cjwatsonauto-sync switched to dry-run for Debian import freeze.00:05
wxloh, infinity, reminder to turn trusty dailies on again if you haven't already. since we are eventually leaving up to .5 :)00:39
infinitywxl: Yes dear.00:57
infinitycjwatson: Ta.00:57
wxlinfinity: hah, now you sound like me :)00:57
infinitywxl: Done.00:59
wxlinfinity: thx, dear. :)00:59
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flexiondotorg_A new package synced from Debian yesterday, topmenu-gtk. I see it is in the Xenial proposed pocket. Is there something holding up its promotion to release?08:55
flexiondotorg_infinity, cjwatson ^^^08:56
seb128flexiondotorg_, http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html08:57
seb128lxpanel-plugin-topmenu/amd64 unsatisfiable Depends: lxpanel (>= 8)08:57
flexiondotorg_Thanks seb.08:58
flexiondotorg_I'll bookmark that.08:58
seb128dunno what's the status of lxpanel, launchpad seems to be down/erroring08:59
seb128it's back09:00
seb128seems like somebody typoed 0.8 for 8?09:00
flexiondotorg_Yeah, just saw that too.09:00
flexiondotorg_I'll sort this in Debianland.09:00
dokois britney stopped and needs manual action?10:18
infinitydoko: It last ran 5m ago, what makes you think it's stopped?10:19
dokoohh, indeed, 5m ago10:20
dokothen waiting for the next publisher run10:22
xnoxdoko, you can watch logs go by, to see if a run is in progress. sometimes it can take a while, in the log/ subdir.10:39
smbinfinity, Holy grep it's crap! I mean the other way round (my build failures of Xen seem to be caused by grep in the sbuild environment deciding in the middle of a file to switch from text to binary mode) [sorry for repeating but I though I started ranting here yesterday]10:41
smbinfinity, You can see the effect if you get the xen source from lp and then do a "LANG=C grep -v xxx xen/include/public/grant_table.h". (This would print the whole file in a Wily chroot but as of a few days ago in Xenial it only prints a few lines and then reports "Binary file ... matches")10:43
infinitysmb: Oh, that's all kinds of special.10:45
smbOnly hope for me is that I can work around this oddness by forcing grep into --text mode at one invocation10:45
infinitysmb: Does the file have unprintable chars?10:45
smbinfinity, You mean the ugly version of special, don't you? :)10:45
infinitysmb: I feel like this warrants a grep bug report to at least investigate further if grep's buggy or working as designed.10:46
smbinfinity, it has a few odder characters (though they print)10:46
smbinfinity, agree, will file one10:47
* infinity goes back to bed -- morning in Santa Cruz will come all too soon.10:48
smbThe fun part is that it acts again "normal" when LANG=en_US.UTF-8 ... really not sure whether bug of feature... But then I'd expect grep to decide before it prints portions of the file10:48
smbmorning always comes too soon10:48
infinitysmb: Oh, well, the simple workaround could just be to force LANG=C.UTF-8 in debian/rules.10:49
smbinfinity, that or as I said use "grep --text ..."10:49
infinitysmb: I had a master plan to switch buildds to C.UTF-8 this cycle anyway, which I still intend to do *if* we can land it and rebuild test the world in the next couple of weeks.10:50
infinityAny later, and I'll have to defer.10:50
infinityBut no problem if some builds do it prematurely.10:50
smbAh ok. Hm, can try that as well10:51
dokoinfinity, hmm, ucommon (6.4.4-2 to 6.4.4-2build1) still listed in update_excuses, -2ubuntu1 should be there10:57
flexiondotorg_infinity, Any chance the Ubuntu MATE Base and Xubuntu Base stuff can be merged?10:58
infinityflexiondotorg_: I'll be looking at that when I get home from this sprint.10:58
infinitydoko: Long publisher run is long.  I assume it'll sort itself on the next run.10:58
cjwatsondoko: The publisher only just finished its 2h40m run about two minutes ago.10:59
cjwatsonChances of proposed-migration having caught up with that yet are pretty slim.10:59
flexiondotorg_infinity, Great. WHat you sprinting on?10:59
infinityflexiondotorg_: snappy and other things.10:59
infinityflexiondotorg_: I get home Saturday, be sure to annoy me later.11:00
* flexiondotorg_ like Snappy very much.11:00
rtgplease reject linux-raspi2 4.4.0-1001.2 from -proposed. It has some boot issues.13:16
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xnoxthere seem to be ppc64el autopkgtest machines missing.17:11
xnoxcould somebody please hint juju-core through?17:11
xnoxwe really really really need it for s390x17:11
tewardcan someone check and see if the upload.ubuntu.com (where dput sent the last nginx upload) is actually having its items processed?  I just uploaded about 15 minutes ago a bugfix only upload that won't need an FFe, (it fixes several typos and provides accurate paths for php fpm in Xenial in a default config file, but doesn't change features) but I'm not seeing an acknowledgement from the system19:38
tewardit just picked it up a few minutes ago, so nevermind :)19:49
cjwatsonteward: yeah, the processor didn't get automatically started on reboot for some reason21:22
tewardcjwatson: related to the build farm issues, or a different one?21:22
tewardin any case my upload finally got through heh21:22
cjwatsonteward: only related in the sense that both problems were separately triggered by rebooting that host21:26
tewardah okay21:26
lamontoh hai.  can I sweet talk some archive admin into nuking the package as requested in bug 1547087 ?22:47
ubot5bug 1547087 in maas-test (Ubuntu) "Please drop maas-test from the archive" [Critical,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154708722:47
slangaseklamont: done23:57

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