jcastrohey rick_h_15:11
jcastroand also cmaloney15:11
rick_h_jcastro: party15:11
jcastroI was thinking maybe we can meet in RO for brunch or something for me to buy that laptop15:12
rick_h_jcastro: wfm15:12
jcastroand then we might as well just do a quick nerd meetup anyway15:12
rick_h_jcastro: or happy to drive out15:12
jcastroout here?15:12
rick_h_jcastro: found the 5x and updated it and charged it all ip15:12
rick_h_jcastro: wfm nomproblem driving out15:12
jcastrohow far is RO to you?15:13
rick_h_jcastro: 40min15:13
jcastroyou still like 50 miles north of normal metro detroit? :)15:13
rick_h_jcastro: exit 89 baby15:13
* rick_h_ heads in to see deadpool15:14
jcastrohmm, how about lockhart's bbq?15:14
rick_h_jcastro: always +1 for bbq15:14
jcastrook, is your wife around too?15:14
rick_h_jcastro: depends on time. she's got rounds15:14
rick_h_jcastro: so earlier in the day no , later yes15:14
jcastroack, lmk, I'm sure jill would like to visit since it's been a while15:14
jcastroI am flexible time wise15:15
rick_h_k, early dinner? 5 or 6?15:15
jcastrohmm that won't work, we have a deadpool date with another couple back down here in the evening15:15
jcastroyes, I am seeing it again15:15
jcastroyes, it was that awesome.15:15
rick_h_k, late lunch 2 ish?15:15
jcastrook, let's go with 2pm?15:15
jcastrocmaloney: ^^ get in on this.15:16
rick_h_k this tomorrow 2pm lockharts?15:16
rick_h_k will pass along to the wife15:16
rick_h_let me know if itnchabged based on cmaloney feedback15:16
* rick_h_ goes to see this awesomeness movie now15:17
jcastrolmk when you get back15:17
jcastroyou will love it15:17
cmaloneyjcastro: Damming, can't make it. :)15:18
cmaloneyThis weekend is booked15:18
jcastroevery time craig15:18
jcastroevery time15:18
cmaloneySeriously, WTF man15:18
cmaloneyAlso: Deadpool date is the name of my new stoner shoegaze black metal outfit15:22
cmaloneyI think I need to have a game night at some point15:31
cmaloneysome point where we have a basement that isn't a complete embarrassment / cat jungle jim15:32
_stink_embrace the embarrassment15:32
cmaloneyWell, I'll need to clean out the tumbleweeds of cat hair out first15:32
cmaloneyI love it when code works17:11
cmaloneyBeats the alternatives17:11
rick_h_ok  deadpool was cool17:29
brouschDeadpool was awesome17:42
mrgoodcatdeadpool is the best marvel movie so far17:44
mrgoodcatdeadpool > gotg > antman > all the other marvel movies17:45
cmaloneyhttp://www.networkworld.com/article/3035259/opensource-subnet/reviewing-the-lenovo-11e-a-sub-300-thinkpad-with-great-linux-support.html <- Dammit17:59
cmaloneyAlthough I wish more laptops would offer a NVidia upgrade18:01
jrwrenwhoa, irssi just core dumped18:02
cmaloneyYou're welcome18:02
jrwreni wonder if someone tried to exploit me via that glibc vuln or something crazy18:03
cmaloneyThat would be worrisome18:05

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