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cimipstolowski, dzien dobry09:51
cimipstolowski, can you add ~cimi/unity8/bug-1541967 to your silo?09:51
pstolowskicimi, ciao! sure09:52
cimitsdgeos, when you want to start having a look, we still need to test and find bugs in silo https://code.launchpad.net/~cimi/unity8/bug-1541967/+merge/28533309:57
tsdgeosvery quick code read looks reasonable10:00
cimitsdgeos, thanks, go back to your studying :) I'll ping you after we tested a bit with the silo10:00
pstolowskicimi, building10:01
cimipstolowski, I hope it got the last version cause there was one stupid bzr conflict, that I fixed10:01
pstolowskihmm we will see ;)10:01
pstolowskiuh, it didn't ;)10:11
pstolowskicimi, can you merge https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity8/activtion-progress/+merge/284421 into your branch and set it as prereq?10:12
cimipstolowski, yes10:13
cimipstolowski, done10:16
pstolowskicimi, pls also set it as prerequisite in your MP10:18
cimipstolowski, I think I did10:18
cimiI did propose to merge against that10:20
* cimi redoes10:20
cimiah no is fine10:20
cimipstolowski, https://code.launchpad.net/~cimi/unity8/bug-1541967/+merge/28662310:21
pstolowskicimi, hmm is stack interface .h still included by a mock? https://launchpadlibrarian.net/240525440/buildlog_ubuntu-vivid-amd64.unity8_8.11+15.04.20160219-0ubuntu1_BUILDING.txt.gz10:28
cimipstolowski, I removed that10:30
cimiand builds here10:30
cimitsdgeos, how is tests/mocks/Unity/Unity.qmltypes updated?10:32
tsdgeoscimi: it's on its header10:33
cimitsdgeos, but I just run it?10:33
cimitsdgeos, ok, wondering if it was done automatically when landing10:33
tsdgeosi think it doesn't10:34
pstolowskicimi, ah, it's a conflict https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-076-1-build/8/consoleFull10:35
cimitsdgeos, mmm weird, a lot changed it looks like it wasnt updated in  a while, anyway doing it10:36
tsdgeosyeah we "don't care much" about those files10:36
mzanettilpotter, hey ho. have unity8 running with silo 9. works fine now10:40
cimipstolowski, my branch is merged with both albert and unity8 branch10:43
cimipstolowski, conflicting with what?10:43
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pstolowskicimi, not sure, https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-076-1-build/8/consoleFull10:45
cimipstolowski, try 2183 version10:45
pstolowskicimi, i'm going for early lunch.. pls keep an eye on https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/1021 and feel free to kick it again if needed10:49
cimipstolowski, smacznego10:49
pstolowskicimi, your wife taught you well ;) thanks!10:50
cimiSaviq, tsdgeos some help with bzr? this is the log in jenkins https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-076-1-build/9/console my branch that conflicts has merged in both unity8 and albert activation-progress branch, jenkins merges unity8, then activation progress, then complains criss-cross merge with mine11:21
cimishall I start from scratch, unity8->activation-progress->my new branch?11:21
temphello, new user here with possible bug in unity! :) (or maybe I don't know what I am doing :( ...11:22
cimior there is a way to fix without pushing on top of my current branch?11:22
Saviqcimi, you need to overwrite11:22
Saviqcimi, because you merged trunk, then prerequisite, then prerequisite merged trunk, too11:22
Saviqand bzr gets scared when that happens11:22
cimiSaviq, thanks for explaining11:23
Saviqtemp, it's best if you file a bug on launchpad, using "apport-bug unity"11:23
tempwhen I set "focus" in Unity Tweek Tool to "mouse" or  "sloppy" I cannot rename files on the desktop by right click then rename ...11:24
tempI was actually hoping someone might be able to point out my error before I report something that is not a bug.11:25
tempwanted to see if anyone might be able to reproduce my problem .... not sure if that is appropriate here.11:26
cimiSaviq, can you trigger a rebuild of unity8 here https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-076-1-build/build ?11:27
cimiSaviq, I lack permission11:27
cimiSaviq, thanks man11:28
cimiSaviq, or just give me powers!!! eh eh11:29
Saviqsil2100, ↑ can add cimi to ci train users please?11:29
sil2100Saviq: sure11:30
cimithanks sil210011:30
sil2100cimi: you should have teh powers ;)11:30
cimiSaviq, merge failed again :(11:32
Saviqcimi, you need to overwrite the branch, merging from scratch on top of the prerequisite, or trunk, and then prerequisite on top, did you?11:32
Saviqcimi, you actually need to uncommit, shelve and recommit as applicable11:33
cimiah ok11:33
cimiSaviq, I branched trunk, merged albert branch, merged mine (saw same error of jenkins), solved conflict and pushed to my branch11:33
Saviqcimi, you just tried to hide the criss-cross in a merge, that doesn't work ;)11:34
cimiSaviq, so this time I take the prerequisite, merge my branch on top, push?11:35
Saviqcimi, no11:35
Saviqcimi, you take the prerequisite, apply the patches from your branch on top (not merge, actually apply by bzr merge -c or bzr diff + patch, or bzr shelve)11:35
cimiSaviq, ah ok11:36
* cimi tries11:36
Saviqcimi, you need to lose the merge history11:36
cimiSaviq, now I finally understood (I think)11:36
cimiSaviq, when bzr sees two merges somewhere in the history, freaks out11:37
temp_somehow I got transfered to a page asking me to log into Unity One ... when I ran apport-bug unity in a terminal ... I did but there was no option to actually describe the bug! anyone know what happened to me?11:41
temp_also wasn't sure if anyone responded to my earlier question as I was logged out of the chat page ..11:42
temp_chat page = IRC channel11:42
Saviqtemp_, you need to log in to Ubuntu One / Launchpad to be able to find bugs - it's possible that if you had to register the process did not forward you through to the bug reporting page11:43
Saviq*file, not find11:43
temp_hmmm I'll try again. thx Saviq11:44
Saviqtemp_, if you're logged in to launchpad now (you can check going to http://launchpad.net/ and see if your name's in the top-right edge, or a "log in" link)11:44
Saviqtemp_, please run apport-bug unity again and things should be good again11:44
cimitsdgeos, can you please merge unity8 in your activation progress branch11:47
tsdgeoscimi: trunk? sure11:47
tsdgeoscimi: pushed11:48
cimitsdgeos, gracias11:49
cimiSaviq, can you also please change my branch https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/1021 here to  https://code.launchpad.net/~cimi/unity8/single-preview/+merge/286646 ? (or give me more super powers )11:53
Saviqcimi, you have the powers now11:53
Saviqcimi, log in top-right11:53
Saviqcimi, and edit at the right of the orange bar11:53
cimi401 ERROR11:54
cimiYou are not authorized to access this page. Are you logged in? Are you a member of the correct teams?11:54
* cimi logs out and re logins11:54
Saviqyeah, it probably doesn't know you're in ci-train-users now11:54
cimiyeah the logout worked11:55
cimisame had to do in jenkins11:55
cimiso. much. power.11:56
cimiSaviq, yay it's building!11:59
dandraderhmm... can't log into a mir-unity8 desktop session anymore. get stuck on a black screen12:22
cimiSaviq, ^ dandrader12:23
cimiSaviq, was your issue just silo related?12:23
dandraderthis looks suspicious http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/15130559/12:24
Saviqdandrader, when were you last logged in with that user on X11?12:24
Saviqdandrader, bug #152528512:24
ubot5bug 1525285 in clutter-gst-3.0 (Ubuntu) "inspecting clutter plugin hangs outside X11" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/152528512:25
dandraderSaviq, a day or two ago I think12:25
Saviqdandrader, try logging in to X11, then to u8 again12:26
Saviqnot that it's certain to work, I've had some vt issues yesterday as well12:27
dandraderSaviq, that solved it. how come?12:32
Saviqdandrader, see bug above, gstreamer clutter plugin assumes it will only ever run on X1112:34
Saviqdandrader, when you start a session, the gstreamer plugin registry gets regenerated, if needed12:34
Saviqdandrader, if that happens, clutter waits for X11 indefinitely12:34
dandraderSaviq, ah, so this was the culprit them: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/15130582/12:34
Saviqdandrader, if you launch an X11 session, the registry gets generated and cached12:35
Saviqso next time you launch it's ready to go, no need to generate, so clutter pluggin isn't invoked, so no blocking12:35
cimiSaviq, I'm still very new to jenkins, why did this fail to build? https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/102112:37
Saviqcimi, when it says "Failed to build", means it failed in the silo12:38
Saviqcimi, so you go to https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-076 and click at one of the failed builds on the right12:38
cimiSaviq, that;s what I did12:38
Saviqcimi, "--   package 'unity-shell-scopes=11' not found"12:38
cimiI mised that12:39
Saviqcimi, https://code.launchpad.net/~stolowski/unity-api/activation-progress/+merge/284424 is still at version 1012:39
Saviqso is https://code.launchpad.net/~stolowski/unity-scopes-shell/activation-progress/+merge/28442512:39
Saviqcimi, those likely need merge + bumps now12:39
cimiSaviq, he needs to bump here I think https://code.launchpad.net/~stolowski/unity-api/single-preview/+merge/28652712:40
Saviqcimi, or actually, your bump in https://code.launchpad.net/~cimi/unity8/single-preview/+merge/286646 is unnecessary12:40
cimiSaviq, I was expecting him to bump12:41
Saviqcimi, no need to bump twice when you're in a single silo12:41
cimiin that branch I linked12:41
* cimi retriggered, let's see12:43
Saviqcimi, easy to verify - `citrain host-upgrade 76`12:48
Saviqcimi, your branch should build with that12:48
pstolowskiyeah, trunk is on 9, silo has 10, should be fine12:55
cimipstolowski, I retriggered12:55
cimipstolowski, I did put 11 in my branch originally, thinking you would have bumped in single preview branches12:55
cimiI changed back to 10 now12:56
dandraderltinkl, you reproduced https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity8/+bug/1547360 on your laptop or on a phone/tablet?12:57
ubot5Launchpad bug 1547360 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "Unity 8 doesnt respect Qt::CursorShape" [Undecided,In progress]12:57
ltinkldandrader, laptop12:57
dandraderltinkl, can't reproduce it12:57
ltinkldandrader, on laptop?12:57
dandraderltinkl, yes12:57
ltinkldandrader, hmm, let me try again12:57
dandraderltinkl, tried with CursorShapes.qml from lp:~dandrader/+junk/animatedDemos12:58
ltinkldandrader, tried with browser? (that's why I said the bug report was vague, it doesn't even mention a reproducer)12:58
dandraderltinkl, browser doens't launch from unity8-dash or launcher (or any app for that matter, launcher my test app from terminal)13:00
ltinkldandrader, oh it does here13:01
dandraderltinkl, and don't feel like spending time digging into other apps. if the test app worked, it means qtubuntu, qtmir and unity8 are ok13:01
ltinkldandrader, yeah definitely13:01
dandraderltinkl, so it works for you as well?13:02
ltinkldandrader, not in browser (that's what I think the BR is about), gonna try your demos13:02
ltinkldandrader, to run, qmlscene football.qml?13:04
dandraderltinkl, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity8/+bug/1547360/comments/413:05
ubot5Launchpad bug 1547360 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "Unity 8 doesnt respect Qt::CursorShape" [Undecided,Incomplete]13:05
dandraderltinkl, --desktop_file_hint can point to any .desktop file13:05
ltinkldandrader, the demo works fine... so I suspect it's the (browser) app that's broken13:13
dandraderltinkl, from my experience, MouseArea.cursorShape is really sensitive to interference from other overlapping MouseAreas etc13:14
ltinkldandrader, I second that :) (from the window control buttons experience ;)13:15
dandraderltinkl, iirc, the text entry in unity8-dash never caused it to request a different cursor shape from  unity8 for instance13:15
ltinkldandrader, oh it did, seen that13:15
dandraderltinkl, not while I was developing the cursor shapes support at least, I think13:16
ltinkldandrader, also system setting's filter line edit13:16
dandraderltinkl, yeah, that one worked (or used to)13:17
ltinkldandrader, now it doesn't :/13:17
dandraderltinkl, issue could be in uitoolkit...13:17
ltinkldandrader, true13:18
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cimipstolowski, ok previews seems empty on the real unity8, something is off :)13:45
pstolowskicimi, hmm, ok, let me see13:46
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cimipstolowski, might me my bug13:47
cimipstolowski, let me see13:47
mterrydednick, is there something else I can do to help with that occlusion issue?  You really don't see it?13:50
dednickmterry: i've never seen the issue; but i havent looked in a while. busy with mwc stuff at the moment.13:50
mterrydednick, ah carry on  :)13:50
dednickhavent checked the stack yet13:51
pstolowskicimi, i'm getting file:///usr/share/unity8//Dash/PreviewView.qml: File not found in unity8-dash.log14:07
pstolowskicimi, and nothing happens on tap14:07
cimipstolowski, already pushed a new version and retriggered a rebuild14:07
cimipstolowski, ok my latest revision is working on my phone, let's wait for the silo14:15
pstolowskicimi, cool. nb, these changes have great potential for regressions.. we need to check all aspects of previews - column layouts, buttons, input fields etc14:16
cimipstolowski, I had to fight few criss cross merges, so I replaced the branch with a new one, and doing so the file naming of the diff got confused, so one file (PreviewListView.qml), wasnt renamed to the new name (PreviewView.qml)14:16
pstolowskino worries14:16
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pstolowskicimi, hey, have you seen Enwei's reply re content-sharing? this looks like something unity8 side?15:17
cimipstolowski, I will read15:25
cimipstolowski, yeah saw ken comment15:26
cimiwill fix that next week15:26
pstolowskicimi, oki, cool15:27
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pstolowskitsdgeos, hey, can you bump unity-api to 7.107 in https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity8/filters/+merge/271616 ?15:30
tsdgeospstolowski: sure, give me a minute, standup15:32
pstolowskicimi, looks like ken has a fix15:37
cimipstolowski, #ubuntu-touch15:37
tsdgeospstolowski: pushed15:44
pstolowskitsdgeos, htx15:44
cimipstolowski, btw I think I lost reviews with silo 7616:14
pstolowskicimi, ah, you probably set 'start afresh' when resubmitting the MP16:15
cimipstolowski, no, preview reviews :P16:18
pstolowskicimi, ah :D16:18
pstolowskicimi, ok, that's weird16:18
pstolowskicimi, let me update16:18
cimipstolowski,  might also be a bug on my side16:23
cimiI will check16:23
pstolowskicimi, ok, problem confirmed16:30
cimipstolowski, can you see if is on your side too?16:30
pstolowskicimi, yeah, looking16:30
pstolowskicimi, file:///usr/share/unity8//Dash/Previews/PreviewRatingDisplay.qml:43:5: Cannot assign to non-existent property "onIsCurrentPreviewChanged"16:31
pstolowskifile:///usr/share/unity8//Components/LazyImage.qml:102:9: QML Image: Cannot open: file:///usr/share/unity8//Dash/Previews/broken_image16:31
pstolowskifile:///usr/share/unity8//Dash/Previews/PreviewRatingDisplay.qml:43:5: Cannot assign to non-existent property "onIsCurrentPreviewChanged"16:31
cimiwhat I was looking indeed16:31
cimipstolowski, remove line 43 from that file16:31
cimiand restart unity8-dash16:31
cimipstolowski, I confirm the fix16:35
cimipstolowski, pushing16:35
pstolowskicimi, yeah, works16:36
cimipstolowski, also tried on the desktop, layout seems to work16:38
pstolowskicimi, great. i'll do full testing on Monday16:45
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dandraderSaviq, should I also pass -DUSE_OPENGLES=1 to cmake when building qtmir on my laptop?18:58
dandraderSaviq, my log is getting spammed with: QOpenGLDebugMessage("APISource", 4, "GL_INVALID_OPERATION in unsupported function called (unsupported extension or deprecated function?)", "HighSeverity", "ErrorType")18:58
Saviqdandrader, no, GLES is only for devices and emulator19:00
Saviqdandrader, owait, yeah, -DUSE_OPENGLES=1 everywhere19:01
dandraderSaviq, sounds nuts but that seems to be what debian/rules is doing....19:02
* Saviq looks into build logs19:04
dandraderdang it. my log is still getting spammed19:05
Saviqdandrader, that's what package builds are doing... "-- Qt5 determined to be compiled with GLES support"19:05
Saviqthat's the desktop build for amd6419:06
dkesselwhen i set unity to scale the UI because of the high resolution screen, and afterwards boot into XFCE, all Qt apps have cropped (too large) tray icons - is there a workaround for that?19:32
dkesselapart from not setting unity to scale :p19:32
dkesselfor example, clementine's tray icon failes to scale with that setting activated19:34
dkesselit looks like this: http://imgur.com/F1CF1mw <- ping balloons - know that problem?19:37

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