Eadromhello folks.  I'm about to install ubuntu touch for the first time an a N4.  Anything I should know before following the instructions here: https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/start/ubuntu-for-devices/installing-ubuntu-for-devices/00:48
mariogripEadrom: Maybe that it may wipe some data00:52
Eadrommariogrip, it's a new phone I bought specifically for ubuntu touch so I have no interest in anything on it (that I know of)00:53
mariogripthen it's just to flash00:53
Eadromwas just curious if there was anything that would be useful to do or pull off the andorid OS prior to following the docs to flash ubuntu on it00:54
mariogripEadrom: no, I don't think you need anything on the android OS (else than personal data, which you do not have since it brand new)00:56
mariogripEadrom: The flash command set's up everything for you :)00:57
Eadrommariogrip, awesome! Thank you :)00:58
mariogripnp :)00:58
cmerkertlooking for help to flash ubuntu-touch 14.09 .img files to nexus 7 2012 (grouper) just for testing of Ubuntu Touch. Anyone know how I can do that since it's not available in the channels anymore?01:18
SneakyHello ?01:23
SneakyAnyone help me ?01:26
geniiSneaky: Better to just state what your problem is, and see if anyone can assist01:31
Sneakyi have a Soney E3 phone, But i cant find If i can run ubuntu touch01:31
ubot5For instructions on how to set up port-forwarding (for games, torrents, webservers) see http://portforward.com - also see !firewall01:33
* genii smacks the bot01:33
Stanley00cmerkert: you can try multirom for this case, http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=201140301:36
Eadromhowdy again.  I'm having a spot of trouble w/ getting ubuntu touch loaded on my nexus 4.  everything going smoothly until the ubuntu-device-flash command.  Images are downloaded, phone reboots into ubuntu recovery and then terminal on my laptop outputs an error message "Failed to enter Recovery"02:01
Stanley00Eadrom: it's ok, just wait when your phone finish02:02
Eadromon the phone, it looks like the ubuntu recovery image is running.  I've got a grublike looking menu with options like reboot, wipe data/factory reset, etc02:02
EadromStanley00, just let it sit at the recovery screen on the phone?02:02
Eadromthe ubuntu-device-flash command has exited and is not running anymore in my terminal02:03
Stanley00Eadrom: I'm not sure about N4, on my E5, when images are downloaded to phone, phone reboot to recovery mode, install the images, while ubuntu-device-flash exit with the error as yours02:04
Stanley00Eadrom: but, in recovery mode, I saw a rolling circle, not the recovery menu <= that's the different part02:05
Eadromas I understand it, an ubuntu recovery image is installed, then the phone needs to boot to that recovery image, and then that recovery image installs the actual ubuntu touch os on the phone02:08
EadromI think I'm getting stuck somewhere between the copy recovery image over and boot that recovery image02:08
EadromI'm in some part of the ubuntu touch system though02:08
Eadromtext in bottom left corner is "Ubuntu Touch (CWM-based) Recovery v6.0.4.6"02:08
Eadromreboot system now, wipe data/factory reset, wipe cache partition, backup and restore, advanced02:09
Eadromare the options I have02:09
Eadromadvanced submenu shows option to reboot recovery, reboot bootloader, and power off02:10
Stanley00Eadrom: I think you may need to run ubuntu-device-flash again then02:11
EadromStanley00, oh I've run it multiple times in an effort to see if there was anything to try.  I can very reliably boot to fastboot bootloader02:11
Eadromand I can kickoff the ubuntu-device-flash command w/o issues02:12
Eadromand the device will reboot to the recovery image, it's just that I don't get the option to boot into the ubuntu touch recovery image02:12
Eadromwhich I think is what is supposed to happen next02:12
Eadromthis is the exact problem I'm having02:16
cmerkertStanley00: thanks, that seems to be getting me somewhere! Thanks for the advice!02:24
Stanley00Eadrom: look like I cannot find any solution to this one either. Did you unlock your phone before flash (via sudo fastboot oem unlock) ?02:28
EadromStanley00, I did indeed.  followed every step and it all was going so well lol02:30
Eadromthat's the guide I've been using02:31
Eadrommade it to step 3 of Install Ubuntu02:31
Eadromafter that, ran into this issue02:31
Stanley00Eadrom: I'm not sure if this is a good advice, but you can try flash with fastboot, you can get images here http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/ <= do it at your own risk and good luck to you02:40
EadromI'm re-flashing to android 4.2.202:42
Eadromand will try again02:42
EadromI seem to recall someone saying that I needed to downgrade android version prior to starting, but I don't remember what version they said02:42
dobeyEadrom: flashing 4.4, booting to the setup wizard, then rebooting to fastboot and flashing with ubuntu-device-flash should get it to work02:44
Eadromdobey, setup wizard for...android (as in the first boot welcome, setup thing for android?)02:47
Eadromalrighty, I'll give that a shot dobey03:02
Eadromalso, I'm using --channel=ubuntu-touch/stable/ubuntu03:20
Eadromis there a different channel I should be using?03:20
Eadromdobey, no joy.  same thing again (see for what I am seeing http://askubuntu.com/questions/582501/how-to-get-ubuntu-touch-recovery-to-boot-into-ubuntu-touch-on-nexus-4)03:24
dobeyEadrom: you should probably be using stable channel03:31
dobeyand what exactly is the error?03:31
Eadromdobey, yeah that's what I've been using03:32
Eadrom2016/02/18 19:23:58 Failed to enter Recovery03:32
Eadromsomeone else was having this same issue (the askubuntu link) but never solved it03:32
dobeyEadrom: and what happens when you go to advanced and choose reboot recovery?03:33
Eadromdobey, complete log for ubuntu-device-flash:  http://pastebin.com/hV8QWe4B03:34
eadromand I'm back on my desktop03:39
eadromflashing appears to have succeeded.  got to the next part and looks like ubuntu is installing now05:08
eadromthank you for the help dobey05:08
eadromoh, do I need an ubuntu one account to use stuff on ubuntu touch?05:29
Stanley00eadrom: ubuntu software center will need that05:31
eadromStanley00, turns out I already had an account from who knows when ago.05:32
eadromStanley00, thank you for the help earlier as well :)05:33
Stanley00eadrom: no problem, and btw, congratz your new ubuntu touch :305:33
eadromthank you!  once I swapped over to an ubuntu install, everything worked perfectly (lol imagine that)05:34
eadromreally really hope that tablet coming out next month ships to USA.  Signed up for notification when it comes available.  Going to buy one as soon as it's available if it ships here05:36
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eadromam I able to create other users on my ubuntu touch phone? I'd like to be able to much about on the phone via SSH as a different user than phablet08:36
eadromI tried w/ a useradd and got a "useradd: cannot lock /etc/passwd; try again later." error08:38
kkimaybe you have to remount,rw / before add user. But be careful to write your root partition08:44
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kkihow can i install codecs to mediaplayer-app? I would like to watching movies but mkv is not supported.09:02
eadromthis is nifty - http://daniel-beck.org/howto-install-click-packages/09:03
eadromoh nice.  I can edit the applicable overlay in /userdata and those files are rw so I can make changes to those09:07
eadromI think if you setup your user on another system, then copy over to the indicated files09:17
eadromthat'd let me create a new ssh user w/o having to much w/ rw /09:17
eadrom*to muck09:17
mcphaileadrom: interesting to see how far you get with that one. I don't know how much PAM and apparmor will let your new user do. Keep us posted ;)09:24
eadromyup, editing /userdata/system-data/var/lib/extrausers/{passwd,shadow} with the data copied over from my workstation's passwd and shadow file let me su to my new user09:25
eadromput my new user in the phablet group to prevent the need of making a new group09:25
eadromlooks like I'll need to make a new group if I want to be able to ssh in09:28
pixel__ping ogra_09:28
pixel__i need some help with c++ file handling on the phone, i am trying to write something to a file but i get an error while trying to open the file09:30
pixel__i can read from the file but i can't write. do i need special permissions to read/write from apps dir?09:30
mcphailpixel__: what dir do you mean by "apps dir"?09:31
pixel__mcphail, hi09:32
mcphailpixel__: good morning09:32
pixel__the current dir? from where i read all the game resources09:32
pixel__it's the balls.briketa app09:33
mcphailpixel__: app confinement on the phone is tricky. I presume you're trying to write to the app install location, which will not work09:33
pixel__mcphail, yes i just want to save the current level09:33
pixel__to lvl.ini09:33
mcphailpixel__: have a look at the RUNTIME ENVIRONMENT section of https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/start/platform/guides/app-confinement/ which will tell you where you can read and write09:34
pixel__mcphail, thanks, much! :D09:34
mcphailpixel__: good luck ;)09:34
ogra_pixel__, di you actually need a file ? QML offers a local storage interface in SQL ...09:35
pixel__ogra_, it's c++ / SDL09:35
pixel__i'll port it to vulkan soon09:35
pixel__i will not09:36
* mcphail wishes he understood why vulkan is getting everyone so excited09:36
ogra_because of lava ?09:37
eadromI can now log in via ssh to my phone as my normal workstation username and not the phablet user09:37
eadromI did get an interesting "grep: /proc/cmdline: Permission denied" error though09:37
pixel__mcphail, probably because they don't know what vulkan is :))09:37
popeyit's all about the FPS09:37
eadrompopey !09:38
eadrompopey, that's a good morning to you right?09:38
mcphailI installed Vulkan and now I frag _all_ the noobs on CS:GO09:38
* mcphail never actually graduated beyond CS:S09:39
pixel__a simple triangle in vulkan https://github.com/SaschaWillems/Vulkan/blob/master/triangle/triangle.cpp09:39
mcphailpixel__: always nice to see a crossplatform API requiring #ifdef _WIN3209:40
pixel__yeah :D09:40
mcphaileadrom: so, does your new user work well? Or are lots of things blocked?09:41
eadrommcphail, I can write and chmod files in my home dir09:43
eadromcan execute stuff like a python3 shell09:43
eadromI can ping google09:43
mcphaileadrom: nice. Wonder if you can launch apps with your new user?09:44
eadrommcphail, like on the phone gui?09:45
eadromI believe I'd have to logout as phablet and login as eadrom...hmmm I don't know if I could do that w/o some cli muckery09:46
eadromI'm actually fine w/ phablet as default GUI user09:46
eadromI wanted another user that I could use a kind of "let's muck around and see what all we can do" user09:47
eadromnext step is to figure out how to add groups to my new user, such as sudo09:47
eadromI can escalate to root though if I need to09:47
eadromsu to phablet09:48
ogra_mcphail, you can likely exec apps as phablet via a lot of sudo hackery (to get the environment right)09:48
eadromto gain access to sudo, then I can sudo su to get a root shell09:48
ogra_but then .... why not directly use phablet ? :)09:48
mcphailogra_: interested to see how the security model handles it. Always like to find out how something breaks09:49
ogra_mcphail, if you sudo and have all the env vars properly set it will be have like you are the phablet user09:49
eadromI was able copy /etc/skel/.* over to my new user and now I have pretty ls output xD09:50
Stanley00eadrom: sudo su is a bad idea, it should be sudo -i09:50
ogra_(this is essentially what adb shell does internally, it runs as root and uses sudo to fire up the actual shell as phablet if you connect via adb shell)09:50
eadromstill getting this odd grep error from /proc/cmdline.  I think if I can get my new user in the radio group, that error will go away.  it's not breaking anything as far as I can tell though09:51
ogra_(just getting the env working correctly is very tricky since you need all vars from the running UI session (and it breaks horribly if your session restarts while you are logged in via adb))09:51
eadromyeah I'm working over SSH w/ my phone on wifi09:52
eadromI Read about some odd stuff when working w/ adb so just chose to use ssh09:52
ogra_adb doesnt properly handle linux tty's and swallows some special chars (like ctrl-C) ... yeah, ssh is definitely more comfortable09:54
zzarrhello! just a little question, is it possible to encrypt all private data on a Ubuntu touch powered phone?10:04
popeynot yet10:05
zzarrokey, popey, but it is on the wish list?10:06
popeyyeah, has been forever10:08
eadromhmmmmm doesn't look like an easy way to add groups to a user10:12
eadromI wonder if extrausers will combine group info from /etc/group and the extrausers group10:15
eadromadded users:x:100:eadrom to the extrausers/group10:19
eadromrebooting to see if anything changes10:19
eadromit does not, as expected10:20
zzarrpopey, okey, I see, I was just wondering, nothing else10:28
eadromI figured it out :)10:34
eadromI mounted /userdata/system.img via mount -o loop to a directory in /home/eadrom (as root)10:35
eadromand that has a lot of the base system, however here they were rw10:35
eadromedited the /etc/group in the system.img10:36
eadromand now my new user has sudo :)10:36
eadromthough I presume that anything I change in /userdata/system.img will be undone when a new system.img is installed10:37
eadromunless the update process is also mounting that .img and changing the data as well10:37
kkiis there any office app which works on E5?10:37
eadromthen at least only explicit changes to /etc/group would change that file and undo my edit10:38
eadromI love this phone lol10:38
eadromI can't wait to get my hands on that new tablet10:38
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eadromand now my new user had all the permissions the phablet user has and that odd grep error has gone away when logging in via ssh w/ my new user10:49
ogra_kki, the document reader can open all office documents10:51
r4fu5hi guyz10:56
r4fu5im plannin on buying a tablet 4 ubuntu touch... i know there is a fully documented hardware-compatibility list but can u guyz recommend some tablets? or brands especially?10:57
ogra_the only supported one is the nexus7 201310:57
ogra_within 6 weeks oor so bq will start selling a 10" ubuntu tablet though10:57
r4fu5alright thanx @ogra_10:57
ogra_no, bq10:58
ogra_canonicals hardware partner10:58
r4fu5ok u know the pricing10:58
ogra_(one of them)10:58
ogra_r4fu5, http://www.cnet.com/products/bq-aquaris-m10-ubuntu-edition/11:01
ogra_the android version is around 250€, i wouldnt expect the ubuntu one to be much more expensive11:01
ogra_if you get a logitech k480 keyboard you can also use the thing as a laptop ;)11:04
ogra_(or some similar kbd, just an example)11:04
V99_ogra_ with X11 app compatibility?11:05
k1li got a BT keyboard already. just need the tablet :)11:05
ogra_V99_, you have to re-pack them in a wrapper so they beciome click packages, but yeah thats possible11:06
ogra_V99_, afaik things like firefox, libreoffice, xchat and gedit are even preinstalled11:08
svijk1l: I only have the micro HDMI cable :P11:09
ogra_thats like: i'm buying a car !!! I already have the wheel caps ...11:10
k1lwe need to team up then :)11:10
_SpongeA_bit more on the $3 dollar phone from India :  http://hackaday.com/2016/02/18/3-smartphone-from-india/11:11
kkino one missing native applications to read/edit documents? I'm frustrated a little bit this with brand new E5.11:29
ogra_kki, again, try the document viewer, it opens all kinds of docs11:31
ogra_(including libreoffice and MS office)11:31
kkiogra, thanks11:37
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se6Is there an official app directory  somewhere? I only know the unofficial https://uappexplorer.com/12:39
lotuspsychjese6: on your phone :p12:43
se6Sure, but would be convient trough laptop! And uApp Explorer is not fully working right now.12:44
lotuspsychjese6: found a list for the core apps only, but not sure there's an official for all apps, as their mixed12:46
se6lotuspshychje: Thanks. Was looking for the source code of the app chessboard for example, it is GPL3, but seems I need to contact author to know where to find the code for it.12:48
lotuspsychjese6: lemme look on my phone holdon12:48
se6I have done it, but it has just email address12:49
lotuspsychjese6: so email him?12:49
se6Sure. Thanks.12:49
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cimikenvandine, hey ken!! :)15:37
cimikenvandine, so your https://code.launchpad.net/~ken-vandine/unity8/share_data_uri_string/+merge/286676 - you sure we are supposed to support just a single string and not more than one?15:38
kenvandinecimi, well in a preview you are generally only working with a single item right?15:42
kenvandinecimi, and... the API sounds singular to me, shareData[uri]15:42
kenvandinenot uris15:42
kenvandinesure we could make it handle multiples there, but the scope side needs to know it's an array15:42
kenvandinecimi, is it possible for the preview to be showing multiple images?15:43
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pstolowskikenvandine, yes, see apps previews in Apps scope15:45
pstolowskicimi, I think we agreed on supporting VariantArray there as well for multiple uris?15:45
kenvandineok, then the share-data API should be clear that it takes an array15:45
kenvandineso rename uri to uris15:46
cimipstolowski, oh yeah answer is yes16:03
pstolowskicimi, afair we wanted to allow a single string or array, up to scope author16:05
pstolowskinot sure about renaming to 'uris' though16:06
pstolowskimost scopes will be interested in a single uri16:07
kenvandinei think if it expects and array, it should be uris16:07
kenvandineif you can determine it's an array or string in QML, then cool16:07
pstolowskithe point is it should accept a single string (expected for 99% of scopes), but then also deal with array of strings16:10
cimipstolowski, or nor creating an array with a single string inside?16:13
pstolowskicimi, yeah, the idea was we don't require scope to create an array with single string if it only wants a single strin16:13
kenvandineok, well the code that was there always assume it was an array16:14
sistemxHello, can any body help with install bacon2d to ubuntu sdk?16:15
kenvandinehey sistemx16:15
kenvandinesistemx, i saw i missed you in #bacon2d the other day16:16
sistemxI follow this link http://bacon2d.com/docs/ubuntu-touch-getting-started.html16:16
kenvandinesistemx, yeah, that was for the older ubuntu sdk16:16
kenvandinetry installing ubuntu-sdk-bacon2d16:16
sistemxDo zou mean sudo apt get_16:17
kenvandineubuntu-sdk-ide looks for templates in a different directory, so i've packaged those in ubuntu-sdk-bacon2d16:17
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sistemxbut my system doesn't know it16:18
sistemxneed any ppa?16:18
kenvandineit's in the bacon2d-team ppa16:18
sistemxok wait16:18
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geniimmm bacon16:20
sistemxI am not sure what is wrong, but still nothing, I try remove and add repositorz again16:28
sistemxand nothing16:28
sistemxdon't know ubuntu-sdk-bacon2d16:29
kenvandinesistemx, which ubuntu release are you on?16:29
sistemx14.04 Trusty16:30
kenvandinesistemx, oh!16:30
kenvandinethat version isn't built for trusty16:30
kenvandinehang on16:30
sistemxI see, so what? Install 15.0416:31
kenvandinesistemx, nah, i'll get a trusty build of that in the ppa16:31
sistemxis it enough16:31
kenvandinegive me a few minutes16:31
kenvandinesistemx, i've uploaded a trusty version to the ppa, give it a few minutes to build and get published16:34
kenvandine30 minutes or so16:35
kenvandinesistemx, or you can download the deb and install it16:36
sistemxI will try download and install, really many thanks for help. I checked internet and many instructions and nothnig...16:38
kenvandinesistemx, sorry about that, i should update the docs to reflect the new package name16:38
sistemxGreat, it works now. Once again thanks :) So ican start do something for ubuntu touch....16:40
kenvandinesistemx, that's great!16:40
kenvandinesistemx, let me know if you have any questions as you get developing16:41
kenvandinesistemx, i'm usually in #bacon2d if you want to talk games16:41
sistemxI am nube about that, I try Gdevelop before, but games go slow down when use physics etc.. So I want try bacon...16:43
sistemxBacon is native, everything could smooth16:44
sistemxIf I will have big troubles, I will contact you. Any way thanks for that...16:45
kenvandinesistemx, no problem, yeah physics should be smooth16:51
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mcphailhttp://insights.ubuntu.com/2016/02/18/zfs-licensing-and-linux/ - that is sailing pretty close to the wind. To state that a kernel object is not a derivative work of the kernel is _one_ interpretation18:05
k1lask 5 people about it and you get 7 results :)18:09
dobeywait what?18:11
dobeymcphail: feel free to demand nvidia release the source for their drivers :)18:12
mcphaildobey: posted this to the wrong channel ;/18:12
* mcphail didn't mean to stir up any hornets in #ubuntu-touch18:12
* popey wonders where mcphail did plan to stir hornets18:13
_Spongemariogrip: Sent you an eMail (gmail). Also please add the Microsoft Lumia 640 to the list, cheers.18:35
popey_Sponge: Microsoft phones are gonna be way harder to port to.18:42
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* ahoneybun thinks mariogrip should have been taken to MWC20:23
lgpgot a BQ aquaris phone with ubuntu21:05
eadromgrats lgp I got my nexus 4 flashed last night21:24
eadromi love it so far21:24
dobeyahoneybun: i'm sure he accepts patches ;)21:29
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mariogrip_Sponge: I don't think Microsoft devices is possible manly due to blobs (drivers) and that's it has no open source... Even if it's possible it would be damn hard to do, so I think I stay with android devices...22:28
mariogripahoneybun: I got invited, but I sadly could not go22:30
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_Spongemariogrip: ping22:55
_Spongemariogrip ping23:06
_Spongemariogrip ping23:53
matv1does an app developer see how many downloads from the store his app gets?23:56
mcphailmatv1: yes - from the ubuntu myapps site23:57
matv1mcphail ok thanks23:58

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