstrand, The patches included in v4.4.2 are not listed in the changelog. That seems like an oversight.13:21
rtgis that what you are asking ?13:21
jdstrandI was asking about all the upstream changes whenever you rebase, in this base, 4.4.1 to 4.4.2, but more just generally13:22
jdstrands/this base/this case/13:22
rtgjdstrand, during the dev cycle the changes introduced by a rebase are not listed, though they are easy ebough to find (if you know what you're doing)13:23
jdstrandor more simply, can I rely on Ubuntu's changelog to list all changes from one release to the next, upstream and Ubuntu, or just the Ubuntu changes13:23
jdstrandok, that's fine13:23
jdstrandI imagine the changelog would be rather long13:23
rtgjdstrand, post dev, all commits are applied on top (modulo CVE rebases)13:24
rtgso they'll all get listed in the changelog13:24
jdstrandcool, thanks13:24
jdstrandall that is going through my mind is "So your saying there's hope" :)13:25
rtgjdstrand, for a display issue ? don't get too wound up :)13:26
rtgjdstrand, if you have a bisectable range, then you could work with jsalisbury13:26
* jdstrand nods13:27
jdstrandI wanted to try the next one from you guys before reporting13:27
jdstrandI can say for sure that wily's kernel doesn't have this bug13:27
rtgjdstrand, that bodes well for bisectability13:28
jdstrandI was then going to (re)try the earliest 4.4 kernel in the archive, then report13:28
rtgjsalisbury is a wizard13:28
rtgjdstrand, plus, I'm about to be on vacation :)13:29
jdstrandthis bug is rather annoying-- the screen just goes blank for 1 second or 2, then comes back, at totally random times, but only on the external monitor13:29
jdstrandnever seen anything quite like it13:29
jdstrandrtg: nice! enjoy :)13:29
rtgjdstrand, Intel I assume ?13:29
jdstrandit seems like the it goes blank at all the wrong times too. almost like its sentient13:31
rtgjdstrand, I've got Intel on my laptop connected to HDMI 4K monitor. its got some quirks but overall seems to work OK13:31
jdstrandI may have not gotten inough sleep last night :P13:31
jdstrandrtg: yeah, this is displayport (mini) 4K13:31
rtghas it started to talk to you ? maybe you _shoud_ sleep.13:31
jdstrandrtg: like you said, some quirks, mostly ok. The biggest quirk is hotplugging the monitor13:32
jdstrand(other than this bug)13:32
rtgjdstrand, I have to turn mine completely off once in awhile after resume from suspend. that is about the worst of the quirks13:33
jdstrandbut a dialog comes up that says it couldn't xrandr or something (and the display is all stretched out), but if I tap 'Enter' to dismiss the dialog, it rights itself13:33
jdstrandrtg: yes, I used to see that more, but see it less often now13:33
jdstrandit does this whole dance when hotplugging-- the laptop and the display flash, the monitor goes blank, it comes back, it might do it again, etc13:34
* jdstrand shrugs13:34
jdstrandI'll file a bug for that another day13:34
rtgjdstrand, slacker. I'm sure jsalisbury would love to have you test about a dozen kernels :)13:35
jdstrandhey, well, that never worked right so...13:35
jdstrandactually, the not being able to randr might've worked on wily...13:36
jdstrandanyhoo, another day. I want to get this odd blanking bug reported13:36
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lamontjsalisbury: good kernel!  next rock?  (bug updated)16:22
jsalisburylamont, I'll build it now16:31
jdstrandjsalisbury (fyi, rtg and ogasawara_): the external monitor screen blinking bug is bug #154761918:19
ubot5bug 1547619 in linux (Ubuntu) "Intermittent screen blinking with 4k external mini display port with 4.4 kernels" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154761918:19
jsalisburyjdstrand, ok, thanks.  we'll probably have to bisect it.  Are you able to test some kernels?18:20
jdstrandjsalisbury: yes. will they be Ubuntu kernels? (ie, with apparmor compat, etc)18:22
jsalisburyjdstrand, sure I can build Ubuntu kernels instead of upstream ones.  I'll post an update to the bug.18:23
jdstrandjsalisbury: thanks! :)18:23
jsalisburyjdstrand, Can you first test 4.4.0-1.15 to see if we can narrow the bisect window.  I post a link to it in the bug.18:28
jdstrandjsalisbury: sure18:35
jsalisburyjdstrand, thanks.  Then I'll start the bisect and post a test kernel.18:35
jdstrandhmm, I do have secure boot enabled... I guess I'll need to fiddle with my configuration18:37
jdstrandoh now, it'll fallback18:37
jdstrandjsalisbury: fyi, I'm in 4.4.0-1.15-generic. it hasn't happened yet, but that doesn't mean anything. I'll report back in the bug18:49
jsalisburyjdstrand, thanks19:01
jdstrandjsalisbury: hah19:12
jdstrandjsalisbury: the *moment* I started to do real work in a terminal, it happened19:12
jdstrandI swear this thing is here to annoy the *&%^ out of me19:13
jsalisburyjdstrand, thanks for testing.  I'll start the bisect with that being the first bad kernel19:13
jdstrandjsalisbury: thank you for helping resolve this. I can't tell you how annoying this bug is19:14
jsalisburyjdstrand, np.  19:15
jdstrandI mean it isn't data loss or anything, but it really takes you out of the moment19:15
jsalisburyjdstrand, I'm sure it does19:15
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