pleia2somehow a lot of people have the editor.ubuntu.news@ubuntu.com email address and keep sending emails to it for "Joe Casad"02:00
pleia2I wish I knew who that was, and it's odd to keep being called Joe :)02:00
pleia2jose: this is the address that goes to the editor.ubuntu.news@gmail.com account if you want to look02:01
pleia2I think somehow he got into Canonical's database as the news team guy, but I have no idea how02:01
josewelp, I don't have access to that account, but I can investigate for sure02:01
pleia2no need to investigate :)02:01
pleia2I was just making a comment, I'm already working with them to correct their database02:02
joseoh cool02:02
pleia2and you probably should have access to this account, but I think akgraner and nhandler do too02:03
pleia2no bandwidth right now to share credentials though, brain is tired02:03
joseno worries, we can work on that later :)02:06
nhandlerpleia2: I can add jose to the forward list if you want02:26
nhandlerjose: What email address should the mail go to?02:26
josenhandler: ohai, jose at u bee u n tee u dot com sounds good02:27
pleia2I wouldn't recommend forwarding to ubuntu addresses02:27
pleia2gmail forwards are not so good anyway, when you add an additional forward into the mix it gets much worse02:27
pleia2I log into the account to be sure I get all my emails as it is02:28
pleia2(I have it on thunderbird on my desktop)02:28
joseoh np then, don't02:28
pleia2might just want to have it forward to a real address :)02:28
joseI'll cancel it, but thanks anyways nhandler!02:28
nhandlerOk. I apparantly have it delegated to my regular gmail account so I can switch to it easily (plus I have forwarding). I probably have the password somewhere though (just not at work).02:29
nhandlerjose: I already canceled it02:29
josenhandler: jose at [redacted] dot ninja02:29
pleia2jose: it's very odd to me that you're ofuscating so much, as if your email addresses aren't already all over the internet ;)02:30
nhandlerjose: I don't think I actually have that address (or gmail isn't showing it with a quick search)02:30
josethat is my real address, jose@redacted.ninja02:30
nhandlerlol, confirm it02:31
joseall set, didn't believe me? :P02:32
nhandlerjose: Ok, you should get mail forwarded to you now.02:34
josecool, thanks! :)02:34
pleia2jose: administrative-wise, if you do reply to anything personally, please make sure you Cc: the editor address too02:34
josepleia2: sounds good, thanks for the heads up02:34
joseI'm really bad at replying all02:35
pleia2even that gets goofy sometimes if you use your @ubuntu address, I replied to one this afternoon and it never showed up in gmail x_x02:35
pleia2jose: you can also communicate with me here if you reply to something, just don't want both of us replying and looking all disorganized02:35
josedefinitely, will do!02:36
pleia2hi piercedwater23:49
piercedwateri am interested in participating in some summary writing!23:49
pleia2wonderful :)23:49
piercedwaterlove th os23:49
piercedwaterthought it would be good to give back23:50
pleia2piercedwater: would you liked to be emailed when the document is ready for summaries each week?23:50
piercedwatersure: tommy.john@gmx.us23:50
pleia2I'm prepping it now, so it should just be a few minutes until today's is ready23:50
piercedwaterok, great23:50
piercedwaterill read the rest of the docs on how it works and what not23:50
piercedwatermind if i hang in here23:51
pleia2please do!23:51
piercedwatergood deal23:51
* pleia2 sends out email23:55
pleia2newsletter is off to summary writers23:55

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